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Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) * 1
    #1040862 - 11/10/02 11:51 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

This is from Aquarian, a NJ music and politics magazine.

title: Tool: Things Are Going to Work Out
author: Robert Makin

AQ: What do you think of Hollywood?

MJK: It has its pros and cons.

AQ: Judging by the song, 'Anema,' and the artwork underneath where the
CD rests, which depicts the collapse of the San Andreas fault, it seems
like Tool wouldn't mind if it was washed away.

MJK: Change is coming from everywhere.

AQ: I guess there's not much we can do about seismic changes, but there
is something we can do about human behavior. If the band is a tool, what
purpose does it serve?

MJK: Provide ideas and opportunities that people in our demographic
don't usually get. It just comes down to what matters. I think people
get upset and it becomes an excuse to treat other people a certain way,
but if you really step back, you realize what you've left behind. It's a
foundation that we're talking about. The Hatfields and the McCoys shoot
each other for a reason but they don't even know why.

AQ: I think there's a lot of misconceptions about the band, that you are
angry and negative. While that may be true of the music, is it true of
the band members?

MJK: Well, whenever you try to work through the things that we're trying
to work through, that we're addressing, it ends up looking negative.
Our goal is nonjudgment, nonfiltered acceptance of everything. So much
of our background collectively, especially in the United States, is
denying and suppressing and disowning a lot of negativity and the darker
areas. You can become swallowed up in it. It's cancerous. The goal
should be to define acceptance for everything. To try and consider
every aspect. To try to look into the shadows, as well as the light.

AQ: So in order to not be apathetic, we need to be empathetic.

MJK: Right.

AQ: Does the music serve as a release that enables you to remain
peaceful and positive?

MJK: Music is definitely a higher form of language. It definitely cuts
right straight to the bone without you having to explain it a lot of
times. It moves things on a body level, an emotional level.

AQ: You sound like such a soft-spoken, peaceful person, but when you get
onstage, you're like, totally different.

MJK: There's a lot of energy up there. The sound, itself, is a
movement. If you allow it to enter your body, your body will move with
that music. If you allow it.

AQ: The other dichotomy is that Tool sound very machine-like, yet you
seem like a very spiritual person.

MJK: I don't think we sound machine-like. I think we may be like a
clock. So is the universe. The universe has patterns that pretty much
chime right in with each other.

AQ: So at this point in time, Tool sounds like you do, but at the next
point on the clock, you may sound fairly different?

MJK: Yeah. We just grow with what the four of us are doing at that

AQ: You seem like four very different people that come together as a
unified whole.

MJK: We're not all coming from a spiritual standpoint. I tend to take
off on the metaphysical aspects of things. Adam tends to ground it in
his nonbelief of almost everything. It's like a bridge basically.

AQ: Kind of like yin and yang?

MJK: Yeah.

AQ: When you do get angry, what pisses you off the most?

MJK: A lack of empathy, a lack of compassion. Driving in L.A., the
decisions that people make on the highway toward each other is just so
enraging. It's such an example of people not understanding their
connection with each other.

AQ: Where do you feel that connection has its basis?

MJK: Light and Sound. Everything we see is energy, light and vibration.
The entire universe is operating on just a big frequency. Everything
you perceive, that's coming into your eye is just a combination of shape
and light. We are all of the same substance. Any religion that you can
dig up will tell you that. Every person who's had a spiritual moment
will tell you that. People who aren't into organized religions or even
cultish religions, some kid sittting on the corner taking acid at a Dead
show will tell you that. That's our connection.

AQ: It's really refreshing to see a band attempting to open young
people's minds.

MJK: Well, I think it's just where we're at at this point in time. Next
year, we may not be commenting on these things. If you think of the big
picture, it doesn't really matter, because I think that things are going
to work out anyway. It's going to be okay. It doesn't really matter
what you believe or what you're into. Everybody's having their
experiences and they have a right to those experiences. It's all just
one great big dance anyway.

AQ: The universe runs its course.

MJK: Yeah, it's going to be fine.

