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Registered: 06/17/02
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post by someone else on a different forum...
    #892175 - 09/18/02 08:54 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

This is kinda sorta long, but I actually made it all the way through :wink:

i thought it was interesting and i wanted to share it and see what the rest of you thought...

I've had a 'kundalini' awakening in mid januari, I made a ton of posts and checked stuff about it etc on other forums, and I'm not planning to post it all again.
Thursday I got the kundalini to rise to the 6th chakra and activate it. That's the latest so far.
What this post is about is my take on many things, a sort of compilation how stuff works.
Some of these things I just 'know', it's like a concept/relationship enters your mind. Perhaps that's what ment with 'gnosis'. Others I think I figured them out by relating stuff.
And yeah, I'm well aware that most of these 'knowings' can be false, but imo it's some unconscious part of me that uses learnt/conditioned experiences and language to show me things.
(Just like channeling is unreliable and frmo the same origin imo)

Anyway, here goes:

You have one thing.
Oneness and allness.
This one thing splits, it sort of emanates and enlarges.
In 2-D, it becomes a circle with a dot in the middle(the ancient symbol for the sun or god btw). You retain the dot as the central core, but you get many circles around it.
In 3-D, that would become a sphere, but imagine it in 2-D, easier to convey the insight, remember it can and is in more than 2 dimensions.

(sidenote for later in this post: one dot[geometry] which is male and mind, many circles which are female and multiple, just like in nature one male and many females)

When you extend the dot to form a line, the circle becomes a spiralling coil around it.
This not only happens in one direction, but in many possible directions(4 directions only in 2-D).
The spiralling coil is 2 ways, thus it becomes a vortex of 2 polarities, a clockwise whirling spiral, and a counterclockwise whirling spiral.

The dot that becomes a line(cube/more), can become many geometric structures.

This is the Male aspect of the one thing, the Mind.

The circle that becomes a spiralling coil[/sphere/torus?/more, keeping it 2D], has different aspects to it, depending on the 'frequency' of the spiral - how fast it whirls, the length of the intervals between turns and the width/height of one 'turn'(just imagine wavemotion in spiral fashion), and the polarity(clock or counterclockwise). A bit like the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is the 'Female' aspect of the one thing, The Energy.

Like in the Caduceus, the twin serpents of Form and Force.

Ok suppose now you have a big square.
(just using a square as an example, I don't refer to the mind aspect here)
This one square is the One thing.
It is subdivided in 4 equal squares.
Divide these 4 subsquares even further, ad infinitum.
It's not only squares, but it becomes many geometric forms.
The aim is to get all regular and perfectly orderly structured.

Imagine it being 'layers', just like you would hold a mirror in front of another mirror. In fact it is all one thing, but with emanations embedded into each other.

Now, here's the hard part to explain.

When all the layers, made of squares in my example, are all 'filled up' with -regular- geometric forms, every layer will be aware of the other layers' existence.
When it is not 'properly' filled up, and there are 'misfits' or gaps in a layer, this layer will not be aware of other layers and need to perfect/complete itself.

You can divive a square into 4 regular triangles(ie by the 2 diagonals) That's okay.
You can also divide one half of it into a rectangle, and the other half into regular triangles. That's also okay.
But you can't divide it into forms with a left over 'open space/gap' in which no regular form fits. Then you have a disruption.

Every 'layer' has a seperate consciousness and awareness, defined by it's complexity, and the subsequent energy that is attracted to it(more about that later).
It's about resonance and the same forms, a bit like magickal theories talk about.

These layers can become very very complex.
Everything is a function of these layers.
All life, all matter.

When 2 layers are EQUIVALENT, they share the -same- consciousness and are one awareness.
When they are HARMONIOUS, they are aware of each other but with a -seperate- consciousness.

Equivalent can be a big and a small square, but both are squares. They are the same, just each on a different layer. So they have the same consciousness and awareness, because they are identical on that layer.
Harmonious can be a square divided into 8 other squares, and a square divided into 2 rectangles, with both being encompassed into a greater square motif. They are different, but both share a greater square.

That's a bit how global/sub/un/self consciousness is generated/works.
Everything is a complex 'pattern', with a micro and macrocosm in itself, which in fact are all reflections and structurings of oneness.

