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Preparing For Contact
    #1246636 - 01/24/03 03:52 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

This is a 'channeling' I found which may be of some interest to a few of you. It's a bit long, but you can handle it. Enjoy.

Germane: Alright, this is Germane. Greetings to you. Well it is a pleasure to be with all of you this night. We have lots of exciting information to share with you. The whole idea of extraterrestrial contact has been getting a lot of interest lately. Humans are beginning to sense that the time is near. And in fact we would agree with that idea. However, contact itself, the way it occurs, may be very different from how it is imagined. So tonight we are going to give you an overview about contact, how it can be brought about and how you can understand it.

Now we have outlined seven steps which are part of opening to contact. And these, even though they are numbered from one to seven, don't necessarily have to be in this order. Each of these seven steps are essential parts of the entire process.

For thousands of years upon Earth humans have been in contact with extraterrestrials. However, for the most part the extraterrestrials were worshipped by the humans. It was never an equal exchange. This has created all sorts of conflicts throughout history and it has created various types of religious worship. And basically because the early humans felt that these extraterrestrials were more powerful than them, they gave their power over to them.

You as a mass consciousness have now decided not to repeat this pattern. And so you are going to do it a little differently this time; you are going to create contact from a point of centeredness and balance. And so the seven steps that we are going to describe will illustrate for you the essential part of your own evolutionary process as you open for contact.

The first one is very obvious - acknowledge inevitability. What this means for you as individuals is as follows: That you go within and you begin to search your feelings about ET contact. Begin to sense it's inevitability. And feel comfortable with that inevitability. Begin to perceive it as a solid reality rather than simply just a hope. Because when you hope you keep something outside of yourself and you never bring it to you. So hoping for contact is not the same thing as acknowledging its inevitability. As you create its reality within you, you will then manifest that reality outside of you.

The second component is personal truth versus disinformation. What this means is that you begin to explore all the extraterrestrial information that is available to you. And you begin to be discerning. It's alright to throw this stuff out if it doesn't feel right. Begin to build within yourself a personal truth about your beliefs in extraterrestrial contact. Don't be so concerned about what's right and what's wrong but rather simply what feels right inside. As you do this the natural thing that will happen is that it will help you reaffirm the belief in the reality of ET contact. It's very important for you to acknowledge your personal truth about this extraterrestrial contact. All information that is presented to you in books and on television is not all true. And ultimately the only truth that is meaningful is the one that is meaningful for you.

The third component is to embrace humanity. This is a very significant component because many people have these visions of the ET's landing and coming out of their ships and you all run to each other and embrace. That's an idealistic vision. How can you expect that to really happen when you can't even embrace each other? So as long as you continue to create separation between you and others of your species then bringing about contact is going to be very, very difficult. Now this doesn't mean that you have to run out and hug and love people that you normally wouldn't. What we mean by that is simply to begin to recognize that every aspect of your world is playing a very vital part in the entire planet's evolution. So even that drunk, homeless person on the street who is very unhappy is providing an important function for the entire evolution of the planet. Even the rapists and the murderers, as much as you would like to not acknowledge their presence, they too are providing a learning tool for your evolution. So that's what we mean by embracing humanity. Simply learn to stop judging each other. And allow what is there to be there. It is only then that you really allow an alien presence in your reality.

The next component - number four, is interspecies communication. You have, for instance, a alien species on Earth right now. The dolphins and the whales - cetaceans - have the same type of consciousness as humans but very, very different realities. And therefore communication between your species can be very, very challenging. You can't use language. So if you can exercise your other skills as far as communication goes you are going to exercise all the skills that you'll need to eventually open contact with a extraterrestrial being. It's been very easy to fantasize that contact will be like Star Wars and Star Trek. And all the humanoids basically look like you. We all speak the same language. But your realities are very, very different. Right now, if you imagine how different your reality is with a whale's reality you can see there is a very big gap. There is just as much of a gap inbetween a human and a Pleiadian. So if you can then begin to open communication with other species on your planet you are going to develop a lot of the skills necessary for opening contact with extraterrestrials.