AQ: That's a great attitude. About the band, you're very much an
eclectic group of artists. You place a lot of importance on your entire
package: the album art and the videos. The album art for this new album
is just amazing with the moving pictures. I understand the video for
'Stinkfist' is going to be another breakthrough. Comment on the band's
artistic approach to not just the music but everything that surrounds

MJK: Adam pretty much handles all the visual stuff. He's into all that
film stuff. He has his particular outlook on things, his avant garde
take on images. With Danny and my background on ritual magic, sacred
geometry, mythology and architects, we're both kind of infusing those
things into Adam's images. There's a freshness to Adam's intuitive sense
of motion and images, visuals. Then with our understanding of
transcendent and eternal archetypes, you have a very nice balance of
intuitive, intellectual imagery.

AQ: How do your different backgrounds apply to this new video?

MJK: Images just pop up, a lot like the 'Prison Sex' video. People were
terrified by that video.

AQ: The live show is really intense too. Other than the new songs, how
is that going to be different this time out?

MJK: It's a little more visual, but for the most part, it's just four
people doing this ritual dance onstage.

AQ: If I was to say you guys remind me of Pink Floyd, how would you feel
about that?

MJK: That would be a compliment I would think. They were a very
artistic band, but it's dangerous territory, because it pushes into the
prog rock territory.

AQ: I guess that's separate ground, because you have a much harder
groove. Yet on Aenima, you worked with David Botrill, who's produced
King Crimson and Peter Gabriel.

MJK: I think the most important thing is that we evolve. That's what
the album is all about. You definitely have to clear a space.

AQ: What inspired 'Stinkfist?'

MJK: A guy named Stinkfist. He's a very good friend of Danny's. It's a
tribute to him, because he very much embraced life whole-heartedly, a
go-getter. That's how he got the name Stinkfist, because he was the kind
of guy who got his hands dirty. He wasn't afraid. He just kind of
grabbed life by the throat. The imagery of the song is kind of like
stepping through a portal like in the movie Stargate, where James Spader
is standing in front of the portal, a little afraid of what was going to
happen. He's excited as he puts his hand through the portal, he steps
through and it's a whole differrent reality. It's a whole different
perspective or way of seeing things. Every sense just lit up and he was
completely overwhelmed by feeling this way.

AQ: People have a very graphic interpretation of 'Stinkfist.' I don't
know what your intention was, but it's ovbbiously stirred up a lot of
controversy. Is the general interpretation what you had in mind or are
people off base?

MJK: I think that there's many meanings that we really strive for within
the music. There's layers of interpretation. If people want to think
it's about fist-fucking, that's fine. That's where they're at. But if
they really look at it and really look at us and who we are, they'll
understand that we go a little deeper than some write-off song about
fist-fucking. Now they'll dig a little deeper, trying to find out what's
really going.

AQ: Like you mentioned, it's a portal to a variety of experiences.
You're riddled with controversy on this album as in 'Hooker with a
Penis.' What inspired that one?

MJK: That song is again taken literally for what is, which is the fear
that some kid thinks that we sold out. You and I both know that that's
such a silly term, so it goes a lot deeper than that. The album is about
evolution and change and that's one of the songs where that really came

AQ: The Third Eye is a visual theme that runs throughout your albums.
On Aenima, it also takes the form of a song.

MJK: The Third Eye goes back a long way. It's what a comedian friend of
ours Bill Hicks talked about.

AQ: He often talked abbout how drugs open the Third Eye, but is it a
subject that goes beyond the use of drugs?

MJK: In his comedy, that's what he's talking about, but his underlying
context has more to do with unity and our inner connection collectively.
You literally have a third eye in your head. It's your pineal gland and
it is an eye. It focuses light.
People talk about dolphins and whales being more evolved, because they
have a better breathing element. If you do meditation, you understand
the idea of the Prana, breathing in light through the pineal gland. In
mythology, there's talk about how people used to breathe that way, but
over time, they began to breathe more through the mouth. That's the
connection that we've forgotten.

AQ: Is the use of drugs a way to enhance the Third Eye?

MJK: Drugs definitely give you an alternate perspective. Your
consciousness is like a radio frequency. If you turn the dial, all those
radio stations are there simultaneously. You can dial in to hear what
station you want to hear. Consciousness is the same way. Through
meditation, you can alter that, you can come upon an alternate reality.
Drugs is a shortcut to that. The trick is to really understand the
medium you used to get there.
Don Quixote was like that. He was a slave to peyote. He could really
get into this alternate consciousness. His guide was peyote, but he was
a slave. He couldn't get there except through that medium. There's a
lot of people on heroin writing amazing music, but it's a hard way to go,
because you sacrifice your life.

