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I'll eat YOU!

Registered: 05/14/02
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What Was Your WORST Trip?
    #635497 - 05/18/02 01:45 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)


What trip was your worst? What strain was it? How much did you take?

Fd3000 is really a brown dancing monster. He uses the info he gets from his crazy dreams to help those in need. Too bad he doesn't really exist...

"I could walk up to the president and blow smoke in his stupid monkey face and all he could do is stand there grooving on it" - Homer Simpson

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Registered: 02/01/02
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #635909 - 05/18/02 10:50 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

hm, my worst trip...
guess a few days ago: 7 grams P. Cubensis and ephedra....
I knew that's a bad combination but I forgot I took some ephedra earlier that day. Really a trip full of contradictions: both a level 4 and something like a level 2 trip, not something in between. Just the negative sides from both trip levels: hardly any visuals or spiritual insights, I wasn't even past my creativity barrier. Just fucked up, kinda like drunk. And on top of that an uncle called me and I was so stupid to answer the phone. Kinda fucked up talking to relatives when you can barely remember your own name :/

and the hangover was terrible...
next day I could barely move around because of the headache

but besides that no real bad trips till so far.
I've always been able to a hold of myself

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Registered: 05/12/02
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Loc: Humboldt, California
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #638460 - 05/20/02 09:02 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

My First and only real trip was the worst. I ate around 6-7 shrooms, it was roughly a quarter. I had the most nightmarist of trips. My trip was that I was dying. The general feeling was the most alone you can ever imagine. Plus I went through actual extreme physical pain which felt like every inch of my skin was getting torn off. I kinda thought I was dead for a while after this, straight Gratefull Dead status. The whole thing really sucked, and my visuals where out-of-body experiences in black and white.

On this note, I did this April 10th, 2000 and I'm going shrooming for a second time this weekend, wish me some luck

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Registered: 04/27/01
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #638634 - 05/21/02 02:58 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

I have never really had a bad trip, but I have had some that were difficult to handle. Probably the most intense of these was done by accident. I wanted to get a good level 4 trip going which I had been unable to hit. About 3g dry will take me to a good strong level 3 trip, but at this time I had only eaten fresh fruit and only had dry fruit to work with. Thinking that fresh was about twice as potent as dry, I doubled the dry amount from 3g to 6g and added one or two more grams for good measure (I weight about 115lbs). This was blended into luke warm tea using a blender and consumed at once with a chaser of water. I started to walk out of the kitchen and felt like I was peaking before I got to the sofa. I realized I took too much and started to head for my safe place (the bedroom). By the time I got to the hallway I couldn't walk and ended up crawling the rest of the way. By the time I made it to the bedroom, I thought that perhaps the bathroom floor would be a better place (upset tummy) and continued on. The rest of the night is pretty fuzzy. I remember feeling like a shattered mirror and spending a lot of time reminding myself that it was only a drug and that it would be over "soon". It was interesting and the visuals were out of this world, but it was also very intense and not something I would call fun.

Just another spore in the wind.

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Registered: 05/12/02
Posts: 37
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Seuss]
    #639062 - 05/21/02 09:49 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Well to keep a long story short...i ate about 4 - 5 grams dry of p. cubensis..my trip sitter left me..and cops ended up finding me face down in the middle of a driveway rambling on and on...i remeber i thought that bin laden was bombing us and everywhere i looked was mass destruction..and i could here my mothers voice repeating "why Matthew why". and when i finally came to i was in a jail cell no pants and 1 sock ( i pissed myself). But i got off on all charges in court because i have a few freinds in high places

"There's Someone In My Head But It's Not Me." Pink Floyd....1973

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Registered: 02/11/02
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Simple]
    #639161 - 05/21/02 11:04 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

My worst wasnt all that bad, I ate 2 grams of copelandia cyanescens and smoked alot of pot and was just tripping to hard to go outside and walk around, and the smoking clouded my trip so it just made me super confused instead of bringing on deep thinking. So basicly, a waste of some good shrooms.

