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How To Have An OBE Almost Every Morning
    #3098024 - 09/06/04 07:11 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Rhythm napping is a very easy and effective technique that doesn't involve any mental skills or discipline. When I first began trying it, it was 80% effective to send me out of body over a two week testing period.

Rhythm napping is basically the 'wake-back-to-bed' or 'interrupted sleep' methods on steroids. All you have to do is confuse your body into the "mind awake/body asleep" state by alternating falling asleep and waking up in the morning. The morning is the best time to do this because your melatonin/DHEA ratio is optimal.

It is important to follow this technique to the letter! The times when I didn't exit were when I was trying to tweak something. The 4/8/12 minute, etc. intervals below are crucial.

The biggest difficulty people have doing this method is in either not being able to fall asleep again once they get up, or in not being able to wake up when the timer goes off. However, if they are able to get past those two hurdles they almost always have some kind of unusual experience, ranging from feeling the vibrations for the first time, on up to having their first OBE.

In order minimize those two hurdles, it's highly recommended that you first do the sleep training routines ( http://www.tunedmind.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=sleep-training ). It's surprisingly clear sailing once you have those out of the way. Without knowledge of rhythm napping, people would probably gloss over the sleep training routines so I've put rhythm napping in this book before sleep training to give you a good reason to do them.

Not Simple, But Easy And Effective
I would much rather spend my time on an elaborate method that works within the first two or three attempts than a simple one that takes six months to do right. This technique is not what I would call simple because it does have quite a few steps. However all the steps are easy so overall it's easy, and more importantly it's effective.

As a matter of fact, most of the "simple" exit techniques people have are not all that simple because in order to do them successfully you have to do things in very specific ways and pay attention to detail. In an attempt to make their methods appear artistically elegant, some authors seem to have a tendency to omit details. I think details are what will make or break you in this line of work so I've tried to be as clear and thorough as I possibly can, so even though the description is gruesomely long everything is important.

The Technique
  • Get a timer of some sort such as the TunedMind timer webpage at http://www.tunedmind.com/timer.html or use a digital cooking timer. Get some silicone earplugs and an alarm clock. Make sure the timer is loud enough to wake you up through the earplugs. Make sure your timer uses a high-pitched sound that will definitely wake you up each time. Low-pitched sounds probably won't wake you up even if they're loud.

  • Set the alarm clock to get up three hours early.

  • Set the timer's volume to be as loud as your alarm clock if possible. You're going to use the timer to wake you up again, a lot of times people wake up using the alarm clock and go to sleep but sleep through all the timer beeps. You need to have the timer be a bit louder than you might expect so use the alarm clock to calibrate your timer's volume.

  • Go to sleep at your normal bed time.

  • If you are able to go back to sleep immediately when you wake, and you're not so hungry that it keeps you awake, then just go straight into the routine. However if you find that you can't get to sleep, then you should stay up for two hours so you are both awake and alert but tired enough to sleep again a few minutes after laying down. This is the step where the sleep training routines ( http://www.tunedmind.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=sleep-training ) are useful. They're designed to find out exactly how long to stay up so that you can fall asleep again quickly.

  • If you are hungry, eat something very light, not sugary and which won't give you cramps or make your stomach digest too exuberantly. A banana is good, a low sugar protein drink is ideal because it's easy to digest and takes a while to get through your system.

  • Set the alarm clock for your normal waking time plus one hour. This is important because there's a good chance you'll oversleep using this technique without the alarm clock.

  • Put in the earplugs.

  • Use MILD (Mnemonic-Induced Lucid Dreaming). Your subconscious will respond to the thoughts you have as you fall asleep so make the following intentions to yourself:
    1.) "I will fall asleep easily and wake up ready to OBE."

    2.)"If I dream, I will become lucid and move into an OBE automatically."

  • Set the timer for 4 minutes.

  • Relax and try to fall asleep, it's OK if you don't actually make it in 4 minutes but at least relax as much as possible. Doing rhythm napping it's easy to confuse your mind and it's possible that you will separate but think you're in the physical. When the timer goes off you may sit there fooling with the buttons but the display doesn't make any sense, it's because you're out of body! When the timer beeps, do a reality check because you may have exited without knowing it. My favorite reality check is to see if I can will my finger to stretch out and touch the wall, you can also try pulling on your hands and see if they warp. Just using your will to stretch your finger is not as easy but it's slightly better because you don't have to move to do it.

