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    #545533 - 02/09/02 01:58 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

I am a sub-atomic particle!
You may remember from such real life dramas such as; The Atom Strikes Back: Revenge of the Proton, and Honey I Defragmented the Molecular Structure of the Kids.

I like to vibrate, its my favorite thing to do. In fact, I guess you could say I'm a regular vibrating particle. I know other particles that like to vibrate too. I think its part of an exercise.

I have a friend who likes to vibrate with me. Together we go back and forth 10,000 times per second in order to fulfill our vibrating needs. My friend has a couple friends, and they have friends too. I don't know the one way over there, but my friend knows someone who does. The energy grid told us we are a tree. I like being a tree. It is fun.

Well we feel like accellerating now. Time to go faster. Faster tree. This time we go back and forth 18,000 times per second. Now our tree is a higher frequency. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Now that I don't have your attention let us play a game called Creative Reality

In this game you must pretend that everything you think manifests physically the second you think it.
Every thought you think radiates throughought the area, throughout the world, and is felt by everyone intuitively. Your thoughts create your reality in this imaginary world, and if you think about something, it will happen. You must also take responsibility for all your actions.

Now let us say you are walking down the street and happen to find yourself stricken with a deep thirst. Your first thought is a huge glass of ice water, which appears in your hand. You drink deeply from the cup, grateful for its bounty. Then you think how you would like a nice orange, and there it is, a perfect ripe orange. You take off its peel and smell its delicate citrus aroma. You bite into it and your taste buds erupt in sensation as the sweet juice trickles down your throat.. Ahhhh.

Now in this world anything you think happens instantly. But there is one rule. The rule is instant karma. Not only does anything you think happen as soon as you think it, but the direct result of that action is felt by you immediately..And all dealings all fair. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you strike a man dead merely by willing it, you will suffer the same fate instantly. If you send a wave of love and compassion towards someone, that same love and compassion will be returned to you instantly. If you think about an orange, an orange will appear..that is the result.

So now that you have a basic understanding of this imaginary world that has never existed, ever... how are you going to live in it? It's up to you what you do but remember that whatever you think or do comes back to you in the same form or even more intense.

Would you go about your day in the same way you do now? Or would you do it differently?
How so?
And Why?


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It's the psychedelic movement!
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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545596 - 02/09/02 06:37 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Interesting to think about. I would do a whole lot of things differently.


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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545600 - 02/09/02 07:26 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Rename the game "creative reality" and I'm in. Water & oranges aren't that exciting, you can do better than that shroomism! But it is the ususal way to explain this.

This is indeed the world we live int, or are going to live in. As time seems to move faster, our consciousness also moves closer to the formative source of the cosmos.

I read about an interesting theory some weeks ago. The universe may create other baby universes, might this be what is going to happen in 2012 (or whenever)?

The only culprit of the world you describe is that you need to convince people of it's truth in order for them to experience it. For if they keep going on autopilot they will recreate the ordinary world of today for themselves, never experiencing the potential.

I made this picture inspired by this very theory a few days ago. Well, almost the same. Bottom line is the same anyway.

btw: it's not finished, but I overwrote the original file, so I can't finish it

Eternally boggled, flummoxed, bewildered and surprised.

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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545614 - 02/09/02 08:14 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

One question: What about the thoughts that just come into your head accidently? Say your with this girl, you know getting it on, and then an image of you mother pops into your mind?

Just a thought...


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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545637 - 02/09/02 08:41 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Aside from the "instant karma" and the fact that every thought just "manifests immediately" instead of "over time"-----you have described the essence of how the physical realm operates.... my guess is-----that's part of what you intended by this post.... just "part"....

I believe that all my thoughts, affect not only myself but all the creation....both now and in all of the future times..... What I think-feel-experience (even if alone) eventually "vibrates" its way to the collective "group minds".... Thoughts are made up of energy and they are "magnetically" attracted to other like thoughts.

My cat's veterinain (for example) is definitely in touch with the "great cat soul" (or group mind containing the thoughts-feelings-and experience of cats). He has an uncanny knack for working with cats....

Right now---as a result of a bad trip where I brought back, or dug up some pretty bad and dangerous thoughts---I am consciously doing my best to monitor and change my thoughts.