AQ: Do you condone the use of drugs?

MJK: Everyone has the right to their own experience, but it's a hard way
to go. It's a hard decision to make without fear of repercussions. I
don't do them. I used to do mushrooms.

AQ: Comment on how the song 'Sober' isn't about saying no to drugs.

MJK: It's saying why can't we get along? It's about unity.

AQ: This is a tough question, because it's based on rumor, based on the
images in your songs. The rumor is that you're gay. Whether you are or
not, how do you feel about people discussing that when they don't even
know you?

MJK: It doesn't bother me. I don't even think about it. If that's how
people are content, fine. I'm more interested in the big picture.

AQ: You mentioned that you feel that things will work out, but do you
feel that humankind are in those plans? Will we evolve?

MJK: Absolutely. I'm absolutely certain. We're already okay. Right
now, if you look in the inner cities, it seems like a lot of people
running around and it looks negative. But that's a big pocket of people
with an emotional release. People are definitely working out some major
shit right in front of you. It's a movement.

AQ: But on what side? It seems like there is a lot of bullshit going
on from a political standpoint.

MJK: Yeah, those people are out of control, but globally, there are a
lot of people who have their hearts in the right place. Deep down
inside, they feel compassion. Right now, it's going back to what
matters. I have no solution, so I don't know what would happen, but if,
for example, a comet crushed L.A., within 48 hours, the world
economically and politically would start collapsing, because all those
major cities are so dependent on each other. There's so much stuff going
on through the Internet, electronic banking systems, all that kind of
stuff that it would really have a huge, huge impact on the world. You
could almost say it would throw us back into the dark ages if it happened
on a big enough scale.
Then there are people who have power. Usually they have power, because
they have wealth. It's connected. If you take that away, if it's
crushed, you can go back to what really matters. That's what we have to
do, find out what really matters and go back to it and understand it.
I have faith in the end, especially in the kids that are coming up now.
There's so many changes taking place among the children of today. Kids
15 and under think about things so much differently. There's so many
earth responsible children being raised these days that by the time any
major cataclysmic event like that occurs, those are the people who will
have taken over the reins at that point and they'll have a much better
idea how to deal with it.

AQ: but they don't get credit for it.

MJK: Because they don't have any of that Associated Press shit or

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1040945 - 11/10/02 12:54 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

/Mr Burns finger waggling

Tool is cool


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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1043092 - 11/11/02 10:37 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

great interview... thanks  :smile:

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1043202 - 11/11/02 11:40 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Ive heard some funny ass interviews with maynard and some radio djs, they are trying to act all excited to be talking with him and he is replying sarcastically and like he's half asleep

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Grav]
    #1043251 - 11/11/02 11:57 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Yeah, Fuck L.A.!

What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1043966 - 11/11/02 03:34 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Thanks for the post!

Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1045367 - 11/12/02 12:40 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)


addicted to reason
a hollow understanding trapped me
I cannot see outside but its calling

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1045734 - 11/12/02 08:10 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)



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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: In(di)go]
    #1045933 - 11/12/02 10:28 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

:smile: Here's another:

title: Interview About Philosophy
author: Prof. Christopher diCarlo

Prof.: I'll start with your first two albums, Opiate and
Undertow. The title of the first ablum is a reference to the
Marx and Engels line "Religion is the opiate of the masses"?

M.: Yes, that's right.

Prof: You seem to have a rather scathing view of Christianity.

M.: My views against Christianity or religion in general are
directed towards the 'middle men'-- those who are in power
and use religion as a market force by which to manipulate
human beings for their own personal gain.

Prof: Were there personal experiances in your life in which
you witnessed first account cases of hypocrisy in Christianity?

M: I was raised a Southern Baptist. I witnessed first-hand the
hypocrisy of this particular form of Christianity. But it was a
gradual thing. As I got older, I began to see people claiming
one set of beliefs and acting in ways which directly opposed
those views.

Prof: In Jerk-Off you state: "Consequences dictate our course of action and it doesn't matter what's right. It's only wrong if you get caught. If consequences dictate my course of action, I should play God and shoot myself." Consequentialism, one of the main school's of thought in ethical theory, states that human's need to focus on the effects of actions in order to determine whether they are good or bad, right or wrong, etc. Are you familier with this?

