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Dead Man
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Science and the 5 senses
    #3928058 - 03/16/05 11:14 PM (13 years, 2 months ago)

This is going to be a long post about the inconsistancies of our 5 sense beliefs, pedelled by science. I dedicate it to David Icke - a great teacher

Reality is what ever we are programmed to believe it is

Seeing is believing?
"I can't believe my eyes" people say. And they shouldn't because the eyes don't actually see. They are lenses that pass on information to the brain which then tells us what we see. So in actual 5 sense fact we see with our brain "I can't believe my brain" is then a more appropriate saying. In a book called 'The Holographic Universe' by Michael Talbot he writes about the work of neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others

"Pribram discovered that the visual information a monkey recieves via its optic nerves doesn't travel directly into its visual cortex, but is first filtered through other areas of its brain. Numerous studies have shown that the same is true of human vision. Visual information entering our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual cortices. Some studies suggest that less than 50 per cent of what we 'see' is actually based on information entering our eyes. The remaining 50 per cent plus is pieced together out of our expectations of what the world should look like. The eyes may be the visual organs, but it is the brain that sees."

So we have the journey of information or 'light' as it passes from eye to brain: Light enters the eye by passing through the outer, transperant layer called the cornea; it goes on through the pupil, which gets bigger or smaller to allow in more or less light depending on the circumstances. This process is controlled by the coloured part of the eye, the iris; from the pupil/iris it goes to the lens to be focused; next stop is the vitreous humor, a jelly-like substance behind the lens; now the light/information strikes the retina that captures the 'image' like a film in a camera. But this image recorded on the retina is upside down and 2-Dimensional; it goes on to the optic nerve that sends the image through the brain to the occipital lobe. Only now does the brain re-assemble the upside-down, 2-Dimensional image delivered by the eyes into the form we think we are seeing. Scientists say the flip from 2-D to 3-D is possible because the brain takes light/information from both eyes and combines them into one 3-D image, just like the 3-D viewers you can get. This doesn't sound right to me.. however it is quite clear by now that 'physical' reality is not constructed 'out there' but 'in here'. It is like looking out a window and telling someone a version of what you see that suits your beliefs rather than what is acually happening.

This to me explains the ability for reality, which is one whole reality to manifest differently to the 'individual' Why some people see strange phenomenon and yet masses believe wholly in a straight forward scientifically explained 5 sense reality.

Also in 'The Holographic Universe' is an experience Michael Talbot had. His father hired a professional hypnotist to entertain a group of friends. One of those chosen to be hypnotised was a man called Tom and this was the first time he had met the hypnotist. What stage hypnotists do is programme a person to believe they are seeing something or doing something that is pure invention. We have surely all seen them make people believe they are seeing the audience naked or that they are a dog or whatever, practically anything. Michael Talbot recounts how this hypnotist made Tom beleive there was a giraffe in the room and to eat a raw potato believing it was an apple.

But the most profound part of the story came when Tom was bought back to 'waking' consciousness. Just before the hypnotist ended the trance state, he told Tom that when he awoke he would not be able to see his daughter, Laura. The hypnotist asked Laura to stand right in front of her father so that when he opened his eyes he would be looking at her stomach. Tom was asked if he could see his daughter. "No" he replied. Laura was even giggling but it made no difference.. The hypnotist hid behind Laura and held something against the small of her back. To see it, Tom would have had to see through his daughter. The hypnotist asked Tom what he was holding in his hand "A watch" he was asked if he could read the inscription on the watch and, squinting to read the small writing he did so. The hypnotist showed everyone that he read the inscription correctly.

He was simply programmed to beleive he could not see his daughter so he didn't. Reality is whatever we are programmed to believe it is.

This is why we are so easy to manipulate into rigid belief systems. It doesn't matter what we believe in as long as we hold on to them until our knuckles turn white against a opposite belief then we are easily controlled and manipulated. Polarisation = division and conflict which equals divide and rule. The poor needs the rich, the right in politics needs the left and centre, for is needed as much as against in this game of control. Indifference is encouraged for it helps us forget the one truth, that everything is one.

