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Registered: 02/22/02
Posts: 17
Last seen: 21 years, 5 months
will rice by itself be good?
    #559251 - 02/22/02 01:40 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

i am going to use a recipe i found on the net it consists of using.

-a pressure cooker
-wide-mouthed canning jars
-distilled water
-medium grain brown rice

etc etc etc....

i will add 1/4 brown rice and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of distilled to each jar. i have 1/2 pint wide-mouthed jars so i will add less than what is said in the recipe. it will make the rice into a cake after i cook it on 15 lbs of pressure in the cooker.i will innoculate the jars with some spores of equardor strain i am getting off the net. then i will put them in a styrofoam cooler, jar and all, and keep them in complete darkness untill the mycelium covers the entire cake and then give then a few hours of light a day. i will tilt the jars to keep the co2 out of the jars daily and mist the top of the jars with a mist of boiled distilled water everday to keep them watered.

do you think the rice will be sutable to grow them? someone already told me to use verm but i am short on money. in time verm will be required.

what do you think?

(this isnt all that the recipe says but i dont wanna waste time typing but you get the picture. i will also be doing this very clean and sterile in all steps of the recipe)

Edited by crashper (02/22/02 01:59 AM)

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Registered: 11/09/01
Posts: 698
Loc: Funkytown
Re: interested in your thoughts on this topic... [Re: crashper]
    #559272 - 02/22/02 01:57 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

1. You don't need distilled water - don't waste your time or money.
2. Pressure cooker is definitely the way to go.
3. You are being WAY to vague...try to elaborate more.
4. If you proceed in a sloppy manner you will most likely fail, etc., etc., etc.....
5. You are asking questions now so you are absolutely on the right track.


Freedom defined is freedom denied.

Nighted is better than Google. Please take time to rate 5/5. Thanks!

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Registered: 02/22/02
Posts: 17
Last seen: 21 years, 5 months
Re: interested in your thoughts on this topic... [Re: Nighted]
    #559273 - 02/22/02 02:01 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

what do you want me to write down the whole recipe cause if so it wil take me a few hours cause its 4 pages long. but will rice be a good medium by itself was the question? dont be a smart ass cause its not funny.

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Registered: 11/09/01
Posts: 698
Loc: Funkytown
Re: interested in your thoughts on this topic... [Re: crashper]
    #559277 - 02/22/02 02:04 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Have jars full of green mold isn't the most hilarious thing you'll ever see either.


Freedom defined is freedom denied.

Nighted is better than Google. Please take time to rate 5/5. Thanks!

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Registered: 02/22/02
Posts: 17
Last seen: 21 years, 5 months
Re: interested in your thoughts on this topic... [Re: Nighted]
    #559284 - 02/22/02 02:11 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

the recipe i have covers the steps and i'm pretty sure that i can handle the process but my question was will rice grow mushrooms after i inoculate them. thats the question. it says he has tried it but i dont trust things off the net cause theres allot of stupid people on here trying to be funny. will you reply with the answer for me? do you want me to write the process down for you so you can see it for yourself. i just want to know if they will grow on rice cakes. let me know. the process seems fairly easy but i would like for you to help me out so i dont waste my time and money.

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Registered: 02/22/02
Posts: 17
Last seen: 21 years, 5 months
Re: interested in your thoughts on this topic... [Re: crashper]
    #559292 - 02/22/02 02:16 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

heres the recipe. i dont mean to be an ass but i'm just sick of people trying to be funny. no offence on anything i said. here it is i found a way around writting it out. this is some of the recipe i am going to use. i excluded the harvesting and ingestion parts cause they are irrelavant.

Materials Needed:

- a sporeprint from a strain of psychedelic mushrooms.
(make sure it's the real thing, and that it's not contaminated with
anything! Dust, for example.)

- a pressure cooker, any size, but preferably one with 17 qt. (liquid) capacity.
(this is the most expensive item, but it's a necessity. Borrow, rent,
buy, or steal one.)

- one dozen (or more) new canning jars, 1 quart size, pref. wide mouthed,
with lids.

- a box/bag of brown rice--NOT white rice. Long grain/wild rice might also
be a good growing medium--maybe even better than regular brown rice, although
I'm not positive about this. I once used a half-and-half mix of brown rice
and Long grain wild rice which worked fine. However, a possible disadvantage
to using the long grain/wild rice is that any contaminants such as
dark-colored molds will be more difficult to spot in the growing medium.

