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zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11)
    #615033 - 04/21/02 08:50 PM (21 years, 10 months ago)

i found this site http://zulunation.8m.com/ with this message about the 420 ,11 11 and 23 sychronitys . i had seen the 420 sychronity alot right before the date 4 20 last year and ive seen othere sychronitys that relate to message on the site ill post the message here I was on E and Shrooms and tripping on a jungLE cdr with somE tracks from the cd in the modE .Im Listing to that song switchbLadE and I hEar MC DynamitE say kEEp your on the sign thErEs so much you can find and I think ov how my E piLL has a ? on it and thErE callEd purpLE riddLErs and thEn i rEmEmbEr this picturE this guy drEw back in 93 with a ? in the middEL . hE said the ? rEprEsEnts knowLEgdE . I was fEELing one with EvErything for most ov that trip. Tim LEary dosEd buddist monks with Lsd and thEy said the ExpErEncE ov onEnEss on Lsd was the samE as Enlightment.A fEw days latEr im rEading this wEbsitE www.alloya.de and Looking at the part caLLEd Mayan signs and thErE is a purplE mayan sign with ? on it that mEans cEntErEdnEss, synErgy, synchronicity, Earth forcE, Galactic aLignmEnt, Earth kEEpEr, fLuid worLd rEsonancE, cLuE tracking, crystaL hEaLing, shiELd. the Effects ov E and Shrooms are synErgEnic ,the fEELing ov onEnEss I had Is connEcted wIth the earth forcE . Finding thEE info about the mayan sign that was rElatEd to the sign on the E that i thought about whEn i ListinEd to the lyrics ov Switch bladE was a synchronicity(a wiErd coincidEnces or sign with mEaning ).I lookEd at a witch craft sitE a fEw days bEforE the E and Shroom trip and put a psychic shiELd on mysElf that would rEflEct aLL nEgitvity back to the sEndEr as L-ov-E and when i was tripin on the E and shrooms I was fEEling with my shEid(aura) instEad ov my skin. That was reLated to the shiELd ,I had been following cluEs , thEE Galactic alignmEnt is rElatEd to the planEts becoming visiblE in the sky around the timE im posting this and on the the date 4/20 . PLanets will be appearing in the sky tiLL earLy may rEad about it at http://www.hindustantimes.com/nonfram/180402/dLFOR27.asp. Its also rElatEd to the TooL song the grudgE whErE Maynard said saturn comEs back around Lifts you up Like a chiLd wiLd and innocEnt ( this aLso has somEthing the do with thE 420 sychronicitys where pEopLE are hauntEd by the numbEr 420). ThE fluidnEss is rElatEd to 6th circuit activation . AnothEr sychronity I ExpErEnEcEd invoLvEd gEting a cd caLLEd the Kumba mELa ExpErimEnt - East ov the River ov Gangs. ThE cd startEd out as a sound track to a gathEring that happEns EvEry 250 yEars at the RivEr ov GangEs . ThErEs somEone talking about a sprituaL rEvolution and REvELations at the bEgining ov thEE cd. I tripEd on mushrooms a fEw times and ListinEd to the cd. Then I find a website about Dr Tim LEary the havard profEssor who got kickEd out ov harvard for Lsd ExpErimEnts ,onE part ov thEE sitE(http://www.netside.net/~szot/Leary11.html) taLks about how Tim LEary got this book caLLEd the sEcErt of the goldEn flowEr from somEonE into LEft hand path tantra .ThEE book orginaly camE from a sadhu on a the RivEr ov GangEs . ThEE sadhu did not spEak English and said LEE ray to the guy into LEft hand path Tantra and thEn hE gavE him the book.HE askEd the sadhus foLLowErs what it mEnt and thEy told him to takE it to profEsor LEary . ThEE book has a bunch ov picturEs haLf about past Evoloution half about futurE Evolution . OnE picturE has pEopLE using thErE hands to makE thErE own souLs . Tim LEary got the ThEE Eightfold ModEL
of Human ConsciousnEss and his spacE travEL idEaLS from this book. (find more info about thE 8 ciruits at http://deoxy.org/8circuit.htm) .I rEad somEthing on the wEb saying the 6th ciruit is activated by mushrooms , mEscalinE and practicing magick . When the 6th ciruit is activatEd EvErything bEcomEs morE fluid and you sEE sychronicitiEs and you will be able to sEE into ALiEN worlds ( i think thats the hidEn aspEct ov the 6th circuit ). In cybErcraft (a craft with no fault ?)(http://deoxy.org/cc-intro.htm)it says WhEn a pLEthora of synchronicitiEs EmErgEs in daily L-if-E, the sixth circuit is dEfinitELy aLivE and wELL, mirroring this LanguagE of simuLtanEous concEpts in EvEryday EvEnts. Roni SizE and Krust