Science is obsessed with the five senses and cannot see beyond them. The subject of 'paranormal' has laways been dismissed as a fantasy purely because such penomena is unexplainable within its narrow and juvenile view of possibility. Luckily there are some brilliant scientists researching the realms of quantum-physics beyond the frequency range of the 5 senses. There are infinite realms of existence and they are all part of one indivisable whole. The 5 sense reality is only one of them (one of the one hehe)

Einstein said "We must remember that we do not observe nature as it actually exists, but nature exposed to our methods of perception. The theories determine what we can or cannot observe" that guy really was a quote machine.. he also said "reality is an illusion; albeit a persistent one"

Quantum physics has long discovered that atoms, the so-called building blocks of this world, are made up of smaller 'particles' such as electrons. Scientists have established that electrons and other sub-atomic particles can either express themselves as a 'wave' form (non-physical) or as a particle (apparantly 'physical') Apprantly they only manifest as particles (physical form) when we are looking at them! Can you believe that is what science says about the building blocks of our physical reality 'only real when you look at them'

More from 'The Holographic Universe'

"For Karl Pribram (neuro guy) this synthesis made him realize that the objective world does not exists, at least not in the way we are accustomed to elieving. What is 'out there' is a vast ocean of waves and frequencies and reality looks concrete to us only because ourb rains are able to take this holographic blur and convert it into sticks and stones and other familiar objects that make up this world...

"In other words, the smootheness of a piece of fine china and the feel of beach sand beneath our feet are reallt just elaborate versions of the phantom limb syndrome"

All our 5 senses are decoding frequencies into sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Icke says "At one level. the brain is a hologram acting like a computer interpreting reality. But at a higer point of observation, there is no brain!! That's just another holographic illusion"

So back to atoms for a moment - Atoms are named from the work of an ancient Greek called Democritus, who made the first known claim that matter was made up of tiny particles he called atoms. This was some 2,500 years ago in our measurement of 'time'. The science establishment however dismissed the idea of atoms for many centuries and it was not revived until 1808. Today we know that atoms contain even smaller particles consisting of a nucleus (made of protons and neurons) orbited by electrons. These atoms which supposedly make up our 'solid' or 'physica' matter are not solid or physical at all. Hypothetically if the atom was the size of a cathedral, the nucleus, electrons etc would be the size of a ten cent piece. The rest is 'empty' space to our 5 sense world and is not in the least solid.

Itzhak Bentov wrote in his book 'Stalking The Wild Pendulum'

"Let us now magnify a piece of bone... we see atoms weaving back and fourth like a field of ripe wheat blown by the wind. They move in unison and in beautiful rhythm. Accoustical energy is flowing through the crystal.

"Next we focus on the atoms. At first they appear as little shadowy balls vibrating about fixed points in the molecule. As we magnify, we see less and less. The electrons shell has somehow dissolved and we are looking at a vacuum. As we further magnify we see something tiny moving about. We focus on what we suspect is the nucleus of the atom, located in this vast space within the atom. If we take the diameter of the nucleus of a hydrogen atom to be 1 mm, then the diameter of the electron orbit will be about 10 meters, a ratio of 1 to 10,000, and the intervening space is vacuum.

"As we zero in and further magnify the vibrating nucleus, it seems to be dissolving. We are looking at some shadowy pulsation; some more magnification and the nucleus is almost gone. We are sensing the pulsation of some energy; it seems to be a rapidly pulsating field. But where did the bone go? We thought we were looking at a solid piece of matter!

"Well, it seems that the real reality - the microreality, that which underlies all our solid, good, common-sense reality - is made up, as we have just witnessed, of a vast empty space filled with oscillating fields! Many different kinds of fields, all interacting with each other. The tiniest disturbance in one field carries over into the others. It's an interlocked web of fields, each pulsating at their own rate but in harmony with the others, their pulsations spreading out father and farther throughout the cosmos"

I'm going to stop here, I wonder how many people actually read this.. I felt like writing it down anyway.

"Matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration; we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively; there's no such thing as death, life is just a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves" -Bill Hicks

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Re: Science and the 5 senses [Re: faslimy]
    #3928312 - 03/17/05 12:27 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

I just read it. It all jibes with my understanding. My husband also just bought me a new book by Deepak called "The Book of Secrets" and in it he calls what you are talking about "the 5 senses prison" and has a good chapter written around it.

I like this topic!

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Miracle of Science

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Re: Science and the 5 senses [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3928321 - 03/17/05 12:29 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

'physical' reality is not constructed 'out there' but 'in here'.

What the %$#! do we know?


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Re: Science and the 5 senses [Re: SWEDEN]
    #3928963 - 03/17/05 04:22 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

i have a nearly 6 hour long documentary by david icke. im watching and rewatching alot of it. i feel i need to research alot of things to get a background, and also check his facts...

very interesting stuff tho

"You cannot trust in law, unless you can trust in people. If you can trust in people, you don't need law." -J. Mumma

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irregular verb
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Re: Science and the 5 senses - and a nazi [Re: BleaK]
    #3929121 - 03/17/05 06:34 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

I detect he may be good on some very basic stuff but david icke is a holocaust denyer which is unforgivable.
May of his books are paranoid conspiracy theories.
too bad.
you can get the same information more authoritatively by studying popular neurology written by doctors and scientists, or read about the 5 skandas in buddhism.
same info.
without the nazi twists.

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Carpal Tunnel
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Re: Science and the 5 senses - and a nazi [Re: redgreenvines]
    #3929305 - 03/17/05 08:57 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

"I have no valid complaint against hustlers. No rational bitch. But the act of selling is repulsive to me. I harbor a secret urge to whack a salesman in the face, crack his teeth and put red bumps around his eyes." -Hunter S Thompson

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Jester To TheHall Of TheMushroom King

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Re: Science and the 5 senses - and a nazi [Re: Phluck]
    #3929397 - 03/17/05 09:30 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

I do have to ask if the fact that we are interacting with fields makes any difference? If what we perceive as "physical matter" is really a bundle of interacting fields, that our fields in turn react with. Is that not the same as a solid object interacting with another (obviously theorising about the existence of such objects at this point)?

If two like things interact, aren't the interactions valid no matter what sphere they are in, be it "physical" or field based? In fact you could argue that things ARE physical BECAUSE they are all fields.

Since we too must be constructed of fields oscillating, and all other objects are also. Then what is physical to us will be fields oscillating in a similar way, or oscillating and affecting our structure (magnetic fields do affect human bodies).

In this case are not the fields as physical to us, as a solid object would be (assuming they exist) to a person made up of solid objects, in some solid object reality.

I know this may possibly seem a mute point, but really it is the whole heart of the matter (no pun intended). If matter is fields, so are we, so as long as we interact with LIKE 'entities' (for want of a better word) we are still interacting with what is, in essence physical, matter to us.

(I apologise for the repetition, want to be sure I've made my point (7 or 8 times))

That's my jug of ears! :stoned::mushroom2:

We ultimately live in a fractal universe, all parts reflect the infinity of the whole. So why do we maintain that time be any different?

Welcome to 4 my dimensional thoughts!

(Turkish Delight is neither Turkish, nor delightful. So where's the name from?!)

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Dead Man
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Re: Science and the 5 senses - and a nazi [Re: PsilocinSam]
    #5670098 - 05/24/06 10:06 PM (12 years, 16 hours ago)

felt like bumping this up.. maybe it will be moved to the new paranormal forum now

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Re: Science and the 5 senses [Re: faslimy]
    #5671768 - 05/25/06 09:19 AM (12 years, 5 hours ago)

Sight doesn't have much to do with science. We can't see radiowaves or infrared light, but they are measured and utilized.

However, reality truly is a matrix of dissipating interference patterns.

Sweet music, to those with eyes to hear.

As the life of a candle,
my wick will burn out.
But, the fire of my mind
shall beam into infinite.

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