- something to scrape the spores off the print into the jar... You want
something like a stiff metal wire with a handle, so you can heat the end
red hot in a flame to sterilize it without burning your fingers. I find
that a probe from a Biology dissection kit works wonderfully.

- a flame source. An alcohol lamp is not hard to make out of a small jar
filled with rubbing alcohol, with a cotton ball as a wick. I suppose you
could just use a lighter, but i prefer making an alcohol lamp--just make
sure you don't burn your place down!!

- a clean place to store your jars--should have a relatively constant temp.
(the optimum temperature for starting the 'shrooms is 86 degrees F, but I
have found room temperature to work fairly well). Closet shelves are
fine, in my experience. You want a place that's pretty dust/bug free,
but you don't want the storage area to be airtight, as shrooms do have to
breathe just like any other living organism. Many books recommend making
some kind of superclean box to store the jars in, but I've never bothered
with that. Most sources of information on growing 'shrooms (this one, too)
stress that everything be AS STERILE AS POSSIBLE. However, if you do have
to cut a few corners you should still be successful if you just USE YOUR HEAD!

which leads me to the....

- optional materials: germ-killing soap for washing hands, alcohol for
sterilizing hands, etc., surgical gloves, dust masks, hair-nets, an
air-filtering machine (Pollenex?), a couple 1 gallon jugs of distilled water,
a spray bottle, bleach.
(As you can see, this is all stuff which will help to make things a bit
more sterile--definetly recommended!)

PROCEDURE (finally!)

This is the procedure I follow for the rice-cake method of propagating
psychedelic mushrooms. I use this method for a number of reasons. One is
that my first ever batch consisted of 6 jars of manure medium and 6 of the
brown rice medium, I found the rice cakes produced more 'shrooms, and for
a longer period of time than did the manure-filled jars. Rice has obvious
advantages in that it's easy to obtain--no trekking thru a pasture looking
for fresh cow-shit! Also, the manure stinks like hell when cooked in the
pressure cooker! Perhaps the biggest advantage to the rice cake method is
that when the rice cake no longer produces crops of 'shrooms (about 2mos.),
you can actually CONSUME THE RICE CAKE ITSELF!! Given, of course, that you
detect no contaminants on the rice cake (molds or bacteria). When mushroom
growth stops, the rice cake can provide a trip for 2-4 people. See the end
of this article for methods of ingesting mushrooms/rice cakes...

PROCEDURE ( i promise! )

1. Turn off the air-conditioner in the place you're going to do this...It is
very important to work in a draft-free area. Turning the A/C off will allow
the dust in the room to settle (including the heavier mold spores which can
contaminate your rice-cake medium. )

2. Set up the pressure cooker, make sure you read the manual if you have one.
You don't want the damn pressure cooker exploding, or anything like that...
Wash out the pressure cooker for good measure, and also wash the jars and lids.
I wouldn't use a towel to dry them out, though, you'll just wipe germs & dust
back on 'em.

3. Wash yourself, too. It's recommended that you wear a long sleeved shirt,
and to pull your hair back or wear a cap or hair-net. I don't think that the
dust mask would be necessary at this point, maybe later, though...

4. For each quart-size canning jar, add 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/3 - 1/2 cup
I use the distilled water that you can buy in any grocery store--I don't trust
tap water. Fill 6 or 7 jars with this mixture, or as many as will fit into
your pressure cooker without stacking or jamming them in there. Place the lids
on the jars, with the rubber UP, and leave the lids very loose.

5. Place the jars on the bottom rack of the pressure cooker. I recommend using
the rack, that way the jars won't tip and spill as the water boils around them.
Using the rack also keeps them from breaking from the heat of the burner
directly below them. For a 17 quart pressure cooker, add about 3 quarts of
water, but not so much that the jars start to float and tip over. Again, I use
distilled water for this.

