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first trips
    #798784 - 08/05/02 09:22 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

this is the night of my first acid trip october 31st when i was 13.... when i was a hoodlum.

me and my friend gary were going to go to a rave but didnt have the money to get in, 20$ each. this was my first(of three) and was garys second rave. this took place on the hill in boulder. so were on the hill and gary sees a friend from his getto neighborhood that happens to sell acid. so we go into the alley and we both get 2 hits. the way we got the money from this was stealing cd's from a car and selling them to a cd shop, i regret that to this day. anyways after we got the acid we had a couple bucks left and decided to bye some oj from circle k. then we went over to the root, where the rave was that night, and we went around the back by where we jacked the cd's and realise there's a back door to the root which happened to be unlocked. so we went in before the rave started and acted like we were helping set up the rave, which we actually did. so they let us stay. after a while the "rave" started and it stated to get crowded. so were just walking around ( not yet tripping( i dont think)) and this chick asks if were looking for doses. we say "yup" and get a few more. then we see the guy who sold usacid the first time and he says "im trippen balls" and we ask if we can have some more acid, he said yes and then he puts a fucken puddle in each of our hands. i put it in my mouth then held it there for a while. after a while i spit half of it out cause i didnt think it would be cool to eat that much acid my first time. so then we go sit down and and i say "look, theres people smoking weed our left, theres people smoking weed on our right, and there's people practicly fucking on ex right in front of us." thats when a bowl got passed to us. so i wasnt really tripping till i smoked a bowl or 2. then we went up under the counter where they sell drinks, candy and glow sticks and i steal the glowsticks from the jackolantern then i reach up and grab a "sobe orange" (yes we were hoodlums) and we go to the chill room we finish that of and figure out that it's 11:30 and i was suposed to be home at 10. so we leave and as were walking down the hill i see, i didnt know it at the time, a line of riot police at the bottom of the street just blocking it with there shelds and bats and black gear. i didnt know what the hell was going on so i walked right up to one of them and bring my face real close for about 5 seconds to see what the hell it was, and then he says "MOVE ALONG" i guess my brain just didnt connect what i was seeing to what it was. i flinch and move my head back and said "WOOOAA" then i went around like the other people on the street. apperently there was a riot on the hill while we were inside. so we go to a pay phone and i ask my mom to give me a ride home since i missed the bus and she got all pissed of for waking her up and making her lazy ass come get me so late. the whole ride home she didnt know i was tripping bud niether did i, i thought it was the pot for some reason.

anyone wanna post their first trip?

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #798876 - 08/05/02 10:16 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

Well, i was housesitting and i knew it would be a good chance to try some shrooms for my first time. My friend(who had done it once already) really wanted to come over and do shrooms with me. For some reason, i let him talk me into doing 4 grams with him(dried) for my first time. They were pretty good shrooms too. We also smoked some very strong pot. He had rented a porno and we also had an xbox with doa 3 and halo. This place which i'm looking after also has a hot tub and air hockey table. Well, at around 9:30 my friend made a tea out of his(only 3 grams) and was VERY SLOWLY drinking it(and eatin the shrooms in the tea). around 10:00 i made a slushie type drink with all of my 4 grams in it. I drank/ate it in about 15 minutes. at around 10:20 my friend finished most, but not all, of his drink and he proceeded to roll a roach joint. 10:25pm we went outside and smoked the fat joint. I came back inside and as soon as i came back into some light...WHAM!!! i felt the most weirdest(at the time) feeling i have ever felt. I walked into the other room where my other friend(who was sober all night) was on the computer. I was acting very hyper and was laughing a lot, etc. He just kept telling me how 'fucked' i was. I was worried that i did just to much for my first trip, so you can imagine...bad trip started there. i really tried to tell myself that it was just the drugs and it would go away...but didn't work very well. there was a few points in the trip where i wasn't worried about 'how much i took, what my breathing was like, what my heart was doing, etc'...and i proceeded to play some xbox. I basically just kept following my friends as they did their thing(watched a porno, played xbox, played air hockey). I didn't even get to listen to music on this trip(i bet that would have made a better setting and i would have been better). Eventually, my friend convinced me in the 'coming down' stage, that it was over. For some reason my mind finally relaxed. We went in the hot tub for like an hour or two. We got out and went to sleep. And after that night i REALLY wanted to do shrooms again...cause even though i had, for the most part, a bad trip...i still enjoyed it...the experience of being on a psychedelic drug for the first time. I did it again a few more times...and i have found something i LOVE. Mushrooms are the best!

