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Eggshell Walker

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Strange Personal Tales
    #545235 - 02/08/02 07:41 PM (22 years, 18 days ago)

Let's have some real fun!

I would like to set a rule for this particular thread only. Let's make this one just for posting stories. No comments or discussion. Of course I can't stop anyone, but this is a polite request to keep it unpolluted. Discussion could be carried on in another thread.

While tripping recently, the mushroom told me to collect a series of non-drug related stories that hint of the paranormal (as karma for my skeptical nature *winks*). Basically, these should be tales of when something very strange happened to you personally (no second-hand stories) and you knew for a moment that the normal rules of the universe were suspended.

A poll will be taken to select the best stories. Then I will gather these stories and work with the authors to edit them; to get more detail, develop the story further and make them more readable. With the shroomery's permission, I will get them published with fair shares to all involved.

Not trying to crimp anyone's style, but the stories should be written free form as a stream of consciousness as you remember the event. This will give the book some sense of continuity from story to story if written in a somewhat similar style. Please minimize exaggeration. The stories should stand on their own merit.

Be sure to give your story a name.

Later, we can start another thread to vote on best title.

I will start...

St. Vitus Dance

When I was a small boy I had many terrible dreams and some frightening nightmares, but by the time I was thirteen, this phase had passed many years before. On one particular night, I fell asleep and had a most unusual dream, a dream where I was not myself, but someone entirely different. This had never happened before. In this mind-play, I was a big, rotund, balding man in his forties with a thick, black, bushy handlebar mustache. I remember looking down at my hairy, well built forearms and white apron. I was a baker.

There was extraordinary detail and color, not the vague, shifting nonsensical play of images that normally accompany my nighttime forays into the imagination. The sun was rising over the mountains outside of our very small village. I opened the dutch doors and gazed in to the cobblestone square. I was in the Europe of several hundred years ago and was sweeping out my shop and setting up my wares to start the day's business. I greeted fellow businessmen and friends with a hearty "Hello! and "Good day to you!" as they too, readied for a new day.

Suddenly, a woman appeared in the town square and was acting quite strangely. Her arms and legs jerked violently as if she was being manipulated buy an unseen puppeteer. The grocer from across the street ran over to her and shouted in alarm, "Mary! Mary, are you alright?" Her eyes were completely glazed over. She made no response to his presence nor his question. Her spasms grew more violent. The grocer grabbed firmly ahold of Mary's right arm. "Mary calm down!" he yelled with a sense of panic. As he pulled down on her arm to try to get her to stop jumping around, her entire arm pulled out from her shoulder socket.

I felt my gorge rising at the grotesque site of this one-armed woman in some sort of trance, bleeding and hopping uncontrollably down the street. The grocer dropped the arm in shock and stood up ramrod straight. His eyes rolled back in his head and then he shivered violently. The rate of the spasms slowed down as they grew more exaggerated, until he too, was making the same marionette-like movements and extremely stlylized gestures as Mary was.

I stood leaning on my broom with my jaw hanging open, unable to speak or move. The horror was overwhelming as I watched the scene repeat five more times until all of my neighbors were overcome with the dancing madness. All were oblivious to each other and to their surroundings, but twitched as if they were possessed by some demonic force. I knew I was in the presence of something evil and incomprehensible.

As I watched helplessly, I felt a tremor run through my body like a strong, sustained, electrical shock, as every cell in my body started contracting. A black wave starting from my feet swept up my body. I felt a terror that I never knew to be possible as I was swallowed whole by the malignant force.

I woke up Screaming. And screaming. And screaming. My mom ran into my room and vigorously shook my shoulders. "Tom! Tom! Wake up! You were having a bad dream." She looked into my eyes and asked me if I knew that I was awake. I was conscious of her and nodded yes, but could not stop screaming. I was tremblling and sweating. Still trying to bring me back, mom had gotten me a glass of water and had me drink it. I finally stopped the yelling, but the picture in my head was still there and incredibly vivid. I was wide awake, but my heart continued beating rapidly for almost three hours; such was the impact of this vision that had nothing in common with any previous nightmare. The reality of it was overwhelming.