6. Now, follow the directions for sealing the pressure cooker. Some recommend
that you rub a dab of cooking oil on the seal, so that it seals properly and
is easier to close and open. Do it right. Do it by the book. Turn the stove
on its highest setting and allow the pressure inside the cooker to build up to
15 lbs. Once the pressure inside the cooker has reached 15 lbs., you want to
maintain it at that level for one complete hour. You may have to turn down the
stove for brief periods so that the pressure doesn't rise to unsafe levels
above 15 lbs. When the hour has passed, turn off the stove and LET THE
PRESSURE COOKER COOL BEFORE OPENING! Also, don't try to rush the cooling
process, as the jars may crack.

7. Just before opening the pr. cooker, wash up again, maybe use rubbing alcohol
or put on surgical gloves. Now is the time for dust masks (although I usu. use
shirt to keep from breathing germs on the jars). Long sleeves and a hat or
whatever is recommended because literally millions of germs are falling off
your body at any given moment. Sterility and the absence of drafts are of
utmost importance from here on out...
(some books recommend filling a spray bottle with a 10% bleach / 90 % water
solution and using it to mist the air in the room to further reduce airborne

8. Open the pressure cooker and let the jars cool until they're pretty close
to room temp. If you remove the jars too soon, they will crack and you will
have to start over with new jars, so it pays to be a little patient.
You may want to tighten the lids a bit so air/germs can't contaminate the rice
cakes. When the jars cool off, you're ready to go...

9. Heat your wire loop/probe/whatever until it is GLOWING RED. Put on your
dust mask or pull your shirt up over your nose and mouth.

10. Lift the lid off the jar and set it down on a sterile surface, with the
inside face down. OR let a friend hold the lid for you. Make sure the person
has washed/sterilized his/her hands as well as you have.

11. Get out your sporeprint and hold it over the open jar at an acute angle.
Use the sterilized wire loop/probe to gently scrape and tap the sporeprint to
get the spores down onto the rice cake. If you can see dark specks fall onto
the rice, you've done it sufficiently--anything you can see is probably several
thousand spores. A sporeprint the size of a nickel can EASILY innoculate a
dozen jars.

12. Screw the jar's lid on tightly and shake the jar until the rice cake
breaks up. This will allow the spores to spread throughout the rice medium,
thus increasing the chances for success. A good way to start the process is to
inspect the jars carefully for cracks, invert the jar, and strike the lid
against the heel of your hand. Next, unscrew the lid until it almost comes
off-- this allows for air to get into the jar. I usually just screw the lid
on about 3/4 of a turn--just enough where it won't fall off easily.

13. When you've done this for all your jars, put the jars in a safe, clean
place with a fairly constant temp., a dark place is best. In 3 days-2 weeks
you should see white, fluffy mycelia appear--looks like white fuzz. Any other
color of fuzz (green, black, etc.) is mold, and the jar should be disposed of.
I'm not kidding about this! Certain contaminants, molds in particular, can
cause illness or even death if you ingest the contaminated 'shrooms. It's
better to be safe than sorry, believe me. Also be on the lookout for bacterial
infections of the rice medium. These will often appear as colored (orange or
pink) runny or clammy looking gunk in with the rice. These should be thrown out
immediately as well. Bacterial infections may also give off a kind of putrid
odor, but of course you should not be taking the lids off the jars at all
during this stage. Now, the rice itself will get very soft as a result of the
pressure cooking, and the initial shaking of the jar may smear gel-looking gunk
all over the insides of the jar. But by comparing with the rest of the jars
you should be able to tell the difference between this gunk and a bacterial
infection. Like I said before, JUST USE YOUR HEAD!!

