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    #896234 - 09/20/02 11:15 PM (19 years, 11 days ago)

Every human has a different view of the universe. This universe consists of everything they come in contact with. Some people base their view on certain morals and ethics, religion, etc. but these are all faulty because they attempt to define the universe with specificity that is manmade. The universe simply “is”. That is all there is to it. There is no more specific way to define it and everything in it. The universe was not meant to be probed and assumptions be made about it, because it is just “there”.

Humans have certain values that each believe are correct. This is hardly the case, as these views which each person believes to be true are based on beliefs. Beliefs are leaps on faith, and they encompass more than most people think. If person A tells person B to pick up a ball and A asks B what he is doing, B will say “I am picking up a ball”. But what if A asks how B knows he is picking up the ball? B will say he can feel the ball in his hand and the weight, as well as see it with his eyes. A then asks again, “but how do you know you are picking up the ball just because your senses tell you that you are?” A explains that the senses that B described are merely electronic impulses that were decoded by the brain. How does B know these are accurate? A can keep asking B this same question until B cannot answer anymore. This is because eventually B will realize that he does not know how he knows he is picking up a ball. This is because he ran into a wall-the wall of assumption. A person can be asked the question “why” only a limited number of times before he/she will not be able to answer it. This is where belief comes into play. When people are born, certain values are impressed upon them. This is what makes up the wall of assumption. If a fundamentalist Christian is asked why he/she cannot eat meat on Fridays, he/she will eventually not be able to answer any more because he/she will run into the wall. In this case the wall is made up of the assumption that Christianity is the correct way. The Christian believes it is wrong to eat meat on Fridays, but this is based upon an assumption. A man his thrown in jail for murder. Why was he locked up? He murdered someone. Why does murder result in prison? Because it’s the law. Why does the law condemn murder? Because it is detrimental to society. Why is murder detrimental to society? These questions can keep being asked until a wall is reached. This wall is composed of the assumption that murder is bad for humanity. But then murder is only bad if viewed from the perspective of humanity. What about the perspective of nature? Of water? Of air? Of a lamp?

If truth is the surface of the earth and any idea that you have is part of a house, then consider this. You attempt to build a house by putting it together piece by piece. When the house is complete, you have a full thought. Since you made sure that all the pieces fit together well, you are certain that the house is stable. If your memory tells you that you had ziti for dinner the previous night, this is a full house. When someone asks how you know you had ziti last night, you answer this question by taking a piece out of the top of the house. The piece you take out will not dislodge any piece below it-you are only taking a piece off that depends on the rest of the house, yet no part of the house depends on it. Just like the food chain, the higher up means the least needed, and animals lower down support everything above them. So when someone asks you how you know you had ziti last night, you take a piece off the top, and look whats underneath it. You answer the question by saying what is now at the top of the house, now that the top has been removed. When asked a second time, you take another piece off the new top. You can answer the questions until you run out of pieces to take off of the house. Once you run out of pieces, you cannot answer any more questions, because you believe you have arrived at the truth. The “truth” is actually this wall of assumption. You have no idea how it got there. The only elements you understand are what makes up the house. But you do not understand the foundation upon which the house rests. When you take a closer look, you realize the house was never built on solid ground-it was built on water. The entire house is unstable because it was built on an assumption. Nothing can be proven. This water is the beliefs that have been pressed upon you by society, you did not figure them out by yourself.

What is good and bad? Good and bad are all based on viewpoint. What is good to one person is bad to another. Hitler is views as evil to a commie but at the same time he is viewed as a saint to a nazi. Osama bin laden is thought to be a warrior for islam to some, while to others he is a murderous villain. We can call bin laden all sorts of names and accuse him of being evil, but that is because we are only looking through one perspective. Not that this perspective is right or wrong, it is simply one perspective, completely artificial, and one of the infinite number of other perspectives. We are taught in school that terrorism is bad. Our parents tell us this, and so do our teachers and the rest of our society. But what of the afghan whos father was killed by an Israeli who was armed with munitions from America? And he is taught by his teachers, parents, and his society that terrorism is justified in a jihad. This child has such a burning hatred for the US and all it stands for. Not out of reason, or logic, or at least not based on them. His hatred was based on an assumption that was impressed on him by society. What would you do if you were in his shoes? If you had completely different values that you do now. If you were taught to hate. So can we blame him if he flies a plane into a building? Of course not. And can we blame Americans for polluting the earth? Of course not. No one is right or wrong. But a person can be right or wrong based on a certain perspective.

Where did the universe come from? It had to have a beginning because everything has a beginning and an end, right? If it had a beginning, then what was before the beginning? How could there be nothing? Will the universe ever end? If it does end, then what will be after that? Again, how could there be nothing? If there is a God and he created the universe, then who created him? These are all questions that cannot be answered not because they are complicated, but because they are simple. The beliefs that attempt to explain them are at the base of the house. They are so simple that they cannot be explained. To explain something, you must understand the underlining facts. To understand something you must take a piece off the house and look whats underneath it. But what if there is nothing underneath it? Or what if there is no bottom? If a person is continuously asked the question “why” he will get very annoyed at this tedious question. If a person is asked how he knows he is holding a ball in his hand, he will become annoyed because “obviously” he is holding it, and asking this question “why” so many times is just pointless, because its obvious that he is holding the ball. Or is it? The questions listed above are so simple that humans cannot explain them, because they do not understand what is underneath them. When human beliefs and principles attempt to explain the universe they run into paradoxes that that end nowhere. The questions above are so simple, yet they are so unanswerable. And this can be frustrating, because we use our logic and reason to attempt to explain them, and if we cant explain them then we must be wrong, but we cannot be wrong because we spent so long perfecting our thinking. Yet by not being able to explain such fundamental aspects of the universe it must be wrong. But it cant be. This is a paradox that is only realized when our thinking attempts to prove something it is based upon, and cannot do this. If our thinking cannot explain its own foundations, then how can it be correct? For example, people believe everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. How can anything not? But when applied to the universe, it would make no sense at all to say this. Does the universe have a beginning? No matter if this is answered yes or no, it is not correct.

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Re: stuff [Re: beatlesrock]
    #896271 - 09/20/02 11:33 PM (19 years, 11 days ago)

"If the universe is completely self contained, having no boundry or end, it could neither be created nor destroyed... it would simply be" ~ Steven Hawking

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Eggshell Walker

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Re: stuff [Re: beatlesrock]
    #896306 - 09/20/02 11:48 PM (19 years, 11 days ago)

but these are all faulty because they attempt to define the universe with specificity that is manmade.

This makes no sense at all. All ideas of the universe, whether logical or mystical, are manmade. You are human, aren't you?


The proof is in the pudding.

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