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Registered: 08/10/02
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Bilge]
    #1032174 - 11/07/02 11:06 AM (20 years, 10 months ago)

In reply to:

I had something of the same experience with my "big" Salvia trip. Except mine was a male presence, and He played a very large part in the experience. He was the one "showing" me what I was seeing. I could feel Him just above and behind my right shoulder for the entire experience. It's a strange feeling, eh? Knowing that someone or something is watching you but you can't see who or what it is?

wow. i have had the exact same thing, but above my left shoulder. i felt strangely comforted by him and i enjoyed it immensely.
i have also 'swapped bodies' on salvia, after three huge bong hits i sat up and went into a trance. i dont remember much apart from being someone called chris. apparently, i stood up and tried to open doors, of which i have no memory.

i had a great open eye hallucination in which the leaves of a plant twisted round completely infront of me.

salvia is not something i'd do even remotely regularly, but i am looking to try again in january or sometime.


The poison is the dose - Paracelsus
Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food - Hippocrates

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Reality Hacker

Registered: 07/28/02
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: mikey_]
    #1033152 - 11/07/02 03:44 PM (20 years, 10 months ago)

In reply to:

it isn't just that things are different, it's that things no longer exist. you go into an entirely different existence. i had no memory of any previous existence so i was "really there".

I had the same thing happen to me. Every concept of everything was gone and I started all over again as if my 'hard drive' had been erased. I became the size of a speck traveling on a treadmill of giant colorful cells. Fuckin wierd shit.

What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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fungus fanatic
Registered: 03/18/03
Posts: 72
Loc: Uk
Last seen: 20 years, 26 days
Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Bilge]
    #1387717 - 03/18/03 09:17 AM (20 years, 6 months ago)

wow, i have never tried salvia, and the majority of these reports sound against it, but me and a couple of mates have just ordered an ounce of dry leaves....obviously the extract is going to be a lot more intense, but will the leaf have a similar effect?

"tonight is the definition of the discovery of actual situations and realities that continue to go on, no matter who sees them. Everybody is blind, but i now see" ---first trip documentation...hehe :laugh:

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Registered: 10/11/02
Posts: 7,571
Loc: Hyperspace
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: LiBerAtedCapSter]
    #1387871 - 03/18/03 10:06 AM (20 years, 6 months ago)

the leaf will have a profoundly LESSER effect, but certainly still be cautious :wink:

Insert an "I think" mentally in front of eveything I say that seems sketchy, because I certainly don't KNOW much. Also; feel free to yell at me.
In addition: SHPONGLE

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Underpants Gnome

Registered: 02/03/03
Posts: 1,655
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Bilge]
    #1389077 - 03/18/03 05:26 PM (20 years, 6 months ago)

Yeah I'll never do Salvia again. . . I remember smoking some 10x with a friend . . . I can't even find words to describe the experience, but i'll try. It was like I slipped into this 4th demension for 15 minutes. Felt like I was a fish looking into our world from underwater, or rather like our reality is a like a fish tank and it's open for the spirit world to look in. I had this instense feeling like someone I didn't know was with me. It was a girl. . . I could never see her directly but she was always in my peripheral range of vision. I felt like she was pulling me some where and although she never said anything I felt like she just wanted me to calm down and relax. I didn't recogninze a single thing around me and I was in my own house. . . my friend appeared to be nothing more then a blurry shadow over in the corner. He said he was trying to talk to me but I really don't remeber him saying anything to me. The visuals were extremely intense, nothing I ever experience with shrooms or lsd. One second I would be in the middle of a lush green forrest with trees towering over me, then next second all the tree melted away and I was in the middle of what I thought was a busy airport. People were walking really fast past me in both directions and although I coould feel the breeze as the walked past me, if I looked directly at them, they vanished. My emotions were changing just as fast as the people were walking past me. I was euphoric, then parinoid, then terrified, then happy, then terrified, then calm, then terrified, then euphoric again. My emotions were literally changing as fast as you could read that last sentence. Next thing I knew I came to and I was in my hallway that was upstairs (I started in my down stairs bedroom) I was really weak and heavy and I just laid down on the floor. I shut my eyes and tried to mentally gather myself. I just remember the extremely intense CEV I had for like 2 minutes. Like ripples on a calm pond. Felt like I was there and I could touch them! It was actually fantastic! Then just as suddenly as everything started it ended. I went back down stairs to my bedroom to find my friend totally out of it and rolling around on the ground. Turns out he didn't want to wait for me to come down and he smoke the rest of the 10x when I was already 1/2 way into my trip. I ended up yelling at him for that cause I could very easily just walked out the out the front door and into a busy intersection. You really should have a sitter if you are doing salvia. I don't care how in control of yourself you think you can be, chances are you're going to get up and wonder around and not even know you did. I really don't think you can compare salvia to lsd or shrooms. You can get really wonderfull visuals form both, but I never had such intense visuals where I was seeing stuff that was never there. Even with 10g shrooms, I still had a vague idea of what was going on, I mean I knew I took shrooms and I knew I was hallucenating because of the shrooms. with salvia, I didn't have that luxury.