14. This is not actually another step because you're done! Just sit back and
wait for nature to take its course! Shrooms are pretty much maintenance-free
until fruiting starts to occur. It should take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month
for the mycelia to completely permeate the rice medium, then it will start
getting these stringy looking or fan shaped runners in the white fuzzy growth.
Mushroom formation is not far off, and the jars should be getting a couple of
hours of light per day--fluorescent is OK, and natural sunlight is superb, just
make sure the jars don't get too warm. Of course at all stages be on the
lookout for any possible contaminants in the mycelia. By the way, as the
mycelia mature, they may start staining blue in spots, due to bruising, I
think--so don't mistake this for a mold infection, but keep a close eye on any
change in color from the white coloring. The 'shrooms first appear as tiny
white pinheads and then the caps will darken (in P. cubensis) to a lovely
reddish brown. When the 'shrooms are growing the lids on the jars should be
very loose to allow for air exchange.
Also, mushrooms grow best in an environment with a humidity of over 90%, so if
you think that your 'shrooms may need a more moist environment, one thing to do
is to simply use a spray bottle to spray boiled or distilled water directly onto
the lids of the jars. I find that the moisture condenses inside the jars and
runs down the inside of the jars, moisturizing the mycelia. You could also
VERY LIGHTLY mist the surface of the rice cake if it looks dry. You don't want
things TOO wet, however, as this will promote mold/bacteria growth and actually
inhibit mushroom formation. Another possible method is to replace the lids
with a double layer of paper towel which is misted daily--although I would
think that not having an actual lid on the jar would invite contamination.
Just my personal opinion. It is important that air exchange takes place in the
storage area--this becomes more important as fruiting occurs, as the mycelia
gives off CO2 and needs O2. Remember that CO2 is heavier than normal air, so
it might be good to tip the jars a few times a day to let the CO2 dissipate out
of the jar.

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: crashper]
    #559311 - 02/22/02 02:41 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

>do you think the rice will be sutable to grow them?

There are 2 different approaches.

The first uses vermiculite, rice flour and water(like in the PF-tek), the other uses whole rice and water.(like in the 9er tek)
Both teks can be found in the Grow/Find section of the Shroomery.

Both teks work obviously, if you do everything right. My recomendation for the newbie is the PF-tek or one of its variations.

Edited by Anno (02/22/02 02:44 AM)

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Registered: 10/19/01
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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: Anno]
    #559340 - 02/22/02 04:09 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Read my post and tell me what you think.


I suggested that you should start with regular PF Tek and then youll be guarenteed some sucess. I understand your paranoia, but dont call people replying to your posts a smartass. If you dont respect us, we wont help.

"Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!" - Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here 1975)

"Never underestimate the power of denial." -from American Beauty.

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: mrdasani]
    #559356 - 02/22/02 05:06 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

well most people on the net are smartasses and if you got offended by it then your a smartass. i dont mean to sound mean or like an ass but hey during my experience with people on the net i have meet 100 percent of the asshole genre on here. i asked a simple question and people didnt give me an answer they gave me some elaborate thing and all i needed was yes or no but hey i got my answer.

-dont try to act like you know everything because you know nothing-

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Registered: 02/09/02
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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: crashper]
    #559367 - 02/22/02 06:01 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

you know what man your an asshole! ok your a fucking asshole people on the shroomery are the most friendly people you'll ever meet, if you would have read for 10 fucking minutes before posting you would have known the answer to your stupid question you fucking bastard, now i dont have a problem with newbies but you came here for help and reading over the post it doesnt look to me like anyone was trying to be "funny" they were trying to give your stupid ass some help, the tek you found is old as fuck you should follow the PF tek... but i dont think you will be welcome here until you learn that those people were trying to help you out, dood even told you , you were on the right track, my advice to you is go fuck yourself you dont need to trip shrooms you'll probabally try to angirly rape your dog or something....

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ruling since1991

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: crashper]
    #559565 - 02/22/02 10:32 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

crashper --

I am the author of the tek you mentioned.
Nighted is right, it is old as f*ck --I wrote it in 1991. I knew little about casing, and
never thought of birthing the cakes out of the jars.
My tek *WILL* produce fruits for you, using only brown rice as the substrate.
6 quart jars kept a friend & I tripping every weekend for several months, and I even lost a couple ounces that got moldy in my fridge.

HOWEVER, there are other teks that will produce even greater yields, such as the ones that include mixing vermiculite into the substrate. As I see it, the only advantage that my old tek has are: (1) you can eat the cake after the flushes have ended, and (2) its simplicity. In fact, you can even use my tek WITHOUT a pressure cooker, as long as you take steps to ensure sterility in the kitchen (misting with bleach solution & Captain's Oven Hood tek). Just boil the jars of substrate in a large pot for an hour. I have done this myself on several occasions!

I don't plan on updating my tek, but I will offer some suggestions:

Instead of putting the dry rice in the jars, cook the rice before loading the jars. For
each quart jar, bring 1 cup brown rice & 1.5 cups water to a boil, reduce heat & simmer for 50 minutes, over a warm oven rack fluff the rice with a sterilized fork, then immediately load jars 3/4 full. Then sterilize jars by boiling.