  • The less you move your body the more effective this technique is, stay very still without even moving your eyes. When you reset the timer practice so you can do it using only your thumb and without looking at it if possible. The timer webpage is especially useful for this because it allows you to make your computer beep at you automatically so you never have to move at all.

  • When the timer wakes you up, do a reality check, set the timer for 8 minutes and fall asleep again.

  • When the timer wakes you up, do a reality check, set the timer for 12 minutes and fall asleep again.

  • When the timer wakes you up, do a reality check, set the timer for 16 minutes and fall asleep again.

  • When the timer wakes you up, do a reality check, set the timer for 20 minutes and fall asleep again.

  • When the timer wakes you up, do a reality check, set the timer for 20 minutes and fall asleep again.

  • Finally, set the timer to beep every 4 minutes over and over and continue until you decide to stop or your alarm clock goes off.

What To Expect
Usually I will exit inside the first 10 minutes of the first or second 20 minute nap. Once you get into the 4 minute repeats you will probably begin having successive lucid dreams.

You will probably exit doing this or at least experience the beginnings of things mentioned in this book's Phenomena section ( http://www.tunedmind.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=phenomena ). After your projection get up and write down what happened before it fades. If you wish to exit again start over with a 4 minute nap, then 8 the minute nap, etc... You must start over at the beginning, starting in the middle of the routine won't work.

Whenever you go to sleep then wake up and don't move, and then fall asleep again, sleep paralysis is likely. 100% paralysis is the ideal condition from which to exit because there's no mistaking the fact that you're in paralysis and if you know what to do you can't possibly screw it up. Simply begin breathing deeply until you exit, you'll pop out every time. Note this doesn't work quite so well for less than 100% paralysis, see the Paralysis section ( http://www.tunedmind.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=paralysis ) for more details.

If you enter a lucid dream you can take control of the dream if you have the awareness to do so. Alternately you can enjoy the dream as is, or you can teleport back to your body and get up out of it to make it into an official OBE.

If you wake up and find you have a heavy feeling and vibrations, the safest ways to exit are those which do not involve trying to move parts of your dream body but instead focus of moving your entire dream body. As a beginner, if you try moving your dream arms to climb up a dream rope or roll out of your body there's a good chance you'll move your physical body and botch it. A better solution is to concentrate on the force of gravity to push you out of body, you can use a method such as the Gravity Press Exit Method ( http://www.tunedmind.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=gravity-press ) to leave your body:

If you are in an OBE state and you focus on gravity pressing you down, then you'll sink into your bed. Because dream sight allows you to see through things by controlling the depth at which you are focusing, focus on the ceiling or the wall as you sink into the bed. As long as you focus on the depth of the ceiling, your sight won't be blocked by your mattress and you won't lose your sight to blackness.

Just sink about three feet into your bed so you know for sure that you've separated, at that point it's safe to actually move.

Tweaking Things For Your Sleeping Type
The above description uses a 4 minute base interval (the times are multiples of 4 minutes: 4, 8, 12, etc...), you may have better success using anywhere from a 2 minute to a 6 minute base interval. You may not need to stay up at all between the time you get up and the time you begin the naps. To find out what will probably work the best for you, refer to the sleep training section.

The Timer
The TunedMind timer webpage at www.tunedmind.com/timer.html is probably the best timer for this because you can use it without ever moving. Failing that you want a digital timer that's easy to set and doesn't tick. Wal-Mart has one made by West Bend that I like for about $8.

This is kind of like the Wal-Mart one but you don't need to spend $25 on a timer:

In a quiet room there are still small distractions, for instance the air circulating in your ear canal makes a bit of noise. I find that earplugs are a big help for focusing on what I'm doing. You don't absolutely have to have earplugs but if you use them then you might as well get the good ones. The best earplugs are silicone putty such as "Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs". You can get a box of six pairs for a few dollars.

Of all the earplugs I've tried those are really the only ones worth buying in my opinion. My ear canals don't seem to be the right shape for the others and I can always hear things through them. You can get them at Target.

