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A home-built ram drive?
    #2863090 - 07/06/04 11:33 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

Would it be possible for a person to build a non-volatile ram drive for your operating system only?

If so, how much?

I keep it real because I think it is important that a highly esteemed individual such as myself keep it real lest they experience the dreaded spontaneous non-existance of no longer keeping it real. - Hagbard Celine

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Registered: 05/10/03
Posts: 9,877
Loc: Overjoyed, at the bottom ...
Last seen: 3 days, 9 hours
Re: A home-built ram drive? [Re: HagbardCeline]
    #2869625 - 07/08/04 07:23 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

Can't anyone tell me if this is possible? I saw this on those Lieberman computer and just wanted to know if it could be duplicated at a reasonable price.


May-19-2004 - Instant-On? technology is here and it means the end of computer rebooting. is excited to announce that the time-consuming and usually annoying task of restarting the operating system of a computer every time it is shut down or rebooted is gone for good. Select hardware products and configurations are the world's first computer systems to take advantage of 's breakthrough Instant-On? technology. With Instant-On? computers can turn on and load a full Windows session in less than one second and in some cases as fast as 1/8th of a second. Instant-On? takes advantage of no latency/ extremely high- I/Os request performance of nonvolatile and non-mechanical PuRam Solid State Disk Drives and recent advances in both high-bandwidth hardware architectures and memory technologies, by utilizing several variants of WinXP4L enhancements and all its built-in new high-performance hardware capabilities. By caching in real-time at shutdown all of Windows active drivers and boot-up files into a temporary image partition, Instant-On? allows computers to reboot from a successfully pre-boot "snapshot" in the very same manner that a PDA or a PocketPC device wake-up from an Off state. Equally, a reset option allows for a full "standard" system boot-up, often obligatory when new applications or hardware are recently installed or modified, requiring a first time registration of drivers and mandatory system files. Finally, a complete Hardware shutdown, similar to what a hard reset is on a PDA device, allows for a complete hardware memory resident digital imprints, in cases like a BIOS update or major hardware change occurs. Instant-On? technology blends ultra-high performance memory, disk components and code. These elements are tuned together for ultimate performance in the long-due overhauling of booting, re-booting and shutdown operations in personal computers.

With Instant-On? technology both Windows startup and shutdown procedures are streamlined by eliminating all non-mandatory procedures (many of them only necessary on systems booting from a standard spinning hard drive). In fact the entire Instant-On startup and shutdown procedures take into consideration every operation that can be optimized for performance with PuRam system drives. Only the necessary drivers and system configuration data are loaded. Furthermore the way that the Operating System ?talks? to the system drive has been largely enhanced to fully take advantage of the most optimum PuRam data communication patterns. Immediately after a successful BIOS post you?ll have to remind yourself not to blink, or you'll miss the scrolling "loading Windows" splash screen as your Windows sessions instantly jump at you. All display re-draws and caching of desktop icons, directories and folders (2000 standard in WinXP 4L) also occur instantly at your Windows session startup. once again proves that its extensive optimization code and enhancements for extreme computing performance are years ahead of their time on every front of personal and business computing! Allied with 's RamDisk engine, standard on all computers, and a collection of hundreds of system performance software modifications that make Instant-On? technology a reality, 's PuRam drives are not used solely as a storage device, but creatively exercised as a fully integrated peripheral whose attributes and qualities are woven into the fabric of our performance tuned mobile desktop replacements and desktop super computers.

Interestingly, Instant-On? Technology was originally not written for the Windows/ x86 environment, but instead it is the first adapted mainstream code derived from L OS, 's upcoming Linux based 64-bit Operating System. Built from the ground-up with the utmost performance and transparent usability in mind, L OS will be the first Operating System to natively take advantage of new high-bandwidth hardware and Artificial Intelligence software/hardware interfaces, System Solid State Disk Drives and Bi-Directional Multi-thread RamDrives while featuring a full 64-bit emulation engine for everyone's favorite MS Windows Applications.

The following are the requirements and limitations for the use of Instant-On? Technology:

2GB of available RAM.

Hyper-Threading class CPU or multiple processor environment is required.

PuRam drive configured as the bootable system drive and as the only drive on its channel.

BIOS configuration set with a PuRam device as the primary and only boot device.

Intel 865i/875i and future Alderwood/Grantsdale Chipsets are supported.

Only WindowsXP Professional is supported. Windows XP Home Edition is not supported.

Athlon64 based systems will only be supported on WindowsXP Professional 64-bit Edition.

Task Scheduler Service is disabled. Apps depending on the service cannot be run at startup.

All system independent unnecessary start-up files and routines are by-passed (such as animated slash screens and Startup audio events for example).

