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Registered: 08/16/05
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9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.)
    #4545208 - 08/17/05 03:26 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.)

President Bush looks very relaxed at his Crawford ranch, while many people in the United States and the rest of the World are frightened and confused: what's going to happen next? How come we have no predictability? How come we disagree over facts until we have no idea what's going on?

With 9/11 coming up again, perhaps a bit of history will help.

In fact...

President George W. Bush spoke to the World before the UN General Assembly on November 10, 2001:

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."

Throughout the corridors of power around the world, a clear message was sent: shut up.

It came in a million lies of attack from The White House, many since disproven, and was echoed proudly by a bought, scared and humbled corporate media. Despite a Zogby Poll (Oct. 04) saying 50% of New Yorkers believe the government had prior knowledge of 9/11 and consciously failed to act, and millions of decent honest people feeling this everywhere else, there is still substantial peer pressure to deny any other possibilities.


Why do we rationalize: "They probably knew something + but I'm not sure what." as a satisfactory answer?

Why is that a good place to stop when the answer could satisfy so many questions?

When it could bring the world together?

It's crazy how much credibility one gets from just saying: "Well I'm not one for conspiracy theories...", no matter the nonsense or sins of omission that follow. Our herded gullibility buys fake credibility, and even though Fahrenheit 9/11 recently showed millions the media lies to protect the government from the people, we still fight to defend half-truths we learned against concerned citizens with a wealth of evidence they worked like hell to find.


So: an all-purpose argument for anybody to tell everybody...

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (2005)

Downloaded: 5000 times

SOURCE - www.archive.org/details/MartialLaw911

MARTIAL LAW 911: RISE OF THE POLICE STATE Information Resource Companion Web Site.

SOURCE - www.martiallaw911.info/index.htm



1) All information we receive is based on editorial decisions, including the repetition of a good story, like celebrity scandals. Here the footage, interviews and documents culled from hundreds of mainstream news sources is real, including foreign press, live TV slip-ups, or just great stories that got buried. This is as "real" as anything else we believe, and the use of 80% mainstream "news" sources makes this "news", not blind theorizing.

2) The militarization of security is troubling, especially when they don't tell us about it. This movie shows where America may be going, and the attacks on the Constitution and plans for the World are crazy. Whether it gets there or not is certainly debatable, but this film establishes clear intent. Widespread information may provoke public outrage, if it's done in secret it'll be impossible to stop.

3) "Qui bono" is latin for "who profits", and this film establishes the money to be made from their actions. The rich making billions of dollars off war and increased security are intimately connected to the senior members of the government, and this film is being given away for free by the people who care to expose it...


Peace, (NOW!!!)



Black Krishna Brand

Philosophy - blackkrishna.blogspot.com/

Music - www.soundclick.com/bands/0/blackkrishna.htm


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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: blackkrishna]
    #4545343 - 08/17/05 03:57 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

That's only 3 reasons. Where are my other 7? :frown:

So long as you are praised think only that you are not yet on your own path but on that of another.

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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: Ravus]
    #4545868 - 08/17/05 09:39 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

what lies have been disproven?


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It's notfascist, it's...Neoconservative!

Registered: 11/21/02
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: blacksabbathrulz]
    #4545901 - 08/17/05 10:08 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

What lies haven't been disproven?

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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: usefulidiot]
    #4546422 - 08/17/05 01:11 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

> What lies haven't been disproven?

Yum, double negative. Twisting words doesn't help answer the original question. What claims have been proved to be a lie. By proved, I am not speaking of the fantasies that the tinfoil hat brigade consider proof. I am speaking of cold, hard, facts that put somebody in jail.

Just another spore in the wind.

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Registered: 08/16/05
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: Seuss]
    #4550008 - 08/18/05 03:26 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Hey y'all,

Sorry about that, bizzy day. Ahhh... let's see...

First, the rest of the Top 10:


As for the lies... well, I'm not sure.

That is, I don't know what you know, so I can't really comment. It's like, we all accept our varying standards of proof, and we all accept that different people have varying standards of proof, and... this is a pretty big deal, it makes us all existentially separate.

This film is an entertaining summation of some "cold, hard facts", and some theorizing about them, I have some corroborating info and really - they've been acting guilty for a while, so this pretty much seals it: I'd like them to re-open an independent investigation.

