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israel/Palestine and Larry Miller
    #662989 - 06/04/02 03:45 PM (21 years, 5 months ago)

Have you read this yet?

It's kind of prudent. Couldn't find a link, so here is the bulk of his article.

A brief overview of the situation is always valuable, so as a service to all Americans who still don't get it, I now offer you the story of the Middle East in just a few paragraphs, which is all you really need. Don't thank me. I'm a giver. Here we go:

The Palestinians want their own country. There's just one thing about that: There are no Palestinians. It's a made up word. Israel was called Palestine for two thousand years. Like "Wiccan," "Palestinian" sounds ancient but is really a modern invention. Before the Israelis won the land in war, Gaza was owned by Egypt, and there were no "Palestinians" then, and the West Bank was owned by Jordan, and there were no "Palestinians" then. As soon as the Jews took over and started growing oranges as big as basketballs, what do you know, say hello to the "Palestinians," weeping for their deep bond with their lost "land" and "nation."

So for the sake of honesty, let's not use the word "Palestinian" any more to describe these delightful folks, who dance for joy at our deaths until someone points out they're being taped. Instead, let's call them what they are: "Other Arabs From The Same General Area Who Are In Deep Denial About Never Being Able To Accomplish Anything In Life And Would Rather Wrap Themselves In The Seductive Melodrama Of Eternal Struggle And Death." I know that's a bit unwieldy to expect to see on CNN. How about this, then: "Adjacent Jew-Haters."

Okay, so the Adjacent Jew-Haters want their own country. Oops, just one more thing. No, they don't. They could've had their own country any time in the last thirty years, especially two years ago at Camp David. But if you have your own country, you have to have traffic lights and garbage trucks and Chambers of Commerce, and, worse, you actually have to figure out some way to make a living. That's no fun. No, they want what all the other Jew-Haters in the region want: Israel. They also want a big pile of dead Jews, of course--that's where the real fun is--but mostly they want Israel. Why? For one thing, trying to destroy Israel--or "The Zionist Entity" as their textbooks call it--for the last fifty years has allowed the rulers of Arab countries to divert the attention of their own people away from the fact that they're the blue-ribbon most illiterate, poorest, and tribally backward on God's Earth, and if you've ever been around God's Earth, you know that's really saying something.

It makes me roll my eyes every time one of our pundits waxes poetic about the great history and culture of the Muslim Mideast. Unless I'm missing something, the Arabs haven't given anything to the world since Algebra, and, by the way, thanks a hell of a lot for that one. Chew this around and spit it out: Five hundred million Arabs; five million Jews. Think of all the Arab countries as a football field, and Israel as a pack of matches sitting in the middle of it. And now these same folks swear that if Israel gives them half of that pack of matches, everyone will be pals. Really? Wow, what neat news.

Hey, but what about the string of wars to obliterate the tiny country and the constant din of rabid blood oaths to drive every Jew into the sea? Oh, that? We were just kidding. My friend Kevin Rooney made a gorgeous point the other day: Just reverse the numbers. Imagine five hundred million Jews and five million Arabs. I was stunned at the simple brilliance of it. Can anyone picture the Jews strapping belts of razor blades and dynamite to themselves? Of course not. Or marshalling every fiber and force at their disposal for generations to drive a tiny Arab state into the sea? Nonsense. Or dancing for joy at the murder of innocents? Impossible. Or spreading and believing horrible lies about the Arabs baking their bread with the blood of children? Disgusting. No, as you know, left to themselves in a world of peace, the worst Jews would ever do to people is debate them to death.

Mr. Bush, God bless him, is walking a tightrope. I understand that with vital operations coming up against Iraq and others, it's in our interest, as Americans, to try to stabilize our Arab allies as much as possible, and, after all, that can't be much harder than stabilizing a roomful of supermodels who've just had their drugs taken away. However, in any big-picture strategy, there's always a danger of losing moral weight. We've already lost some. After September 11 our president told us and the world he was going to root out all terrorists and the countries that supported them. Beautiful. Then the Israelis, after months and months of having the equivalent of an Oklahoma City every week (and then every day) start to do the same thing we did, and we tell them to show restraint.

