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Registered: 10/10/01
Posts: 584
recurring dreams
    #475032 - 11/30/01 04:05 PM (22 years, 6 days ago)

Ever notice how most people have a recurring dream?

One of my friends has a tornado dream every few months.

Another friend dreams about being in a basement with a wheelbarrow, trying to drag the thing upstairs while the devil is trying to get her. She always wakes right before he catches her. She used to dream it a lot when she was younger, but now she hardly dreams it anymore.

My recurring dream which I have dreamt every few years, is that my teeth fall out. It always happens differently. Like once, there was a little farmer man in a tractor demolishing my teeth. Another time I was at a restaurant with my family and my teeth just started to fall out of their sockets... I was trying to tell my mom and I couldn't cuz my mouth was stuffed full of loose teeth. Those are the only 2 teeth falling out dreams I remember but I know I've had more than that. I wonder what it means?

Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot. - Niel Gaiman

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Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 590
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #475093 - 11/30/01 05:09 PM (22 years, 6 days ago)

There was a thread a short while ago about exactly this.

I don't remember what falling-out teeth meant, but recurring dreams are usually trying to tell you about an issue you need to resolve. You'd want someone with more dream-interpreting skills than myself to tell you what they mean though.

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Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #475112 - 11/30/01 05:25 PM (22 years, 6 days ago)

While there are certainly exceptions, most recurring dreams are a result of your subconscious attempting unsuccesfully to get you to acknowledge a part of yourself or deal with your fears.
The dreams repeatedly present themselves, often times getting more and more intense until you have worked out that particular problem inside yourself. They continue coming back because one has repressed an emotion or experience, or are unable to deal with a certain part of themselves. This is your brain's way of forcing you to deal with it.

Dreaming of your teeth falling out is a fairly common one, so I hear. While the true meaning can only really be understood by you, there are some general topics you can look at in your life that reflect why this dream continues. I will suggest a couple things to get you thinking about it, an outside perspective can many times be a way to see things in a light that you had not considered before. But you must find the real truth within yourself.
To dream of teeth falling out could mean that you have neglected a part of yourself that is imperative to your well-being, it could also mean that you have been ignoring a certain aspect of yourself that reflects how you feel about yourself and get along with those around you. Now this is just my outside opinion, based on a few words given by you..so take from it what you want.

What I would suggest is to record your dreams. Keep a pad of paper and pen by the bed. If you wake up with a dream in your mind, jot it down. You don't have to go into great detail... put as much or as little as you want. It's a good idea to title the dream. Note some characteristics of the dream; the setting, the people, the general theme, the feelings you felt, and so on. Doing this will not only help you to remember your dreams in more detail, but you will also be able to derive more meaning from them. If you only write a little, you may go about your day and completely forget the dream...but when you return later and read it, it may all come back to you with some details you may have failed to mention and you can write more in the page.

Dreams are our (mind and soul's) way of interpreting our reality, planning our reality, and looking back at things we have done. If you are able to understand your dreams, you will be able to understand yourself that much better.
Try not to get stressed. Most recurring dreams are that way because you have yet to grasp the meaning behind them. Let it flow... do not try and force it, just give it a little thought, remember, and forget about it. The meaning will come when you are ready. They will keep returning in different forms until you understand, just let things take their natural course.
And always remember to have fun!

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Registered: 11/23/01
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #475198 - 11/30/01 06:48 PM (22 years, 6 days ago)

wow, ive never heard of anyone else with dreams of teeth falling out... Ive had numerous dreams, one about a week ago that i can remember, about my teeth being smashed out or falling out. This may seem like an odd nightmare, but the pain was intense, and often I would wake breathing fast and sweating. Maybe its from experiences at a dentist at a young age, or it could be symbolic like Shroomism suggested... maybe a mix of both. My dreams have been becoming more and more intense in the past week, although I can't remember specifically what takes place

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Registered: 10/10/01
Posts: 584
Re: recurring dreams [Re: ]
    #476453 - 12/01/01 08:01 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)

neglecting a part of myself that is imperative to my well being.... or ignoring an aspect of myself that reflects how I feel about myself and get along with those around me....

wow shroomism... both of these hit right on. From your other posts I knew you are a pretty wise individual and you continue to impress me. I've heard other theories on dreams of teeth falling out... never the ones you mentioned, but I think what you said has more relevance to my life than any of the other ones I've heard. Thanks.

Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot. - Niel Gaiman

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Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #476455 - 12/01/01 08:06 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)

You're welcome. Now go into your dreams and face your worst fears.

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Offlinethe universe
Harbinger ofEldritch Despair

Registered: 03/10/99
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: ]
    #476803 - 12/02/01 02:38 AM (22 years, 5 days ago)

I haven't had a recuring dream in a long time, but I have had certain things be in the different dreams repeatedly. Like I've drowned in SO many dreams. Usually in a car crash. Not allways though. The other day I was having a lucid dream and while doing a lot of fucked up shit to myself in the dream I drowned myself just because I wanted to control it this time or something. I've also had a couple dreams with this really long and rickety looking wooden bridge that's held together with ropes. In the first dream I had with it, it was just me and a few other people and we crossed it safely, although it was still scary. Last night I dreamt about it again but this time it was crowded with people and I did wan't to cross it. Then all the people started rocking it back and forth like idiots and the whole thing collapsed. Lucky I knew how unsafe it was from my other dream huh? Also that dream I was with this chick who I don't know in real life, but had dreamed about her the night before too. 2 dreams in a row with the same chick. No sex in these dreams (even though I tried) but we seem to have a really good relationship. I hope I dream about her tonight too. I don't know what my point was, sorry wasting your time. It seems most people's dreams are only interesting to themselves.