If the hardware configuration includes additional single or multiple standard spinning Hard Disk Drives, the system will only boot after these have finished spinning-up to working rotational write/read speeds (usually 2 to 5 seconds delay depending on the drive's characteristics).

In the unlike event of a computer crash, system freeze or blue screen, the next restart will be a standard boot-up procedure (typically less than 5 seconds with a properly configured PuRAM device).

If new hardware/software is installed requiring system reboot to activate drivers or register OCXs for the first time, the following restart will also be a standard boot-up procedure.

Instant-On? Technology will be standard in all of 's next-generation Desktop products with built-in PuRam Solid State Disk Drives technology, including the upcoming all-new L One? Personal Supercomputer, the MachL? Silver and Gold Personal Computers Series, and the all-new Primo? and Graduate? Desktop and small form factor machines. Equally Instant-On? technology will be immediately available on all Extreme Versions of all laptop products capable of dual or triple internal drives support, when configured with a PuRAM Drive as the System Drive. The future of modern computing is now. And we welcome what's next to come.

About PuRAM - The mainstream storage revolution starts here.
The introduction of PuRAM technology as the evolution of secondary storage has lurched forward mainstream computing like no other technology recently. With ?s PuRam? Solid State Disks, hard drives as we know them are a component of the past. PuRam increases I/O performance, data stability and security, bringing supercomputer storage technology to desktops, laptops, and servers. As the name implies, PuRam operates much like RAM. However, unlike RAM, PuRam Drives are non-volatile flash based devices capable of maintaining their state when a computer is turned off even for extended times between a single boot-up, up to 10 years.

For as long as desktop computers have been around users have been relying on hard drives as secondary storage devices. While hard drive transfer rates and storage capacities have been increasing since their inception and their cost and physical sizes continuously decreases, they will never overcome three major shortcomings: First they rely on finely-tuned moving platters and heads whose motors and mechanisms break down or become unstable over time, typically within a few years. Second while hard drive performance increases with technology improvements, RAM and system bus performance have increased exponentially, leaving hard drive speeds as the slowest bottleneck of a computer when dealing with large files or large amounts of I/O reads and writes. Third, hard drives draw relatively large amounts of power which limits the battery life of mobile systems. ?s PuRam drives address each of these issues with one elegant solution that is transforming the dream of uncompromised world-class computer, into a mainstream reality.

What is PuRam?
PuRam Drives are Solid State Disk Drives using ultra-fast high-bandwidth Flash RAM Technology. Though similar to the memory chips used on your "regular" Compact Flash/Secure Digital/ Memory Stick units for Digital Cameras, PuRam performance is astonishingly improved. For years computer engineers dreamed of using large quantities of RAM to store modern operating system and commonly used user files, to improve performance hundreds of times when performing I/O operations, using cheap secondary storage only for infrequently used data. Unfortunately two drawbacks of RAM have held back this type of advancement: 1) Even in small storage capacities, RAM has historically been one of the most expensive components of the computer, even in small storage capacities, and 2) RAM is volatile and loses data when power is cut from the computer. With RAM based Solid State Disk Drives Drives your computer would be reliant on UPS or battery packs for power, and you?d encounter replacement issues, and a plethora of other problems. To overcome all these issues, PuRam Technology was designed with a much more high-end design approach, focusing both on high performance, data integrity and drive lifespan. Flash RAM memory has overcome this data volatility problem and is at the center of PuRam's architecture.

PuRam - Breakthrough Technology.
?s PuRam? Drives deliver the best of both worlds in terms of superior performance, non-volatility, reliability, storage capacities that exceed those of mechanical disk drives, and a fraction of the power consumption of its ?spinning? counterparts. With up to a native 400MB/s burst reading and writing transfer rates, up to the system's full memory bandwidth at 6.4GB/s on a typical Dual-Channel 400MHz DDR SDRAM configuration with CacheFlow? technology, and using all common storage interfaces from Serial-ATA to Dull-Duplex Fibre Channel, Windows is able to cold boot in seconds, applications load near instantaneously, and files move and copy at blazing speeds never before possible. Intelligent software and advanced fail-safe data integrity and diagnostics circuitry delivers the enhanced performance and reliability that is expected in the most demanding applications.

A custom, intermediate Flash-bus between device-specific buffers and Flash-intelligent DMA controllers is employed to carry commands, addresses, and data between the DMA controller and buffer chips. Four-way interleaving of data between the buffer chips and Flash memory banks coupled with time-multiplexed busy signaling throughout the whole bus delivers unprecedented media transfer rates in the Flash SSD industry. And because any storage peripheral that does not employ any method of buffering between the storage medium and the system interface will suffer in terms of poor I/O performance, PuRAM drives employ built-in high speed DRAM caching modules which serve as write policies performance enhancers. Equally, the firmware has special algorithms to distribute erase/write cycles evenly across all Flash memory block locations. As per Flash memory specifications, it can be determined that the write cycle endurance of a 2.5GB PuRAM Drive is abound 157 years at 500GB worth of writes per day, more than 40 times the lifespan of an average hard drive. Unlimited read operations do not affect the lifetime of the PuRAM drives. PuRAM endurance can also be extended by at least a factor of 15 times when used in conjunction with intelligent maintenance features such as RS-ECC threshold tuning, flash memory scrubbing and fully associative caching.