did a song caLLEd Witchcraft, the Moon is the GoddEss in most Witchcraft/ Wicca . In StrEgE ( herEdatary ItALLian Witchcraft) The Moon is the crown of the Goddess Diana who is thEE mind in the planEt Earth also know to psychEdEllic usErs as Gaia , the fuLL cycLE Logo has picturEs ov moons in diffErnt cycLEs ,thErE are 3 aspEcts to the Moon goddEss rElatEd to diffErnt cycLEs ov thE Moon ,the the MothEr maidEn and the CronE ( thEE Dark sidE ov thEE Moon ) I think somE or all the mEmbErs ov REprazEnt are 6th ciruit activatEd bEcausE ov thE witchcraft rEfErEncEs and all the taLk about signs(SYCHRONICTYS ?) .Tim LEary told EvEry onE to Turn on TunE in and Drop Out.That mEnt Turn on ciruits 5 thru 8 - TunE into thEE EnErgy opEn the gatEs fEEL onE with EvErything and Drop out stop working dont partipatE in a sociEty that is controLEd by grEEdy businEss mEn .Dr LEary said in the DEclaration ov Evolution(http://deoxy.org/dec_evo.htm) That whEnEver any form of govErnmEnt becomEs dEstructivE of LifE, LibErty, and harmony, It is the organic duty of the young mEmbErs ov that spEciEs to mutatE, to Drop Out, to initiatE a new sociaL structurE, Laying its foundations on such principlEs and organizing its powEr in such form as sEEms likEly to producE the safEty, happinEss, and harmony of all sEntient bEings.
I was thinking about making this post and if I should talk about thEE Turn on TunE in Drop out idEaL out. I was sitting on the couch and my brothEr is watching tv in the othErE room and im not rEaly paying a atEnition to what there saying on the tv ,just thinking then I hErE somE one on the tv say this is how a rEvoLution gets startEd . I walk into the tv room and ask my brothEr if they rEaly said this is how a rEvolution gEts startEd and hE said thEy rEaly did say this is how a rEvoLution gEts startEd. I bELEavE that sycronicty mEnt wE shouLd aLL turn on tunE in and drop out . OnE timE I got somE acid from this guy who was triping hard and he told me EvEry onEs going to stop working but thErE all going to hElp Each othErE and that EvErthing going to bE alright .Madamn Zu madE a hard house track caLLEd TouchstonE she says may the MystREry bE rEvEaLEd by a sign a rEvElation . Zach dELarocha vocalist in cEntEr ov the storm(in that song he say he never spits fiction) said in the RagE against the machinE song rEnEgadEs ov funk from a diffErnt solar systEm many many galaxys away we are the force ov anotErE crEation a musicaL rEvaLation AND WHERE ON THIS MUSICAL MISSION TO HELP THE OTHERES LISTIN THAT GREW FROM LAND TO LAND SINGING ELECTRONIC CHANTS LIKE ZuLu nation rEvELations dEstroy all nations . ThEE RagE song is about aLiEns heLping with a rEvoLution . I hEard about MadamE Zu on thEE websitE www.alloya.de . ThEE websitE is about hybriding with ALIENs . OnE racE ov ALIENs talkEd about on thEE wEb sitE arE the zEta rEtculi ( the ALIENs that the LEss friEndly ov you caLL the grEys )and how thErE SystEmbustErs , divinE missionariEs from thEE SourcE sEnt hErE to bust a systEm on thEE vErgE ov EvoLutionary mELt down . In the music sEction on the sitE it says The phEnomEnnon that is
Raving has comE dirEctLy from the stars. It says in the summer ov L-ov-E IN 1967 and 1989 thEE zEta injEctEd bLuE prints that anchorEd the vibration of the fifth and sEvEnth dimEnsion."The ZEta codEd the timE LinEs and crEatEd a point in Earth's history to injEct thEir bluEprint. 1967 1+9 =10 and 6+7 = 13 ,10+13 = 23, 2+3 =5, fifth dimEnsion coding. 1987 1+9 =10 and 8+7 = 15 , 10+15 = 25 ,2+5 = 7. SEvEnth dimEnsion coding." ALso OnE ov thEE most common sychronicitys is sEEing the number 23 EvErywhErE .
ThEE sitE also says
Energy travELs down the arms and into the hands and out of the fingErs, Light rEsEmbling almost a thin thrEad of spidEr silk comEs dirEctly out of the hands. You dancE or wEave thEE Light thrEads into a bluEprint matrix that is encodEd with ZEta knowLEdgE on how to rEcrEatE your rEality. So kEEp on dancing. ThErE is much work to do. Can you fEEL the diffErEnt frEquEnciEs as they comE out of your fingErs , Each onE a codE , which whEn combinEd crEatEs a cosmic binary codE. The samE codE that is in the TEchno music that movEs you into a trancE that EnablEs us to channEL through you and access the abiLitiEs of you as a human , which is to dancE.