Phase 1... collect underpants... phase 2...??? ... Phase 3 - PROFIT!

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Percussion isFree
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Registered: 03/18/03
Posts: 3,994
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: djd586]
    #1389241 - 03/18/03 06:35 PM (20 years, 6 months ago)

i've tried salvia once, but it didn't do much. I took a big hit of 10x off a pipe, the layed down and laughed, got some cool gravity effects, and my mouth felt tingly, poppy, sluggish, and electric. Hard to explain but if you've done salvia you may understand. I took quite a few more hits trying to break through, but I think you have to get there on the first hit, or else your tolerance won't allow you to go any further. I had some cool CEV's though, I had all these images of the christian heaven and hell. i'd see a bunch of angels and benevolent images, and then they'd all turn into pentagrams, I could still see the shadows of the angels, but they were composed of razor sharp pentagrams. Wow. But that was nothing compared to my friend's experience the next day. He used a bong and a torch lighter, and took one fat rip, and held it in. He handed me the bong and indicated that I should cover the top so he could clear it, but before he could grab the bong back, he was off in another world. His eyes remained open, his mouth started to leak saliva all over the goddamn place, and his exression was one of pure terror/confusion. I couldn't imagine him looking like that, i've never seen anything like it. He swayed a little bit and thrashed his arms around, and uttered nonsense. About three minutes into it, his eyes began to focus on the room around him, as if he was able to perceive his location. He begged me and the other person in the room to "come with him." He said something like "get on, get on!" A little while later, he asked me to help him. I told him he'd smoked salvia, and that his trip was almost over, and that he was back in his dorm room. I told him it'd been about 4 minutes. He said "4 minutes?! you don't understand. I lived another life."

namaste said:
no flamz in da ODD, if you got nothing to contribute then keep yo lips zipped

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Registered: 03/13/03
Posts: 10
Loc: PNW
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Noviseer]
    #1389404 - 03/18/03 07:51 PM (20 years, 6 months ago)

i think i may be imune to salvia, or i just have a higher tolerance for the stuff. i got a gram of 15x a while ago and i put a little pinch in pipe and got 2 medium sized hits and i got this strange pulling feeling then i started to laugh my ass off reptivly saying "WHAT THE FUCK?" and it wore off with me feeling a bit disoriented for a few minutes and my friend took 2 hits and he broke through. we were sitting around a fire out in the woods and he said that he was all of a sudden in a football stadium and somthing was telling him his mom "wasnt aloud to go"? i dont know but i have been trying to break through with no prevail. a few times i would take a hit and my skin became very irritated and i had to take my clothes off. i am going to try smoking more with a bong and see what happens this weekend though

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Percussion isFree
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Registered: 03/18/03
Posts: 3,994
Last seen: 8 years, 9 months
Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Dull_Machete]
    #1389409 - 03/18/03 07:53 PM (20 years, 6 months ago)

Use a bong, use a butane lighter, hold the flame over the salvia for the entire rip, breath out before you take it, fill your lungs as much as you possibly can, draw the smoke deep, and hold it in for 20-30 seconds. You will break through.

namaste said:
no flamz in da ODD, if you got nothing to contribute then keep yo lips zipped

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Up, then down, then...
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Folding@home Statistics
Registered: 01/06/03
Posts: 4,777
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: croftsk]
    #1389830 - 03/19/03 01:49 AM (20 years, 6 months ago)


What is difficult about the whole thing is that the coming up happens in a matter of seconds and you reach a place you were hardly prepared to be in before you can reach the couch. 

