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Disposable Wage Whore
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Fuck Taco Bell
    #571591 - 03/06/02 03:19 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers needs your help to make Taco Bell a part of the solution in Florida's farmworkers' fight for dialogue and a fair wage!


Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Actions against Taco Bell
(Photos and first hand accounts of actions to date against Taco Bell from across country)

"Picking a Fight"
Orlando Weekly Planet article on CIW and boycott:

"Like Nike, Taco Bell must not support suffering"
Tallahassee Democrat Op Ed from May 5, 2001

Taco Bell Marketing Research (with a Matrix twist)
Very revealing marketing study by Taco Bell, in their own words

Facts and Figures on Farmworker Poverty
From the Department of Labor statistics

Long gone are the days when small, family farmers supplied area stores and chains with locally-grown tomatoes in season. Today, huge corporate growers with multi-state operations sell tomatoes year round to even bigger corporate buyers, including fast food mega-chains like Taco Bell and Burger King. Those fast food giants receive cheap, high-quality US tomatoes, thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of hard-working Florida farmworkers who pick tomatoes at a piece rate that has remained virtually unchanged for over two decades.

We believe that the large corporations that buy Florida tomatoes must step up to their responsibility by demanding, and obtaining, changes in the shameful pay and working conditions suffered by the men and women who pick their tomatoes.

Why Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is part of Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc., together with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. These three major chains control more than 30,000 restaurants around the globe, forming the "world's largest restaurant system in terms of units", according to Tricon's 1999 Annual Report. Also according to that same report, Tricon's system-wide sales reached nearly $22 billion in 1999, with Taco Bell alone reporting over $5.2 billion in system wide sales that year. Tricon reported more than 1.2 billion dollars in reported operating profit in 1999.

At the same time, according to the agricultural industry journal "The Packer", Taco Bell is a major client of the Immokalee-based Six L's Packing Co, one of the biggest tomato producers in the United States. Indeed, fresh tomatoes are a featured component of many of Taco Bell's best-selling products.

Given the sheer volume of Immokalee tomatoes it buys to supply its worldwide operations, and given its size and economic strength, Taco Bell has the power to help bring about more modern, more equitable labor relations in Immokalee's tomato fields, and... with power comes responsibility.

What Can Taco Bell Do?

If Taco Bell were to express its support for dialogue with the Coalition to Six L's representatives, talks might finally have a chance. Taco Bell is an important client with a great deal of influence due to the amount of tomatoes it buys every year.

Furthermore, if Taco Bell were to voluntarily pay just 1 cent more per pound, and the growers would agree to pass that penny along to the picker, that one penny could almost double the picking piece rate overnight.

What You Can Do:

Please, call, write, or fax Taco Bell today and ask them to:

Meet with representatives of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to discuss how Taco Bell could help bring about long-denied justice for Florida's farmworkers

Here's where to call, write, or fax:

Mr. Emil J. Brolick, President and Chief Concept Officer
Taco Bell Corp.
17901 Von Karman
Irvine, California 92614
tel. (949) 863-4500
fax (949) 863-4537

Your calls and letters really help. Thank you for your support.


IRVINE, CA, September 23, 1999 -- According to new nationwide trend research conducted among teens and young adults, it now takes much more to satisfy the self-indulgent demands of 18 to 24-year-olds than it did five years ago.

"Taco Bell is tapping this new trend by introducing a self-indulgent, heavy-in-taste product called the Chalupa," said Mary Wagner, Chief Technology & Quality Officer, Taco Bell Corp.

According to Irma Zandl, President of The Zandl Group, the country's leading authority on tracking emerging youth trends, "We've never seen a more intense or extreme trend since we started monitoring 18 to 24-year-olds back in 1986. The more today's young adults are exposed to, the more they want in terms of the way they live and the food they eat."

[Taco Bell researchers monitoring 18 to 24-year-olds]

Over the past five years, the following trends have taken place:

Indulgence Then / Indulgence Today

Entertainment: Visit a nightclub/Attend all-night "Rave"
Candy: Eat 2 oz. Candy bar/Eat 5 oz. Super size bar
Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's/ Godivas
Sports: Basketball/Snowboarding
Music: Walkman tape recorder/Discman CD Player
Video: VCR/DVD
Wagner added, "The heavy users of Taco Bell crave more flavor, extremely rich, spicy and indulgent products. The unique Chalupa flatbread taco has a soft outer shell with a golden brown layer that is crispy and flaky and has a bold taste."

"Today's young adults are exposed to a bombardment of the senses that is much more intense and much greater than even their parents' generation. They have become addicted to constant stimulation and actually feel 'bored' unless their insatiable demand for novelty is being satisfied," added Zandl.

