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Registered: 09/25/03
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Psilocybe cubensis "B+" PF-Tek * 1
    #1973378 - 10/02/03 06:02 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

PREVIOUS - 09.26.03

There was a syringe stored somewhere that said B+. It was like a month old. Little by little, different items, useful for the cause came into play, and one day, something happened. This is a fictitious account of a noobie and their experiments.

8 jars of freshly ground BRF/VERM mix (PF maximum fruiting formula) were steamed for 45 minutes in a very tight cooker with loose lids and open holes.
The freshly ground BRF, processed with a blender, had powder and tiny chunks of rice.
6 have 4 holes each per inverted lid, 2 have 2 holes each.

8 jars BRF/VERM mix (PF maximum fruiting formula) were PC'ed with lids loose and holes taped for 45 minutes at around 15psi. Psi regulated via PC rocker.
Regular Organic BRF used, water content increased by about 3/4 tsp per jar. (1st 8 seemed a tad dry - ?maybe)
Foil was used to protect the 4 holes drilled in each inverted lid, on each 1/2 pt jar, in all cases.
All Jars put into a disinfected (wiped with Lysol) Rubbermaid for colonization.

Today, 2 days after jars were stored in a Rubbermaid, each was injected with around 1cc off a huge B+ syringe.
The needle was shaken intensely to distribute spores, and initially the tip was superheated red, then squirted slightly.
The syringe was commercially acquired thru a site not listed on this forum. The color of water was nothing like the syringes i
see around here. It was very light, but i could see 20 or so black clusters about 1/4 the size of a small bb each.
Lysol wipes were used to wipe down working area. In addition, the small area was being ionized by a Living Air Flair on sanitize.
(now that i think about it - the living air may not be a good idea to have blasting on the jars, since enough of that will kill
molds and bacteria?)



Internal temps on the Rubbermaid with the jars were around 65-66 - external was around a degree higher.. heh - on average for
3 days. It wasn't expected it to be so cold, but it was/is now. On the 4th day, a small 6.5 watt fish tank heater was obtained for around 7 bucks. It was purported to work for up to 15 or so odd gallons. There was a vision of the tek with 2 Rubbermaid, one in another, with one having a fish tank heater and water in it. The thing was not fully submersible, so it was placed in a fat freezer bag then submerged with the end of the bag up the side of the bottom tank, to try and ward off water. It worked, but wouldn't work good enough. The temp was still very low, around the same.

The tiny heater was placed in a lager glass filled with water to 75% and then placed into the bin with the jars. This would consistently raise the internal temp by 4 degrees F. It was an improvement, but nfo gathering made it clear that these temps would not suffice. There was another "problem". The method was evaporating water at a rate to where it was collecting all over the bin. it looked and felt like what most describe as a perfect humidity for a fruiting chamber. Now when i call it a problem, maybe not such a bad one in a certain circumstance. some of the jars that may have thought to have been slightly on the dry side, had become humidified, and gained moisture. Dont know what that means as far as contams are concerned, but for the moment, it was pleasing.

Something had to be done. The tiny 6.5w tank heater was placed into a Ziploc bag filled with perlite, then wrapped with foil. It was placed inside the bin on top of a thick towel on the jars. Heat has been turned on for the season. Electrostatic filter installed in main furnace to try and limit airborne contams, along with constant ionization via Flair. Temp here is now 71.2. Temp in the bin is now at 82.3. The bin is wrapped with foil a few times, and dropped into another bin, for added heat retention. This heat ( 82.3 ) is acceptable enough to try for a while, considering what it was, and that constant 82.3 came at 7 bucks. The perlite method ( along with raised exterior ambient temperatures ) boosted the ambient internal temp by around 11 degrees, and no humidity - versus water which raised the temp 4 degrees, and added mass humidity.



Mycelium is showing on all jars. A few look rhizomorphic, but its very small.