M: No, im not terribly literate. I like to look into things and
read up on them when I can.. Information itself is pure. Take
a knife, for example. You can use it to cut up vegetables,
meat, butter your bread, etc. Or you can use it as a weapon.
The way in which information exists in its many forms leaves
for us the decision as to how it is we wish to use it.
Information itself has a certain purity. Human's have intetionality.
It's humans who decide how it is they wish to behave.

Prof: I have on my office door the lyrics to Stinkfist because I
think it is a very telling statement about what I have called
the "Age of Immdediacy". That is, we want input/information/pleasure, etc., and we want it quicker,
bigger, faster. Do you think North Americans have finally
been reached in some way by the events of Sept 11? Has the fist finally been shoved up deep enough to wake us up to
and make us realize that we are not watching a movie any

M: Yes, I would say the people who have been touched most
are the families of the victims. But i'm not sure about the
guys in Iowa, Montana or Arizona who get their information
filtered through CNN. Because to them, information is coming
in... thick with propaganda... all these media guys have hard-
ons because of this war. They can sell more papers,
magizines, keep us glued to the TV longer.

Prof: When I saw you perform at the Air Canada Centre in
Toronto, during your first song, "The Grudge" someone threw
an American flag onto the stage. Immediately, the bassist,
Justin Chancellor, kicked it off to the side where a roadie
grabbed it and took it off the stage.

M: Yea, I wanted to piss on it. The audacity that some
people would assume that we're going to wave the flag and
turn what we believe is a spiritual endeavour focusing on self-reflection and discovery into some kind of cheesy American propagandist movement, was the furthest thing from our minds.

Prof: How should people avoid the slanted trappings of the

M: Start by turning off the television.

Prof: .. and then what?

M: Talk to each other.. you don't have to turn off your
computers because that still allows you to talk to one and

Prof: In Parabola you state that we need to hold on to and
stay inside this holy reality. In contrast to your attacks on
Christianity, how should we interpret the use of the
term "holy" here?

M: Life is to be revered. Few people take the time to realize
how valuable their experiances are at any given time in their
life because we can be snuffed out in the next minute.. This
moment we are having is highly significant.

Prof: In Reflection you talk a good deal about losing or
getting rid of the ego in order to attain some further end.
What is it about the ego that prevents, or in some way,
blocks one from getting some greater end?

M: If you look at the cycles of the moon, it starts as a thin
crescent and then gradually waxes and becomes full; then it
gradually wanes back into another crescent and then is gone.
The moon reflects sunlight like humans reflect information.

We wax and wane and when we become full moons, our ego's are full. We think we have this knowledge when in fact, the information we have his pure. And it reflects or shines off of us, is something we take credit for as though the moon could take credit for the light it reflects from the sun. We have to understand that we are ego-less just as the moon is without light. It and we, are simply reflectors. The ego is not responsible for the information."     

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1046006 - 11/12/02 10:59 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

wow... i cant cease to be amazed by that man... the last part about the moon is just inspiring... thank you, adamist!


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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: In(di)go]
    #1048026 - 11/12/02 10:03 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

I havent read this one before, thanks for posting it!

Good stuff.


What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1048127 - 11/12/02 11:19 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)


addicted to reason
a hollow understanding trapped me
I cannot see outside but its calling

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Glacius]
    #1048641 - 11/13/02 03:56 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

man hes controlling.. who cares if someone throws a flag on the stage...."i wanted to piss on it blablabla." youre at a fucking show... maybe he should go back to opening gigs at small clubs and play there artrock tradgedy :crazy: 


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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: joeshitragpicker]
    #1048719 - 11/13/02 05:56 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)


and its not about the flag throwing... its about throwing the flag expecting tool to wave it in a patriotic fashion...