For the next few nights, I could not sleep as the dream started right back where it left off. I got more and more exhausted, but was petrified of going back to sleep. I was afraid that the completion of the dream would mean certain death for me. Finally my body was so overcome with exhaustion that I succumbed to sleep, but fortunately the dream did not reoccur.

Flash forward to eight years later. I am in the public library doing some research. I grab the trusty encyclopedia and the book falls open to a random page. I glance at the top of the left page and see a drawing of a woman with her arms raised at weird angles and with one foot off the ground. Her eyes are glazed and by her dress and the surrounding buildings, it looks as if she is in the Europe of several hundred years ago.

I am struck by a lightning flash of memory that obliterates my current surroundings. I let out a yell at the top of my lungs and throw the cursed book across the room as if I had just been burned by a flaming object. I have trouble catching my breath. Gasping, I look around to see a dozen eyes focused on me, as if wondering if I were sick or crazy, wondering what I might do next. Ignoring their stares, I sit down and let my pulse rate return to normal wondering what just happened.

Eventually my curiosity overcomes my fear. I walk across the carpet and cautiously approached the book as if it were some venemous creature. With trepidation I pick up the unholy book and read the caption under the picture that had so startled me with it's familiarity. It said St. Vitus Dance. The hair on the back of my neck stood up involuntarily as I read on. The passage goes on to explain that it was a disease that swept through central Europe in the 1600s, attacking the central nervous system of it's victims and causing frenzied twitching that resembled some strange sort of dance. I quietly put the book away now knowing that in a terrifying childhood dream, I had experienced the death of a man some three hundred years ago.


The proof is in the pudding.

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Invisiblemr crisper

Registered: 07/24/00
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Re: Strange Personal Tales [Re: Swami]
    #545299 - 02/08/02 09:01 PM (22 years, 18 days ago)

the crow
in 88/89 i lived in the north of sweden, very remote forest region.
i went collecting pine-cones with my girlfriend, the part of the forest we were in was far from any houses or villages, absolutely no sign of anybody around.
we walked about 2km from the car, within view of each other but a little spread apart and i noticed a large bird in a tree above.
i looked up to see a giant crow, at least double the size of a regular one, it was looking down at me. after staring at each other for a few seconds it spread its wings and flew away. the thing was the size of an eagle. it disappeared quickly from view as the trees were very thick.
i returned my view to earth to find a large thin man hovering over me. he was bent over, his face just inches from mine, grinning hugely at the joke he was playing on me. all his features were out of proportion, long thin face, big mouth and teeth, pencil thin body and long skinny arms and legs, over 2 meters tall. he was wearing a green costume ala robin hood.
i blinked and when i opened my eyes he was standing about 5meters away, arms by his sides, looking curiously at me. nobody could have travelled that distance, silently, in the time i took to blink. we looked at each other for about a minute, i couldnt speak and he made no attempt, then he just vanished, literally.
i called to my girlfriend and said, lets go back to the car. in the car i asked her if she saw the man in the forest. she said yes. we never discussed it again.

the bat
camping in the kimberley region of west australia, i was sleeping under a mosquito net, no tent was necessary, in fact it wouldve been too hot.
i had a nightmare that a vampire was holding me down and biting into my neck. aaahyes pure fkn terror. i thrashed and fought but it was too strong for me. i guess it was just a millisecond but it felt like an eternity when it released its grip, i woke up and sat up to see a huge bat in the tree above me. my movement disturbed the bat which quickly flew away. i guess it could be coincidence, but then again it is the only dream i can remember having involving getting snacked on by a vampire and it is the only time ive ever woken up to see a fkn great bat hanging above my head.

