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Re: Alien/Human Relations v2.0 [Re: Xlea321]
    #714874 - 07/01/02 02:24 AM (21 years, 7 months ago)

Are you confident that the human race will survive for another 138 million years?

Not if we continue the arms race, polluting the Earth, devouring every last natural resource, and generally killing everything. But times are a changing.. this charade wont last long.

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Re: Alien/Human Relations v2.0 [Re: ]
    #714913 - 07/01/02 03:09 AM (21 years, 7 months ago)

It has come to my attention that some people may not know what I am talking about when I say density... so I will explain that in the best way i know how.

Everyone knows what an atom is right? There are millions of them in every object, microscopic particles of energy with protons, neutrons, and a nucleus, in constant motion. Even smaller than atoms, the things that make up the atom, is what is called a sub-atomic particle. (They may also be called quarks but I am not very familiar with that term)

Now like the atom, the sub-atomic particles making up the atom are in constant motion. What they are doing is vibrating, back and forth...like a metronome in warp speed. The actual rate of vibration of the sub-atomic particle can be measured, and it is rated as to how many times it vibrates back and forth in one second.

Everything is composed of sub-atomic particles. The wind, your body, the Earth..
Now when we begin to classify something as residing in a certain density... there are two different ways of determining what density something is in:

1. The rate at which the sub-atomic particles vibrate in that something

2. The level of consciousness it resides at

Consciousness in itself, is indeed density related. As you shift into higher densities things litterally become "less dense" and a more fluid interaction with the environment is possible.

In the 3rd density which we live in, everything in our density could be examined at the sub-atomic level, and we would see that everything we can touch, see, taste, feel... would be vibrating within a certain range. In the 3rd density this is 9,000-12,000 times per second. This means anything within our perceivable range with the physical senses is vibrating, on the sub-atomic level, somewhere in this rate. This is the frequency it exists at.

Now lets say we are talking about the 4th density. In this density, everything vibrates between 12,000-15,000 times per second. Now when you compare this to the 3rd density, it is literally vibrating at a much faster rate than what we can perceive through our physical senses. (Our physical senses being so accustomed to 3rd density impulses) Something in the 4th density is literally less dense than something in the 3rd. A good analogy would be to use ice and water as an example. Ice being a solid block of frozen water, which you cannot pass something solid through it, or pass it through another block of ice, without breaking it. Now lets say you were to take something less dense, like water.... the water being more flexible and less dense... would shapeshift around the block of ice, pass right by it, without harming the ice.

How do alleged alien crafts fly right through mountains and trees without smashing into a million pieces? It is because they reside on the 4th density. A 3rd density tree, or mountain, is dense, and they are less dense than said mountain down to the sub-atomic level. They pass right through it the same way water passes right around a block of ice. The sub-atomic particles are more flexible the less dense they are, and when something less dense comes in their path of vibrating.. the particles simply move out of the way.

Another analogy to use would be like when you are walking through a forest. Think of yourself as a sub-atomic particle. When walking through the forest, you dont bump into every tree that gets in your path do you? Chances are, you walk around the trees. You are moving like water.

Now that's a basic overview of what a density is, but hopefully some people have some understanding when I am talking about a density or frequency... this is what I am referring to.

As for consciousness levels... consciousness is just like a sub-atomic particle. It also vibrates at a specific frequency, just like the particles. The less dense and higher the vibration of the consciousness... the more fluid and active it is. I will use the analogy of ice one more time... We have ice... in solid form... the sub-atomic particles are vibrating very slowly, and very close together, forming this seemingly solid mass. Then once some heat is applied... we have water. The sub-atomic particles of water are much more fluid, and just roll over each other, water has much fluidity. Apply some more heat... we have steam. Steam is highly active and the sub-atomic particles are vibrating extremely fast, so fast it may seem chaotic... but there is a method to the madness.

I am only illustrating these three states to paint a better picture for my point. That one simple thing, water... can take many different forms, and at each different form it is literally more dense or less dense, and that is what defines what form it is in.