Another important component is number five - confronting fears. People always see the world through their own fears. So if you are a very fearful person and always believe that someone is out to get you then you will manifest that belief in every aspect of your life. So then in opening contact with an alien race you will carry those fears into that contact and actually believe perhaps that they are out to get you. So humans will really only be able to have centered and integrated contact when they process their own inner fears. And these are fears that maybe even you are not aware of with your conscious mind. So we are talking about the very, very deep ones. Literally, when you begin confronting these fears and releasing them the energy on the planet becomes lighter. And you became a much easier species for the extraterrestrials to communicate with.

Number six - integrate self and decompartmentalize. What we mean by this is as follows: The human consciousness has many levels to it and between each level is a barrier. And you keep a lot your different experiences compartmentalized into these different levels. We will give you a dramatic example of this. Let's say you are jumped on the street and your money is stolen and you are beaten and it was very traumatic. The experience may be so traumatic that you may begin to repress the memory of it. And for some people they may repress the entire memory of it and have no recollection consciously. What this means is that fear, that experience that caused all that fear, becomes suppressed and lodged in one of those levels that is surrounded by a barrier so your conscious mind cannot get to it. But in your day to day life you may start acting very afraid and not know why because you can't remember the memory. And those unconscious fears then begin to affect your daily life. So, of course, when dealing with extraterrestrial contact if you have unconscious fears those fears will affect the nature of the contact.

Humans seem very fragmented from the point of view of an extraterrestrial. They have difficulty communicating with you because of these many fragments. So when you begin to integrate them, these levels, the boundaries between these levels begin to disintegrate. You become a whole person rather than a series of fragments. The extraterrestrials then have an easier time communicating with you. And that integrated place is a very powerful place to be.

And the seventh component is to reclaim your power. Now we mean this on several levels. One level could be that so many people have been claiming that there have been world government cover ups about extraterrestrial information. This information has not been released because as a people your civilization has not taken its power in order to bring about the truth being revealed. If you all came together, joined your forces and put your energy into the world you would have the truth within a few days. That's one way we mean reclaiming your power.

Another way is on the personal level. And this relates to step five and six. Reclaiming your power simply means to do whatever necessary within yourself to make yourself clear and integrated. And that may mean confronting your fears. Humankind is poised right now on a threshold. You are like butterflies just getting ready to break from the cocoon. This is a difficult place to be. But it is also a tremendously powerful place to be. If you all do want to bring about contact with extraterrestrials think about the steps which we have just presented. And think about what you are willing to do in order to bring about contact. We guarantee you that as you transform yourselves you will bring about this desired contact.


Sasha: Well, greetings to all of you. This is Sasha. We are very excited to be with you this night. We would like to begin by presenting some information that may help you begin to understand the contact experience. For a moment we are going to talk about the human brain wave states. And we are going to simplify it in order to present the information clearly. There are four main brain waves states that humans experience.

There is the Beta state which is the when you are wide awake. It is a state where the brain is having a lot of activity. It is a very finely focused brain wave state. And it is the state where you spend most of your day Then there is the Alpha brain wave state. When you are in Alpha you are in light meditation or you are daydreaming. So when you are driving your car or even watching television your brain slows down a little bit and goes into a meditative state called Alpha. In states where you are not really thinking but you are kind of veging out.

Then there is the Theta brain wave state. Theta occurs primarily as you are falling asleep. It is the state between awake and sleep. Also, those of you who do deep meditation may enter Theta as well.

And then there is the Delta brain wave state. And Delta is what occurs while you are sleeping.

All of these brain wave states occur simultaneously. So while you are in Alpha the other three are in a low level. Whenever you have a spiritual experience, a vision or receiving psychic information, you are either in Alpha or Theta.