PC'ed 2 more jars of regular BRF/VERM. Made more of same mix and added it to a small round rocks glass, and 2 shot glasses. Covered them with a few layers of foil, and crunched the sides down.

All of these had small dry VERM layer on bottom, and small amount of polyfill above top layer of VERM barrier. After PC - it was found that the polyfill retains a little too much moisture, (at least when you pc with it installed fully inside the jar) and was removed.

The 2 jars were inoculated and the syringe was exhausted. But a lot of spores could be seen in the tube. 3cc of clean water was sucked in, shaken, and injected into the shot glasses. Wonder what will become of this seemingly unsterile action. There may be plans to use the small shot glasses for myc water. If not, probably a regular jar or two. Assuming any jars survive contamination.

These were wiped down with the Lysol wipes and placed in the heated bin.



All jars are doing well. Although growth seems slow - the mycelium looks great, and seems very healthy. Rhizomorphic growth shows on more than 3/4 of the jars. Only a few jars look weak, and have a slower growth rate - this could be due to a few conditions someone guesses.

Ultrasonic was ran into into the bin for a brief time to try and keep the moisture up a little. Worried the dry heat inside is drying them. After that, there were a few small droplets inside the jars. This is no problem, and is actually pleasing. Still not sure what kind of contam risk it is to do this, but for now, it is believed to be all good. Put tape back on a few more jar holes. The ones sealed show better growth in the current conditions.

Fruiting chamber will be worked on for some days until theres more to do here... like tossing contam, checking in periodically, and/or birthing. Hopefully something like one of those clothes closet teks, except probably more home made. Wondering if theres any super evident exhaust smell -- like theres a greenhouse hidden somewhere?

This is very exciting.



Someone looked in on some cakes today, as usual, as is the same every 10 seconds it seems, of every day, which makes it is not too hard to understand why one of the jars has finally grown something foreign. (depicted on two pics below - centered jar - center top of jar - looking all dark greyish, and pretty much greenish on the pics) Someone was almost feeling invincible against contams, despite all the posts that warn, since growth was so steady and seemingly healthy. (and it still is) It was almost as if some kind of contam was subliminally trying to be welcomed, just for a lesson.? Someone was sure this was why. Curiosity is at peak.

Every day it seemed the jars would be handled. Things have settled down now... but that initial thing was pretty intense. someone wanted to just go all balls... gotta retain some amount of control. Small refresher in patience has been flashed back. This whole forum gets/keeps someone ultra stoked. Ultra. What is one to do??

The rest look A OK still. Even the "dirtily" injected bar-ware(shot glasses and rocks glass) are growing puffs. We'll see what happens next.

All jars were wiped with Lysol after a fast pic, and put back in the bin.

The contam will be experimented with. Some honey water, since readily available may be cooked up and hit with some mycelium from the jar showing contam. It will be reaped from the opposite side of the contam. Its positive that this is not advisable, but despite public belief, someone has nothing else to do, so they may go ahead and proceed to try and mabye make some myc syringes, or grow more myc with some * water, after all, the items inoculated with the old syringe and sucked up water are showing mycelium. (it is believed that was a pretty dirty task) Doesn't look to hard to make a good go at getting a little bit of future form something that is condemened .

Will update on contam or birthing.
hours later... black head pins in a 1x1 area just under a corner of the verm barrier in another jar. tossed.



mixed some charcoal, verm, perlite, and BRF to a workable texture, then put it in the blender to bust up the coal better. After that used some of that mix in the regular pf maximum fruiting recipe, along with a small amount of perlite for added airyness.

Filled some more jars and rocks glasses with the stuff and PC'ed for around 40-45 minutes. (watching the cook time better now to prevent drying of substrate) Tyvek was used for rocks glasses and a jar or two.

Also someone doubled up a quart ziploc and filled with PF tek BRF mix with added perlite. PC'ed with the jars, came out nice. Tops melted a llittle, and its of no matter. Made 2 more, wrapped them in rags, left the zips unzipped and covered the tops with foil to ward off water. Those came out even better. This method may be used in the future since it prepares so well. One of these got mabye 10 drops of water in it, but it was in the outside bag - corner pierced to drain.