the sun
in my early 20`s, i used to have a go at edwin steinbrechers inner guide meditations, in one session, i asked my guide to call down the sun. the sun came down as pure fire in the shape of a human. i asked the sun what it could give me. the sun produced a metal frame made of 3 interlocking triangles and inserted this frame into my chest, 2 upward pointing triangles going over my nipples and a larger center triangle over my solar plexus. i asked the sun how i should use this and the sun told me it will protect me from psychic attack. seemed pretty cool to me.
2 nights later i woke up in the middle of the night, sweating heavily and needing to puke. i went to the big white telephone and yodelled down. kind of unusual cos i didnt drink, smoke or use any kind of drug in those days. returning to my bedroom i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest. it felt like a cramp, the kind you can get playing sports or sitting in an uncomfortable position. except this was in the center of my chest and rapidly spreading out thru my body. in seconds i was on the floor, spasming and screaming in agony, no control over my body, all i could do was scream. my girlfriend woke up to this, but couldnt do anything to help me. it didnt stop and after a few minutes she rang an ambulance. over the next 30 minutes the spasms and cramps came and went, i would get a few minutes to breathe and then the attack would start up again, from the solar plexus and spreading out to my extremeties. when it was full voltage all i could do was scream.
when the ambulance finally arrived, they injected me with pethidine, in minutes i was dozy and then passed out.
next day i had all kinds of tests at the hospital, but nothing showed up. at first it was thought to be kidney-stones but x-ray was ok and i didnt piss blood, so no. ecg and cat-scan were fine.
when i got home i went back inside, did the meditation again and asked my guide to call down the sun. i asked the sun to take the frame out of my chest, which it did.
have never had another episode like that since, but i always wonder did the sun`s gift protect from even greater pain or cause it?

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Re: Strange Personal Tales [Re: Swami]
    #545501 - 02/09/02 01:08 AM (22 years, 18 days ago)

Well I suppose I could share a few recent dreams and related events.

The Training
I awoke in my dream with a jolt, seemingly aware of the presence around me somehow vaguely familiar. As my astral eyes focused, I made out the silhouette of three large figures.
Where am I? I wondered, as I scanned the room. The beings before me did not appear to have my best interests at heart.. I glanced quickly at the door but escape was impossible, some unseen force had it sealed.

As I tried to hold back these beings from their energy leeching, I felt a tugging on the back of my neck and turned to look through the wall and saw a massive beamship approaching. My senses peaked and my aura grew stronger as it approached.

Suddenly, the door flew open and a luminous being appeared emitting some kind of high pitched light throughout the room. It went right through me, but the beings holding me captive fell very ill to it, them being of the darker density.
I was overcome with a feeling of peace being reunited with old friends like this. Her name was Sasha. We sat in her ship for little while and reminisced on old times over a cup of Kasai (A tea of chives and lemongrass), she told me it was time for my next lesson in mind movement, the art of using spiritual force to exert an influence on physical objects.

The scene changed and we were on our way to the store. Outside the store I questioned how we were to get food without money, she said not to worry, all are taken care of.. sure enough as we walked in the man behind the counter smiled and handed me just the sandwich I was craving. As I chomped it down Sasha just sat across from me and smiled as she continued the telepathic lesson.
After the meal, I felt rejuvinated and considered myself ready for a scenario. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by a group of angry and aggressive people. And they were angry at me. I pulled deep into my energy and directed a wave of calm over them...not enough.. one of them swung madly at me which I proceeded to effortlessly block. Their anger only increased at the sight of this, and they all began attacking me. I was doing fairly good at protecting myself from the blows but some still connected. Summoning ever deeper this time, I blasted a surge of will into their hearts. Instantly, they stopped attacking and took a step back, their eyes glazed as if in a daze.
I was teleported in front of a council. They stated I had passed the test and could then proceed with the next series.

I slowly woke, drifting from sleep. My eyes still closed, I let the dream spill over into my conscious as I slowly went over it and let it absorb. I became very excited and decided to test my will on the first object that caught my attention when I opened my eyes.
BAM!! I thought as I quickly opened my eyes only to see the glass covering on my ceiling fan shatter into hundreds of pieces.