When you put them in your ears don't roll them into a ball, just press them over your ears like the instructions say. If they go into your ear, your ear will get irritated and make slime to push them out and they won't stay in. You can put a little square of tissue paper over them so they don't stick to your pillow.

I found that if I'm a little bit cold I can't phase at all. In Journeys Out Of The Body, Monroe writes that 96.2% of his OBEs were while he was warm and only 3.8% when cold. So, before you start make sure you've got maybe an extra blanket or something.

Why I Think This Works
I've tried combining this with specific visualizations during each nap, and also staying up for various periods before starting the nap sequence. I've also tried getting up to sleep in a different spot than usual.

However, I've had my best success by just simply falling asleep in my bed as usual, thereby tricking my body into thinking everything is going as usual even though it isn't, I think by using the short 5 and 10 minute naps you program your body to expect them.

Your body does not like to be shocked into a waking state, so it gets you ready ahead of time. A lot of times if I set my alarm clock for 6:30 I will wake up at 6:25 because my body hates to be jolted like that.

So then when you go to sleep for the 25 minute naps, your body is thinking about those 5 and 10 minute naps you just had so it gets ready to wake you up. When you stay asleep instead of waking up your body is faked out into sending you into an OBE or at least the verge of an OBE.

That makes your ideal condition to exit, it's in the morning so you've got not much melatonin to make you sleepy but lots of DHEA to make you alert. Your body thinks it's time to wake you up so it readies your mind to awake, but when your body stays asleep it sends you into a projection.

The flip side to this is while your body is confused it will give up and not wake you up at your usual waking time, so if you don't use an alarm clock there's a good chance you'll sleep in an extra six hours.

As long as you get up and start moving around near your usual waking time, your body will not be confused the next day unless you want it to be and fake it out again.

I don't try to do this laying on my back because I can't sleep that way, so far it seems that keeping things simple and just falling asleep normally works the best.

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Re: How To Have An OBE Almost Every Morning [Re: MattJ]
    #3098662 - 09/06/04 01:14 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

what has worked for me without following a text book of instructions, and timers. Is to wake up early, 3-4 hours. shower, dress, eat, and always be thinking about going back to bed. when your done eating, undress, and go back to sleep..
simple as that.

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Registered: 09/03/04
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Re: How To Have An OBE Almost Every Morning [Re: funkymonk]
    #3099356 - 09/06/04 04:15 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Very zen!

Edited by MattJ (09/06/04 04:16 PM)

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Re: How To Have An OBE Almost Every Morning [Re: MattJ]
    #3099545 - 09/06/04 05:13 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

yes it is generally accepted that OBEs are easier to achieve when the body and mind are well rested.


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Re: How To Have An OBE Almost Every Morning [Re: MattJ]
    #3099658 - 09/06/04 05:40 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

thanks for the post mattyJbot

way to complicated and material reliant for me though

through almost a year of practice ive become able to lucid dream like once or twice a night , at least once every 3 nights, and i enjoy this immensly on its own, both for stupid amusment like flying, fighting, fucking, and intense spiritual experience (last night i had a lucid dream conversation with 'god' that lasted like an hour in my mind, and even though 'God' was a huge worm made of lampshade fabric and concentric rings, he had lots of good stuff to say to me about drugs, life and its secrets)

However, i would love to learn how you supposedly go from lucid dreams to OBE's

Ive had 3 or so obe's but i never enterd them from the dream state, they always came involuntarily and unexpectedly from interupted sleep or sickness.

"If you enter a lucid dream you can take control of the dream if you have the awareness to do so. Alternately you can enjoy the dream as is, or you can teleport back to your body and get up out of it to make it into an official OBE."

what i want to know is how you 'teleport back to your body and get up out of it and into an official OBE'

ive also had lucid dreams where i flew around inside my house or my neighbourhood, but i dont consider those OBE's


Everything I post is fiction.

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Re: How To Have An OBE Almost Every Morning [Re: Moonshoe]
    #3121958 - 09/11/04 01:03 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Hi Moonshoe, I'm a real person, not a bot.

To teleport back to your body just think about the dream version of you laying in bed. In a dream or OBE you can teleport anywhere as long as you know what it 'feels' like to be there. Just conceptualize that you're there and poof, you teleport.

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