The "New Hedonism" Generation

"To catch increasingly short attention spans -- and the insatiable demand for novelty -- marketers today need to follow the lead of the entertainment industry with a steady stream of new products," said Zandl. "This life-in-the-fast-lane sensibility also fuels hedonistic impulses, from raves to rich-tasting food."

According to their research, thresholds of excitement are escalating because life is accelerating at such a fast pace. Multi-task orientation has conditioned people to seek maximum stimulation -- all at once. This thrill quest is addictive.

New Hedonistic Food Choices:

* Sales of light or low fat products are declining, while per capita consumption of candy -- at 27 pounds a year is at an all time high.
* Per capita consumption of cheese -- at 26 pounds a year -- is at an all-time high.
* Americans' per capita consumption of spices has increased 68 percent in the past decade.
* The "hot food" category (including hot sauces, salsas and spiced snacks) has become a $15 billion-a-year business.

New Lifestyle Activities:

* Bored with rule-bound traditional sports, more people are participating in new hybrid sports like snowboarding, snowblading, windsurfing, street luging, cyclocross and roller hockey.
* 38% of television viewers channel surf, up from 15 percent in 1985.
* Quick, MTV-type film editing creates a purely visceral response.
* 91 million people watch NASCAR races on television.
* In 1999, 21 of the 25 most-watched shows on cable TV were wrestling.
* Among 20-something bridegrooms, outdoor adventure trips are replacing the traditional bachelor party.

Nationwide Chalupa Introduction

Three Chalupa versions will be offered including "Supreme," "Baja," and "Santa Fe", starting at just 99 cents at participating restaurants. Chalupas can be ordered with seasoned beef, chicken or steak

The introduction of Chalupas will be supported by television advertising, in-store point of purchase materials, on-air radio promotions and give-aways designed to drive trial of all three versions. The popular talking Chihuahua is starring in a new 30-second commercial called "Stand Off" created by TBWA/Chiat/Day airing nationwide during prime time television beginning September 26th.

In "Stand Off," the hungry Chihuahua is once again on his quest for the great taste of Taco Bell food. In this spot, he is on the scene of a police stand-off and is waiting for the suspect to follow police orders and "Drop The Chalupa." The Chihuahua peers up anxiously waiting for the Chalupa to fall.

Taco Bell Corp., a division of Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. (NYSE:YUM), is the nation's leading Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain with more than $5 billion in System-wide sales. Taco Bell serves more than 55 million consumers each week in its 7,000 restaurants nationwide.

** end of Taco Bell press release **

< back to top of page


SO... what do you think? Makes you want to rush out and buy a Chalupa today, doesn't it? Of course, according to Taco Bell, you have no other choice.

We beg to differ.

It is time to show Taco Bell that we are more than just "self-indulgent" cash machines "addicted to constant stimulation".

It is time to show Taco Bell that more than "insatiable cravings" go into our buying decisions -- that human rights and the dignity of labor also enter into our thinking when we decide where to spend our money.

It is time to spend our money elsewhere, until Taco Bell recognizes the importance of the farmworkers' contribution to the food industry, meets with the CIW, and takes substantive action to help end farmworker poverty.

Show Taco Bell that FREE WILL wins out over "insatiable cravings" every time...



For more info check out www.ratm.com and www.ciw-online.org

Our quest for discovery fuels our creativity in all fields, not just science. If we reached the end of the line, the human spirit would shrivel and die. But I don't think we will ever stand still: we shall increase in complexity, if not in depth, and shall always be the center on an expanding horizon of possibilities.
-Stephen Hawking

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Registered: 01/30/02
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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: mr_minds_eye]
    #571936 - 03/06/02 11:22 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

i hate taco smacko. i ate there a handful of times and the last two times i went, i got littles pieces of bone in the taco meat. it almost broke my tooth. it also grossed me out and i will never eat there again. that's a promise. adios. peace.

a blurry dot dances among the shadows
bends the light
and fizzles into my pink and glowing mind

-ian gato

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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: mr_minds_eye]
    #571957 - 03/06/02 11:49 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Yes.. Lets all work harder to make Taco Bell and other Resturant mongers pay more for their product so they can in turn make all of us pay more.
All that would end up happening would be these companies would go out of country for cheep labor. They would cut jobs and those "poor imagrant workers" would have even fewer opions to make money than they already do. We would see a rise in crime and everyone would lose across the board because of the loss in tax revinue to our contry...

People complain about slave wages, miserable working conditions and children having to work 50 hour weeks. But these people work because they need to, they take a job because its available. If they dont, they dont eat, if we intervein they have to steel to support themselvs or sell their children into prostitution...
Yah its a harsh life out their and while its a good cause to try and make conditions better for these people, all its really doing is taking away their jobs...


