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InvisibleWorld Spirit
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The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors)
    #499440 - 12/23/01 06:17 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Deleted by admin

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Registered: 08/09/00
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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: World Spirit]
    #499704 - 12/24/01 12:39 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Pleased to read your post.....Its been getting out of hand here.

Vote Jonnyshaggs in the next election for GOD...Its the responsible choice

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: jonnyshaggs420]
    #499784 - 12/24/01 02:15 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Feel the luuuuv!

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: ]
    #499786 - 12/24/01 02:18 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

76 views and only 2 replies. C'mon guys. Maybe you are afraid of the truth this boy speaks?

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: ]
    #499901 - 12/24/01 06:10 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Afraid ?
Nope.....i agree with him
All the Spore wars are out of hand....I have only posted once about Spore Wars.
And i suggested that the Mods and Admins close the threads.
Why you might ask.....To stop the bullshit in its tracks!
Some people thrive on the shit.....go watch Jerry Springer.
I'd like to see more positive interaction.....helping others and learning and teaching the art of growing Mushrooms.
Some people are probably looking at posts and don't want to get involved.....can't say i blame them.
I hate clicks.....I will never join a click.
I don't bash someone until i am attacked or screwed over.
No one has bashed me or screwed me over....yet.
I personally can say that i don't have a problem with anyone here at the Shroomery....Reason being.....I am here to learn how to grow mushrooms and make friends.
All forums have assholes....what i find amusing is that these assholes actually think they are tuff shit behind a computer!
They make me laugh....When you act like an asshole Karma gonna bite you in the ass.
I hope that things cool down and that the Shroomery goes forward in the New Year with a better fellowship.
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year! Peace on Earth and hopefully here....lolz

Laterz, Road

Laterz, Road

Who the hell you callin crazy?
You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating froot loops on your front porch!

Brainiac said:
PM the names with on there names, that means they have mushrooms for sale.

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Registered: 11/13/01
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The Great Way of the Universe [Re: World Spirit]
    #500015 - 12/24/01 12:55 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

I also think the mushroom community could use some more positive.  I remember being at the shroomery a couple of years ago. There was not as much fighting and slandering then. It seemed more of a fun atmosphere. Anyone remember Moe Howards story about shrooming and meeting Jay Leno? Jay thought Moe was Michael Jordan. Except in an economy car......  :smile: In reality a MJ look alike and member of the Shroomery.

(my thoughts)

The human heart must change. For it is not a simple matter anymore. The universe will change. Those who do not become kind from their heart will be but a splinter of wood in a molten sea. For kindness is like pure gold. The Universe is like the hottest flame that will melt away all impurities. Nothing can stop this change. You can only change with it. This change begins from within your heart. As a child I only wanted to know why I exist. My entire life I have searched for the answer. I have found what I am looking for. I have shared this in the Spirituality forum.

Falun Dafa

(Fa= Law, Way, Dharma; Lun= wheel; Da= great; Fa= Law, Way, Dharma)
(Falun is a miniature of the Universe.)

Falun Dafa translates to  "The Great Way of the Universe"  "The Great Way of Universal Law" "The Great Dharma of the Universe" "The Great Law of the Universe" "The Way of the Universes Great Law" "The Great Law of the Universal Way" (chinese does not translate exactly so there are variables)

Falun Dafa is a mind/body cultivation practice. The goal of cultivation is consummation. To return to your true self; your true origin. 

The mind is cultivated with the three characteristics of the Universe. Zhen Shan Ren. Zhen translates as truth and  truthfulness. Shan translates as benevolence, kindness, and compassion. Ren translates as forbearance, tolerance, endurance, self-control and will power.

The body is cultivated with five exercises. These exercises reinforce energy mechanisms that cleanse and transform your body.

I offer this because I know Falun Dafa to be truth. I have seen the difference in myself and family members after practicing. I am kinder and healthier. Above that though I know the answers to the questions that always hung over me. I offer Falun Dafa because I hope it will benefit who ever reads this.