Injected all of the above with some myc water taken from first jar with contam. Not too bright - but just a small amount of mycelium was taken from opposite side of freshly comtaminated jar. We will see what becomes of that.

Other previous jars still producing mycelium with good momentum.



Out of the jars made with charcoal in them, only two show moderate fluffy growth, with others making slower progress. They all look pretty dry, and its hard to see whats going on with all the colors. The mycelium is easy to locate since the coal turns the base color slightly greyish, making it next to impossible to spot any contams. These will probably be dumped to free up the jars for something else. Gut feeling.
Also the bags are finally starting to show signs of life.

PC'ed some small containers of karo, some popcorn containers, and also a few WBS containers days ago- just to have on hand. The containers are Rubbermaid TakeAlongs - they rock. Made from PP (polypropylene sp?) so they can be PC'ed. The 50 ounce(6.2cups) bowls fit perfectly inside a 4 quart PC!! (when simply modified - small outer edge handles must be clipped after being slightly heated) This makes a huge difference when all you can really cook in a 4 quart PC is like 3 half pints. Tyvek was used during PC with a foil cover -- then after cooling stock lid with a few holes was snapped on.

A WBS bowl, and one popcorn were dosed with 5-6cc each of B+ karo made from a sample from one of the shot glasses. (other one contammed btw) The seed and corn looks kind of dry so tried putting a lil more karo in there. Tyvek really allows more air exchange than it seems like it is capable of. Not sure if they are dry -- but theres no visible moisture on the walls of the jars.
popcorn was boiled a few minutes then let sit 24 hrs... drained very well, loaded and PC for 90 - same with WBS but no boil and a lot of rinse.

Some Gulf Coast, and Australian spores have been fed to some karo today, and some deep as purple gets purple syringes of aus were made. Whoohoo!

Birthed 2 smaller brf jars and the rest of the good shot glass. One was dunked in its own jar 20 hours in the fridge. They were all shot in a tray and some wet verm was tossed on and around them. They will go into the fruiting chamber for testing - before the rest must be moved there. Its quite a task trying to get the environment suitable in the dungeon and someone wouldnt want total loss. Theres 13 some odd jars left... how many will last. Rest of jars will be ready within 5 or so days. Pics/update when in chamber or pins.



The bags were way too wet and took ages - finally contammed with small mycelial growth. Theres a bunch of cakes in casing and around 7 cakes. Still some charcoal jars going that may go into casing later. Most of the WBS smells like mad ammonia. But anyhow -- finally today -- a peek in the bubble revealed a like cm sized pin! AHHA!! Man, growing in between 2 small cakes there it is. heh wow. So now more cakes are in dunk awaiting birth.

Going to give another go at the WBS.. following a suggestion to add bleach. It colonized lightning fast -- unbelieveable speed.. but went ammoniatic. Hmm. Anyhow -- nothing else seems to matter but that pin right now anyways hehe. Oh the karo with the gc has gobs of fresh Myc and the Australian just still shows a lot of thin whisps. Prolly do some more jars or something later.
Ohh -- the corn is coming along seemingly fine..no bad smells and nice & white.



Not much -- cakes growing steadily, but slower than most other logs i see. Pins showing now on all cakes. Slow growth believed to be mostly due to LOW temperature in the chamber. Its getting very cold out. Put a casing in today as well -- some cakes and a little salvaged WBS were dumped in a bowl and sprinkled with some verm to fill the gaps -- incubated for a few days -- saw some nerds on it so it was moved into the pocket.

Despite the slow growing of the shrooms, today is just around one month from inoculation of multispore. Even with the less than optimal incubation and growing temps, this timeframe is very very pleasing. Birthing, wasn't expected so soon, let alone cubes!