If America were being attacked with an Oklahoma City every day, we would all very shortly be screaming for the administration to just be done with it and kill everything south of the Mediterranean and east of the Jordan. (Hey, wait a minute, that's actually not such a bad id . . . uh, that is, what a horrible thought, yeah, horrible.)

"America: Fuck yeah!" -- Alexthegreat

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.”  -- Thomas Jefferson

The greatest sin of mankind is ignorance.

The press takes [Trump] literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally. --Salena Zeto (9/23/16)

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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: Senor_Doobie]
    #663877 - 06/05/02 08:08 AM (21 years, 5 months ago)

I see he is not among the many thousands of American Jews who wish for Sharon to end his personal holocaust.

This sounds more like a stand up routine than a disertation on the middle east. He's constantly berating the palestinians calling them dumb, worthess and incapable of running a society.

What he does not discuss is the Jewish conspiracy to keep these palestinians down and out. He also does not mention the many attrocities committed by Sharon's government against the Palestinians. And finaly, he does not mention the slaughter of the children who throw rocks at Israeli tanks when the tanks roll into their neighborhoods.

Sure you can argue whatever you like, but if the tanks were in your backyard, you would be upset too.

just my 2 centavos

Is he slightly biased?

***The Real Shroomery nigger

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Registered: 05/24/02
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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: PGF]
    #666891 - 06/07/02 04:13 AM (21 years, 5 months ago)

He also dosen't mention that before 1947 only 2% of PALESTINE was jewish. Americans are more mis-informed about the middle east than anyone eles on this planet. It makes me sick

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Registered: 03/19/01
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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: perplexed]
    #668239 - 06/08/02 02:17 AM (21 years, 5 months ago)

It makes me sick and vomit
How the media is controlled in this country, you only hear when Palestinians kill Israelis, but Palestinians die every day, but of coarse they are all suspected terrorist so it does not count.


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Registered: 03/19/01
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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: Senor_Doobie]
    #668246 - 06/08/02 02:27 AM (21 years, 5 months ago)

I will be very careful with the things you say, I remember not long ago, that the nazis use to say similar things, like they were the true race of Europe and that’s way the had the right to conquered the others and they even tried to back it up with funny scientific proof.
It's funny and tragic how Human nature works, the Victim becomes the Victimizer.


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Registered: 10/18/02
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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: PGF]
    #973195 - 10/18/02 07:43 PM (21 years, 1 month ago)

one question:

what are palestinian kids doing in front of tanks when they come in the first place? please explain that to me...

we stay because we believe
we leave because we're disillusioned
we come back because we're lost
we die because we're committed
- che guevarra

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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: perplexed]
    #974073 - 10/19/02 02:38 AM (21 years, 1 month ago)

Jews actually constituted 28% of palestine population by 1939.
Zionism started at the turn of the century.

Those non-existent arabs being referred to were already complaining severly by the 20's, again in the 30's which led to JEWISH TERRORISM against the ARABS and the BRITS, and eventually leading to the UN partition in the 40's.

JEWS STARTED IT, not ARABS. The Jews were assisted by Britian and the US.

Ben Gurion, 1938, "we are the aggressors and they defend themselves..."

Zionism has made being a JEW, a disgrace.

To have a homeland is one thing, to murder and steal for it is something entirely different. Any Jew who does not recognize the evil that is being perpetrated in the name of DEFENSE, is just plain BLIND, or Racist.

Unfortunetly there is no turning back time, so WAKE UP and put a stop to it.

Make peace, give back the occupied territories that have been taken after the original SIN of 1948.

Being shit on for so long, doesn't make it ok to shit on someone else.