Falun Dafa Click Here http://www.falundafa.org

(The website has copies of the books "Falun Gong' and "Zhuan Falun" for download. There is also a list of contacts if you would like to speak to someone in your area. You can arrange to be shown the 5 exercises. Instruction is free. Falun Dafa is not a religion. We don't build temples, collect money, or have hierarchies. Everything is done by practitioners from their hearts.)

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InvisibleRyche HawkV
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Registered: 03/01/01
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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: World Spirit]
    #500029 - 12/24/01 01:19 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

And what am I suppose to do when other vendors post my pictures on there site and in BB's claiming I'm docoring pictures to tarnish my reputation. Ignore it? If I dont put a stop to it how many ppl are affected by it and believe it and think I'm really doctoring pictures to make my flushes look bigger?

I have a right do defend my reputation when attacked.

I would much rather be spending my time here reading about mushrooms and sharing and seeing what everyone else is up to. And I still go and eat them quite often... in fact we did just that, watch the medior showers on mushrooms 6 weeks ago.
What a beautiful night that was :)


High Quality MUSHROOM SPORES and CULTURES  for microscopy at www.muShrooms.com

muShrooms.com is the new web site of

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Head Banana

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: World Spirit] * 1
    #500067 - 12/24/01 02:10 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Hello Enter,
I understand what you are saying but to catagorize all vendors is a bit harsh.

Its not good that vendors argue but remember that we deal in a very limited market. There are really only a few vendors and the more that startup only contributes to more competition. With that in mind, each vendor (who takes pride in their work) is going to strongly defend their product.

The so called "Spore Wars" are definitely getting filled with heated debates. Wether or not thats good or bad is up to the person reading the thread. Me personally, I feel that the entire "Off Topic Forum" should be deleted, its a waste of server space (which costs money) and it has nothing to do with mushroom cultivation. And yet its one of the more popular forums. My point is, although it may not seem right to argue over spores, there are other things going on here, in my opinion, that have much less value and is getting many more resources devoted to it.

Myco Supply has a good client base, many repeat customers. And yet you rarely see any posts or threads with our name even mentioned. Maybe its becuase we don't sell spores. But regardless of the reason, we do well due partially to customer service and the quality of our products. Now if the quality of a spore vendor is being questioned, do you think anyone is going to buy ANY spores from them. And I mean ANY, not just one particular strain. Its a very touchy subject.

As our communtiy grows, more debates and stronger forms of competition will rise. And it will eventually come down to what the person knows about the vendor which will be the deciding factor on if they buy from them.

And isn't having the ability to think for ones self and being able to make ones own decisions one of the reasons you enojy, " a midnight, mellow mushroom journey under the stars?" :) Now I'm getting off the subject:)

In conslusion (feels like I'm writing a term paper). If you're going to publicly state your feelings about your dislike towards vendors, please be more detailed about which vendors you dislike so that those reading your post won't thow all of us mud slinging, mushroom spore bashing, no good posting vendors into the same catagory. :)


Myco Supply - Distributors of Mycological Products

The Premiere Source for Mushroom Growing Supplies.
Visit us online or call us toll free

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InvisibleWorld Spirit
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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: Lana]
    #500214 - 12/24/01 06:20 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Deleted by admin

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Registered: 01/04/01
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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: World Spirit]
    #500399 - 12/24/01 11:37 PM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Post deleted by administrator.



For your safety and security, we have a Secure Website.
Also for your security, we will not take your credit card number.
Your security and safety is of utmost importance to us.

