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Above TheirInfluence
Registered: 12/23/04
Posts: 596
I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report
    #3564738 - 12/31/04 11:47 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Ive given salvia a shot 3 times, but in very small doses. Only experienced some CEV and slight body sensations. I questioned if I broke through the first time I smoked it, but I know now that I did not. I was with 3 good friends, only myself and 1 other were going to give the salvia (10x S extract) a clear, concise, full hit. Was going to be a night of drinking so we of course were to try the salvia before any alcohol gets in our system.

I took the first hit because I thought I knew what I was talking about. Needless to say I have seen the true strength of this plant. Loaded a water pipe with about half a bowl, light up the torch and inhaled. There was a bright light on in the room so I had a friend turn it off. That's the last I remember. I blacked out completely.

For a few minutes I was out, I did get up and try to walk around during these 5 moments (And to think I almost scoffed at the need to have a sitter, with experience you gain wisdom). I'm told I stood up, mumbled something, then my legs gave out completely under me and a crawled for a short period of time, and the returned to the couch. During this entire time i was told that I was making a growling noise, and my friends were not sure if i was going to lunge at them. Of this I have no recollection.

My eyes opened (though they were opened the entire time, they truly opened, I had some recollection of what was around me. Everything was in motion, for I became part of the room. I WAS the room, I was the people in the room. My other friend (who has taken his hit when I was blacked out) is laughing. I'm trying to understand what or who he is. I had no recollection of not only smoking, but of this reality.

The scene that is around (the room) can be compared to the gradual film development. The couch where I was sitting was the vertex that everything was originating from. It was developing in a way that can be described as a strobe light, except every time it went to black, Nothing existed. Anything that I could not see, did not exist. I would compare it to how a new born infant might feel before it gathers the reasoning to discover that if you can't see on object, it does not mean it does not exist. One of my friends (sitter) coped with these my trying to put it to humor. His slight laughter made me question if all this was a joke. Then It suddenly dawned that I may not be in the reality that I thought I was in my entire life; I can in fact be tripping and this is why I am in this room, with these god friends of mine, and this life never did exist in this plan..

Needless to say, I became worried, confused, frustrated. I didn't want to stay here, only visit. But I did not know what I was or why...This scene I saw in front of me, I was intricately part of all of it. i felt as if I was the pieces of an erector set, making my surroundings, but could not interact with what i saw. I could not do any thing other then watch. As my friend described it, it was as if the room was a book. And the scene we were in was the flip of each page at rapid succession, each time the page flipped, nothing existed.

I started to gain some bearings. I slumped off the couch and made sure the floor was there. I realized now that I had smoked salvia, and even though scene around me was still hectic, I was able to bring myself to a calm as a rode through this comedown. Slowly, my part of the image, as in me, myself being part of the room, diminished. I was left with pure confusion. This was incredibly intense. I've come to a end of words..

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irregular verb
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Registered: 04/08/04
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. [Re: SourceLimit]
    #3564842 - 12/31/04 12:21 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

straight to level 5 with one minute of level 6, "grrrr..."
more enjoyable with 1/4 to 1/3 less intensity

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Just anotherFreak in theFreak Kingdom

Registered: 12/03/04
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. [Re: redgreenvines]
    #3565758 - 12/31/04 05:13 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

that sounds like a wild, wild ride. nice report.

"He was too weird to live, and too rare to die."
- Hunter S. Thompson

"Mushrooms have no known adverse side-effects, other than leaving you feeling fatigued and probably surrounded by a load of mad paintings and some half-eaten chocolate bars."

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Registered: 01/07/05
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: SourceLimit]
    #3592490 - 01/07/05 06:20 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

This is the friend that took the salvia with him... I can agree with him on everything but the whole time in the back of the mind I could remember I took something.. I never really blacked out.. but the whole room and being the room and everything is true.. The best way I could explain it is if you take your monitor and graphics card and have them set to setting neither of them can run and you see lines run threw it and you don't see things that are there.. The human eye runs at an average rate of 30 fps or something like that.. and on this shit I'm convinced that your eye fps is increased so much it makes it so you can't see things that are there.. instead u see nothing...I would not recommend doing this daily besides that it was the coolest shit I've done... Him freaking out was funny as hell... I laughed like the whole time.. I'm a bigger guy so maybe that's why it didn't hit me as hard.. but one of the sitters said i took a little more than him so i don't know.. don't fuck around with this shit.. don't take to much.. besides that its great shit..

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Registered: 09/30/04
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: WiCKeDNaSTy]
    #3595071 - 01/07/05 08:11 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

wow, those reports sound intense. here's one for u guys that'll get u laughing:
it was my second time doing salvia, the first time was mild only using leaf. the second time i did a bong hit of 5x. i was laying in my bed naked watching fear factor when i decided to give it a try. as soon as i exhaled i was there on the beach with the contestants and that host. i was like "holy shit how did i get here!" i swear i was totally convinced i was on the beach with them. and they were all looking at me shaking their heads, some laughing and comenting on how i dont belong there and i had the impression that they were concerned the entire balance of the universe was upset by me being there. in reality the host must have said 'go ahead, get out of here' to the next contestant to go do the stunt. but at the time i thought he was talking to me and as soon as he finished saying those words it was like i got sucked back into my bed room. i was totally panicked and reacted to his comand. i jumped out of my bed and started to head out of my apt. 'totally naked!' lol.behind me i thought they were all in my room and they sounded annoyed that they had to come through my television and put the universe back together in my apt. i didnt even think it was my apt, i thought it was theirs and i was the intruder. thank god something in me told me to go back for my keys because i was just about to run outside naked when i turned back and by the time i reached where my keys were i realized and remembered what i did. i was so glad it was wearing off. the whole thing was probably like 4minutes long. i cant stand that stuff its too much for me. i did it once again with a friend and i freaked out that time too, lol. but not naked ;-)