"Ben Harper is so Ben Harper that he made Ben Harper, Ben Harper" -Bonnaroo 2003

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Beats so hard itrequiresprotection
Registered: 04/06/02
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: livetoride007]
    #639690 - 05/21/02 07:49 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

My very worst trip was on 4 hits of white blotter acid that I had gotten for free because I let these kids chill at my house for a half hour (sweet deal). I dosed immedietly and tried to keep my bitch at the time from knowing, big mistake. We walked to the store after the kids left and I was starting to feel it come on. I was in a great mood and everything was going great until we came back home and smoked a cig outside. A old friend that i haven't sen in ages pulls up to my apartment building and offers to smoke some dank bud with me. I let him in and we proceded to smoke. He left and I was really trippin sack, my bitch decides she has had enough of me trying to have a good time so she goes to bed. I clean up in the living room real quick and go into my room to see what the fuck her problem is (she has no idea im tripping). I turn on the light and sit in my recliner, She has the fan on occilate (sp?) and that bugs me, so I put it still and she starts bitching at me because I woke her up and the fan is still. I try to tell her to shut up but I said someting like: I only want to keep the fan still! Then the worst thing she could have done at the moment was try to touch me, she did. I told her: Don't touch! in a stern voice over and over again. Then, she starts crying telling me that she doesn't like me talking to my guy friends because I don't pay attention to her. Then she accuses me of being gay, this blew me away and for a moment I actually thought I was gay. Then, I got a hold of myself and figured out I was straight. All of a sudden, she stars crying again saying that she thinks she is pregnant. This is the absolute last thing I want tohear right now!!! I reassure her that everythignis ok and we will be fine. Then, a watch in my room starts beeping and I Feak out and tear my room apart looking for it. I find it and start stomping on it with my bare feet and the beeping finally stops. I figure its a good idea to take a shower to help calm me down, I strip and turn the shower on and get in ALONE. I didn't want her in there for obvious reasons. All of a sudden hernaked body jumps in the shower with me and I start to scream and shit. she totoally freaks out and gets out of the shower and goes into my room. Im standing in the shower with scalding hot water coming down on me and im afraid to go outside the bathroom (Ifelt safe in the bathroom for some reason). I get myself together for a moment and turn the shower off, get dressed and gater the courage to go back in my room. I lay down and realize im starting to come down a bit and I saw the most amazing visuals ever!! I was gazing into my celing and I saw colorful sand swirling around and I was telling my bitch: look at the sand!! look at the sand!!, needless to say she saw no sand and passed out, I continued to look at the sand patterns until I passed out. I Learned one valuble lesson that night. If I am going to be tripping and girls are going to be around, they gots to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep my posts like a bikini bottom, long enough to cover the subject... short enough to keep it interesting.

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It's the psychedelic movement!
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #640081 - 05/22/02 06:32 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

See "My Bad Trip" in this forum.


Mp3 of the month:  The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 - I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)

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Registered: 01/20/02
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Loc: The Big South
Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #640130 - 05/22/02 07:14 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Bad trips? Are those possible?

The worst trip I've ever had was when I tried shrooms and realized I was allergic to them.


I've had some REALLY REALLY intense shit happen, but nothing that I thought was BAD, just DIFFERENT. Kinda freaky. Now that I think about it, the last time I rolled, it was so intense that I haven't been able to do it again just yet. That's been about a month ago.

joe666----if you read this, let's roll this weekend!!! :-)


Fuck this......let's go smoke a bowl.

"Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed."  --Freewheelin' Franklin

"Life is not all....flowers and sausages!"

I <heart> Joe!

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Registered: 05/20/02
Posts: 312
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: 420Girl]
    #640964 - 05/22/02 07:27 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

I was freaking out once off of this acid called "UFO". It was black and i only had 2 hits. Didnt think i was gonna get that fucked up. If it werent for my friend to help calm me down. I woulda been running threw the woods naked trying to kill things.

There is a Fungus amoung us.