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Re: first trips [Re: juicemonkey]
    #803245 - 08/07/02 07:15 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

i dont know if i would call my first acid trip a real first trip even though i was tripping. my second first trip was a lot better. it was filled with very interesting thoughts and philosophy and i learned more about me and my friends. i was also saying " we're on the outside of an inside-out cube" trying to explain what that ment to my friends.

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Earth BoundMisfit

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #805979 - 08/09/02 12:20 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

My first psychedelic trip was on LSD.. and it was one crazy night!
We dropped the hits at 9.30pm and half the city blacked out at 11 !! (
There was no power the whole night.. and although the weather was amazing ... we couldn't get any music!!

But it sure was a very intense trip..and that's when I discovered how trippy candles can be!! Been hooked onto them since!!

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ganja ghanstah
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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #810320 - 08/11/02 07:36 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

first time i did shrooms i took like 3 grams dried. was with like 2 friends and were watching tv, i went onto the floor to get more comfterable, and got up, wanting to get something from the fridge. my friend who was recording it all, followed me. So i open up the fridge, pour some oj and put the carton back in the fridge. Apparently he was hiding in the corner or something (sketchy fuck HEH) but uhm like i was walking back through the hallway, and back to the room, and he goes 'BOO#!%$#!%$#@', and i freaked out, dropped the cup (luckily it was plastic), and ran right into a wall, smack into it, and fell on the ground. we all found it pretty damn funny, cept my head hurt for a couple of hours and i thought i was gonna die HEH.
but its funny as hell now to watch it.


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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #812891 - 08/12/02 12:19 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

My first acid trip was crazy. Only time I've ever gotten ahold of LSD. My friend and I dropped around 8pm and tripped out until about 7 in the morning. We started watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas just to pass the time. We started tripping 2 hours in and I dropped my 2nd hit, so did my friend. Then it hit hard, right after the 2nd hit, and I knew the 2nd one didnt even kick in yet. My other friend and his girlfriend ate some ecstasy and he got on my nerves - he wanted to play staind which was quite depressing. Anyhow we tripped all night, waundered aorund, all of us took a trip to the gas station - where we hung out for a little before going in. When were were outside, right before going in. We saw this HUGE bug, it looked like a dragonfly, only it wasnt, it was real big and had these huge pinchers on the front of it. It was probably 6 inches in length... My friend stomped on it, but it lived, so he stomped on it a few more times and it died. It was gonna die anyway though cause it was twitching on the ground. Scared the shit outta me! Anyway, we returned to out place and their was a hottub, that was fun to play near. I never got in, but threw some glowsticks in their and when I drained it it felt like I was being sucked into the swirl of water. My friend came out of the bathroom to discover me gripping the metal handlebar leaning over the swirl watching it. We watched the matrix somewhere in their too, most of it at least, listened to Tool, and went outside and staired at the sky. I kept thinking it was amazing to see so many patterns everywhere. I saw so many patterns and stuff in the sky.

I recorded the whole thing on tape, but havnt ever listened to it. I'd like to someday.

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Oh shit i realydid it this time
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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #819200 - 08/16/02 02:38 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

My first trip was a shroom trip,
I was 15 years old. (1994)
IMO shrooms where a nature product so it couldnt be a heavy drug.
Boy what was i wrong....
I ate 3 grams @ home , 2 of my friends where there also.
I ate the 3 grams and felt nothing yet..
I went to the living room leaving my friends in my room to speak to my parents.
I set down with them and talked about what i was goin to do that night.
All of a sudden.....the shroomy's kicked in and hard!
I couldnt speak to my parrents any more and sayd that i had to go now.....
i called my two buddy's to come and we went outside to a park ....
Wow man what a beautifull time i had....