Ok back to the energy.

The movement of the 2 polarities of energy(yin ang yang, luna & sol, etc) creates a structure/pattern.
This pattern has a level of awareness depending on it's complexity like I previously tried to explain.
Depending on it's level of awareness, it can guide and direct the energies into harmony.
Thus, the mind is generated by the energy's balance.

It is the female aspect, the energy, that creates the mind's pattern at first.
In mystic terms:
'The females births the male, which in turn will later make the female reach to heaven and improve it, just like in nature'

It goes from Chaos into Order.

When the structure/pattern is harmonized, by the action of it's mind guiding the energy, according to the principle of the layers, it produces an offspring around/underneath it, a 'new' layer.
A kind of emanation.

In that manner, the complexity of the awareness keeps increasing.

Now, when new offspring/layer is born, it starts off as imperfection and has to work towards perfection.

Every kind of geometric mind structure attracts a specific kind of energy.
'Female is attracted by the male'
Thus complex mind patterns can produce different energetic results depending on their structural form.

I think the study of sacred geometry is about that.

So, the whole universe appears to be a complex interwoven energy/structure thing.
It forms strucures in the heavens in the macrocosm, and also as matter in the microcosm.
Imo, astrology is about that, astro-logos, study of the working of the logos in the heavens. Heavenly sacred geometry, studying the kind of energy emanated by studying the structures in heaven.
The logos/word is another word for the mind's working imo, sound and structure are interrelated.
There is the origin of the so called 'world grid'. Since the earth is a macrocosmic structure.

It's well known that many ancient holy sites were placed on intersection points of this world grid. This was done to tap the energy, because at these intersections energy seems to go up/down into the earth to link with underlying structures or something.

Ok, in us humans now.

We can use the mind to perceive and find harmony.
The mind can perceive polarities, knowledgeof good and evil.
It can either choose a polarity, judging.
Or chose balance.
'Judging', will result in an appropriate counter reaction.
The aim is to balance, to harmonize.
If you keep 'judging' or choosing polarities, and not harmonize, you remain bound in the this world of duality and imperfection.
What you think of, what you act about, all creates a certain pattern.
Every pattern attracts appropriate energy.

When your mind has succeeded in harmonizing itself or yourself, on every aspect, physical, mental, etc, you can attract the primal (earth?) energy, and create a new offspring, as the coitus of the structure and energy will create a new 'emanation/layer', in simple tems.
(That' what is ment with kundalini shakti imo, coiled up fiery energy, coiled up/fiery being a metaphor for latent energy which can 'rise/awaken/be aroused' when the mind/pattern is appropriate)
(And why shiva/male mind is the lord of destruction; mind can think up a pattern and thus destroy and change old patterns and so disrupt the energetic flux which bound them into matter/subtler things)

This physical world/universe is a world of duality and imperfection where everything strives towards harmony.
Currently we are in a 'male' phase, ie we need to use the mind.
Our current self awareness is generated by the body's complexity, primarily in the brain.
And it's still imperfect, thus unaware of underlying consciousnesses.
Animals have less complex body/brain structures, and so lesser mindpower and ability to guide energy(free will). This depends on the kind of animal etc.
Natural selection is a process where the smartest male (as an example in primates) impregnates all the females, to produce a more 'structured/complex' offspring.
(One male for many females again, just like there is one 'dot', and one father in heaven, but many 'cirlces' and kinds of energetic aspects of the heavenly mother)
(Notice how ancient peoples like the egyptians kings and abraham in the bible, and primates practiced/preferred reproduction with halfsisters of the same father/different mother, same thing, one father many mothers)

Self-ego consciousness currently is a function of the body. It needs to become 'fixed' and no longer bound to duality, which makes it fragile to destruction. When it is harmonized, it no longer has 'disruptions' that can destroy it. What we call the atoms(which imo are just structured energetic bindings) then become saturated, and no longer have 'disruptions' which can make wrong fitting energy pass/force it's way through - the energy then sort of skips these atoms.

Male is a function of straightness, one goal, order.
Female is a function of multitudeness, multiple things at once, chaos.
(Of course everything is a combination of these 2.)

