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Registered: 07/26/02
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Psilocybe cubensis [indean, gulf caost] alien cakes, in hydropod.
    #780927 - 07/27/02 07:00 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)


Long time lurker and mad scientist, 1st time poster- hope it?s right the 1st time. {Posted for a friend).

Components of grow:

a) Desktop Hydrapod model, available from Mycotek
b) 1 pint wide mouth Kerr jars
c) filter disks
d) Alien Substrate Tek - Formula, updated version (It was the newer version listed on the alientek.iwarp.com site before it was taken down.)
e) 2 spore syringes- 1 PF?s Indian, 1 Gulf Coast from 3Mshroom (no longer available for purchase)
f) Pressure cooker

Background/experience of cultivator:

Logical is a long time reader and cultivator, who has had most experience with inert casing (vermiculite) and whole grains than any other method. He has been largely unsuccessful with cake cultures, and turned to casing early on. (He could never get a cake to fruit more than once, and had less than great results in general.) He prefers using Alien Tek Substrate when starting cakes- as it is nice to work with and also has had the best results with. He has used PF style substrates in the past, but does not like the flour component as compared to using whole grain (rice for Alien Tek). He prefers birdseed/millet to rye/wheat grain when using quart jars (wet spot is a constant issue). Logical has never used anything more than a plastic bin as a terrarium (and has used both plain perlite, perlite with a bubbler, and cool mist humidifier variations of the plastic bin terrarium). He has tried and failed at using bulk grains as spawn to castings/straw (lost every attempt to mold or lack of colonization). He makes his own syringes, does agar work when necessary/desirable, and has bought premade syringes from vendors a few times. He has no experience with anything but cubensis. He was intrigued enough to purchase a hydra-pod, as Logical has much less time lately for cultivation hobbies, and bought it primarily because of the "maintainance-free" aspect.

Notes on Substrate/Colonization:

Logical did not take photos of the jar colonization, but jars were made using UPDATED Alien Tek Formula (not the one listed on the Shroomery). Logical used the wide mouth Kerr type jars, so he was not able to fit as many cakes as had been prepared (only 8 would fit with enough room for fruiting). He assumes that thinner pint jars would mean more cakes possible in the pod, but had these so used them. Jars were covered with a dry verm layer, fitted with a filter disk, and pressure cooked for 30 minutes. Jars were then inoculated "open air" style, 4 pint jars per 10cc syringe.

Note on syringes:

Logical had older syringes from vendors that had not been used- the syringe from PF was about 6 to 9 months old, while the syringe from 3Mshroom was quite a bit older. (The 3Mshroom syringe was bought when he was still in business). He wanted to try "vendor products" only for this grow- no home syringe making.

Notes on Incubation:

Jars were incubated IN the hydrapod while it was running. This wasn?t done for any particular reason, except that Logical has found that filter disks without lids tend to dry the substrate. He hypothesized that the humid environment of the hydrapod would be suitable for filter disk incubation. He also wanted to run the pod empty to monitor rh and temperatures, as well as the general method and work of the pod. Jars were fully and overly colonized in 3-4 weeks, with the 3Mshroom cakes taking a little longer. Logical figured it was because of the age of the spores. Only one jar was lost to contamination (cobweb/black spore), likely because of the "open air" inoculation and not due to the spore solution. Every inoculation point was colonized.

Some of the bottom of the jars would not colonize. They were birthed when it was determined no more growth would occur (and one jar had a bit of green on the uncolonized part.) These parts were cut off. It was determined upon birth that the spots had become too moist for the mycelia to colonize the whole grains of rice and quinoa.

Logical was worried that the cakes may contaminate, since it "looked" like much of the bottom part of the cakes were too wet to be fully colonized in the jar. The lower eighth of the cakes were wispy compared to the vigorous growth on the rest of the cake. However, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that a day after the jars were birthed into the pod, the wispy/little colonized parts began to grow vigorously and eventually covered the parts he was concerned about. No further contamination has been spotted on any cake, even the cake that had a hint of green mold on one uncolonized spot.