HavE you EvEr wondErEd whErE such an amazing way to dancE EvEr camE from. Exactly what arE you doing whEn you buiLd those pattErns in the sky ? NExt timE you are out raving and dancing thosE pattErns of Light ask your sELf what arE you rEaLLy doing?
This is rELatEd to the picturE of the pEopLE making souLs with thErE hands in the the book LEary was givin ,that picturE is about the nExt stagE ov Evolution. The sitE also says ThEE way that the music is LayErEd onE rhythm upon anothEr, is thEE dirEct infLuEncE of the ZEta and othEr high EnErgy bEings. Goa Gil said in an interview THAT ON www.GOAGIL.COM that Raja Ram was one ov the originators ov Goa trancE with his group the Infinity projEct . HE is also in thEE ambiEnt dub/ chill out group ShpongLE. On www.shpongle.com it says WE can not rulE out thE possibiLity that crEatures, who may wELL be supErior to us, arE intErEstEd in what is happEning on our Earth. These unidEntifiEd flying objEcts that appEar to display uniquE charactEristics, such as their spEEd, thEir rapid manouvEring and so on, must be studiEd in the intErEst of mankind.

It's 3 o'clock. What may wELL bE the most important aftErnoon in the history of this world. Humanity's first contact with an Extra tErrEstrial spEciEs.

WE'rE rEcEiving a transmission. WE'rE sEEing somE sort ov vapour. I don't know, gas or somEthing? Wait - something is happening !