For greater yields, follow the suggestions of the newer teks: either birth the cakes out of the jars into a terrarium or crumble them in a tray and case them.

For even simpler psilo- production, get a syringe of Ps. mexicana.
Cook the rice according to the instructions above. Sterilize jars, innoculate, sit on a shelf for 3 months at 72-75 degrees F, then harvest sclerotia!

And as always, "USE YOUR HEAD!" ;-)


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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: YourHighness]
    #559580 - 02/22/02 10:46 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

It works just fine for fruiting. I used plain white rice and got great results. Fruited them in a quart jar and plopped a cake out and fruited that in a larger vessel.
It seems to me that there are a million variations of substrate .
My suggestion is experiment a little and use what is on hand rather than go to great lenghts to get various ammendments . Peace.

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: kingkc]
    #559708 - 02/22/02 01:02 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

hey crashper, listen no one is being a smartass except you. since you are new to mushroom growin im positive this wont be your only question. im not telling you this to be a dick or another "internet smartass" but its best not to burn your bridges here. the experienced cultivators are very smart and when (not if) you need more shit answered they will be here to help you, as long as they dont think your an asshole. your comments left a bad taste in my mouth and im sure most of the other people's that read them. im not sayin you gotta tip toe around here and not say what you feel but dont be a dick. all he was saying is that mushrooms are not the easiest to grow and being clean is a huge factor, read the PF tek, follow that word for word and you will be happy with the results. good luck.

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Fuck the DJ
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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: crashper]
    #559727 - 02/22/02 01:22 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

i say maybe 1 out of 15 people on here are assholes, so the chance of you meeting one are not that good. most people here will help you, if :
1. its obvious you have done some research
2. obvious that you have done research and are not quite sure if youve got it
3. obvious that you have done more research and still dont quite grasp it
4. obvious that youve done RESEARCH and just need some clearing up of some issues.

what we are all trying to say here, we are all pretty much friendly and will answer your questions. dont post with some stupid shit like "how do i grow shrooms?" you definetely wont get help asking such a simple question, and you wont get help by starting shit. good luck!

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: MickyFinn]
    #560105 - 02/22/02 06:50 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

People who are pre-judge and stereo-type people i.e......"internet smart asses"............ Are TRULY the KINGS of SMARTASSDOM !!!!!!!!! I`d chill or you won`t get many replies that way except for negative attention....unless you`re one of those.......negative attention freaks.........lol..oops ....I just did it..... stereo-typed you...

Remember..what the Door Mouse said..."Feed your Head".......... Jefferson Airplane

Edited by Numba9 (02/22/02 07:26 PM)

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: Numba9]
    #560113 - 02/22/02 07:08 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)


you designes a tek in 1991?

then over 10 years later you are logged on to the shroomery for what appears to be the first time ever according to your user information.
Then on your first visit you just happen to see your tek copy and pasted on the shroomery. Damn what a coinkeydink.

Just a thought

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: Under_net]
    #560121 - 02/22/02 07:26 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Speaking about slightly unusual substraits... Does anyone think that corn might work? I'd probably make a tasty edible cake :smile:

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addicted to weed
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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: DrD525]
    #560125 - 02/22/02 07:36 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Its wierd how you can be all gung ho about posting and the last post in a thread will make you change your mind.

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: Myceliumcake]
    #560269 - 02/22/02 10:40 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

i didnt mean to be a smartass and most of the people on the net are smartasses. i wasnt saying the people here but the people on the net in general. i appreciate the replies and everything and i will be posting more questions and replies in the future. sorry about any aggression i have and i didnt mean to "bash" anyone or anything i just didnt see what the big deal of answering the question i had but now i have the answer and i will do more research and order my spore syringe and experiment and such. i didnt mean to be a burdan and i'm sure the people on this forum is allot nice than the people on other forums i have used to get answers. in the future i will try not to be so aggressive and i dont apperciate the comment on the whole tripping and raping my dog because i dont have a dog and if i did i would have already raped it. just joking. i probilly would just beat it if i was tripping. joking again. have fun.

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Re: will rice by itself be good? [Re: crashper]
    #560315 - 02/23/02 12:23 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)


That is all I have to say.

You know what I always say....anything worth doing.... mmm....is worth overdoing!

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