Basically when it comes to the government, 70% of people still believe in a conspiracy around the JFK assasination - which proves we CAN still believe they lie, even though we don't often tolerate it anymore at a time when they're more secretive than ever. The New York Times even ran a main editorial ripping the Bush Administration for "classifying 125 documents per minute". Right now.

Yep. That's right. Here:


You won't believe it if I tell you, but there's some crazy documentary here too that makes too much sense to me:

JFK II - The Bush Connection




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Registered: 10/20/99
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: Seuss]
    #4550241 - 08/18/05 04:15 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)


Seuss said:
I am speaking of cold, hard, facts that put somebody in jail.

You should be more careful in choosing your wordings. These days, you hardly need cold hard facts to put people in jail and make them stay there for a long time.

To address the topic, I'm not enough into facts and statements surrounding 9/11 to state and substantiate disproven government claims as such. However, I have noticed a lot of obviously fake, planted leads that really seem outrageous.

Everyone remembers the story of the almost intact passport of one of the terrorists (it seems it wasn't Atta's after all) emerging from the smoking rubble of the Twin Towers. Obviously forged, but never disproven, of course.

Does anyone remember Johnelle Bryant? This public servant claimed, long after the facts, that Atta had come to her office to ask a government grant to buy a cropduster plane. He didn't get a cent, of course, upon which he allegedly got very mad and threatened her, giving away almost the entire 9/11 plot 6 months before date. There are a lot of details that make no sense whatsoever in that story, but I'm not going to tell it all again. If you're interested, google "atta bryant" and you'll find it. Just one of those details: Atta offered loads of bucks (and effectively threw a heap of banknotes on the table) to buy an aerial view of Washington (to plan the attacks? haha) hanging on the wall behind Bryant's desk, while those are for sale for a few bucks in any tourist shop. The story was full of such absurd details, yet no-one seemed to doubt any of it. The only reaction was from right-wingers blaming Bryant for being too nice toward that towelhead. Oh, BTW, at the time of the alleged visit, and according to the official FBI timeline, Atta hadn't even arrived in the US. But no-one noticed that either.

Recently, something similar, although less obvious, came up again. It is now alleged that Atta sought to sell Afghan (!) antiques on the black market in Germany to finance the 9/11 attacks. Once again, no single media outlet seems to notice the contradiction. Up until now, money had never been a problem: we were told that Osama was loaded, and that Saudi princes, banks and charities buried Al-Qaeda under more money than it needed. Yet suddenly, we're told that is was up to the operational leader of 9/11 to find the bucks to pay for the plot.

These are but a few examples of the general deception that has been going on for years. Nothing has been "disproven" of course, most of it hasn't even been objected to, although most of it fails the most elementary logic tests. Hey, it's the world we live in... disproving is out of fashion. If you don't either believe or disprove, you're frowned upon.

And now someone's going to reply I didn't address the exact topic... :shrug:

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Registered: 06/26/05
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: Aldous]
    #4552203 - 08/18/05 05:31 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Some lies have been disproven here http://www.sierratimes.com/archive/jj/edjj022800.htm

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Inquiring Mind
Registered: 08/19/03
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: Los_Pepes]
    #4552400 - 08/18/05 06:29 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Wow, that link has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Big surprise there. Weren't you already banned once for spamming pointless links?

"In the United States anybody can be president. Thats the problem."

"The gray-haired douche bag, Barbara Bush, has a slogan: "Encourage your child to read every day." What she should be is encouraging children to question what they read every day."

- George Carlin

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Registered: 08/16/05
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: SquattingMarmot]
    #4553883 - 08/19/05 12:55 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

There's a tonne of stuff, this is a nice collection of some key info.

Besides, given the choice between free flicks, this is a better option to check your head than the propaganda coming up...

9/11 dramas head for big, small screens

By Scott Bowles,
Wed Aug 17, 7:50 AM ET

After four years without dramatizing the tragedy, studios and networks will re-create the Sept. 11 attacks.

Two movies and three television projects will end what had been Hollywood's unofficial taboo on dramatizing the events of that day. Although movies and TV documentaries have dealt with Sept. 11 (including a National Geographic documentary this Sunday), these will be the first major projects that re-create the events of the day.

Some question whether the projects come too soon after the attacks. But executives say that with the release last year of the report by the government's 9/11 Commission, they have the grounding to create fact-based drama that is respectful of the victims' families.

Due out:

?The Flight That Fought Back, the Discovery Channel's docudrama about United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in southwest Pennsylvania, airs Sept. 11.