Well thats my first experience with the little one's


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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #820551 - 08/16/02 12:01 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

I wasn't very smart in choosing when to first experiment with mush. I was in my first year of college and myself and a couple of classmates were at a hockey game and had decided, as one guy lived not too far from the arena, to dose in the later part of the third period. We had hoped that they would kick in on the walk home, it was mid-march so it wasn't too cold out so we all agreed that this was a good idea. I don't know how much I ate but what I do know is that it kicked in way too early, the game was still going and it seemed could even go to overtime. An NHL arena with 18,000 screaming fans, bright lights and, loud noises was probably not the best place to be, I became very paranoid and very worried. My classmates, having more experience in these matters decided it was time to take me home. the walk home on the other hand was very enjoyable. We got to the house and just sat around listening to music. It was a good end to a very interesting night.

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #821491 - 08/16/02 04:33 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

my first trip was in drug central...amsterdam! i use to live overseas w/ my parents and we were coming home for x-mas one yr and the air line fucked up and booked too many ppl for the flight so they asked us if we would fly 1 day later and they would provide 2 hotel rooms free in amsterdam and an extra $500 each...so of course 1 day later didnt matter much to us so we took it...once we got to amsterdam we got the 2 room keys and i got my own room...little did i, or my parents know i got a suit! so it was pretty bad ass and i had been walking around the city for awhile w/ my dad and had seen they sold mushrooms in shops...so later once my parents went to bed i went back out and bought 3g's of some kind of mushrooms...i headed back up to my room and had no idea what to expect or how much to dose so i only eat about 2 or 3 stems and waited...nothing...so i eat the rest of the bag and waited...finally it started kicking in and it amazed me...the blindes in my room had flowers on them and they would move back and forth and were such an intense bright color...i started looking at things like my hands, couch, ect. and they were all breathing...at one point i started talking to my pillow even though it wouldnt respond to anything i said but i gave it a shot anyways...the whole trip lasted for about 5-6 hours but even when all the visuals were gone and everything was back to normal i still couldnt sleep but it was ok because i had about another 6 or 7 hour flight back to canada and figured i would be able to sleep on the plain.

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #826809 - 08/18/02 09:07 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

my 1st acid trip was kinda sucky. my friend was pissing me off the whole time asking me if i was tippin yet and it pissed me off. that put me in teh worst trip. everything kept scaring me. i still think acid is great tho i love seeing trails and colors =)

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Re: first trips [Re: celestialtripper]
    #845489 - 08/26/02 09:54 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

My first trip, was with mushrooms i was at a party the night before and a girl i never met said shes hook me up for 25$ when she offerd me xtac that night and i said no cause i belive that drug is dumb. anyway she came to my house the next day and stopped infront of my house. she showed me the bag witch looked a good 5-7 grams. dark orange round caps, with blue swirled trhoughout the stems. she told me "Ok here they are I dont want you to eat a whole bag of these, cause my friend got these for me. And he says these are extreamly potent." since she knew it was my first time. Anyway me and my friend smoked a jay before we went to, what our town called the "420 tower" cause it had 420 graffitied on it and you could see it as you enterd the town from the canyon from idaho. anyway we climb half way at about 9-10 pm.

When we where half way up we saw a cop car just below us. And it is illegal to go where we where going. when we had 6 grams of dried mushrooms. and a half o of weed. so we freaked out and hid. he went away to see what he was doing and shortly after we climbed back down. we ate half and half and left.
10 mineuts after. we traveld down what our town calls "canyon road" it has trees on both sides and as i looked at them i saw stuff. in the first tree i looks at i saw the marshmellow man. saw something in the corner of my eye and saw the chesser cat, glanced again and saw rats falling out of a tree. i turn around and a car honks it horn at me. I FREAK OUT. and run across the road. by this time my friend was 50 feet ahead of me so i caught up..

after this i forgot what happend, until i found myself witch looked to me like a willow tree underpass. later finding out just a normal pass. I thought we where on the same road we left on. but where we half way across town. into a hippies house. i walk in and there is tie dye all over. and the house of my dreams. no more visuals really just major major trippin. nothing compaired or even will explain my thoughts and way of being at that point of time. im sure you all know what im talking about. my friend thought we hated his dogs. but i loved em and i wanted to pet them. and it killed me i couldnt touch them. by the time we left his house i got to play with be with his dogs and what not. but anyway I had a tottal loss of time and i felt like i was this hippies brother. and ive known him since i was little. i stared at a clock for 2 hours thinking it was only 10 mineuts. they didnt touch me they said cause theve stared at the same clock. so i guess that clock rules. and i want to go there agian. we left later seemed like i was still peeking. these shrooms had to be some kind of godly substance. we thought. they took us in there car. and i got in there car. and i mad a funny remark. "I wish your car looked like your house" and they all laughed but at the time i really ment it. and i felt kinda sad they laughed.