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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1051755 - 11/14/02 06:41 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Splinter test by Genesis P Orridge.
It can be said that sampling, looping and re-assembling both found materials, and site- specific sounds selected for precision ov relevance to thee message implications ov a piece ov musics, or a transmedia exploration, is an All-Chemical, even a Magickal phenomenon. No matter how short, or apparently unrecognisable a sample might be in linear TIME perception, it must, inevitably, contain within it, (and accessible through it) thee sum total ov absolutely everything its original context represented, communicated, or touched in any way. On top ov this it must implicitly also include thee sum total ov every individual in any way connected with its introduction and construction within thee original (host) culture, and every subsequent (mutated or engineered) culture it in any way, means or form, has contact with forever...(in past, present, future and quantum timezones).
"Any two particles that have once been in contact will continue to act as though they are informationally connected regardless of their seperation in space and time."- Bell's Theorem.
If we shatter, and scatter, a hologram, we will real-eyes that in each fragmeant, no matter how small, large, or irregular, we will see thee whole hologram. This is an incredibly significant phenomenon. If we take, for example, a SPLINTER of John Lennon, that splinter will in a very real manner contain within it everything that John Lennon ever experienced; every that John Lennon ever said, composed, wrote, drew, expressed; everyone that ever knew John Lennon and thee sum total ov all and any ov those interactions; everyone who ever heard, read, thought, saw, reacted to John Lennon or anything remotely connected with John Lennon; every past, present and/or future combination ov any or all ov the above.
All that encyclopaedic information - and the time travel connected with it through memory and through previous experience - goes with that one "splinter" of memory, and we should be very aware that it carries with it an infinite sequence of connections and progressions through time and space. As far as you may wish to go. We can all now maintain thee ability to assemble, via these "splinters", CLUSTERS of any era. These clusters are basically RE-MINDing. They are actually bypassing the usual consensus reality filters because they reside in an acceptable form ie: TV/film/musics/words) and travelling directly into "ahistorical" sections of thee brain, triggering all and every conscious and uncoscious reverberation to do with that one splinter hieroglyph.
We are choosing splinters consciously and uncosnsciously to represent our own mimetic (DNA) patterns, our own cultural imprints and aspirations; we are in a truly Magickal sense INVOKING manifestations, perhaps even results, in order to confound and short-circuit our perceptions and reliance ov WHOLENESS.
Anything, in any medium imaginable, from any culture, which is in any way recorded and can in any possible way be played back is now accesible and infinitely malleable and usable to any artist. Everything is available, everything is free, everything is permitted.ASSEMBLY is thee invisible language ov our TIME. Infinite choices ov reality are thee gift ov software to our children. i did a splinter test called cutting up minds with a liquid knife that seems to have caused a few sychronictys in tool most likely because tool is compared to pink floyd alot . i cut splinters from pink floyd brain damage / eclispe , bob marly it might have been get up stand up i forgot ,psychic- tv seasons of change , jimmy hendrix,and days of the new the one with the trance beat saying you need to change, i put effects on all the splinters with the program goldwave i found a crack for that on the internet . i also used goldwave to cut the splinters out of the mp3s . i made patterns out ov the splinters in a tracker program. when i did this i was stoned out of my mind and was trying to start a psychedellic revolution like the 60s but more hi tech . i called this cutting up minds with a liquid knife . on the tool dvd there was a liquid knife on the part about the website http://www.dissectional.com/ . in the interview adamist posted mayard starts talking about cutting up vegetable and a knife , in the liquid crystal vision dvd goa gil says its like the 60s all over again and theres a liquid knife then on the website and there are graffixs ov a knife cuting open somesone 3rd eye . this also might have caused the 420 sychronictys im not sure i never heard anything about the 420 synchronictys intil after i did my splinter test. but the part ov www.disinfo.com that talks about the 420 sychronictys has info about how there are 420 synchronictys in pulp fiction . that movie was made before the my splinter test . but the aliens in the book the cosmic trigger keep telling people time is not real and othere stuff they couldnt make sense ov about time . the cosmosis cd the keeps repeating the phrase time is just a state ov confusion . i ve been getting sychronictys with the clock that are for are related to www.alloya.de then i imprinted my mind on shrooms with the cosmosis cd and now sometimes ill will listin to a 70 minute cd but the clock will say only 40 minutes have passed. so the splinter test might be able to affect the past . when i was getting possesed by aliens on shrooms and tuned into the