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Fuck the DJ
Registered: 12/19/01
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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: ralphster44]
    #500421 - 12/25/01 12:11 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

im one of those people who just read the post all day long but never respond, and i feel the need to share how i feel about this. its taking me well over a month to even get interested in this hobby because of all of the bickering going on between the vendors. its taken a lot of looking around at the different vendors websites to make a decision on who i was going with. i went with the hawk, hopefully my experience is good (crossing fingers and waiting patiently for my package!). but what im trying to say is," being new and all", the information is great---and thats why i find myself here. when it comes to all the other bs, im flipped and i look for what im here for (the info) again, to run back into more vendor DRAMA. but i suppose thats anywhere in the world. my main concern is about getting ripped off. when you read on the board "well this vendor this and that vendor that", you start wondering about the risks. i do not mean any disrespect to anyone or any vendors. but i do think if you are a vendor, you shouldnt attack another one, that just makes you look bad, or insecure about your product or something. and that my friends confuses the new people who are looking for someone they can trust and to be able to have that vendor/customer relationship.

Edited by MickyFinn (12/25/01 12:13 AM)

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: MickyFinn]
    #500484 - 12/25/01 01:30 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

People like to argue, people like to fight, people like to love. We are a group of people. We share a common interest, but we are different. We all cannot get along if we speak our minds. Opinions vary from individual to individual, and they are strong opinions.
Vendors are people too. We can't expect them to be any different from the rest of us. Any customer who would listen to acusations coming from a vendor against another vendor needs to evalute their own thinking process. Any customer who has a complaint against a specific vendor, should speak up. This complaint should be a VALID complaint. Validity based on vendor indifference.
I purchase Strain X from vendor Y it never arrives. After repeated attempts to work this out with vendor Y, all I get is indifference.
I purchase Strain X from vendor Y. It comes but it is not viable, it is contaminated to the point that I can not get a clean culture, jar, etc.... After notifying Vendor Y, he refuses to replace with a clean Product.
I purchase Strain X from vendor Y and after growing it out, it is actually Strain Z. I notify vendor, and he tells me to fuck off, and refuses to send a replacement.

If a product is ordered from Vendor Y and it takes an excessively long time to get to you, notify Vendor Y. If this vendor is a GOOD vendor, they will explain what the hold up is. If they refuse to answer your Private message, or email after multiple attempts, and you know they are around POSTING, and not out of town. This is a valid complaint.

What do you do with this complaint? First off, you may choose not to order products from that vendor again!!!! This is your first and best course of action.
If you feel the whole experience was really bad, and the vendor was not apologetic to you personally. You may choose to post your complaint in this forum.
When you post this, people will read it!!!! They will be informed of a real complaint. Other people with similar experiences may choose to complain also. Others with different experiences from VENDOR Y may post also. They might post good experiences.
None of this type of posting will get locked.

Personally I can care less about picture manipulation. Right or wrong, it has no EFFECT on the quality of a product. As long as the Spores you recieve are of the STRAIN ordered, they are CLEAN, and YOU GET THEM. What complaint is there?
Now Vendors have complaints also!!!! But there complaints are of ABSOLUTELY NO CONCERN of the customers. These complaints should be worked out between the VENDORS directly involved. Not posted on these boards for all to bare witness, or get involved. These problems are BUSINESS RELATED, not consumer related.
Vendors should be posting pictures of the mushroom strains they offer, let consumers know of new products they offer, and answer questions they are confident they can answer related to cultivation. All their disputes should be handled privately.
The only exceptions I can think of to the private rule for vendor disputes, would be :
Vendor X threatens to call the cops on VENDOR Y.
Vendor A tries to work a dispute out with Vendor B privately, and gets no where. Vendor A notifies ADMINISTRATORS of problem. Administrators act as Arbitrator, privately. If the administrators have trouble solving a dispute, privately, they try and bring in a person that both vendors trust, privately. If a dispute can not be settled this way. One of the VENDORS is the problem. Administrators should no longer except their financial support, and should make US the consumers aware of the reason PUBLICLY.
It is not brain science people. How fucking difficult could it be.
Order spores you want from the vendor who has them and is closest to your location. If several vendors fit into this category, order from the cheapest. If the quality is not up to your standards, go back to the other vendor with the higher price.
Peace Teonan
Marry Christmas to all the christians out there.