PuRam - Security and Data Integrity.
To ensure data integrity our PuRam drives utilize a proprietary Interleaved Reed-Solomon Error Correction Code (RS ECC) which is optimized for use with Flash memory. The RS-ECC code delivers an accuracy of a probability of less than 10-30 undetected data errors. It corrects up to six random byte errors per 528-byte blocks and detects burst errors up to nine bytes long. Additionally with its proper decoding algorithm, it will NEVER miscorrect three random byte errors as it will only miscorrect less than 0.1% of the time for errors greater than 9 bytes out of 528 bytes. A configurable ECC Threshold implements block memory remapping when the number of correctable errors for that block reaches a user configurable threshold value. Tuning this parameter minimizes the frequency of remapping blocks that exhibit a correctable error count less than the threshold. It also reduces the probability that certain blocks having correctable errors greater than the threshold will turn into blocks with uncorrectable errors. PuRAM's firmware automatically monitors and corrects errors in every location of Flash memory. This process is executed in the background without affecting system performance while it monitors how much block erase/write wear-out has been accumulated by the disk. Finally in the chance that a PuRAM Drive encounters bad memory blocks as it approaches its write/erase cycle endurance limit, remapping is performed on the fly by its firmware to replace logical block address entries that point to bad memory blocks with new good blocks. Every PuRAM Drive is shipped with a number of good reserved memory blocks for this purpose that may last for hundreds of thousands of hours of continuous, intensive and totally trouble-free operation. As for data security and integrity, and unlike traditional hard drives, PuRAM drives have extremely advanced Self-Healing Diagnostics and Maintenance circuitry. Intelligent firmware provides predictive maintenance capabilities that provide early warning of impending catastrophic failure long before it occurs. If for any reason a drive should fail, built-in Plug and play corrective maintenance features facilitate repairs and simplifies recovery procedures in a very short period of time. Further Data Integrity technologies include:

1) All writes to the peripheral are halted before the voltage drops below critical thresholds reducing the risk of data corruption to file allocation (FAT) or translation tables in the event of an aborted write operation (peripherals that do not have any low voltage detection logic, such as hard drives, are more exposed to data corruption because device writes are allowed to continue during low voltage conditions). 2) Allocating a number of reserved memory blocks for use as a scratchpad and for internal translation tables, pre-writing modifications to the translation tables to the scratchpad area reduces the risk of data and FAT corruption due to low voltage writes by reducing the window of vulnerability that the Flash device spends in the write phase. 3) Variable Flash Cache Size minimizes data loss during unexpected power failure by reducing the size of the write dirty cache to at least one sector or block of data for the controller to write.

PuRam & L.
PuRAM's native interfaces are universal IDE, S-ATA, Ultra SCSI-320 or Full Duplex Fibre Channel, as usually shipped on Desktops Systems. Laptops can only utilize PuRAM Drives via IDE Ultra ATA-133 interfaces for now (Generation 4 of the 17" Hollywood Laptop Series with DDR2/ PCI-Xpress architecture coming out in Q3 2004 will feature Serial-ATA standard). The upcoming L One Personal Supercomputer, will be the worlds first desktop machine featuring a PuRAM Device Array as a standard system drive.

Manufacturing of PuRAM drives is extremely complex. Because of their high cost, they are currently shipped in sizes of around 3GB to 5GB, which is enough for the operating system and system files to sit on. Users typically don't need personal files to be on a PuRAM Drive as 99% of the time they are parked. For that, standard high-performance disk drives are used as secondary storage devices giving users unbeatable value per MB of storage. Currently has low PuRam production capacity therefore prioritizing them with systems exclusively. Beginning Q3 2004, will start marketing them also individually and internally/externally as RAID array configurations.

At we are always pushing technology to its limits to bring faster and more reliable computers to you years before anyone else will. Not only do we bring PuRam, the world?s fastest secondary storage device available, to you but we have introduced technologies such as Instant-On? to further push the limits and combine the best of both the hardware and software worlds. We pride ourselves in bringing the best technology to you before you can get it anywhere else, and at the same time we strive to help push the industry forward to bigger and better technologies and applications. By introducing PuRam with our products we are able remove one more devices from our machines that have moving parts (the standard spinning hard drives), which means there are less moving parts to break down and fail. This creates a more rugged and reliable machine in the long run. If a PuRAM device is NEVER turned on, the data shelf life is around 10 years. We figured, if you do not care to boot your computer at least once every decade, then you really don't need a computer at all!