"If you had a million years to do it in, you couldn't rub out even half the 'Fuck you' signs in the world."- J. D. Salinger

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Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 41
Loc: Berkeley
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: the universe]
    #476872 - 12/02/01 05:01 AM (22 years, 5 days ago)

i cant even count the number of 30sec to 1min dreams ive had of me going over the boundary into a lake or off a cliff into the ocean, going in a body of water in my car is something im very familiar to, and its never even been close to happening in real life...and there's the classic falling down from somewhere to nowhere dream, fully controlling your derams is the coolest thing ever, and i used to have a lot of re-occuring nightmare/thriller type dream about being in the role of that game "Maniac Mansion", i was one of the kids in my dreams


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Registered: 10/28/99
Posts: 224
Re: recurring dreams [Re: Adamist]
    #477021 - 12/02/01 11:15 AM (22 years, 4 days ago)

Teeth in western culture are generally associated with requisite vanity, the terror of 'loosing' ones teeth in a dream is usually a purely cosmetic fear. Most often, people who have this dream usually have had lots of dental work or even braces in their lifetime - the physical act solidifying the cosmetic perfection of their teeth and the pain involved being a small sacrifice to the cultural ideal of 'beauty' and thusly a manifestation of ego. There are other variations on this dream - people who've undergone cosmetic surgery often report dreams dealing with the surgery 'melting' away. What the dream is trying to generally convey is the truth of you behind the vanity - that you are still you behind the teeth, behind the plastic surgery, and no matter how you obscure it with this sort elective mutiliation, it's not going to change who you are.


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it's a jungle inhere
Registered: 12/01/01
Posts: 517
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #477265 - 12/02/01 03:20 PM (22 years, 4 days ago)

when i was really really little, before i have any other memories, like age 3 or before, i used to have this terrrible recurring dream. it would bring me to tears.
i was in the area right near my moms old office, theres a couch and a little coffee table. this big ugly man would be pointing a finger at me and screaming but without words. he was yelling the most purely evil and terrible emotions at me. just screaming and yelling and pointing and id be screaming "im sorry im sorry". it would bring about this terrible feeling of dread, unlike any other emotion ive ever felt. i still feel that same indescribable dreadful feeling occasionally. it seems that music tends to provoke it most often.
i still haven't figured it out...i hope i do someday...

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Registered: 08/04/01
Posts: 6,135
Loc: heart cave
Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #477271 - 12/02/01 03:25 PM (22 years, 4 days ago)

When I was about 5 I used to have the same reccuring dream maybe twice a week for a year or so. I can't remember the details..basically for some reason or other I was in a castle, trapped in a room with a male witch and a female witch (that was how I put it)..the precise storyline changed every time. At first the dream was terrifying...then over time it got less and less frightening until I didn't mind it at all. It even got kind of fun as I could control it to a certain extent. The very last time I had this dream it finished with my parents coming to the castle and picking me up, and driving away. So I guess I faced my fear..and the dream went away.

Oh and the teeth thing is pretty common, i've had that one a couple of times.


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Registered: 05/14/01
Posts: 596
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: Revelation]
    #477543 - 12/02/01 07:33 PM (22 years, 4 days ago)

Well I'm not sure about recurring dreams, but while we're on the topic of dreams.....When I was in 4th grade(around that age) for several months to a year I would have terrible nightmares nightly that would often wake me up. This one time I woke up really scared and was drawn to my parents' room and over their two bodies on their bed was a giant pulsing heart. Actually my parents were more likely inside the heart then under it. I was fucking terrified.
I kinda came to think my self was fighting something over that long period of time and I beat it, suppressed it and it is still eating away....or what....

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Re: recurring dreams [Re: KeepAskingTime]
    #477822 - 12/02/01 11:19 PM (22 years, 4 days ago)

Let it go

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Registered: 04/13/01
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: Ishmael]
    #477983 - 12/03/01 04:23 AM (22 years, 4 days ago)

ok an idea i've had about these recurring dreams is that perhaps they are dreams of instinctual fears. for example being chased by something and unable to run away because your body is too heavy...i would bet anything that dogs and any animal that has (or who's ancestors have) been hunted or chased by predators....also losing teeth is a terrible terrible thing for most animals, since they never come back. complete loss of all teeth is usually followed very closely by death.

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Registered: 05/08/01
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: mariasabina]
    #478636 - 12/03/01 07:08 PM (22 years, 3 days ago)

i had a recurring dream for a few years before my grandfather died in 1991, i'm now 19 and haven't dreamed it since.  it was simply me and my grandfather walking down a street lined with highrise buildings and there was a rocket pad with a rocket that when it took off i knew it would be the end of the world... the rocket never took off.  i have not experienced recurring dreams as of late however.  but i am able to control my actions for the most part in my dreams, that is very cool :smile:


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geo's henchman
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Re: recurring dreams [Re: geokills]
    #480320 - 12/05/01 02:19 AM (22 years, 2 days ago)

I dont have reaccuring dreams that i can remember. Not often anyways..maybe once ones repeated.. Now i bringhte truth. II have, however they have been only shapes and patterns. Not just shapes, bt a whole 3d world full. What i just said does not describe it, neither does what im saying now. You know how it is, the whole see in a trip, see in a dream, you know what it is in your brain, but its imporrile to see in a 3d world, even picture with your eyes closed in a 3d world. Yeah well that one keeps reaccuring. Not often. Alot when i was a kid but i get it every so often with alot of comfort.

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