FAMM.ORG          C8.com                    http://www.beatsopjefiets.com/   

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Disposable Wage Whore
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Registered: 01/22/02
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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: GabbaDj]
    #572745 - 03/07/02 07:53 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Look man the people with mindsets similar to the ones of the people who are exploiting these peoples' situation are the very reason these people and so many others are in the situation they are in. The people who are profiting the most are the ones doing the least. They make more than enough money to not engage in this type of practice. Obviously though. You have become callous to this, and mindsets like that are precisely why things are so reluctant to change. If some one doesn't give a shit then no one will. The workers that you are condemning are the ones calling for the boycott so why not support them?

Our quest for discovery fuels our creativity in all fields, not just science. If we reached the end of the line, the human spirit would shrivel and die. But I don't think we will ever stand still: we shall increase in complexity, if not in depth, and shall always be the center on an expanding horizon of possibilities.
-Stephen Hawking

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Jack Of AllDongs

Registered: 12/19/99
Posts: 3,485
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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: mr_minds_eye]
    #573538 - 03/08/02 05:35 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

I've never even seen a Taco Bell..

Support your local family-owned kebab shop for great artery clogging!


(Ped) Slavery leads to rebellion which leads to liquor store robberies, rap and hip-hop

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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: mr_minds_eye]
    #573644 - 03/08/02 08:01 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

If you spend your money elsewhere and Taco Bell's business declines, won't Taco Bell lay
off workers or cut down on what it's willing to pay to purchase it's supplies? Will this benefit the
people you want it to? If Taco bell decides to pay more for supplies, the cost has to be
made up somewhere. There are couple things which they may do, raise prices and risk
loosing business or cut costs (to keep prices the same).

If they raise prices and loose business, how will this help the people you desire to help?

The quickest way to cut costs is by laying off some of their workforce. Another alternative
is to increase automation which will reduce the need for human labor and ultimately means
they can forgo hiring new people and let attrition take care of the rest or just lay off people
as soon as the automation is in place. Will this accomplish what you seek or will this
merely displace some workers while benefitting others?

I think a better long term solution would be for those that are interested in helping
these people to set up an educational trust fund for them. Put your money where your
mouth is, provide them with long term prospects of increasing their marketability in the
workforce so they don't have to rely on such work.

Personally I never eat at Taco Bell, their food sucks the big burro. I eat REAL Mexican

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Registered: 03/08/02
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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: ]
    #573886 - 03/09/02 01:55 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

that's a dumb solution. yeah, of course education would help the workers out, but someone else is going to fill their place with the same conditions that the previous workers were in. where's the progress in that?

I've kept up with the CIW struggle...Taco Bell has decided to talk to CIW delegates when the caravan reaches Irvine California. So far things have been a success.

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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: iglou]
    #573911 - 03/09/02 02:31 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Your right, that is a dumb solution. All schools should be abolished because they're useless.
Everybody should stay in entry level jobs for the entire span of their lives. Nobody should try
to better themselves or improve their standard of living. Above all, those of us who have educated
ourselves and improved our lot in life should never let anyone else know that it can be done.
Keep 'em ignorant and working menial jobs so they have to beg they're better educated
employers for a raise.

Thank you for enlightening me.

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Fred's son

Registered: 10/19/00
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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: ]
    #574100 - 03/09/02 10:47 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

evolving writes:

"Thank you for enlightening me."

So the insightful logic of iglou's arguments defeated you too, did it? He certainly whupped my ass in the thread titled "The United States is NOT Capitalist".

The dude is shrewd... can't deny it.



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Registered: 03/08/02
Posts: 295
Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: ]
    #574230 - 03/09/02 03:04 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

never did I suggest abolishing schools. I am all for educating them. but that is not the total end-all-be-all solution to this situation. sure education might help these particular workers but there will be another group that will take their place. How does this improve the general workplace of the tomato pickers?

what jobs have you held? I'm sure 9 out of 10 were improved by some sort of organized movement much to your benefit and others who held the job.

pinksharksmarks, youre one emotional and self-righteous mofo.

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Fred's son

Registered: 10/19/00
Posts: 12,949
Loc: Dominican Republic
Last seen: 3 years, 4 months
Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: iglou]
    #574266 - 03/09/02 03:58 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

iglou writes:

"pinksharksmarks, youre one emotional and self-righteous mofo. "

My post was emotional? Hmmm. I would call it "tongue-in-cheek"... maybe even "sarcastic"... but "emotional"? I would say that's a bit of a stretch.

As for "self-righteous"... I believe my position is correct and explain why I believe so. You believe your opposing position is correct, and explain why you believe so. Why does that make either of us self-righteous?



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Re: Fuck Taco Bell [Re: Phred]
    #578780 - 03/14/02 02:47 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)


Ive been saying this loudly in bars for years... Of course you think your right, everyone does, if they didnt then they would think something else and then they would think they were right about that.


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