Raja ram producEd a compalation caLLEd the mystEry ov the 13 crystal skulls all the tracks havE namEs likE the 1st rEvELation all the songs are namEd after 6 rEvELations with diffErnt parts and on RaprazEnts track snapshot they say do you think this is as good as it gEts it gEt bEttEr you think this is as high as it gEts it gEts rEdEr basicaly you sEE thE bEst is yEt to comE we rELEasE the drum whEn you sucumb you gEt numb LEt the intro run prEparE to snarE its more fun causE it just begun and this part is part onE . Raja Ram was in a band in the 60s called QuintEssEnce around that timE he wrotE a LEttEr to a psychic guru and ThEE guru camE to his door and told him his namE was Raja Ram that how hE got his namE you can rEad about this at http://www.mooncowhq.ch/Psychedelia.htm/Psychedelia_htm.htm. Raja Ram EntErEd a drop out community in ibiza in 1959 . In Ibiza 1959 he tryEd drugs for the 1st time . The Shaman in south amErica take a brew made from a vinE that containEs thE drug DMT , and they gEt songs that arE magick spELLs caLLEDd icaros from spacEships .If you gEt an icaro you bEcomE a rEal Shaman , I think Raja Ram might bE a rEal shaman hE talks about thEE ALIENs on his wEbsitE and in the song bluE aura(wiErd mEEting) by InfiniTy projEct he says hE mEt a rEal ALIEN .On thEE song thEE star shpongELEd bannEr he says im a Shaman magickan and on the song a nEw way to say hooray he sampLEs TErEncE McKenna talking about smoking dmt , on the oLdEr ShpongLE cd thErEs a song caLLEd DivinE MomEnts ov Truth or dmt , To rEad about the shaman in south amErica who cotact somE ov the same ALIENS that are taLkEd about on www.alloya.com go to http://www.deoxy.org/ayalien.htm and if you want to rEad about TErEncE McKEnna and his ExpErEncEs smoking DMT go to http://www.deoxy.org/mckenna.htm I think Rage might ov got the info about ALIENs from Tool .Some ov the mEmbErs ov ragE went to high school with mEmbErs ov the band Tool .ALso somE ov the mEmbErs ov Tool and RagE whErE aLL in thEE samE band in highschool and thEy did a song togEthErE whErE thats about a rEvolution . In the TooL cd aEnima in the covEr thEy taLk about Tim LEary ,the 8 ciruits and rituaL magick and at the End ov the nEw cd thErE is a sampLE ov somE guy who caLLEd up Art bELL and startEd frEaking out about somE ALIEN conspiracy .I ve rEad about how activation ov the 6th circuit will LEt you sEE into ALIEN dimEnsions and how activation ov the 8th circuit can LEad to ALIEN symbosis and havE had ExpErEncEs that provE this to bE truE , at the End ov the Tool song thEE grudgE Maynard talks about LEtting go ov a grudgE to trancEmutatE LEad to GoLd . ALchEmy is a Occult sciEnce thats rELatEd to changing LEad to Gold .ThErE is a channELEd mEssagE from the zEta at http://www.alloya.de/WE_ARE_HERE.htm. It says at the bottom of the webpagE.HErE is a LittLE gamE that wE have dEsignEd to gEt your attEntion. WE usE the digitaL cLock to show you synchronizEd timEs. If you arE sEEing groups ov numbErs such as 11.11, 12.12 10.01 Etc thEn this is a way that wE can communicatE with you. It says that numbEr 5 Is the numbEr ov alchEmy, it is the numbEr that transforms the physicaL EnErgies into spirituaL EnErgiEs. If you sEE the numbEr fivE, you are SEEing a sign of a procEss of transmutation of physical EnErgies. Turning LEad into gold. Turning the dEnsE physical body into a body of Light. It also says 11 Is the numbEr of the ZEta and the gatEway for nEw EnErgiEs and concEpts to EntEr your reality. So if you see ELEvEn it is a sign that you are opEning to nEw possibilitiEs. OftEn brought by the ZEta. It is a sign that thEy arE in your rEality. ThErE is a song about 11 on the TooL cd anEnima , On the tool box sEt thErEs a song caLLEd MErkaba . The mErkaba is a mEdatation that will turn your aura into a goLdEn ufo .On www.alloya.com they are fEw parts about thEE mErkaba. Info about the mErkaba can be found on this website http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/drunvalo-melchizedek.html and www. floweroflife.com .In the book LEary was givin thErE was picturEs ov goLdEn peopLE in thEE part about futurE evoLution. I think this has somEthing to do with the MErkaba . ALso Maynard from TooL sings in a band caLLEd A Perfect CircLE with a moon Logo that Looks kinda LikE the fuLL cycLE Logo(arE symboLs arE the samE wE wE aLL pLay thE gamE?) . RagE said awhilE ago bust the systEm your where born to raisE against thEm !!! Turn on TunE in Drop out ,this a Full cycLE affair. —Thomas Jefferson once said "Rebellion to tyrants
is obEdiEncE to God. See the ruLEs that where brEaking See the whole damn blow sEE the fuLL cycLE modE sEE the tError tError mission sEE the futurE fLEx postion sEE the pages arE turning and massEs are LEarning and the styLE thats dispLayEd thEE path that is Laid sEE thEE finaL rEsult a craft with no fauLt . The zEta will show you signs that it is timE for a rEvoLution gEt rEady !!!! Also its no coincidEncE that J z song thats sampLEing that Doors song 5 to one is gEtting aLot ov airpLay around this timE . ThEE originaL Doors song has thEE Lyrics tradE in your hours for a hand full ov dimEs whErE gonna makE it in arE primE the oLd gEtS oLd and the going gEts strongEr where gonna win yEh where taking ovEr CMON !!!!!!!! . Jim Morrison is taLking about Dropin out. . Psychic Rob BrEzsny madE this prEdiction A nEw brEEd of wELL-rEad, charismatic homElEss pEopLE will arise. ThEy'll sprEad undErstanding and LaughtEr through their communitiEs, and wiLL bE routinEly fEastEd in the homEs of gratEfuL AmEricans. Also IvE sEEn 2 trip rEports saying if you take 2 Es and a dry 8th ov Shrooms
PEaCE, LovE ,Unity,REspEct,REvoLution