We as extraterrestrials when we communicate with humans we must communicate with you in your most receptive brain wave state. Beta, which is your awake state, is a very finely focused and intense brain wave and we find if very difficult to communicate with you in this state. We simply cannot densify our energy and focus it in your dimension enough to really effectively communicate with you while your are in Beta.

So, therefore, we rely on Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave states in which to communicate with you. Because those are the brain wave states where you are receptive to our communication. Now here is the paradox. Among yourselves, among your people, you have this belief that the only valid experience happens in Beta. So, for instance, when you are waiting at the coffee shop and your friend comes to visit you and your friend says hello and sits down that is happening in Beta. And you consider that very real and very valid. However, our contact doesn't happen in Beta for the most part. This is why humans keep saying, "Why aren't there any ETs visiting?" It is because you are expecting us to come in your Beta reality. Some ETs who are not too much evolved more than you may be able to visit you in Beta. But the ETs like the Pleiadians and Essassanis, we cannot reach you in that state. It is a realm we cannot enter. So instead we communicate with you in Alpha, Theta and Delta. However, to you communications in those realms are invalid. You think it is just a dream or just a vision and it really has no meaning at all. And then you still sit there and say, "Where are you?" We have been there all along. But we are communicating with you in the only realms that we can reach you. It is now up to you to begin to validate the communication in those other realms. We are sure that most of you have probably some day been taking a nap on the couch and maybe someone in your family has walked into the room and woken you up and said, "I'm going to my friends house for dinner." And then you fall back to sleep. When you wake up later you can't necessarily remember that was a dream or if that really happened. And so it becomes very spotty in your memory. Contact is similar to that. When we contact you we do it in Alpha, Theta or Delta. Alpha would be in light meditation. Theta would be in a very deep meditative state. Delta would be during sleep. But once you come back into the Beta reality the communication in those realms has been totally invalidated. So preparing for contact is not really that you are waiting for the ETs to come to you. Instead what it entails is you beginning to awaken to the contact that has already been going on all along.

Many of you have been listening to us talk about the transformation from third to fourth density. Well, one of the things that is going to transform is your brain. You are going to begin spending less time in Beta and more time in Alpha and Theta. And what's gradually going to begin to happen is that Alpha is going to begin to be the valid reality for you. And as you begin to switch from Beta to Alpha you are then going to begin to validate our communications a lot more. So this entire idea about preparing for contact is really a metamorphosis of consciousness. We have been here all along. And we are communicating on the only channels that we can get to you. You'll just learn to tune your radios differently. That's part of what's going to happen as you transform.

I have done a lot of work personally with civilizations as they transform from third to fourth density. And I have watched them begin opening to contact. It's an amazing, exciting process. So please do not think of it as a burden. Germane gave you seven steps. We will add one more. Begin to validate the experiences that you have outside of Beta. Perhaps you may want to get a notebook and begin to log all of the different thoughts or visions that you have on a daily basis. Even if you doubt that they are real. Maybe some of you might want to go to a hypnotic regressionists and have them take you back to some of the contacts that you have had that you have blocked from your memory. Most of you in this room have had contacts that you are not consciously remembering. But as the boundaries begin to disintegrate in your consciousness you are going to start remembering.

We are going to tell you a story that happened to the channel. This is going to demonstrate to you what we mean by contact that has not been remembered with your conscious mind. The channel and her partner were once driving in a very remote area of the desert. And it was Indian reservation land and there wasn't another car as far as you could see from horizon to horizon. The channel was driving and all of the sudden she heard a voice in her head, not really a voice but like a sensing, that said, "Something is going to happen." And, of course, like most humans she got really afraid. But suddenly right after she heard that message the car died. No power - nothing. She rolled to the side of the road and put the brake on and turned the car off. There was plenty of gas. And she and her partner got out of the car and opened the hood. They looked inside and could see nothing wrong, shut the hood and got back in the car, started the car. It worked find and they drove away. Now that's her memory of the experience.