I have to ask, why were you standing in the first place? Why don't you just sit on the couch and then use it? Or even better, lie in your own bed. I've had one of the greatest experiences there.


i experienced entities, on one bowl of 10x, i also couldnt tell if my eyes were open or closed

I also can't recall when or if my eyes were open or closed :smile:


Use a bong, use a butane lighter, hold the flame over the salvia for the entire rip, breath out before you take it, fill your lungs as much as you possibly can, draw the smoke deep, and hold it in for 20-30 seconds.  You will break through. 

Good advice. I would like to add: A dark room really helps. No light or only candlelight. I find people can be very distracting, so only have one sitter whom you trust. I usually let the sitter take the bong from my hands after toking, because by then I'm usually gone.

I've had some great experiences on Salvia. No bad experiences yet. Positive and negative feelings don't exist anymore when I usually use Salvia.
My first time I didn't use enough, I felt a slight stuff and I felt there was more if I used more.
The second time was way better. The whole room warped into a colorful crosshatched textured tunnel though which I flew on the beat of the music.
Also one time; light, sound, space and time all became axis of a new dimension. I also recall audio hallucinations.
In my last trip I became part of my bed and room which was a really strange sensation.

It's actually pretty futile to try and explain a Salvia experience. I can hardly explain them to myself. But when I use Salvia again I can usually recall the feelings of previous experiences. 

Salvia can get you to even weirder states. Here is a trip report of Daniel Siebert, he unknowingly consumed 2,6mg of almost pure Salvorin A (you only need 0,5mg to trip). Very weird:


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Registered: 08/16/01
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: djd586]
    #1397500 - 03/21/03 05:52 AM (20 years, 6 months ago)

best trip report i've read in a long time. i haven't tried salvia yet and i'm not going to rush things, but trip reports like this one keep me interested..

you said you'll never do salvia again. does that mean you're sorry you tried it in the first place? or was the experience just too intense?

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I want to be a fisherman
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Registered: 09/29/03
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Jeroen198]
    #2295981 - 02/02/04 11:39 PM (19 years, 7 months ago)

iv been doin a little bit of diggin throught the old shit and when i saw this i knew i had to check it out
so u diddnt like sally ripp
too bad i love her
i love it when people report female presenses cus with all my experiances with it i have had feminin entite inconters
u havent had any oev's ripp
pardon my pun but thats a ripp off
not even on n2o+mush and or lsd
o well to each his own and as a wise man once said "shine on" :laugh:


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Registered: 02/28/02
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: trendal]
    #2297078 - 02/03/04 11:02 AM (19 years, 7 months ago)

I could feel Him just above and behind my right shoulder for the entire experience. It's a strange feeling, eh? Knowing that someone or something is watching you but you can't see who or what it is?

I had a very similar experience where I knew there was a male and female standing just out of my eyesight behind me, and they were telling me I needed to smoke more salvia very quickly if I wanted to go where they are going. It's like I knew they were there but it didn't occur to me to turn around and see what they looked like.

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A Human, Being

Registered: 01/05/04
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Ripple]
    #2299213 - 02/03/04 11:25 PM (19 years, 7 months ago)

This is something I wrote the day of my first trip with salvia. One of the seldom times I've tried the drug, but by far the most intense.