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e l e m e n t al i t y
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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: imstoned420]
    #615178 - 04/22/02 12:47 AM (21 years, 10 months ago)

ahhh my eyes!!! random capitalizations burning eyes! can't see or read... must escape his stream of consciousness and capitalized E's... ahhhhhhmymindisglowing

Blas'?trid (bl?s tr?d)
    n.  3rd generation derivitave of a combination of 'bastard' and 'blasted'.  Used as both an insult or an expletive.
    ex.  Blastrid!

Stereopattern  <--My music.

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Eggshell Walker

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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: Blastrid]
    #615385 - 04/22/02 08:43 AM (21 years, 10 months ago)



The proof is in the pudding.

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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: Swami]
    #616033 - 04/23/02 03:29 AM (21 years, 10 months ago)

I think he's trying to discredit the Zulu nation.

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: imstoned420]
    #616299 - 04/23/02 11:19 AM (21 years, 10 months ago)

I find it interesting but it's hard to follow with those capital 'E's everywhere, the 'v's also , do you have anything against the letter 'f' ?


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: imstoned420]
    #616436 - 04/23/02 01:47 PM (21 years, 10 months ago)

man i can already tell you that this information will be so incredibly useful to us on this site if we can believe, I would like to thank you immensely for your contribution here. peace>

insanity with a plan, a plan to stop exercising truth as compared to breathing thin air, but to experience truth as all there is to experience, for what do i not already have that exsists? All i can do is enjoy the ride.

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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: imstoned420]
    #616481 - 04/23/02 02:49 PM (21 years, 10 months ago)

Thank you very much for that.

I'm praying for infinite lapdances in heaven and an infinite supply of cocaine to snort out of Angelina Jolie's ass crack.

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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: imstoned420]
    #616595 - 04/23/02 04:58 PM (21 years, 10 months ago)

You really like MDMA, don't you.

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altered statesman

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Re: zulu nation revelations (420sychronitys 23 11:11) [Re: imstoned420]
    #616606 - 04/23/02 05:11 PM (21 years, 10 months ago)

"A new breed of wELL-rEad, charismatic homeless peopLE will arise. They'll spread understanding and Laughter through their communitiEs, and wiLL be routinely feasted in the homes of gratefuL Americans."

I don't know what to say.
I just..boy that's something. I think we'll just leave it right there.

I AM what Willis was talkin' bout.

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