^^ that first pin -- a little older -- above and below

^^ -- bowling pins

^^ pins mostly on bottom by moist verm -- cakes dry?




well -- couldnt wait despite a few pieces of advise.. the one grew like mad, veil busted and someone snatched up on a few of the fruits.(didnt wanna separate the bigger one and leave the attatched ones on the cake) Had to. One month and a few days later --- we have a small reap.
Whoops -- cant upload till midnight.

ok -- 7 and a half hours later.. someones back.. the cubes you see below(the shrooms...) weighed out to 16.5 grams wet. This was very suprising, as weight was eyeball estimated at around half that... those suckers have some weight. So -- 2 people each gobbled 8 grams wet of these, and had a nice ass time for like 5 hours.. also -- advise was given not to waste them cause it wasnt enough.. since that(16.5g's) boils down to mabey a gram and a half dry? -- tell you what -- it was plenty -- man it was plenty -- just skimmed the border of -- uhh ohh -- too much. But then again, someone has always been easily suseptable to most hallucinogens, and one person had never done it. Both people puked after like an hour. heh. Weight wet or dry... a few mushys does the trick here.

the bigger shroom was that first pin to show -- it has a respectable size in comparisin to what the other pins look like... those are just big tits making it look puny. more pics will be uploaded and when a respectable flush comes, will edit again.

ohh -- 2 cakes were found to have pockets of contam. One cake was spotted oozing a like white egg yolk lookin with dark tinges... further inspection revealed foul sweet odor... looked like it transferred to the other one thru the lower layer of verm. The exhaust fan timer got bumped one day tho and the chamber got waaaaaaay too much humidity -- when someone came to see it, it looked pure white inside from the fog. heh -- This may have caused the issue. the contams looked isolatable and the salvage from the cakes were basically crumbled and mixed with a tiny amount of verm to form like a mix between a new cake and semi casing kinda one guesses? -- Put em back in incubation and they're showing growth once again. Will birth isolated.

--ohh no -- MySql went down before someone hit continue and all was lost...

ok -- here are some shots of some fruits..below cluster was 16.5g wet and injested



some pics

also took another 34.75 wet today, currently printing a few caps. (above pic, bigger one to left, and cluster on right were harvested for 31.75)


7 colored "Fall" cluster

next two look kinda halloweenish to me

in above shot -- left side -- you can see shrooms that got hit with h202/h20 and got stained?



pics of flush 2 happening - fatass

cakes broken up and squared out

Blade of grass next to a bowling pin

Theres been roughly 133.5 wet so far off of like 8-10 cakes or so...
some were lost partially to contam, some stalled and were broken up to make bigger cakes, etc. Cakes are pretty much 90% through first flush.



The chamber looked good today and got reaped on for 43.5 g's off one and a half cakes flush 2.(one cake was split horizontally and one of the halfs never fruited yet..)

Heres the blade pic again.. except the bowling pin form factor has morphed into an umbrella of sorts..

These formed under the cake

The biggun -- 20 g's -- someones fattest yet! The stem near the cap looks all gnarly and sweet.

The fruits

Oops -- bandwidth is gone again. Theres some mutants that look like theyre puking, and a dual cake with over 100 fat small fruits on it someone will get onboard soon.

Second flush really does put out fat weird looking fruits..



Sup, at this point this grow log will be called "complete". Wet weight for 6-8 cakes flush 1 and 2-3 cakes into flush 2 was around 216 grams. However, this log got kind of lost once the fruits started coming. During the whole process, much was learned and tried from cakes, flatcakes, casings, dunks, rolls, WBS, WBS/BRF, popcorn, home made mycobags, growing scrap in dixie cups in ziplocks in windowsills, etc.. but now the grow has pretty much transformed and is no longer one grow. Some are in fatcakes, some are in casing, spawned to dung, to new cakes, etc.. Cannot really monitor any longer since theres so many other projects underway - coming soon in pictorials upon completion.