The Invisible One
Another dream.. after having a brief meeting with Sasha, it is decided that I will go on a mission to test my skills. The object is to infiltrate the enemy base without being captured and to avoid being seen until a set point where I am to be seen and elude capture.
I am outside a warehouse where a group of shady characters are doing some plotting. I vibrate through the wall of the warehouse and climb up onto the ceilling. Crawling like a spider while remaining invisible I enter the room where the men are and listen in on their scheming. A nefarious plot to enslave a race, this will not do. As the men begin to filter out, I yell out a shout and make myself visible. The startled men turn and see me, and pull out some guns (pussies). As they start shooting, I fly around the corner and up onto the roof of the building. I look down and see several men waiting on the bottom. Behind me, several of them are coming onto the roof.

Or not..

I somehow manage to jump over the side of the building and land a couple hundred yards away in a large field. The men see me and start coming towards me. I take cover and blend in behind a tree. As they draw near I see they have no clue where I am, looking all around I watch them smugly from my safe spot. As I enter one of the men's line-of-sight I quickly roll over and into a bush. They are totally boggled, and begin to wander away looking for me.
Mission Accomplished!

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Re: Strange Personal Tales [Re: Swami]
    #545597 - 02/09/02 06:39 AM (22 years, 18 days ago)

How did I get here? And who are these people?

I look down I am sitting in something what is it ah? is a rocket I press some bottoms but nothing happens but wait how did a get here were am I? Every thing is so big as I look around the room I try to remember how I got there like if suddenly I was inserted into this earth but, but, oh? who is that so big, he is looking at me he is saying something, I look at him and I realize he is my father I see him for the first time, moments later a woman enters she is also strange to me, later I realize that she is my mother, I take time to ponder on the strangeness of my situation. As time goes by I start thinking like a normal child

Comments: This was one of the strongest memories in my life because before this to my knowledge I did not exist as a sentient being.
I have to state, that my thought process at the moment was like of a mature man and not like a child which moments later I will turn into.


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Re: Strange Personal Tales [Re: Swami]
    #545734 - 02/09/02 11:36 AM (22 years, 18 days ago)


This is a re-occuring dream of mine I stand in a hallway alone, perhaps outside an amuzement park funhouse, a large group of people have just passed before me into the funhouse but I lag behind for some reason or another. A tall pale man in a black long coat walks up from behind me. "Hello", he says, "I am to give this to you", he hands me a black hooded robe (like monks would wear only deep black), "This is your destiny, where it and you will be him, do not and you will not". Confused by what the man says I open my mouth to ask him what he means but he is gone already. What the hell, I decide to try on the robe to see how it fits. As I slide it over my head I feel a cold breeze flow through me chilling every cell. I begin feeling an overwhelming energy forming in my chest and spreading throughout my body. Almost instantly I begin to feel manic...I feel a need to destroy. My eyes grow cold and black and my skin turns pale. As I look to my right hand a flaming sicle appears, and then fades away. As I enter the fun house I see three boys passing a joint around in a circle. Without thinking I walk towards them and swing my arm toward one of the boys. As I do so the sicle reappears in my hand and the blade catches one of the boys under the chin, splitting his throat open. As he falls to the floor I turn to the other two boys who stand staring at me in a stupor. I grab one by the head with my hand and I can feel his life force draining from his body. As his body grows pale I swing the sicle and land the blade into the third boys sternum. As the third boy falls to the floor gasping for air I squeeze my left hand and the boy's skull that is in my grasp crumbles into a grey powder. I move on. I walk through the funhouse continuing on my streak. I massacre a group of young chearleaders and their boyfriends. As I head to the upper portion of this funhouse word of my actions has spread to the patrons inside. Panic ensues and a few men decide to try and stop me. They come at me with guns, bats and wooden planks from the funhouse walls. I here a blast from the gun in the darkness ahead of me. I feel the bullet tear through my flesh, but I do not feel pain. I do not spill blood. Three more shots, still no pain. I continue on my path and come upon a man holding a wooden plank. He swings it at me connecting with my face. Skin peels away, but still no pain. No blood. I grab this man and carelessly toss him through a nearby window and out onto the ground below. More shots from the gun, more bullets through the flesh. As I come upon the man with the gun, he collapses in fear and begins to beg for his life. I stare at him for a moment, then swing my weapons blade through his neck. His head falls to the floor followed shortly by his body. Before I can lift my head the man with the bat swings and connects with the back of my head. A peice of my skull is sent flying across the room, but I am not even forced forward from the impact. I turn and reach into the mans chest. I remove peices of his lung and other organs and toss them to the floor. I leave him lying on the floor. This rampage continues throughout the night until dawn. At this point there is no one left in the funhouse but me. As the sun peaks in through a window I pull the hood of the robe back off of my head and the entire robe falls to the floor. A warm sensation fills me and I am returned to my former self.