? Universal Pictures confirmed Tuesday it will produce Flight 93, a $15 million, 90-minute feature film that will re-create the flight in real time. Filming starts in October, but no release date is set.

? In October, Oliver Stone starts shooting a drama starring Nicolas Cage as a Port Authority officer trapped under the rubble of the twin towers. Parts will be shot in New York, but no release date has been set.

? ABC plans a six-hour miniseries on the attacks, slated to air next spring, with
Harvey Keitel starring as John O'Neill, an anti-terror expert who died in the south tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

? The A&E network will release Flight 93, a working title, some time next year. It will be largely based on cockpit and telephone recordings.

Andrea Meditch, executive producer of the Discovery Channel film, says audiences are prepared to see 9/11 anew.

"It's far enough away from the event that it's possible to think about it with a bit of perspective," she says. "Sept. 11 was not just about a tragedy. There were real heroes who should have their stories told."

Quinn Taylor, senior vice president of movies and miniseries at ABC, says his miniseries would have been impossible without the 9/11 Commission's 600-page report.

"We just wouldn't have had the manpower to do the kind of research that the government did," he says. "It reads frighteningly like a thriller."

Are audiences prepared for that kind of thriller? Wanda Teays, a film professor at Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles, says: "There should be no rush to re-create 9/11. I don't think we're close to forgetting it - or in need of a reminder."

But Esther Heymann, stepmother of Flight 93 passenger Honor Elizabeth Wainio, welcomes a retelling of the flight.

"It's a beautiful story of people who took a course of action instead of being victims," she says. "There are lessons there for all of us."

SOURCE - http://news.yahoo.com/s/usatoday/20050817/en_usatoday/911dramasheadforbigsmallscreens

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Inquiring Mind
Registered: 08/19/03
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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: SquattingMarmot]
    #4554098 - 08/19/05 02:00 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Your link is actually relevant to the topic. Los_Pepes posted this crazy, off-topic bullshit.

I Don?t Want to be Black Anymore
By J.J. Johnson
Published 12. 17. 02 at 22:47 Sierra Time
xxx I Don?t Want to be Black Anymore
J.J. Johnson - Written: 02.28.00
It's not working, folks.

I have tried to do everything I can to be the African-American I?m supposed to be, but I just cannot continue. I am hereby resigning myself from the Black Race. And before I get death threats from my Black brethren out there, hear me out.

I have almost made it through another Black history month, in which I?m supposed to do all I can to insult White people for 28 days. I guess I should even say the Black History month is a racial conspiracy by White people since they only gave us 28 (or 29) days to rip their dignity to shreds, while the other months have 30 or 31 days. I guess it?s just another example of the Black man not getting his fair share.

Frankly, many of my Black brothas and sistas? are starting to? well... embarrass me. Can I turn on the television and not hear some Black liberal puke complaining about something?

I?ll start there ? television. First we had the NAACP (Notorious African American Communist Pigs) lambasting Hollywood for not having enough Blacks in front of (or behind) the cameras. ?We don?t see enough Black folk on TV.? An economic boycott is threatened, the ugly ?R? word is used, and Hollywood (you know, those rich White guys) capitulate. Did anyone ask were the accusations true? And if so, who really cares?

Whenever I turn my television to watch my favorite programs, I see plenty of very wealthy and successful Black men excelling in their trade/craft. But I guess the NFL, the NBA, and Major League baseball doesn?t count. It must be just me. I guess the "quota kings and queens" don?t count those folks. Then another ?study? comes out. This one says, ?While Blacks are over-represented on television, they are still given only minor roles, or are on screen for less than 5 seconds at a time.? And, of course, this too is unfair. The easy defense against this eternal whining was for anyone to just mention three letters: B.E.T

That?s right, Black Entertainment Television, where you can get all the Blackness you want, 24/7 with all those Black folks in front of (and behind) all those cameras. Gee, only about 60 million cable viewers can see that.

I guess it?s just me. Maybe Momma didn?t raise me right. Now we have that flag issue in Dixie. Most folks thought if they just took down that flag, all this controversy would just go away. After all, it?s a horrible reminder of slavery.