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Registered: 04/04/02
Posts: 760
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: DaMigraine]
    #641742 - 05/23/02 11:08 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

DaMigraine: That was such a horriable description of a trip, but I laughed the whole time. I couldnt imageine how uncomfortable this was, but it is halarious to read.

My worst wasnt really that bad. It was a low dose, just to test out some mushrooms I just bought... probably just a gram or a gram and a half.
It was getting late and I was getting tired, but couldnt sleep. I had the good idea to smoke some weed - I KNEW that it would make me worse for a little while, but then I'd get tired as I usually do after smoknig. Well... long story short, it made me very anxious, time went so slow, I started getting so freekin paranoid, I heard voices and thought my cd player was playing when it wasnt. It was horrible. I'm sure not as bad as a bad trip. Although, I think that the weed I smoked may have been laced. I smoked some sober and I think that it may have been laced with some PCP - it was afterall purchased in the city.

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Registered: 05/21/02
Posts: 23
Loc: North Hollywood, CA
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #641824 - 05/23/02 12:03 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Worst trip happened on 3.5 grams of dried cubies...

It was goin along fine for a while, at my friend's pad and I was really trippin out... This trip showed me never to drive on shrooms, because I was to playing the PS2 game gran turismo 3, but every 5 seconds I would start thinking about something else and forget I was playing. I would look back at the screen and i'd be crashed full speed into walls and stupid stuff... pretty funny

Ok, but now to the bad part of the bad trip...

This girl calls us while we are tripping, and she is tripping too (the original plan was for us all to trip together, but she had to go to a friends house. she ended up tripping there instead) She is talking to my friend for a long time, and i ask to talk to her. I guess she was trying really hard to explain something to my friend, cuz when I got the phone, she yells ahhh i almost figured out how to explain it, what the f#%@ are you doing?! and she just like starts bombing on me... Thus starting the downward spiral of my trip.

I just kinda drop the phone and go in the other room... all I can think about is why does katie hate me? and then I started thinking.. "Hey, was I just breathing right now? or did I forget to?" that flipped me out bad. I was like "Ok, now I gotta remember to breathe or ima die" and i felt really bad cuz ever 5 seconds i would start thinkin about something else, and then i would snap out of it and think "omg i stopped breathing again didnt i?!"

yea, that was a real bad trip...

You need people like me,
So you can point your F$%#ing finger,
And say that's the bad guy.

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Invisiblesir tripsalot

Registered: 07/09/99
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Stems]
    #641954 - 05/23/02 01:55 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Ya ya think of old hippies saying "man your ruining my groove" but really some people are totally stupid when it comes to dealing with people on drugs. They send out bad vibes and you dont really realize it until your in a sensitive situation like a trip.
I remember one time when me and a group of friends were dosing they did it an hour before me and came up to me before I injested telling me how they were" fucking tripping out" I reassured them and overheard them saying afterwards how I was a good person to talk to. I took this as a huge compliment. Sorry to go off track a bit.


"Little racoons and old possums 'n' stuff all live up in here. They've got to have a little place to sit." Bob Ross.

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Beats so hard itrequiresprotection
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: TeKHeAD009]
    #642588 - 05/24/02 12:12 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Yeah, it is pretty funny when I tell people about it. I betcha if I would have told that stupid ass bitch that I was tripping instead of trying to play it cool (key word: TRYING), it would have been 10X worse. Contrary to what I said at the end of the post, Im gonna try tripping around girls tonight. Im gonna dose with this beautiful girl whom I met about a month ago, damn is she fine!!!

I keep my posts like a bikini bottom, long enough to cover the subject... short enough to keep it interesting.