Do you want to know what really happened? When she and her partner got out of the car and opened the hood their consciousness started shifting. They very rapidly went into Alpha and then Theta. While in Theta, me, myself, came and met them. It was a very brief encounter. We went away. They went to Theta through Alpha and then back to Beta. Got in the car and then drove away. Because they live in Beta they did not even notice that there was an interruption. As a defense mechanism the mind created the perception of a continuous time stream. But, yet, there was contact. Now if the channel and her partner were not compartmentalized in terms of the boundaries between the levels of their consciousness this experience would be remembered. Instead, well the memory did effect them but not consciously. For after they drove away they kept saying to each other, "Don't you feel like something happened back there." The sensing is always there. You just may not trust the sensing and then forget about it. Most of you have had experiences very similar to what was described.

Now we are going to tell you one more story. This story we always enjoy telling it because it's kind of fun. It's going to describe for you step by step what happens during contact between a colleague of mine and an Earth female. We will call this Earth female, Mary. Mary lives in an urban city area of the United States. And one night she was working very late in her office alone. This office was in a high rise building. Her soul had planned that night to have a contact. But, of course, the personality, Mary, was not aware of it. So Mary was working at her desk with her head down and suddenly she felt kind of dizzy and disoriented, very tried. She looked up and saw a very incongruous image. There is a petite woman coming into the office and this woman didn't look quite right. First of all, this woman was wearing a man's business suit and it hung very loosely over her body. It looked very unnatural. And also there was something about the woman's face who walked into the office that looked strange. Mary felt her mind go into a state of overload and confusion. The next thing she knew she woke up on her couch in the office. When she woke up on her couch in the office she thought she had had a dream. And she thought she had a dream of a strange woman coming into the office but she just said to herself, "Oh, strange dream. I'll go back to work." She didn't even realize that she didn't remember going to the couch to fall asleep.

We will tell you what really happened. Mary was sitting at her desk with her head down. My colleague was a Pleiadian. A very small woman. My colleague walked into the office in the traditional typical Pleiadian jump suit and Mary had her head down. She began to sense an energy shift. This energy shift was very rapid and it caused her to be somewhat disoriented. What happened was that her brain waves were shifting very rapidly from Beta through Alpha and into Theta. As she was barely holding on to her consciousness she looked up and saw this woman in this strange business suit. Now the Pleiadian was not wearing this strange man's business suit. But while Mary's brain waves were changing so rapidly her consciousness tried very hard to make sense of the image that was coming towards her. So, in a sense, what she saw was kind of like a dream image. It was her way of trying to translate alien energy into something familiar. Of course, she wasn't that successful because the image itself was very incongruous. So Mary's consciousness entered Theta and that's when she lost her connection with the Beta reality. The Pleiadian then came to Mary and they had an exchange of energy and communication. After that communication exchange was finished the Pleiadian helped Mary over to the couch and sat her down. Mary then fell into a deep sleep in order to integrate the experience that she just had. The Pleiadian departed. Mary woke up on the couch having thought she had a very strange dream.

How many of you have had dreams about extraterrestrial contact? Many of you. And you have often asked them, "Was this real?" Please recognize that those contacts are real. You just simply, at least right now, have not learned how to integrate them into your Beta consciousness so they seem very, very vague. They seemed very real. But as you begin to pay more attention to these experiences that you have you are going to begin dissolving the barriers between the levels of your consciousness. That's really how you begin to prepare for contact. And it's a very intense transformational process. But you as a species are now ready to begin this process. And you can allow it instead of being a burden to be something fun and enjoyable for you.

If you want more go here: http://www.worldtrans.org/lyssa/


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Re: Preparing For Contact [Re: Shroomism]
    #1250564 - 01/26/03 02:17 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

Thank you very much for that. I enjoyed that very much and I'm going to try and be much more 'aware' now. I'm going to go the site and do some more reading. Very interesting. thanks

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