I was abused as a little kid both physically and emotionally and one week ago I had a bad trip that pulled feelings and attitudes about those abusive experiences to the surface.

I realize that those thoughts ARE killing me and that the only thing that stops me from dieing is TIME... If I had all my thoughts to manifest right now I would die and be in hell-if you believe in that sort of place.

That's sort-of what happened on my "bad trip" last week. I came face to face with THOUGHTS I didn't realize I had and got locked into a thought loop. In that moment-which lasted over 2hrs---nothing existed except me and those thoughts....

Hey, I'm a work in progress and I'm doing what I can to change and
WATCH MY THOUGHTS...............Tannis

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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545708 - 02/09/02 10:50 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

If this were to happen I would live my life differently...Not to say that our world isn't already like this, but that is has merely began to take shape. I'm sure I would end up fulfilling the prophecy of my destiny (although part of me does not like what I am to do) as my dreams are preparing me for what is to come, as are my meditation sessions and hints from other sources as well..........................I sure hope we have 10 more years at least......I'd like to enjoy things at least that long.

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Re: Thoughts [Re: Tannis]
    #545726 - 02/09/02 11:29 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Creative Reality it is.
Good to see that you guys picked up on some of the unspoken details, that's what I was hoping for. A bunch of smart people here that's what we have.

One question: What about the thoughts that just come into your head accidently? Say your with this girl, you know getting it on, and then an image of you mother pops into your mind?

Well there is a grey area for this kind of thing. On one hand everyone is in control of their thinking, or should be at least.. and realize that every thought manifests in some way or another. But on the other hand if you knew that everything you think became a reality would you think about your mother while having sex? Probably not. Anyways thoughts are now the same as actions, so anything you think is the same as actually doing it. Think carefully..You control what you think..
So you are responsible for all your thoughts and actions, and their subsequent reactions.

Perhaps I was insinuating some sort of alternate of our world. In fact this seems like the same thing only in a slower density. It is true that in our 3rd density world, our thoughts and actions do create our reality, although there is an apparent time delay...someone can make a choice and not see the result of that choice immediately and know whether it was for good or bad?
In our world, if you think about something for long enough, it will happen. It happens because we decide in our hearts and minds to do it and then take action. Well in this new world, we skip one step, deciding to do something in your mind is the same as doing it. Lets create the best reality for everyone that we can. I want to help create a very comfortable and relaxing environment for my fellow humans, so I won't be participating in hate spreading, lies, manipulation, or any kind of deceptive behaviour.. that only creates a hostile environment.
No... if I send my love through thoughts out into the Universe, all of you will feel that love from somewhere. If I send hateful thoughts out, you will also feel these and be effected by them. Imagine this on a larger scale. What happens when you get thousands of people together to all think about the same thing...such as hate. When you have thousands of people thinking destructive hateful thoughts, this creates a negative energy that not only does the Earth have to deal with, but everyone living on it as well. Healing is necessary from these unnecessary wounds.
So, here I am... trying to get creative with reality. Let's create a reality everyone would want to live in mmmk?

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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545946 - 02/09/02 04:12 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Sounds good to me.

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Re: Thoughts [Re: ]
    #545974 - 02/09/02 04:59 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

It seems to me that life works like this already except for the time lag. As many of us already realize, we are creators in the true sense of the word. Put some desire (or thought) out into the universe from a clear space in consciousness and with sufficient intention and effort and that reality will create. Once created, these creations seem to hang around for us to experience. A question is how long does any given creation take to manifest and what things influence this time. Once that thing (creation) we put out there manifests we have to experience it ourselves before it finishes its creation cycle. That is, the creator of a given creation must experience that creation before its energy returns to the source (also us). The big difficulty seems to be that most people create and create and create (compulsive thinking) and then end up resisting the creations when they finally manifest (the time thing). We create perhaps from one identity (friend or dad or enemy) and then change identities. From the other identity the creation we asked for may seem strange or undesirable so we resist experiencing it. Or perhaps we create (or put out judgements or whatever) and then change our life viewpoint completly and - POW all these thought creations manifest and WOW our life appears like a mess. All because we haven't been trained in our consciousness to operate deliberalely. But consciousness evolves......

Control your own mind.
[purple] Seek an experiential clarity..... [/purple]

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