freqency ov extacy (i started to feel like i was rolling and shroomin , i hadnt used E for a mounth and a half and shroomed aleast 3 time with out feeling like i was rollling before the trip im talking about ) i started to think this must be a quantum orgy . i heard this on the nick herbert site on the part about haveing sex with the pleidians not long before the trip http://www2.cruzio.com/~quanta/alien.html. this experence and leary talking about using drugs as mircoscopes lead me to think that the waves i have been seeing on acid and shrooms where the waves talked about in quantum physics the ones the observer can affect and that the splinter test can prove it true .i also listined to a song called pearls girl by the underworld on shrooms or lsd where they say the waters ov the dark moon riseing and old man enstine equate equate . if you look at sample saying eqate in the song in a differnt way it says crazy crazy crazy kinda like if you look at the flower ov life sign on www.flowerlife.com you see differnt signs . this song lead me to think the energy that matter is made ov is the same energy you see when you trip . i think that fater the sound the more it fucks with your head when your high the more the splinter will affect on reality . my test was kinda weak compared to the music i listin too . i think whats going on with the sychronictys in trance has do with the beatnik ideal about cuting it up to find the truth . trance techno jungle house and industrail music are all audio cut ups some parts ov or all ov the tracks have the same amount of randomness as a tarot deck reading and info from higherselfs that are connected to the universal mind can get into the music and reflect into reality.also i read on deoxy about how the mushroom gives the shaman a voice and how the shaman will say its not me its the logos . kode iv one ov the 1st psytrance groups made all there songs in 5minutes and made a industrail song called possesion. the othere orginators are goa gil ,the infinity project and manmademan the music will speed up the energy matter is made ov . the faster the energy goes the more effects the splinters will have on reality also the faster the energy goes the faster your mind will have effect on reality. there is a old infinity project track called mind boggler where they keep saying some day this will become an experimental science . raja ram from sphongle is in that group and says on the new sphongle album they will get horny and holy at the same time you ll see (look at the part about nick herb and the pleidians). on 1200 mics and the liquid crystal dvd www.liquidcrhe is talking about groovalogy and how it proves the othere dimensions are true . i 1st heard about nick herbert on the incubula site http://www.incunabula.org/ i got there by clickin on the link on deoxy that says sci fi reality in the part about circuit 6(activated buy shrooms and mescaline and sometimes lsd) in the raw / leary model from the cosmic triger . the incunabula is about and interdimensional traval cult that uses eggs and brain machines to go to othere dimensions . theres a catologe on the incubula site and it say some people will be able to figure this out just buy lookin at the catologe . some where on the site there is a part about attaching yourself to quantum psysics wave to get to anothere dimension and also how you can need to understand chaos magick to do this . right after i did this exercise from nothing in this book is true (the book tool read when making aenima ) i searched for more exercises on the occult search engine and found this site http://www.domin8rex.com/serpent/spirit/grounding.htm . it has a exercise similar to one drunvalo melchizdeck tell to you do in nothing in this book it true . drunvalo teaches to love every one and not to judge people and also talks about how this going to be hard for everyone . so i find this site that created by a dominatrix who is also a witch and also has info about merkaba and i dont judge her and do the exercise the exercise makes a pink egg around you that reflects psychic attacks back to sender as love . when i get possesed by the zeta they take control ov my hand and and enenry comes out and makes fractals around the egg and in the egg what i see looks alot like the pics of the egg on the incubula site . also on the liquid vision dvd theres a part when system 7 talks about how trance beat takes you into a altered state called delta and brain machines can do the same thing when i trip the psytrance it make the waves go crazy . use the music to speed up your body to go as fast the egg by getting possessed by the zeta then increase your will power by doing the exercises in liber e in the crowley libary or some hard yoga posture or the chaos magick exercise where you try to sit still and not blink or move for a hour then use your mind to attach the egg to a wave then use a chaos magick sigil to program the egg to where you want to go . terence mekenna talks about on his web site how there is anothere 3d reality where christianity never happened also on operation terra there is a interesting theory about alerternate 3d realitys jorg in the cover ov lightbeams calls gaia terra . also try to imprint your mind with lsd to time travel and commnitcate telepathly . in the cosmic trigger raw talks about how leary and ram dass imprinted a homosexual and made him straight . the strongest imprint comes at peak . what you want to imprint is circuit 7 . ciruit 7 is activated by lsd and k. shrooms will some times turn on circuit 7 . on the cd 1200 