Notes on Hydrapod:

The Hydrapod is run in the hands-off method it was bought for. It?s water content is checked every week, and runs almost silently. No add-ons were used (no water heater, no extra bubbler). No fanning, no misting, nothing is done to the pod that did not come in the box it was shipped in. This is intentional: it is possible that adding a larger or second bubbler may be necessary due to air exchange concerns noted below or that a higher temperature may have sped up colonization of jars. But Logical wanted to have a "control" run to see the results first, and tweak them afterwards. This is his 1st attempt with using the Hydra-pod. The temps ranged from 70 to 85, as the ambient temperature of the room controlled the pod?s temperature. It generally remained at 72 degrees so far.


Here are the photos of the pinning cakes, birthed into the hydrapod approximately 1.5-2 weeks ago. Logical kept the rh in the pod very high the 1st several days in order to allow for the cakes to fully colonize, and reduced after they were done. They have been in "fruiting mode" for about 3-6 days now.

Some cakes look uneven on their tops- the result of cutting away uncolonized substrate that has grown over.

Top view of pod with top off. The 3 cakes with toothpicks inserted are the Gulf Coasts (lower right), the 4 without toothpicks are PF?s Indian. The Indians look larger than the Gulf Coasts, but the Gulf Coasts are more prolific and are fruiting very vigorously from all sides of the cakes.

Side view of pod: PF?s Indian on left, 3 Gulf Coasts on right. Mycelia has grown onto the toothpicks approximatly 1/2".

Another side view of pod, better angle. Easy to see the difference in strains: Indian fruits less but larger, Gulf Coasts fruit more but smaller. Time will tell the difference as they are just pins. It also may tell which "type" of strain is best suited for the pod- if the larger fruits do well in a somewhat close environment, and if the many fruits of the smaller strains will eventually mature into full specimens (and not abhort/be stunted because of their numbers.)

Macro shot of cake, up close. Gulf Coast strain. Many pins, a lot of potential. Too soon to tell what result, but Logical?s feeling is that few will abhort (and if they do, it is because of too many pins). But none so far on any cake.

Another macro shot of (another) cake. Indian strain. Logical noticed that the Indian cakes seem to pin more at the bottom half of the cake, where the Gulf Coast cakes tend to pin from all sides. And that the Indians are larger.

Top view of Indian cake, 2 broken veils. These 2 were harvested after the shot to avoid sporulation in the pod. Total wet weight was 32 grams, 15 & 17 respectively. Logical will try to keep a running tally on the harvest weight, for grow log purposes.

Final shot, Indian on left, 2 Gulf Coasts on right. (PLEASE NOTE EDITED CHANGE! Position was listed incorrectly - fixed 8/12/02.)

Comments on Grow So Far:

a) Logical would not use pint jars as they take too long to colonize as compared to 1/2 pints, and take up too much room in the pod in general (wide mouths). He believes this extra time was the reason why water was allowed to over saturate the bottom grains, slowing and halting full colonization. It could also have been the humid environment of the Hydra-pod. Instead, he would double-stack 1/2 pints using toothpicks, and take advantage of the height of the pod?s dome lid.

b) Unfortunately, the rh of the pod is too high. Notice in photos above, the mycelia growing on the stems of the mushrooms up from the cakes. The pod?s rh control has been opened fully, and still remains too high. On one of the 2 harvested, a crack on the top of the cap as well as a small crack in the side of the cap also tell Logical that it is likely that the rh is too high. (Logical also noticed today that a rosecomb has started on one cap, another hint that the humidity is too high). But- all in all the humidity is not a negative factor as the cakes are doing very well, and certainly better than any cakes Logical has every tried before.

c) Unfortunately as well, Logical believes that there is not enough air exchange within the pod. This is shown by the somewhat small caps of the mushrooms in relation to the size of the stems. This has only been the case in the Indian strain, as the Gulf Coasts have not come close to breaking any veils yet. But, from Logical?s experience, judging from the looks of the cakes now, many will have small caps in relation to the overall size. This also may be unique to the spore strain as well. Only when the Gulf Coasts have grown larger will it be fair to say that the air exchange is the small-cap culprit in the setup.