So, when the mix of male and female energies comes together, you create new 'life/things'.
Physical life is created by the coitus of the sex organs and fluids/matter.
Higher order 'life' is created by the inner coitus of the mind and the energy.
When you harmonize yourself(remember not just mentally), you open up all the chakras, since each is related to an aspect of the mind's perception of harmony and can attract the appropriate aspect of 'female' energy. When the chakras are all opened and the body's energy circuit is open, they can use the body's resources to create the 'perfected atoms' appropriate for each chakra.
And orme gold seems to be a shape which is completely perfect in a certain main layer.
(Pythagoreans said the dodecahedron is the symbol for fire, and the icosahedron for water. Coincidentally Dan Winter claims orme gold's structure is a dodecahedron imbedded inside an icosahedron, and the earth's energy grid seems to be the same too. Maybe a reason why matter can be radioactive too, higher structures than gold/the earth's structure break down to match the earth's and release energy. And also, in the gospel it is written one must be born of water and spirit-which is also fire, born of gold?)

So, when the body becomes 'flooded' with these 'perfected atoms' (ormes), it gradually becomes more and more aware of the other 'layers' and immortalized.

The imo natural way to harmonize yourself on the energetic level is by falling in love.
When you fall in love, with a person, a thing, anything, you attract that energy because you want it/need it.
The more you 'saturate' yourself with that energy, the less you will be interested in it, and in the end, you will attain a state of balance.

Now feelings that keep you from attaining balance are negative feelings, they bind you to duality.
Energy can only be gotten when you give/send out some first, to keep a state of balance of polarities of both energies.
So if you desire something outside of yourself, you can only get it when you send out energy yourself, but then you will get a counter reaction.
Thus, the only way to perfection is by changing your own pattern, to attract energy yourself which you want, and not change what you don't like.
Everything that is a 'want' keeps you from harmony, because it means you still need something.
That's also why the crown chakra is related to gold, to open the crown chakra one must be free of all wants.

So in fact, you are your own god, and there is a higher god, it's all a matter of these 'layers' and hierarchies.

And it's only by introspection, finding harmony and balance with everything and especially with the 'tao/universal working' that one evolves.
And you can only find the 'father' when you become perfect like he is, if you know what I mean, since he's birthed you and he has to be perfect, and thus it also 'pleases the father' when the son finds the father, because it means another aspect has perfected itself.

Uhh, that's it, I can't recall anything more atm that's specifically important and related to it.

Yeah, it's a lot of philosophy, and probably/likely a lot wrong but I gotta do something with my free time
Originally posted by satax
@ http://www.ormus.ws/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=28

he also replied to himself a couple times and added some more thoughts in, if you found this interesting at all you might want to follow the link and read the rest.


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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: Smack31]
    #892450 - 09/19/02 01:40 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

WTF, this is something out of my own head...

I'm serious.
Does this person visit the Shroomery?

:heartpump: { { { ṧ◎ηḯ¢ αʟ¢ℌ℮мƴ } } } :heartpump:

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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: Smack31]
    #893113 - 09/19/02 09:14 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

Good Heavens Smack, how in the world does a moderator have free time?  I don't have enough spare time to read his post let alone reply to it.

I must be doing something wrong. :smile:

From what I read of it, it looked very interesting.


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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: Smack31]
    #893156 - 09/19/02 09:30 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

i dig that, thanks for the post

if you can't find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

this is the purpose

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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: Adamist]
    #893363 - 09/19/02 10:43 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

i thought about you when i read it... i remember replying to your very first post about your kundalini awakening... and i thought maybe that happened to me during my dxm nightmare, i just couldn't handle it...
thanks for sharing, smack! may i ask in which forum that was posted?


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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: Smack31]
    #893405 - 09/19/02 11:04 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

Nice post. Though it is a little hard to follow.... :smirk:

Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.

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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: In(di)go]
    #893512 - 09/19/02 12:02 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

>may i ask in which forum that was posted?

some alchemy forum... there's a link at the bottom of the post.

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Re: post by someone else on a different forum... [Re: Smack31]
    #893533 - 09/19/02 12:14 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)



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