they drove us to my friends house. we got out and his brother comes running out of his backyard. me and my friend where scethen like waho whoa. whats going on. after that we went to a party. and there was a good 40-50 people in a small apartment i thought. my friend knew some epople and told them we where on shrooms. and he told him he got them with me. they all gatherd around me like a hoard and asked me if i had more and where i got them. i just ran away not saying anything. i wa scared for a moment. then it wore off sortly when i saw a bong in the next room it was tobacco tho apple tobacco. people looked at me and said what the fuck are you on. and i was just like im shroomen. and i knew half of them so they where like hahahahahah cool. we left after some guy kicked us out cause we wernt 18. so we back to his house in the back yard. and stared at each other in the pure black. this is where i started to hillucinate like a mother fucker. i saw all this colerization and patterns falling down his face like matrix. he went to go inside and the color left with him. he wanted to play video games. i tried and jsut couldnt. the pad felt like gush and the tv screen looked like just a bunch of colros swirled together making some sort of nothing to me.....

i wanted to goto sleep since its been like 8 hours since we ate them. but they where still going strong it felt. i closed my eyes and patterns and colors klideiscope type stuff with water waves and swirls. i fell asleep a hour after seeing nothing but that. and woke up still feeling the muchrooms. not remembering how i got to his couch and into the next room. And that was the best experiance ive ever had.

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #846224 - 08/27/02 07:45 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

my first trip was some weeks ago
I took my village 5 grams of psilocybe cubensis and I said myself thats the best place to trip.Its a beautifull village, with clean fresh air, lots of sunny and rainy days - perfect weather.
One day, at 4.00 I suddenly decided to trip.I had been planning it for a long time cause I think of shroom trip at something sacred.I had some time convincing my brother to come ( 11 ) and we took lots of water,some eating things, LOOOTZ of ragga I had prepared disks especially for the trip, naming them ragga trip1 ragga trip2 ragga trip3 etc .I chosed a field that will be lighted by the sSun until it goes down, cause the Sun is one of the things I believe in, as well as Nature .I ate 2 grams and started feeling the effects within 30-40 minutes.I felt a little confused ( !? ) but was laughing sssssooooooooooooooooo much.It was so funny, I enjoyed the Nature and Sun even more I normally do, listening to MAD RAGGA,drinking lots of water,eating nothing .I took the shrooms with water ( they were blended ) by putting some in my mouth and then consuming them with the water.1-2 hours after ingesting I was fealing really GREAT! and had two visuals - one a tree mushrooms I looked over opened and closed , and than when I was lieing on the fresh great grass, it started to breathe.The Sun acompanied my trip and after 3 hours of ingesting I smoked a nice spliff I rolled.This was a GANJA - I mean a really nice weed.After smoking it I didnt literally stopped laughing till the end of the night.SO MANY FUN THINGS HAPPENED !





Cuba Libre

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Re: first trips [Re: T0aD]
    #853636 - 08/30/02 05:22 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

nice pics.

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #854201 - 08/31/02 12:19 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

thankz :laugh:

Cuba Libre

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Re: first trips [Re: T0aD]
    #855085 - 08/31/02 02:18 PM (18 years, 2 months ago)

Yeah you look like you woulda had lots of fun.

That forrest/lawn area looks like a giant visual playground.

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Re: first trips [Re: T0aD]
    #856788 - 09/01/02 11:32 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

You look like you're 14 -_^

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Re: first trips [Re: ShroomNewb]
    #856796 - 09/01/02 11:37 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

i am :smirk:

Cuba Libre

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Re: first trips [Re: ]
    #856846 - 09/01/02 11:59 AM (18 years, 2 months ago)

my first trip was a mushroom trip - and an unexpected one at that. if you care to read it, check out:

That Distant Memory, which eventually led to one of my best/first public trip, and if you wanna check that one out, click on this:
Abnormal Fun Stuff??, and that leads me to my first experience with acid, which was just a few days ago, if you'd like to check that one out:
LSD: Things Considered


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