mics (RAJA RAM GROWLING MAD SCIENTIST AKA GMS AND CHICAGO ) there are samples about groovology and every song is named after a differnt drug on the lsd song they keep saying lsd possibly the most important drug in the world ) on the raja ram stash bag cd ( this is raja rams world wide peak set for 2001 ) it start out with samples about telepathic communcation and also has a sample about rediscovering the secert of the present . there is a cd by psychic tv called the peaking hour has hidden messages about time travel and i dont know what else . the singer/programer /bassist Genesis P Orridge(star seed ? ) also made a tape about how to operate your brain with tim leary. there is also a psychic tv dvd called times up live and has a part where they flash on the visual screen in the back increaseing psychic awareness while GPO keeps singing what the hell are we fighting for when i smoke herb and watch i get huge empathic response then they flashes shrooms in the back ground and theN later in the movie he does an song to invoke pan with the master musicains ov jujooka. in the cosmic trigger raw does someThing similar with a lsd john lilly tape and a crowley invoctation and sees a image of pan then rembers past lifes then the next day he starts to telepathicly ccommunticate with siruis. . this site http://www.mp3.com/fredgiannelli has a mp3 by fred giannelli who used to be in psychic tv that keeps saying telepathic on it. shiva space technology - light beams starts out saying your mind is god over and over . on the raja rams stash bag cd there all this stuff about catching waves in the cover(raja riddels) and theres a sample about quantum mechanics on the 1st song . tool said something about learning to swim and also about reading between the lines in the same song. in the interviewer tool says something about the movie stargate and on the site i did the starseed test on http://home.earthlink.net/~pleiadesx/ they talk about a stargate in eygpt and they cant figure out how to get in . so now i think i got to email these people then tell them about the egg and go to egypt .also after i got the ideal about the egg i do bilomancy on the pr some othere splinter test wierd ness involves this i heard some song called evil homergabber and was probaly played at raves with differnt styles of music in othere rooms and also on the cosmosis cd they sample homer simpson this might have something to do with shroomism geting messages from the simpsons which comes on channel 11 where i live and 11 is the number ov the zeta also i played the cosmosis cd on halloween and invoked pan then the next weekend there a image ov pan in the simpsons then i found this quote on a yahoo group " jebus was talkin'bout evolution when he suggested a revolution for
us to let go of matter, so matter would let go of us."
Homer Simpson
. when the a perfect circle cd came out i started to go thru a shadow ov ego death that fits in with the song three libras that has lyrics im a fallen angel i am a tragdy then at one point i email alloya and tell her im going crazy she tells me im going thru the lucifer process she tells me not worry about being crazy or evil . the fragil by nin also has abunch ov mind games about the shadow ov ego death and trent say something like i erase the fear i can disapear.in the new alien project cd aztechno dream there a sample saying the ring has been awoken this might have something do with a perfect circle .there was episode ov south park on to night about the lord ov the rings and i played the cd also on halloween . in the mission ov one star the book alloya wrote she say that adapt can teleport (manwithnoname made a song called teleportation) using the body in dimension 6 . the 6 chakra is the 3rd eye the zeta are connected with the 3rd eye . this probaly has something to do with the mayans vanishing off the face ov the planet too. also i astral projected out ov my body on lsd when listin to 3rd eye by tool and i read about this happening to someone else to on th net . i think if you let the memes of the mission ov one star and cyber craft infect your mind then conduct lsd imprint experiments after already activating circuit 6 and get possesed by the zeta then you might be able to become a superman or superhybrid . right after i got into the mission of one star i found a interveiw on the site that discusses tool they interview limp bizkit they start taking about how much better tool is then there band and how they must be aliens .i did a spell to make a grid around the earth i made it with the same pink energy the egg was made out ov around the time to get rid ov the annucki. it did around the time saturn was visible in the sky around the date 4/20/2002 .the whole mounth ov april 2001 i got i experenced the 420 sychronicty . i read a gnostic web site about how the annucki where jahoova and only the elohim in to old testment are the real word ov the god . in the song the grudge mayanrd sings open up prison cell when saturn ascends choose 1 or 10 hang on or be humbled again . the gnostics beleave reality is a prison created by lucifer and on the site i was read the gnostics beleaved that the annucki where demi urges that kept us in the prison . in the mission ov on star alloya talks about how lucifer created daulity but how she still loves him . i think the only way out ov daulity is non judement think about like atracks like and shamanic view ov the upper, middel and lower world as equal is right way to look at it . also i ve read something by a taoist that says its a mistake to think the