The europeans shit on us, so we shit on the arabs? The europeans shit on the ARABs as well.

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Carpal Tunnel
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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: ]
    #974514 - 10/19/02 10:06 AM (21 years, 1 month ago)

This isn't a new conflict, folks. The Jew/Muslim thing has been going on for thousands of years. It's just being played out in different ways on different fronts.

"I have no valid complaint against hustlers. No rational bitch. But the act of selling is repulsive to me. I harbor a secret urge to whack a salesman in the face, crack his teeth and put red bumps around his eyes." -Hunter S Thompson

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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: Phluck]
    #974576 - 10/19/02 11:01 AM (21 years, 1 month ago)

The land was stolen. Millions of people lived there before independence and when the Jews came in they confiscated land and assets left and right. A friend of mine has a great story about this. On one side of his family his grandfather wasa farmer and had his lands confiscated and he was kicked out. Otherwise he was threatened with death if he stayed. On his mothers side of the family his grandfather was a doctor in Jerusalem and when independence was declared, his practice was seized, his assets were seized and teh property given to a Jewish doctor. So basically when Jews started coming from all over the world, they "displaced" the people who were already there. You can call them whatever you want, but they are people. It is interesting that a people with such a horrible history, a people tha just emerged from the HOLOCAUST, could actually turn around and do something so similar, all because it was their homland two thousand years ago.

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Re: israel/Palestine and Larry Miller [Re: Phluck]
    #976161 - 10/20/02 01:58 AM (21 years, 1 month ago)

Jews had a better life living with Arab Muslims then living with European Christians.

10,000 years ago the ancestors of modern day arabs built JERICHO. This was the FIRST CITY of HUMANITY. Jericho is the WEST BANK.

Israel as a united Jewish state lasted for less then 100 years. Because of that 100 year period 3000 years ago, Zionists are trying to justify a VALID CLAIM to the LAND.

There is no Valid claim. I support the existence of an Israel, because it already exists NOW. I just can't support any AGGRESSIVE LAND GRABS being justified in the name of that 100 year period of time. I certainly can't justify it on the basis of some imaginary need to the territories for Defense reasons.

Israels ARMY has always been greater then the surrounding countries. It was made so for DEFENSE of it's original BORDERS, not to expand it's borders.

The arabs were screwed starting at the turn of the century, and have continued to be screwed. Stop screwing them over. They are absolutely justified in HATING JEWS for STEALING THE LAND. They are justified in hating the Brittish. They are justified for hating the USA.

This rediculous notion that ARABS are barbaric demonstrates a complete LACK of knowledge of history. These people were CIVILIZED long before any European was.

Everyone HAS done wrong to eachother in the PAST. No one lacks Skeletons in their closets. We are living in the NOW, moving into the future. Lets try and work towards a better one. This involves compromise by all parties, but in that region it has to START with the occupied territories. Give it back, Give the Palestinians Freedom to run their own LIVES. Give them what they DESERVE.

Worst case scenario, the extremists still continue to go at ISRAEL. The world will find it EXTREMELY hard to Rationalize any NEGATIVE OPINION against ISRAEL defending it's MORE legitimate borders.

Israel has done exactly what Iraq was attempting to do in Kuwait.

I am a JEW and I cannot JUSTIFY the behavior of JEWS in ISRAEL for the past century. I understand why ISRAEL was formed, I just find it impossible to feel proud of the methods that brought it into existence, and I certainly can't deny it's AGGRESSIVE ACTIONS since it gained independence.

Israel can no longer Deny Palestine. Anything that is stated otherwise is complete PROPAGANDA.

NO one liked JEWS throughout history. The ARABS are not unique in this. There didn't have to be a MODERN DAY ISRAEL, it was born out of an intolerance to JEWS throughout the world. That at best Justifies an existence of an ISRAEL. It doesn't justify an EXPANDING ISRAEL.

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