Main thing here was to document a first grow and hopefully at some point, someone may find a tidbit of nfo they may find usefull. Was also used to keep ones self away from the colonizing cakes.

It's been found that under the conditions around here, for Someone, full colonization can usually take place in 2 weeks, and fruits can be reaped after 30 days give or take a few, from inoculation.

This site has been truly essential. A pleasure to be a member here.


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Offlineshirley knott
not my real name
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Re: noob B+ log [Re: plura16]
    #1973410 - 10/02/03 06:10 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

:thumbup: exciting is right. bet you're having fun  :laugh: 


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Re: noob B+ log [Re: shirley knott]
    #1973464 - 10/02/03 06:38 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Awesome man, looks like you have quite the little operation going, good luck on that i cant wait to see all the fruiting cakes, peace.

"With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know."

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: RespectTheFungus]
    #1975738 - 10/03/03 12:02 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

You certainly don't sound like a newbie! Very nice detail. Just one thing, according to the dates you listed, all these things are going to happen a month from now. Perhaps this could be a new tek involving Marty McFly and a flux capacitor. :wink:

The very nature of experience is ineffable; it transcends cognitive thought and intellectualized analysis. To be without experience is to be without an emotional knowledge of what the experience translates into. The desire for the understanding of what life is made of is the motivation that drives us all. Without it, in fear of the experiences what life can hold is among the greatest contradictions; to live in fear of death while not being alive.

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: Twirling]
    #1975823 - 10/03/03 12:37 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

good go!.....

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: Twirling]
    #1977331 - 10/03/03 09:14 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)


looks like i was late night texting again..

funny.. ill have to edit those dates..


- USA -

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: plura16]
    #2033758 - 10/22/03 09:27 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

finally some pins. woot!


- USA -

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: plura16]
    #2034310 - 10/23/03 12:16 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

nice pins, cannot wait to see more pics

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: plura16]
    #2038390 - 10/24/03 12:52 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

is that fruity pebbles?

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: buu]
    #2038448 - 10/24/03 01:11 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Yeah.. heh, it's Pebbles! -- good eye my man.


- USA -

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newB. =[
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Re: noob B+ log [Re: plura16]
    #2038467 - 10/24/03 01:19 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)



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just some dood.

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: buu]
    #2039329 - 10/24/03 01:30 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

god man, change your avatar. that's quite untasteful for this messageboard.

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: billbraski]
    #2040067 - 10/24/03 05:14 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

change the advatar.. hes right

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: hemp_threadz]
    #2042653 - 10/25/03 08:06 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

hope the recent growlog pics aren't untasteful to you... if so they will be removed.



- USA -

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: plura16]
    #2044797 - 10/26/03 03:19 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)

Not untasteful, whatsoever! Very nice fruits, with big, sweet, luscious caps!  :wink:

Definitely the best mycoporn I have seen on here, yet!  :loveeyes:

I come alive in the darkness.

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Re: noob B+ log [Re: DMJ]
    #2044973 - 10/26/03 04:39 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)

Thanks for your comments everyone.



- USA -

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Re: noob B+ log / pics / mycoporn [Re: plura16]
    #2045273 - 10/26/03 06:41 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)


plura16 said:

:grin: :thumbup: 

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Re: noob B+ log / pics / mycoporn [Re: plura16]
    #2045917 - 10/27/03 12:04 AM (14 years, 6 months ago)

great tits and shrooms! :loveeyes: 

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Re: noob B+ log / pics / mycoporn [Re: ]
    #2048084 - 10/27/03 07:09 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)

I'm confused...I don't see any shrooms  :eek: :eek:

I'm so ready to start growing. I've shroomed twice and loved it to no extent. --Mindgames

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Re: noob B+ log / pics / mycoporn [Re: Ben_Stein]
    #2048135 - 10/27/03 08:21 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)

site has been messed up for me too lately -- mainly with mysql going down -- mabey they need to increase the handles -- also seems to be slow lately -- thats prolly causing pics not to load at times.


- USA -

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