Strange, I can?t find a Black person in this country who can remember being a slave. I also can?t find one White person in the country who will admit to owning slaves. In fact, most of the Whites in this country (according to my investigation) had ancestors who landed on these shores long after slavery ended in North America. And I can?t repeat what some of those Irish folks told me. But, for one month I?m supposed to hate the Confederate flag. Not just waving over the South Carolina Statehouse, but on police cars in Mississippi and in front of livestock shows in Houston. I?m supposed to call for the changing of the names of bridges in Virginia, parks in Tennessee and the defacing of portraits of General Lee. I?m even supposed to support Rep. King?s (R-NY) demonizing of every Southerner in the halls on Congress. I?m supposed to support and endorse all of this because I?m a Black man.

Yes, boycott South Carolina. Boycott the entire South until they get their ?minds right.? This means, no Blacks (like me) should do any business with the South period. So, to that Black businessman in Memphis, sorry. Hope you can get some of those racist White folks to patronize your store. The NAACP says I can?t go there.

About the family reunion this year in South Carolina ? forget it. Nope, not me. Our un-elected Black leadership says we gotta boycott. Don?t worry, I?ll explain to that Black soul food caterer in Columbia that the reason he?s losing so much business this year is because of a piece of cloth hanging over the capitol building. He?ll understand.

And Florida? we?ll have to leave you out, too. You see, Governor Jeb Bush enacted a program called ?One Florida? in which anyone who finishes in the top 20% of his or her class gets a scholarship to a public University in Florida. I can?t figure it out for the life of me, but according to my Black leaders, that?s racist, too. The NAACP head (case) says we?ll boycott Florida until that?s changed. By the way, isn?t it interesting that the same people who say we should boycott everything economically are the same people who say Blacks are economically deprived in this ?White dominated? society? What they?re telling me is that Black people are too stupid to make it into the top 20% of the graduating class, and that most Black people are too stupid to see through their lies. And most of these self-appointed Black leaders probably NEVER made it into the top 20% of anything. But nevertheless, they?re my leaders. Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Bill Bradley and Al Gore say they are, and since all these self-appointed ?oracles? are White, they must be right.

Even Secret Service is getting into the act. Some of these guys, even though they get to guard the President and the Vice President, say they haven?t got the promotions they deserve. Where?s the dignity? I guess those White Secret Service agents get to guard folks more important.

Here?s a suggestion for the Black Secret Service agents who guard those important White folks (from the south): Wanna become heroes and restore your dignity? Quit. That?ll teach ?em.

As a Black man, I?m told I should pin my hopes on making it rich when the NAACP gets their ?fair share? from suing all those guns dealers. After all it?s those gun dealers? fault for all those Black folks shooting all those Black folks. Perhaps next year, they?ll be suing bed-sheet makers, rope manufactures, and the South American drug cartels.

I have asked my Black leaders to sue the ATF, since the only product in America that ?requires? you to list your race before purchasing it is a firearm. They haven?t returned my call. But then again, the right to keep and bear arms isn?t listed under ?civil rights? anyway, is it?

It?s okay. We?ll just sue the gun-makers instead. That?ll teach them to not sell guns to us Black folks (so we can get gunned down for reaching for a wallet.) Yes, if we just sue a few more White folks, harass and slander the rest, one day ? maybe one day--we won?t have to put a prefix in front of the word ?American? anymore.

Well, I?m not waiting for that. I have done everything to try to advance the cause of personal freedom as a Black man, and to enjoy the liberty that my parents fought for, but it is just not working. These White people are just too smart for me. They made sure that I never had to wait at a Denny?s restaurant longer than anyone else does. Some of them hired me for simply having the brains to do the job. Some of them (the real sneaky ones) had the gall to judge me by the content of my character, and not the color of my skin. They?ve paid me in dollars with White slave-owners' photos on them. And, damn them, they made me earn it first.

They have allowed me to own my own business. They even went so far as to steal tax dollars from other White people to make sure I got an education ? so I could like?make it in this world.

What an evil plot. Since there is almost no reason to bitch about anything anymore, it must be?institutional racism.

I am through being used. I am fed up with trying to conform. This year, when I fill out my Census form, I will let them know that I quit. I wish to no longer be a Black American. I want nothing to do with race baiting, whining, pandering for more tax dollars; family breakdowns, and the Al Sharptons of the world.

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

I am somebody, and I don?t need Jessie Jackson to tell me that. My father already did.

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

I refuse to be used as a statistic to get more left-wing socialists into Congress.

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

There is no need to make me part of a ?protected group? as the California Governor recently stated. I can protect myself, thank you.

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

Please do not feel sorry for me anymore, White folks. That liberal pity-party really insults me, anyway.