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Registered: 12/10/04
Posts: 466
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: Shnezbit]
    #3595763 - 01/07/05 10:52 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

and here i am...10X coming in the mail either tommorow or monday...and from reading this post and perhaps over a hundred erowid reports shall...among other things...remember to wear clothing. i'll be using an onyx pipe with a screen and a torch lighter. and yet i have no sitter.

i have to wonder. since i'm the type to lay back and relax, close my eyes and enjoy a trip...will i be the salvia freak that jumps up laughing and dances with the mice? i PLAN to lay back...let go...and go through that doorway into another reality without getting up. when the offer comes, i plan to go. travel.depart. i've even considered painting a large sign and placing it in front of me while i take my first hit. the sign will say "stay seated". i know this is no substitute for a sitter, but other than that and a tape recorder, this is more than likely going to be a solo flight.

any suggestions for the solo flyers? there arent windows to worry about. but there is a windy curvy staircase if i do get up . i'll block it with something...other than that, i'm out of ideas.

Do as i say. Do as i do.
Good. Now instead of eating a mushroom that is not yours. Eat the ones in the super market. Thanks. -droz
"German's love white rice."-droz

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Above TheirInfluence
Registered: 12/23/04
Posts: 596
Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: greenpastures]
    #3595962 - 01/07/05 11:41 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

I went solo my first 2 times i smoked it. I had no problems. That being said, I also did not break through the first 2 times. If I did not have a few sober bystanders the above time, I may have walked towards the stairs. I was complelty relaxed to, but then I didn't exist and never smoked anything so, to say the least, the relaxation I had was no longer present.

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InvisibleEgo Death
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Registered: 04/27/03
Posts: 10,447
Loc: The War Machine
Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: SourceLimit]
    #3596881 - 01/08/05 03:22 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)


SourceLimit said:
I had no recollection of not only smoking, but of this reality.

This sums up my salvia experience. Its what made it so scary, not knowing who or what I or anything was!


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Registered: 07/07/04
Posts: 514
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: Ego Death]
    #3597957 - 01/08/05 12:52 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)


i have several reports there..

heres a cut/paste from my last one:

I mixed weed in with the Salvia, and oh my god!! The TV was on at the menu screen for "Chasing Amy". Objects in the room once again "smeared by me", but once the weed kicked in, it became EXTREMELY pleasurable. My environment seemed to "talk to me" again, and was trying to relay a message to Lesa (my gf) through me. Whenever this happens, i start whispering incomprehandable nonsense. I felt like i was being used by my "living surroundings" to whisper messages. "I'm supposed to tell you something" i said outloud at one point to Lesa.. Still doesnt make sense because i dont remember what i was supposed to tell her. I moved my hand behind the colors on the screen (while laying on the bed, far away from the tv), and it felt like i was "swimming" through them. THE WEED WAS PROLONGING the effects of the Salvia!! When i found out it had been a whole 10 minutes, i realized i was still tripping hard. Salvia alone is one thing. Weed alone is one thing. The two together is a completely unique experience. I was super "aware", unlike the dream-like forgettable states im used to. I was playing, and i was having fun. It was a very "happy" stoned feeling ive never experienced.

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Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/08/04
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: SourceLimit]
    #3597974 - 01/08/05 12:57 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

That sounds pretty intense, and quite comparable to my experience last week. You definetly need a sitter for something like tyhis because people who smoke it usually have no recollection of who they are or that they are even on drugs. Last night I watched a good friend crawl around the room like a dog screaming at everyone to fuck off and mumbling jibberish. He did that for liek 10 minutes before he snapped out of it and didn't remember a thing. It seems doing it around more than 1 or 2 people make for a shitty experience. My other friend smoked the same extract last night and he just blacked out started drowling on himself just mumbling ( he felt like he needed to go twice in one night, this being his second) and this time he stay out for AT LEAST ten minutes. The first words he said when he got back were " I'm freaking out". He said his entire trip consisted of him watching himself freak out and all of us trying to calm him down ( tough it never happened he just sat and chilled the whole time ).

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Registered: 04/01/09
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Re: I have experienced Ego Death.. Salvia Report [Re: vandago]
    #10092352 - 04/02/09 06:58 AM (9 years, 24 days ago)

I had a similar trip with 40x. I didn't know anyone else experienced what I did. It was a TOTAL loss of self identity. I felt like I was out of the universe. If you know salvia you know it takes like 5 seconds to kick in completely. I was smokin it out of a homeade gatorade bong and had done it a few times before, but with very little effect. I remember the ground I was standing on wrapped me up like a taco and I was thrown out of this dimension. my friend said while I was trippin I just looked scared and kind of looked at my hands. It probably lasted a minute or so. After I came down I could hardly remember anything except that while I was high I did not know who I was. I also felt that I was one with the universe. I've done shrooms and acid before, but getting this high was just insane. I'm not sure one can get higher than that. I haven't done salvia since then. I tried to explain to my friends what had happened and it was clear that none of them had ever tripped nearly as hard as I did.

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