d) The number of pins concerns Logical: He has not had so many pins on a cake, EVER- so he is worried that they will result in possibly more abhorts. But, from his experience, he knows that this Gulf Coast strain has a propensity to produce many smaller pins on casing, so he will have to wait and see.

e) In using toothpicks to differentiate the strains, Logical figured he really liked inserting the toothpicks into the cakes right after birthing. They allow for easy handling of the cakes- no need to touch or bruise mycelia, just pick up and inspect cakes by their toothpicks! He hadn?t heard of this before, so wants to pass it on to other cakers.

f) The hydrapod is performing much as it was expected and hoped. It has been absolutely ignored (except for Logical?s curiousity!) and has really flourished. Once the log/grow has been completed, he may have more insight into what may be necessary in tweaks to his own setup, but doesn?t want to recommend anything until the grow is over.

g) Any questions about this log - please ask them in this post. Logical will try and update and answer questions about this log every few days, but has been quite busy lately (the reason he was interested in the pod in the 1st place), and will only check this post for questions.

Thanks all. Logical hopes this log will help some like he has been helped in the past by reading posts here.

Edited by concretefeet (02/07/05 06:44 AM)

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a.k.a John Doe

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Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #781439 - 07/28/02 04:42 AM (21 years, 7 months ago)

nice grow log

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Registered: 07/26/02
Posts: 26
Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #782711 - 07/28/02 06:22 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)

2nd entry in log:

Logical pulled 1 Indian (6 gram) and 2 Gulf Coasts (6 gram total) that had broken their veils before this shot was taken. Total of 32+12=44 grams wet so far- mushrooms are pulled once their veils are broken (or as close to finding them broken as possible). Logical will try to tally the weights in this log, to keep an accurate count.

Pictures, approx. 1 week into fruiting mode in the hydrapod, 2 days newer than the pictures posted above:

Top view of pod, Gulf Coasts on right with toothpicks in their centers.

Side view of pod. Logical says both cakes are Indian strain. Notice the rosecomb on the middle mushroom. No petroleum products were used in the caking process whatsoever, and no such contaminates are within the possible vectors of contamination.

Another side view- Indian strain on left, Gulf Coast strain on right. The 2 mushrooms in the back middle of pictture with broken veils were harvested after this shot. Some sporulation can be seen on the tops of one cap. Both were Gulf Coast strain.

Same group of mushrooms as above, closer macro shot. The 2 harvested mushrooms are better seen in this shot.

Top view of Gulf Coast cake.

Another Gulf Coast cake- another angle of a broken veiled mushroom that was later harvested.

Final shot of tops of cakes.

The rosecomb noted on one picture above is believed to be a product of too high humidity. The Indian strain thusfar has proven to be sporeless, a sign Logical has noted before with conditions that are too humid. Prints will not be taken from these mushrooms, due to previously noted contamination of uncolonized cake. However, the Gulf Coast strain does produce spores, noted on the caps and also after harvest (seen in gill structure, where the Indians appeared to be sterile).

All in all, Logical thinks they appear happy and healthy. The cakes are still producing pins on all sides for the Gulf Coast strain, and clusters near the bottoms of the Indians. Logical thinks the mushrooms produced from the Gulf Coasts will be small, and the Indians a little larger. They are smaller than the mushrooms he is accustomed to, in using 2-4 pints of cakes in a casing. He thinks the harvest will be smaller than what he is accustomed to in using casing, but probably will be very respectable.

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Registered: 07/26/02
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Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #784507 - 07/29/02 03:19 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)

Grow Log Update

72 grams wet were harvested after these pics were taken (pic of harvest at end of update). With previously 44 grams harvest, new total wet is 44+72=116 wet grams. Pins were harvested if the veil had just broken. Most of the harvest was of the Gulf Coast strain.