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

You Democrats don?t have to act like you like me. I know it?s an election year. I am tired of being the Black ?sheep? of the party. Leave me alone.

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

If it means disgracing my own heritage by insulting Southern history?

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

Since making the same statements Martin Luther King, Jr. made in 1963 are now considered ?racist? and ?insensitive??

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

If it means more innocent White people are forced to go through ?sensitivity training??

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

If it means that everyone loses their freedom of speech, freedom to peaceably assemble, and their right to keep and bear arms?

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

If it means being a ward of the State, rather than a Child of God?

I don?t want to be Black anymore.

I?ll sign the papers, dammit. I?ll file the lawsuit. I?ll start the boycott this time. I have every right. I am sick of these media-selected Black prostitutes making a mockery out of my country, out of everything America stands for. I?m sick of them giving everyone else a reason to hate me.

I quit.

I no longer want a prefix in from of my label. From this point forward, I, J.J. Johnson, DEMAND that I be simply called?


"In the United States anybody can be president. Thats the problem."

"The gray-haired douche bag, Barbara Bush, has a slogan: "Encourage your child to read every day." What she should be is encouraging children to question what they read every day."

- George Carlin

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I Tell You What!

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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: SquattingMarmot]
    #4556542 - 08/19/05 09:17 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Sibel Edmonds, FBI translator, has evidence against 9/11 and has been put under a gag order ever since it happened.

That equals cover up no matter how you look at it.

Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI translator. She blew the whistle on the cover-up of intelligence that names some of the culprits who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. These culprits are protected by the Justice Department, the State Department, the FBI, the White House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. They are foreign nationals and Americans. Ms. Edmonds is under two gag orders that forbid her to testify in court or mention the names of the people or the countries involved.


I am the MacDaddy of Heimlich County, I play it Straight Up Yo!

....I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm, to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow, to feel inspired, to fathom the power, to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human......
Om Namah Shivaya, I tell you What!

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horrid asshole

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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: leery11]
    #4556556 - 08/19/05 09:22 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Ah yes, another barking moonbat rag.


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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: zappaisgod]
    #4556904 - 08/19/05 11:32 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

The Black dood was nutz, arguing by example is cheap: BET doesn't prove there are multiple viable avenues to equitable black employment, just the one; and just because white people haven't recently own slaves doesn't mean racism doesn't exist.

Some good stuff too, but lots of silliness in there...

And yeah, Sibel Edmonds is hot. And she's smart. And she's still bravely speaking while being ripped by Right Wing attack puppies. She's an FBI agent with a spotless career trying to speak truth to power, and there's a grassroots mob of idiots creating fake peer pressure to ignore her as directed by The White House.

It's too bad, whenever I judge someone coming out with information I simply ask:

"Qui bono?"

"Who profits?"

She sounds honest and concerned about the security of America, and I can't see how she benefits in any way from her brave whistleblowing. In fact, I would assume she's taken a lot of crap for her evidence and is in danger because she keeps speaking, the official 9/11 Commission took 3 hrs of her testimony and barely mentioned it in in the final report, noting "she had some decent recommendations" but not listing them.

As you suggest: while she doesn't have all the answers, she definitely proves there's a cover-up. You should check the flick, there's this and a lot more...


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illegal alien

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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: blackkrishna]
    #4557838 - 08/20/05 05:37 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

i wish i could download these films, but i only have a 56k connection..

keep on questionning man :thumbup:
i just hope that we'll get the answers one day...

as you said, the most important thing right now is to find WHO is really responsible for all this shit, WHO profits.


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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: exclusive58]
    #4566043 - 08/22/05 11:18 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

That could take a while but I suggest giving it a shot, or checking for it on a torrent so you can get it in pieces.

You keep fighting the good fight too, and thanks for sharing that Krishnamurthi quote, we all need to hear it once in a while and I kind of live like that anyway to stay creatively loose.  That's some real Hindu O.G. talk, keep pimpin' good vibes...  :grin:

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A Bucket of Lard

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Re: 9/11: Amnesty Intellectual (It's about time.) [Re: SquattingMarmot]
    #4566075 - 08/22/05 11:33 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Hey thanks for posting that again SquattingMarmot!!!

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* 9/11 truth adds in major publications! ekomstop 821 19 10/01/04 12:44 AM
by AhronZombi
* "torture-lite" and human rights after 9/11 Edame 600 4 06/28/03 10:08 AM
by Cornholio

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