pyshical world is evil . i think the prison meta 4 might be usefull to look thru sometimes but at some point you should trancend that reality filter . jesus was probaly a trickter shaman playing a mind game to make you understand how your where blinded by darkness .he might even lie like tool every once in a while to make you think for self . after i did the spell i saw a vision of the lower part ov the part ov the pryimid with the eye burning on the dollar bill burning . the next day on the front page of aol theres a pic of david bowie and it says something about his song slow burn . i also read about how bowie was a gnostic and read a book called psychic self defense by dion fortune (has a eye one the cover that looks alot like the one on the new tool cd) while he was on alot ov drugs then went thru walls into another dimension while making the ziggy star dust album . right around that time i did the spell moby released the song we are all made ov stars with the lyric people they come together people they fall apart(lucifer process code) no one can stop us no we are all made ov stars (lsd imprint experiment) and in the mission ov on star alloya teaches thee exercise about merging with stars and i always do that . also moby and bowie toured togethere in summer i read something some one wrote wrote in a discussin about the song 46 and 2 and they where talking about how bill hicks said something about how when we rise to the top ov the pyrimid 46 and 2 will happen it will be like heaven on earth . theres also a old meat beat manifesto song called radio babalon where they say babablon burning with extacy over and over. i read something on this site about how bill hicks was abucted by aliens when he was on shrooms . when you grow shrooms you see a web in the casing kinda like the zeta web and alot ov people see what they call carinval faces in a brightly colored web on shrooms . the zeta are the cosmic jokers in the pack. i think the line in the fragile about how everything is a whole lot safer once we learn to find a way out has something to do with this too. i did a clairvoance exercise in october 2001 and got visions of a globe with with a grid around globe and a celtic peace/proctective sign and didnt know what i ment and i just knew what to do when was on shrooms in april did and then found the pics i drew ov the grid after the spell and it was simalar to what i visualized on shrooms . then a song by one ov the members ov infected mushroom i think it was under the name shidopao called power ov the celtic and infected mushroom did anothere one with a sample saying aliens infected us it about time we infected them . also i never told shroomism i did the spell and he said the annucki changed . t every once in a while i catch a huge wave by accident with my astral body when i trip or tok but i alway freak out and end up in my body . i think to train your self for this you would probaly want to go on a bunch ov rollar coasters tripin and it would be easyer i think if i could do it by will instead ov it just sudenly happening . also the zeta are the systembusters and in the cosmic trigger in the part about the 23 enigma it says 23 means bust in some kind ov code . then the matrix revolution movie is coming out in 2003 which 2003 is 23 with zeros in it . and i was trying to make a double cd ov jungle and breaks the 1st cd was going to be called the inner revolution then the next cd the outer revolution right before i got attacked by the annucki . also read the omega section on deoxy read the part about how many tribes beleave we fell from a higher world and think ov the tao side ways with the darkness at the bottom the white part at the top , the seed ov light in the darkness the kali yuga and lucifer lord ov darkness and bringer of light falling from another dimension. also this is why experiments with the 6th circuit are illegal to publish in a peer reviewed scientific journal and why all the drugs that activate the upper circuits are illegal. pEac L-ov-E and Light .also read Quantum Dynamics of Morphing Psy ~ Trance ~ Formations on http://www.gaianxaos.com/

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: imstoned420]
    #1054099 - 11/14/02 10:13 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

I  can , in good faith, suggest MystressSerpent's site :smile:

She is a wonderful person..very helpful as well.....
any questions on Kundalini....she can answer as well.



Try not to let your mind wander...It is too small and fragile to be out by itself

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: MystrysAbsynth]
    #1054985 - 11/15/02 06:37 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Nice to see you around. :smile:

Yeah, that website's visualizations have been very helpful to me in the past. 

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: imstoned420]
    #1059428 - 11/17/02 01:27 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

I just now took the time to actually read all of that.  :ooo:

PS- I got an 81 on that starseed test.  :grin: 

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1059701 - 11/17/02 05:49 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Thanks for that! You really made my day/morning :smile: Inspirational stuff. 

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Re: Interview with Maynard James Keenan (1996) [Re: Adamist]
    #1059704 - 11/17/02 06:01 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

I got a 98 on the starseed test  :crazy: 


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