Pins are fattening more evenly (next picking will be a large one, possibly all mushrooms now pictured). The caps will be allowed to open more fully before next harvest, to allow for an even harvest if possible. Cakes still seem to produce more pins.

Top view- pins growing larger daily.

Side view, all 3 cakes Indian. Indians are stouter than Gulf Coasts and will have larger stems and weight upon harvest. They seem to be producing more pins now, not quite catching up to the numbers of the Gulf Coasts.

Side view, Indian cake on left- Gulf Coasts in middle and right of pod. Gulf Coasts producing visibly more pins compared to Indians at this angle.

Top view of Gulf Coast cakes. Thin stems, but more proportional than the Indian strain in cap to stem ratio (in terms of gauging humidity).

Macro shot of caps. Gulf Coasts tend to keep the veil semi-attached to the stem, while Indians do not. Gulf Coasts also have the cap that resembles the thin part of an egg- not quite round.

Harvest of mushrooms that had opened their veils: 72 grams wet. Only 2 were abhorts, blackening heads located in the lower middle of the photo. The rest were mature mushrooms or small ones attached to mature mushrooms.

Final picture. Weird rosecomb on Indian mushroom (also harvested). Logical did some reading and noticed another Hydrapod user had experienced rosecombs in their pods. He still believes that the high humidity was to blame, but as rosecombs are most often attrubuted to petroleum exposure- he hopes there was not a possibility of petroleum contamination thru use of the pod. Logical doesn?t think so, since the problem was only on one cap, and has not reappeared on any others. Also note the semi-attached veil of the Gulf Coasts up close.

Logical is still waiting to see if an entire flush can be harvested next time, or if cakes will have to be kept in perpetuity until they are exausted. He has not had a second flush on cakes before, so does not know what to expect with these cakes. They still produce pins which reach maturity: very few abhorts have been identified.

He was considering dunking a few of the cakes, but it seems the hydration is so efficient that he may not have to. Normally Logical?s cakes would be shriveled at least a little, but they have not done so at all. Time and the next harvest will tell.

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Registered: 07/26/02
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Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #789001 - 07/31/02 05:15 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)

Grow Log Update-

Top view of Hydrapod.

Side view of pod.

Macro shot of caps, heavily sporulated.

Gulf Coast harvest on standard legal paper. 112 wet grams total. Note that even matured mushroom caps remain rounded, and the mushrooms are less heavy individually than the Indians. Note also they produce higher numbers of mushrooms.

Indian harvest on standard legal paper (same pad, worse angle). The mushrooms are covering the same amount of space as the Gulf Coast harvest above. Larger mushrooms with much heavier stems than the Gulf Coasts. 114 wet grams total.

Notes on the 1st flush

a) Logical isn?t sure if this is technically the "1st flush," since pins remain on cakes that will mature (non-abhorts). As he has not had cakes that produce this prolifically before, he is unsure as to how much more they can produce. But Logical will keep them in the pod for as long as they seem to be productive.

b) The cakes upon harvest looked almost untouched. This was unusual for Logical: None of the substrate had been damaged by harvest. The mushrooms were very easily removed, unlike some casings he had in the past. The cakes look as if they should be able to produce more without problems, but Logical wonders if forcing them back into pre-fruiting mode (by increasing the humidity and temperature) would be better in the long run. He will wait and let the larger pins mature, and will base where to go from there on the situation. If more pins keep appearing with no sign of smaller or fewer mushrooms, he will allow the cakes to produce continuously. However, if it appears the cakes have not fully recovered from this "1st flush," then he will return them to pre-fruiting mode. Any suggestions on this, those with cake culture and/or Hydrapod experience especially, would be appreciated.

c) Total wet weight of "1st flush":
116 wet grams so far,
+112 wet Gulf Coast
+114 wet Indian
=342 wet total harvest for "1st flush."