The same applies for levels of consciousness. They can be more dense or less dense. And wherever you find a dense level of consciousness... chances are you will find that consciousness living with a dense world around it...until something comes and changes that density.. Say you are a block of ice and some water comes flowing around you, you're still safe as an individual block of ice.. but the laws of thermodynamics come into play immediately.. and slowly the heat from the water melts and makes you less dense. Eventually... you melt into the water around you and become a part of it. You are less dense.

Now one could even go and define what types of consciousness exist in each density... but for now I think a basic overview of what density means is sufficient.

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Re: Alien/Human Relations v2.0 [Re: ]
    #715394 - 07/01/02 09:28 AM (21 years, 7 months ago)

In reply to:

Everyone knows what an atom is right? There are millions of them in every object, microscopic particles of energy with protons, neutrons, and a nucleus, in constant motion. Even smaller than atoms, the things that make up the atom, is what is called a sub-atomic particle. (They may also be called quarks but I am not very familiar with that term)

That is only one intrepretation of an atom. The Copenhagen model may be incorrect.

In reply to:

Once we have become aware of this state of affairs, the epistemological question: "Do the electrons really exist in these orbits within the atom?" is to be answered with a decisive No, unless we prefer to say that the putting of the question itself has absolutely no meaning. Indeed there does not seem to be much sense in inquiring about the real existence of something, if one is convinced that the effect through which the thing would manifest itself, in case it existed, is certainly not observed. Despite the immeasurable progress which we owe to Bohr's theory, I consider it very regrettable that the long and successful handling of its models has blunted our theoretical delicacy of feeling with reference to such questions. We must not hesitate to sharpen it again, lest we may be in too great haste to content ourselves with the new theories which are now supplanting Bohr's theory, and believe that we have reached the goal which indeed is still far away.

Erwin Schroedinger

Go Here!

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Re: Alien/Human Relations v2.0 [Re: ]
    #716140 - 07/01/02 03:29 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)

Shroomism is what we call, an intuituve feeling type , which has many merits that (someday) may prove to be revolutionary. As for swami and others who posted in reply, they are what we refer to as sensing thinking types (or ST for short) others are just bad writers. ST's main attributes are the ablity to sift through information and dismiss badly constructed theroy and conclusions. Early therories about the nature of science were constantly under attack by ST's and they helped test by "fire" many therories that were lacking and ultimately dissmissed, as they should have been because they were faulty, vague or contrived as part of other motives. Intutive thinkers (or IT's) are very sincere about what they come to believe but lack the initial logical, constuction of their ideas. Many times this is due to the fact that they prefer to believe what they want to believe rather than indulge in the methods required by the world, which is made up mostly of ST's.
The issue then isn't whether or not this experience is real to Shroomism but whether the world at large, even in this setting, can objectively consider it real, in terms of the existence of aliens.
My advice is for Shroomism to begin "thinking" in terms of your adversaries, (the dreaded ST's) and enhance your thread with detailed evidence which will hold up to fire, as swami enticed you to do. For instance, the pictures were good, but they could be more influencial if you included the titles, artists, dates, etc., stuff that the St's can research and concede to or argue fact on fact.
I know these things because I am an alien and I am trying to help you!

"New shit has come to light..."

Edited by GRTUD (07/02/02 04:14 PM)

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Re: Alien/Human Relations v2.0 [Re: GRTUD]
    #1927842 - 09/18/03 03:14 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Heh... I forgot all about this thread and it seems my writings were wiped out in this one too. Sucks. But thanks for the advice GRTUD, I didn't see it before..I shall take it to heart.


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Re: Alien/Human Relations v2.0 [Re: Anonymous]
    #28109452 - 12/23/22 02:19 AM (1 year, 2 months ago)


Anonymous said:
With over 400 billion estimated stars in the Milky Way alone,

If you're looking for aliens: those Stars are all alive and conscious.

Penny: 'What are you and Professor FussyFace up to tonight?'
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Penny: 'Oh, Leonard...'
Leonard: "I know. It's high-resolution sadness."
- The Big Bang Theory, S07E09

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