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Registered: 05/25/02
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Fd3000]
    #645309 - 05/25/02 08:58 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

i had eaten too many and i was walking home, really fast trying to get into my bed, as the street was streaking with purple tones, and i was having a hard time walking alright. i was in the residential area where my apt. is. I got sick and threw up all over the sidewalk, and then as I was getting towards my house a big dog (for real) started barking at me and running towards me. i totally zeeked and started to try to run, and I couldn't believe it when i felt an intense throbbing pain in my leg where the huge dog had bitten into me (i dont know anything about dogs, and i ve always been afraid of them - this was my worst nightmare). it was the most frightening thing i've experienced in a long while, and i was f****n freaked out once i started to worrying about the dog having rabies. my trip got even worse, as i was afraid of getting rabies but more afraid of actually having to interact with other humans (highly complex and potentially dangerous organisms, especially for one in my state at the time). I waited it out, and finally the trip gradually started relaxing and i had cleaned the large wound. I went in the next day and found i did not have rabies, so everything turned out okay.

real lived experience is the most valuable thing - all of it is, too.
(although my name implies I am an abstract mathematical construct, I am actually a real guy, emodying many essences of "dudeness")

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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: average_dude]
    #649604 - 05/28/02 11:30 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

my worst trip was one time tripping on 7 hits of acid. now this was only the thid time i had ever tripped, and i had no clue as to anything to do with acid, except that the first two times i did it music sounded awesome and i felt odd and things looked cool. now one day my neighbor who had hooked me up with the cid wanted to trip. i had the next day off so i said sure, why not. he promptly ate 5 hits, his friend ate 5 hits, and then he dropped 7 hits onmy tongue from a vial, and told me to get ready to trip my balls off. so we're just chilling at my neighbors house waiting for it to kick in, and i realize that after only30 minutes, i am tripping almost as hard as i've ever been. and i think great. so by and by we listen to a zappa album and smoke some bowls, and i am tripping unbelievably hard, so that i don't really know whats going on. then, my neighbor gets up and puts in a new cd. he puts in a cradle of filth cd. now, i was and am a christian who went to church every sunday with his parents. and i did not even know music like this existed. it was the most evil sounding thing i have ever heard. i thought anyone who could enjoy this type of thing must be evil. so as this cd is blaring, i start tripping horribly bad. i am convinced that these guys are devils, or at least very evil humans, and i feel the only way to survive is to pretend that i am enjoying this. because if they "find me out" (that im christian), i didn't want to imagine what devils to do christians. but i was really scared for my life basically. every word they said i heard as something horribly said about me. every one of my fears, concerns, worries seemed to be known to these two guys and they were just laughing at me because i was just a puny weak christian and they were the overly strong minions of the devil. this went on for the entire peak of my trip, when mercifully the cd ended, after what seemed like forever. a few hours later, i then made up some excuse to get me out of his house and walk next door to my home. i've told only one person about this trip, and it still has had an effect on my life, even though it was about 1 year ago, and i consider myself over the experience. what i didn't understand before this trip was how your enviroment can massively alter your mindset and trip. i am now a very educated person when it comes to drugs, and learn everything i can , expecially from these boards.
sorry about the length of this, didn't realize i
had so much to say

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Post deleted by Anno [Re: Fd3000]
    #649655 - 05/28/02 12:06 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: ]
    #649664 - 05/28/02 12:13 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Luckily for me, out of my 3 trips, they have all been GRREEAAT!!! I am just gonna try to make sure I have the perfect setting and never take it unless I have planned shit out, that way I don't have to worry as much about shit going wrong, AND have the right people around me to help me out if shit goes bad.

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Registered: 05/29/02
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: TrAnCyNuGz]
    #650690 - 05/29/02 06:08 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

hmm.first of all my first post
well on to the subject, my first and hopefully only bad trip, i was at my house and i had taken 1 1/2 triple stack aligator XTC pills and i was sitting in my room and all fo the sunned i started to feel like my skin was being ripped off SLOWLY and i started to cry and the room started to spin and i couldn't control my actions and i just started flipping out running around shit was chaseing me like purple smurfs and i think it wasn't X that i took b/c X doesn't make u see things like i saw things, anyone know what i took?

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Registered: 05/29/02
Posts: 43
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Re: What Was Your WORST Trip? [Re: Pop_Tart]
    #650794 - 05/29/02 07:23 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

pop_tart: might be ketamine


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