The Plague

This is an experience I have had 3 times while in deep meditation.....I open my eyes only to see cacti and parched yellow earth. The sun screams over head beating down on me. I look up to see the sky turn from blue to black, but the sun still shines on. The earth begins to vibrate beneath me and I know what I must do. As I jump to my feet the vibration explodes and all the sand and soil for miles is blown into the air. I begin to run, towards what I do not know. The sand follows behind me. I run faster and faster...I run faster than humanly possible. Soon I see a city on the horizon in front of me. I quicken my pace and I explode into dust from the shear speed, but I continue on, conciousness intact. The sand begins swirling mixing my dust with it, but we still keep our pace toward the city. As we near the cloud of our being turns black like a swarm of locusts. At speeds unimaginable we slam into the city's out limits. The structures in our path crumble and blow with us. As we reach the metro area I slow the pack. We sweep through the town infecting it. The inhabitants of this great city begin coughing and hacking. Soon the coughing becomes so bad that blood spews from their sore lungs. As each member of this town falls we begin to blow towards a new city. As our speed increases we pulverize the rest of the city along with all the bodies. Once the dust has moved from the area nothing is left but bedrock.

Vote Jonnyshaggs in the next election for GOD...Its the responsible choice

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Re: Strange Personal Tales [Re: Swami]
    #545975 - 02/09/02 05:04 PM (22 years, 17 days ago)

I will share a couple stories(i rather call them experiences) that have been on my mind lately.


I was sleeping one night when I awoke very early in the morning (around 2 or 3 ) for no reason at all. When I awoke I was wide awake but I still tried to go back to sleep. I layed on my bed for a few seconds and then ZAP--- (this happened in a matter of nano seconds) ---complete paralyzation, bands of colors(red, green, red, etc...) flashing before my closed eyes one after another... then I went unconscious... the next thing I know I am lying in my bed in the fetal position completly paralyzed with my eyes barely open.....(I did not know I was paralyzed all I could think was this isnt normal)...THEN ZAP...unconscious again...back in the fetal position but with eyes wide open and this time I knew I was paralyzed(I tried to move my body but I dont think we were really connected at this time).....unconscious again....AWAKE--wide awake again, feeling refreshed and euphoric....then back to good ole normal sleep. During this time I was not scared, happy, sad, etc....I was just observing. Thats the best I remember the experience.


One night while high on weed I decided load up my friends four foot bong with some more marijuana and some hash. This a powerful bong with a big bowl. My friend tourched the bowl for me and I cleared the whole DAMN thing and held it in for a good 30 seconds....I have never taken a hit this big in my life. AFter a good 10 minutes all I can do is sit down and zone out, every time I think a thought(LOL) a strong electrical surge goes up threw my body, when it hits my head it intensifies greatly, this weirded me out a little bit so I decided not to think, NOW I turn into the observer---My vision has sunken back inside my eyed....I watch reality as if I was watching a movie ....the movie screen is oval and there is black on all sides of it...when ever someone speaks to me I know exactly what they are talking about and reply very quickly and inteligently...meanwhile I observe my body as being a loose noodle but I still can control it. Then I went home and got some good ole sleep. MOre went on that night but my memory is a little foggy.
While on LSD all I did was lay back on the sand, stare straight up at the stars and watch them do there thing (move around in geometric patterns, change colors, go nearer and further, etc...

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