Logical will add the breakdown of the 116 wet grams, as he cannot remember now if they were primarily Gulf Coast or Indians. Simple mathematics averages that to about 49 wet grams per cake (7 cakes total). Logical is curious to compare this with cakes in general and other Hydra-pod experiences: He is impressed by the result but wonders if this is average, or worse/better than to be "expected" for cakes. He has never taken off numbers or mushrooms like these off of cakes, so that in itself could be worth the Hydra-pod.

d) Logical would like some input if anyone has advice on the posts above, or if anyone has questions on the setup. He had hoped this would turn out to be a learning experience for those interested and himself, but may not post again if there is no interest in this log.

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Post deleted by Administrator [Re: logical]
    #789852 - 08/01/02 05:07 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

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Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: Anonymous]
    #790116 - 08/01/02 07:32 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Just a note of accuracy...that's the Dekstop model, not the Advanced Model of the hydrapod.

Glad it's working for ya.



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Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: Boppity604]
    #792272 - 08/02/02 08:38 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

I am definitely interested in seeing how your other flushes turn out!

"Knowing is not Enough; we must apply
Willing is not Enough; we must do"

-Bruce Lee-

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Re: DELUXE Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #794916 - 08/03/02 10:25 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Grow Log Update:

Changed the title to reflect the correct name of the pod (thanks for the heads-up)!

Logical has harvested 40 wet grams of Indian, and 20 wet grams of Gulf Coast that had matured. The cakes are producing pins again, and not resting in between flushes as Logical had thought they would. The Indians are producing more pins than Gulf Coast, and seems to be catching up in the numbers. Pics will be taken soon and posted with more developments.

Harvest weight so far: 342+60=402 wet grams.

Logical broke the harvest weights down into strain type:


Gulf Coast:

It must also be noted that there are only 3 Gulf Coast cakes, while there are 4 Indian cakes. This would mean that the Indians have produced approx. 52 grams wet per cake, while the Gulf Coasts have produced approx. 65 grams wet per cake. However still, the Indians are now producing more mature and heavier fruits than the Gulf Coasts are, and may "catch up" to the Gulf Coasts in the subsequent flushing.

The cakes have become covered in spores from the last harvest. Logical hopes that next time he will catch them before they sporulate again, and that they do not open up a possibility for contamination or stunting pinning.

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Re: DELUXE Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #794974 - 08/03/02 11:51 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Very nice grow log!

have a shroomy day!


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Re: DELUXE Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: ShroomziIIa]
    #795868 - 08/04/02 01:26 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

very beautiful pictures!!!!


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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #797339 - 08/05/02 07:32 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

wonderful man, keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more pictures

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Fuel Injected Suicide Machine

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Re: Advanced Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #797427 - 08/05/02 08:12 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Excellent job, Can't wait to see more pics!

-I put the chrome to your dome

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #798678 - 08/05/02 07:30 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Logical had thought no one was interested in this type of log. But he is so happy with the hydrapod that it almost didn?t matter. (More comments/observations on the pod will be posted at a later date).

The photos below were taken AFTER 8 grams wet of Gulf Coast and 14 grams wet of Indian were harvested. (They matured appox. 2 days ago). The mature mushrooms in these pics were harvested after the photos were taken.

Top view of pod, cut off due to Logical?s poor photo skills. Large mushrooms in bottom right are Gulf Coast. Top left cake is Indian. Besides these 2 cakes, none of the others seem to have adequately recovered from the flush. The pins are not as healthy, and many will be abhorts in Logical?s opinion.

Macro shot of large Gulf Coast caps. The Gulf Caosts in this batch have started to show nipples, unseen in the "1st flush." Logical harvested all mushrooms in this photo.

Same photo, closer.

Harvest of mushrooms from pod. Almost all were Gulf Coast. (They are lying on a college textbook, and that is a regular sized Bic lighter, not a mini.) Total weight of harvest= 54 wet grams. 47 wet Gulf Coast, 7 wet Indian. (The large Gulf Coasts weighed 14 and 13 grams, respectively.)