PuRam & CacheFlow.
When used in conjunction with 's CacheFlow? Software Technologies in a system configured with at least 1GB of on-board RAM (2GB and up ideally), most of the data I/O operations from and to PuRAM drives are intelligently cached and managed via the computer's on board RAM in order for most of these operations to be completed at a low level. CacheFlow? Technologies (32-bit for WindowsXP Pro and 64-bit for WindowsXP Pro 64-bit Edition) act as an imbedded Windows early load-time driver that copies the entire compressed contents of all active System files from Partition C to a hidden System RamDisk. Depending of the amount of available physical RAM, this can be either a 1:1 ratio, or an AI compressed algorithm via on-the-fly intelligent file sorting to allocate the most used files and drivers to the hidden RamDisk for immediate access. Upon a system's boot-up, all requests will then be fulfilled at RAM level, NOT via the hard drive. From that point on all 0.15 seconds every file operation performed, from installing programs to updating files and moving files around, is mirrored to the System Drive's Partition C. So though all operations are writing to RAM on the fly, while the mass storage device will reflect in real-time all changes and updated files of every previous Windows session.

When using PuRAM drives, the performance of this "orchestration" is superb. Disk write times from and to RAM to the PuRAM unit are seamless, near-instant, and with absolutely no performance hit, as transparent background operation. At up to 150,000 I/Os per second with near zero access times, there is no system overhead or slowdowns as mirroring operations take place while typical cold boot-times takes less that 5 seconds. When coupled with Instant-On? technology every operation from starting your computer to opening or moving huge data files, loading the most I/O intensive applications and shutting down your computer, will be seamless and delay free. Mainstream computing intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop? / Premier Pro? or Microsoft Office? Suite, open in under one second, while copying data around, render large files or loading-up a game, is literally a snap. CacheFlow? is NOT compatible with WindowsXP Home Edition, reason for which all of 's laptop and desktop products ship with XP Pro only. Also, a dual-processor or a single processor featuring hyper-threading technology is required as many of CacheFlow's tasks are performed via background system processes in order to maximize real-time performance and maximize CPU clock availability for other processes.

About - Founded in 2002 by Commercial Film Director Miguel Liebermann, Los Angeles, California based, (Liebermann Inc.) is quickly becoming the world?s leading name for no-contest high-performance PC/ Windows? computers. With its roots in the Hollywood/ Entertainment Industries, and positioned as the Ferrari? of PC computers, was born from the vision of demanding entertainment, TV, Film, music and advertising industry professionals looking to build products not available anywhere else. has radically taken the industry by storm by recently introducing the world?s highest performance laptop, desktop and server computers as well as the largest and most spectacular personal and professional computer displays. Allied to a nationwide large scale marketing campaign and with leading cooperation alliances with foremost developers, manufacturers, advertisers and retailers in the industry, is expanding its operations overseas and gearing up for the grand-opening of its first two US retail stores in Los Angeles and New York City. ?s incredible attention to detail and manufacturing quality, and their unique ?touch-of-class? clearly stated by its stone sculpted trademark logo, uniquely different on every computer and products built, state both its distinctive market positioning and pursue for excellence. Complete information about Liebermann Inc. and their products can be found on 's website at www.go-l.com

About - L OS is a new generation open source high-performance 64-bit Linux based operating system, designed from ground up to fully take of performance-class hardware and software technologies such as PuRam Drives, Instant-On Technology, SuperBIOS, CacheFlow, upcoming high-bandwidth peripherals and 64-bit hardware, providing an unmatched creative platform for fully fledged business, pro grade multimedia and industrial strength networking capabilities. Focusing on being streamlined, extremely intuitive to use and with a visually rich navigation interface, L OS' pioneering nature is matched with a strong security profile and a performance oriented personality, fully supporting X86 code via an optimized 64-bit emulation native engine. Featuring an industry leading complete handpicked application suite to address the needs of even the most demanding professional user, its open source nature guarantees a continuous non-obsolesce upgrade and enhancements path while being ready out-of-the-box to be used as the primary personal computing environment. L OS will be released in two flavors: L OS and L OS Server. A pre-alpha release of L OS will be included standard as a multi-boot option on all upcoming L Laptop, Desktop and Server products and upon reaching mature beta stages, it will be made largely available as a supported free download to the general market.

I keep it real because I think it is important that a highly esteemed individual such as myself keep it real lest they experience the dreaded spontaneous non-existance of no longer keeping it real. - Hagbard Celine

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