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: ]
    #500508 - 12/25/01 02:13 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

To the new folks , who might decide to order spores from a vendor. I can say with the absolute confidence that SPOREWORKS, and RALPHSTER are GOOD VENDORS.
Due to the length of time HAWKS EYE has been around, and the never ending good remarks I have heard about the HAWK, I could say with certainty that I would order from him.
MAX , MUSH MUSH, and BIO live outside of my country of origin, so I choose not to order from them. But I have seen alot of good posts about all of them. PF has been around from the beggining. Only hear good things about him and his TEK for begginers. There are other vendors I am missing I am sure, but If I am missing them, it is because I haven't heard anything BAD about them.
The only really negative remarks, and only one good remark, I have heard, have been about SPORE TRADING POST. His prices are outrageous, and his email is SLOW. He also offers SPORES no one else has ever heard of!!!!
If you are a newbie, I suggest buying a SPORE SYRINGE, and do lots of READING before starting. If you want to start trying out agar, get a few dollar prints from the FREE SPORE RING to try first. DO LOTS of READING, and View as many pictures of MYCELIUM in CULTURE as possible, to get a feel for what you are supposed to be isolating. Then get a nice VENDOR PRINT of the strain you want most, from looking at all the pretty pictures, and reading about them from vendors and customers. The key to success is RESEARCH FIRST, EXPERIENCE SECOND. Follow directions, and understand why they are DIRECTIONS to follow. If you do enough research first, and understand the steps and procedures, you will have success. The level of success will increase over time, with experience.
The Research is the SCIENCE of MUSHROOM CULTIVATION, the experience is the ART of CULTIVATION. Stay in the game long enough, and you get a feel for every step.
Mushrooms are sacraments to some, sins to others, intoxicants to everyone.
Be careful with them, don't treat them like BEER, or GRASS. They are nothing Like those!!!!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. They are like nothing else on the planet, you can experience. If you choose to grow, keep it to yourself. If you get caught growing, keep it to yourself and your lawyer.
RESPECT the mushroom, respect the community that surrounds them. Respect others opinions about them, even if they seem irrational to you. Only through direct contact with them can you KNOW what they do. So trying to convince a non user how good they are, ONLY MAKES YOU LOOK CRAZY TO THE SQUARES. Mushrooms are not for everyone, and never ever be the one who turns some stranger on. All hallucinogens are TIME BOMBS. NOT everyone can deal with the states it envokes. It is hard enough dealing with yourself in that place, but to have to take care of someone you don't know, even someone you do in that place can be psychologically devestating.
Be SAFE and enjoy!!!
Many of the vendors are regulars here, and at the forest floor. Read there posts, read customers opinions on the vendors, and make your choice. They all seem pretty damn good to me. If they were not, they would not be able to show there face around the ONLINE MUSHROOM COMMUNITY. And if you still are nervous, SPORES ARE LEGAL in every state except Georgia and California. Outside the USA, I am at a loss. But we have the craziest DRUG LAWS in the World, so I can't imagine it being any stricter.
Spores LEGAL, cultivation Illegal. Talking online in a community like this, is not Probable cause. Talking out on the street to people can be probable cause. If you must Talk about it , do so here in the OMC. Out in the real world, you might want to keep as tidy a ship as possible. What the squares don't know, can't hurt you!!!!!

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: ]
    #500514 - 12/25/01 02:22 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

this shits better than cable

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Re: The Shroomerites are Dead (attn vendors) [Re: splitopen]
    #500618 - 12/25/01 08:07 AM (16 years, 2 months ago)

Post deleted by administrator.



For your safety and security, we have a Secure Website.
Also for your security, we will not take your credit card number.
Your security and safety is of utmost importance to us.

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