Running tally:

Indian=207+14+7=228 wet grams for 4 cakes, avg. 57 wet grams per cake

Gulf Coast= 95+8+47=250 wet grams for 3 cakes, avg. 83 grams wet per cake

Total= 228+250=478 wet grams for 7 cakes, avg. 68 grams wet per cake


a) Logical thinks that this was technically the end of the "1st flush," not post from a few days ago. He thinks this because the mushrooms recently harvested were pins when the major flush had occured earlier. He also thinks this because, except a few large Indian pins that may become larger, there have been no new pins in the past 2 days. Which is unusual as the cakes have been pinning since birth. Also, almost all of the new pins are abhorts, and the cakes have the typical "spongy" dehydrated feel when a cake has become depleted of water. Later he will cut off all abhorts and dispose of them; he will not count them towards the weight of the harvest. (They should be negligible, perhaps 10 wet grams at the most).

b) The cakes are bluing now, and Logical wonders if he should "dunk" the cakes. He has no experience with this, but is almost positive the cakes are becoming dehydrated and not become hydrated enough quickly enough. This is sensible, as almost 430 grams of water have been robbed from the cakes during this 1st flush. (478-47=431; total wet weight - estimated dry matter weight = amount of water expended by the mushrooms.) He has often added water to casings after their 1st flush, and had been extremely sucessful with maintaining several flushes of casings in this manner. He does not see why the same principle would not work for cakes. He will not add anything to the water if/when they are dunked. Any input/guidance as to the need to dunk would be appreciated; Logical worries that if he doesn?t soon, the substarte will stop producing (when he knows it is not nearly depleted of food). The dunk may also help wash off the spores which Logical failed to stop from happening: Mushrooms are pretty when opened but make a mess. He will not allow them to get large again- the picture from today is almost too far on the bulky Gulf Coasts. Since Logical harvests early, it is fair to assume that if he had let the harvest mature excessively, the wet weight would have been greater.

c) Mycotek- thanks for the words and input. Logical was almost going to agree with you about the Indians bulking up, but after this post you?ll see that the Gulf Coasts seem to have some major tricks up their sleeves. All the more reason to encourage subsequent flushing. Plus, the Indians have been very bulky (but not numerous) during this flush, where the Gulf Coasts have been tiny. Logical is very pleased with the pod, if you hadn?t noticed. You don?t think that there is a chance of petroleum exposure in their use, do you? See above posts for questions on rosecombs and the pod. Logical doesn?t think so.

d) A note on substrate, since he?s been getting pm?s he can?t answer. Logical used the updated Alien tek. He got it by searching google?s cached webpages for alientek.iwarp.com cached pages, and printed the recipe from there. Unfortunately, after the cakes were pressure cooked, Logical threw the recipe away- and google no longer has a cached page for alientek.iwarp.com. Logical honestly believes that this substrate has quite a bit to do with the vigor of the cakes, and also provided adequate "texture" to induce pinning. In other words, the bumpy textures and valleys of the colonized rice and quinoa were often where pins would spring from. He has used the recipe often in making cakes that would be cased, and was always happy with it. It is a personal preference to be sure. But, unfortunately- he can?t share the recipe since he doesn?t have it.

e) It would seem the Gulf Coast has surpassed the Indian weight wise, as far as the 1st flush went, considering the average per cake. Logical wonders if it is just because the Gulf Coast is a smaller but more prolific mushroom which utilized the space and action of the pod more efficiently than the larger mushroom-type of the Indian. Or of it was just an incredibly effiecient and kick ass strain in itself. It is no longer available as 3mshroom no longer is a vendor, but Logical hopes this strain is still circulating among the community. Time will tell what the next flushes look like of these mushrooms, but the large sized mushrooms from this harvest could possibly be an indicator.

f) It should be noted Logical edited the title to reflect "DESKTOP" model, and not "deluxe" or "advanced" model. It should also be noted Logical used the KERR type canning jars, not the Ball type he mentioned earlier. Also, the fact that most (if not all) of the cakes were birthed and then large pieces of uncolonized substrate were removed should be emphasized: The cakes are 1 pint sized, minus the uncolonized chunks that made the tops uneven.

g) Any questions, please ask. Logical won?t post pics for a few days, as the cakes recover from being picked of all pins and perhaps dunked, and definitely in a higher rh atmosphere.