Salvia is unlike anything I?ve ever experienced, and I was completely unprepared for the world that it launched me into. After the first hit, which I admit was too large for my first time trying a new drug, there was a brief period that I don?t remember, which was the head rush. The bits and pieces I remember from the head rush consisted of what could only be described as waves of something so absurd/frightening/hilarious that I couldn?t help but burst out laughing after the 3rd or 4th wave hit. After that passed, I felt as if I couldn?t or didn?t want to tell Travers about what has happened, and was quite uncomfortable; I felt as if I would be betraying someone or something (the people looking after me while tripping) if I told. When I got up to put the bong down on the table I was VERY encumbered, like the gravity had suddenly increased 3 fold, but only on my head and arms. As I looked around the room it was bending around in a sort of oval shape fitting with the feel of the music (Download); yet I couldn?t describe it as a visual hallucination. I felt was if I was on a train of energy or something was rushing past me (VERY loosed translated from what I actually felt). I also had the distinct feeling that the only thing that was real, or that existed was my immediate surroundings, and everything in the rooms adjacent to my living room? well they didn?t not exist, but they didn?t exist either. This feeling persisted for what seemed like a very short time, in which I went into the kitchen to assure myself that there really was something there. This brought me partly back to the real world, when my mom came home. We had dinner but I didn?t feel like eating right away. It was such an intense experience? I was just completely unprepared for what it had in store. I want to do it again though; Travers is coming over tomorrow, and I intend to reach past the level I reached tonight.

I was 17 at the time and am 18 now... but it seems like I've grown a lot... at least with the stronger psychoactive drugs. But I don't know if I really like it, it just kinda messes with my mind, not in a neceassarily good way... like shroomies :mushroom2:

Will all the big boomers please unveil, please unveil, please unveil.

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My Own God

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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Hrethic]
    #2301172 - 02/04/04 02:22 PM (19 years, 7 months ago)

The last time I did salvia was with plain leaf. I used a bong and a normal lighter (bic style). I laid outside in my back yard on a sleeping bag. My sitter prepared 4 bowls by crushing up the dry leaf very fine.

First I filled the bong with salvia smoke, then I breathed out to the max and ripped as big as I could. Counted to 30, another rip without a break.

Something familiar is changing, but I am still here so I'll take another rip. This time during my countdown I was pretty sure I was losing it so I decided to lay down. BUt there was a bong in my hand, I had to set it down safely. Oh, here is a hook, I'll hook it up and then it will be safe. The hook was actually my sitters hand, he was holding it, confused because I was twirling it around. (He should have held it tight, IMHO, so that I would have lost concern for it, but live and learn)

Eventually I gave up and just dropped it, which was fine in reality because my sitter had control of it the whole time. I was already emerging from the salvia pool (as I call it, C.S. Lewis's the Magicians Nephew style) into the other place. I remember feeling the universe as a notepad or book, where the pages were being flipped and I eventually found one to inhabit.

I was on the set of a movie production, laying down between some plywood and strange costumes. I arose to the sounds of stage hands preping the set for the next shot. There was a director behind a large camera facing away from me, invisioning a scene.

The pages flipped again. I was somewhere alien, thought and reason had no meaning. Physics and time were not even a memory.

My time was ending. I returned, partially, to reality and realized I had been influenced by what I had just smoked. The thought that I could experience alternate realities made me burst into laughter. I rolled over and over laughing histerically.

A light stoned feeling lasted about half an hour, allowing me to absorb the experience.

I love lady salvia.


We have to answer our own prayers

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Registered: 02/02/04
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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: ]
    #2306120 - 02/05/04 05:14 PM (19 years, 7 months ago)

>>>>Haven't tried DMT yet; what's that like?

It's like no other. Esp at high doses. I did my highest dose ever today. I was unconcious for about five minutes . when i woke up I never knew I was passed out. I didnt find this out until i looked at my playlist and saw a song I never heard in there. When I tried to wlak everything had HUGE trails and double Vision. I saw the devil in my face when I passed a mirror.

It feels like a intense orgasm mixed with death. Like my brain got into a rocket and watched my body as it flew into orbit. People use the word "intense" alot in reference to DMT for good reason. It's like 30 hits of lsd all peaking in less than 20 seconds.

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Re: My Salva Trip [Re: Cauth]
    #4383164 - 07/08/05 08:31 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

rehab is for quiters..



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