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #798831 - 08/05/02 08:50 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

I dont believe your cakes need dunking when fruiting in the pod.


"Tell me about the fucking golf shoes!!"

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
    #799438 - 08/06/02 06:32 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

is logical eating these shrooms to gauge there individual qualities?

perhaps one strain is more potent, visionary, mellow, turbulent....etc

Does logical place the pod in the dark during incubation or in the sun?

this may have direct affect on the cakes

Is logical keeping the harvested shroooms seperate-----like the 1st flush and 2nd flush in different containers? I ask because it would be helpful to know if the 2nd flush was stronger than the 1st or the 3rd.

And Last---what method is logical using to dry/preserve the shrooms---I ask because they are very thick and heavy.

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: dsunn]
    #799762 - 08/06/02 09:42 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Logical, once again great pics. I'm def goin to get a hydrapod in the near future and you are reassuring my choice. Please keep posting.

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: dsunn]
    #803454 - 08/07/02 08:31 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Dsunn, Logical actually doesn't grow to consume psychedelics. He has long since stopped consuming them, and grows mushrooms for the sheer pleasure of the process. Logical has had read a lot about both of these strains, and a lot can be found out about them by searching here. Sorry but he can't give an answer

The pod has been kept on a desk in a spare bedroom for the entire cycle, including jar incubation. Logical has never really thought that keeping the colonizing jars in dark was necessary, though if possible or easy he would. Otherwise, he just keeps his jars where was most convenient. In this case, in a spare bedroom of his house on a desk. The ambient light is all the light available to the substrate: The room is generally dim as it is rarely occupied, but is not very dark. There is a window which sometimes let light in, but not enough to skew the production in the pod. However, Logical has never felt that constant light was necessary. He believes it guides substrate to pin, and also gives the mushrooms a direction in which to grow, but otherwise is not essential in a setup. Therefore, Logical has never added a light fixture to a terrarium- the most Logical did to supply light was to be sure to get clear terrariums that had some access to some light. He also gave up on cutting the lids of rubbermaids to give casings light from above, and had success with just the clear sides of the rubbermaid.

The flushes will likely not be kept seperate, due to space constraints and the fact Logical doesn't plan on consuming them and comparing them. Perhaps to give an idea as to weight, but it is unlikely Logical will go that far. He is keeping the mushrooms seperated by strain, to be able to compare dry weights. He doesn't know how much longer he will, since he does not have the space (he didn't think ahead to the harvest amount).

Logical has followed a drying method for quite a while. He lays the harvest ON paper sacks (the heavy kind from supermarkets), and cleans them thoroughly of vermiculite or casing material. Do not place mushrooms in the bag to dry from both sides, this encourages rot. He usually does not have to cut or open the stems due to "fat asses", and doesn't cut up the mushrooms unless they are truly waterlogged. He then takes the paper sacks and lays them up high (dresser, wardrobe, bookcase) to dry. The mushrooms will get fairly dry, but not cracker dry. The heavier the paper sacks from the supermarket, the more water they will help carry away from the mushroom. In other words, the lunch sacks you pack an apple in aren't any good - Logical tried but never had much luck with them. When they get fairly dry (1 - 2 weeks), Logical places them on a wire rack in a drying chamber, full of damp-rid. He leaves them in the drying chamber for as long as possible, and at least a week or so. The mushrooms will easily become cracker dry in a few days- you have to test if they are dry for yourself, it is no good to gauge in days. Then, store as usual.

Logical used to "fan dry", but felt it was excessive use of electricity and time compared to how easily they dried on their own on supermarket paper sacks. He also used to put the wet harvest directly into the drying chamber. The result was caked damp-rid and this goo at the bottom that would never be absorbed. Since SO much water had been drained out by the damp-rid, the damp-rid could never really get the mushrooms really dry. And it was a huge waste of damp-rid as well. The best result he has had is with the drying method listed above.

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
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Logical put off cutting abhorts off until this post. 25 wet grams of abhorts were removed from the cakes, but their weight will not be added to the running tally of wet weights. Logical also harvested 50 wet grams of Indian and 18 grams of wet Gulf Coast today, before cleaning the cakes fully of almost all pins. He left a few on which show promise, but almost all of the new pins were very small, and were obviously going to be abhorts. He will not dunk the cakes, and allow for a true "2nd flush" to appear on their own. However, the cakes are quite small now - Logical thinks they look like "regular" pf cakes (1/2 pint size) instead of the full pints. But, Logical will rely on the action of the pod to re-hydrate the cakes. He has not had much luck with getting 2nd flushes from cakes, so this may prove to be a challenge.

The mushrooms in the following post were quite unexpected: Logical left the pod unattended and assumed that since the cakes were only producing abhorts, there would be nothing to do with the pod until he decided what he would do with the cakes. He was pleasently surprised that the hydrapod and these cakes seem to have a mind of their own in producing mushrooms. The cakes now have been completely (alomst, a few left) cleaned of all pins. Logical has decided, mainly based on Mycotek?s post, not to dunk the cakes and let them be. This will also give an honest trial of the hydra-pod as well. He probably will end up spraying them lightly with water, or perhaps rinsing them - if he believes the spores collected on the cakes will end up a problem. There are quite a few.

Running tally:

Gulf Coast=228+18=246 wet grams from 3 cakes, approx. 82 wet grams per cake
Indian=250+50=300 wet grams from 4 cakes, approx. 75 wet grams per cake
Total=246+300=546 wet grams from 7 cakes, approx. 78 wet grams per cake

(With abhort weight added, this means more than 570+ wet grams were harvested thus far. Assuming they will lose 90% of wet weight, this means the cakes will produce more than 2 oz. of dried material that has been harvested. Very impressive for cakes, Logical thinks.)

Logical is officially considering this harvest part of the "2nd flush," but will keep a running note of the overall harvest wet weight in this log for informational purposes.

Questions Logical has:

a) Logical has heard the quote "5-7 dry grams per cake" when referring to optimal output in cakes. Does anyone know if this refers to the entire lifespan of the cake, or of the 1st flush only? Either way, the pod seems to have been performing "optimally."

b) Also, if anyone is able to let Logical know how well he doing with the pod (current/previous pod owners?) - is the numbers and harvest normal for a hydrapod? Logical does not want to portray this as a "normal" output for a pod if it is not. He is personally very pleased with his results, but doesn?t know if they have been duplicated or surpassed? In any case, for Logical this was an excellent 1st flush on cakes - and nothing was fanned or misted or anything during the entire process. Which is almost the most satisfying part.


Harvest. Far right large mushroom and those above it are Gulf Coast. Middle large mushroom and those below are Indian. The cracked caps of the Indian were a surprise - the group had actually grown down and into/around the hose pump, and had crushed their own caps in the process. Sandwich bag in right corner is "abhort harvest," both strains mixed together. They will be disposed of after this picture was taken. Again, regular bic and regular textbook for size comparison.

Top view of larger mushrooms, propping themselves against a 12 oz. can. Indian on right wet weight=13 grams. Logical forgot to take the wet weight of the Gulf Coast, but it was not as bulky. Note: Even though the Gulf Coasts seems to be growing larger, it still maintains the characteristically* rounded cap and semi attached veil. Is also a large sporulator as well. Indian is broader with a lighter coloured cap and no veil remains attached at stem. Note the shadow of the still-attached veil of Indian in the shadow cast, as well as the nippled cap. * = as far as this grow is concerned, Logical doesn?t know what "normal" Gulf Coasts look like.

Looking up skirts view. Again, the difference in strain type is evident in caps. Gulf Coasts keep their caps very rounded until the very end of maturity, while Indian tends to spread.

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Re: DESKTOP Hydrapod with Alien Tek Grow Log **PICS** [Re: logical]
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they are beautiful fruits aren't they ...great pics logical

(zhukov in a previous life....)

2SER FM underground radio

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