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fucken pimp
Registered: 01/01/03
Posts: 323
Last seen: 14 years, 6 months
    #1855321 - 08/27/03 05:05 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

about 25 grams fresh. Thai cubensis, a mix of allen strain, and pink buffalo, w/ a little ecuador.


This is the truth, all of this was really felt, and really happened

At 7:20 pm, Me, K, and J ate about 30 grams fresh magic mushrooms...

We walked to my neighbors road to smoke a few bowls. It would take care of any nausea or sickness felt in the first 30 minutes...

Well after the bowls we were feeling prty good. We walked over to j's car to pick up some waters for our journey and headed down my road.

We didnt feel much beisdes the pot for abut 30 minutes... Then suddenly.. it hit me... I was ugh oxford parks about a mile from my house where strange thoughts started popping into my head... Colors looked much brighter, everything so much clearer.. So clear everything looked like it had a life of its own..

I started rambling on about random things like how wonderful concrete is, and how if we found out which was the lines in the street were pointing we would know where to go. Just strange things like that.. But that was just the beginning.. After about 30 min longer I was fully tripping. I could bend and move objects in my mind.. I saw tracers.. meaning i would move my hand and i would see a trail of my hand in my vision..

I started having confuesed and reminisent thoughts, my mind kept asking me what my purpose is, and the question was slowly taking over my mind.. We decided we needed a change of scenery for the start of the trip so we walked about 500 feet up the road...

Suddenly, My phone rang. It was my friend D. he wanted to know if he could come and chill w/ us while we were tripping. Sure I said, and he headed to my house. When he arrived 30 minutes later we were still hanging out on the side of the road near my house completly trippeed out. My first trippy thought was that I was litterally a god, i had a revelation that I was a god, i could litterally see the purple bubbles of power emanating from my body from my shadow, whenever my friend said something, i would tell him to be quiet in a powerful voice. My ego was so big for a second.. I thought i was a god, literally.

I was not sitting on the grass but in the middle of the road.. WHy? because i thought the pavement was nice, it was safe.

D and T arrived and knew in the first minute how badly i was tripping. I dont remember all the crazy conversations that went on, but things got worse from here on..

We didnt know where to go, and my thoughts were slowly eating me up, darker and darker my mind got until I was thinking pure fear of what? i dont know.
D and T saw I was starting to go into a bad trip so they decided for another change of scenery. We walked about a mile down the road to a bench that I used to chill and smoke at. Everyone sat down and I thought out loud.. I saw the grass, the trees, and the bench , the houses.. everything was so clear.. It truly looked like everything was fake, made out of plasitic, the crack in the road, deformations of the world disappearerd, the sky changed color. From dark blue, to red, to pink to yellow, The light shining down from the street lamps made the entire road look blood red. The grass looked endless. My mind started messing w/ me, i started to think certain objects were good and others were evil. I talked to a tree and thought nothing wrong of it at all. I was on an emotional rollercoaster, at one point i was on the verge of tears because not everyone else in the world could see things the way I could when i was tripping. I was tripping so hard that I sometimes forgot what was making me think and act this way. To me it was completly rational, but to everyone else it was complete madness.

Another crazy thing about tripping is that you lose the concept of time, minutes feel like hours, or hours feel liek minutes.. When my friend asked what time it was we were all shocked to hear that it has been almost 4 hours. we were tripping for 4 hours in the same aroea of 1000 feet, and we were just walking around.. for 4 hours.. we thought it was like 30-40 min. Also the concept of money sounds like a joke when your tripping, things that usually make sense dont make any once u try and think of them tripping.. Everything was so vibrant , so colorful..

So we start walking back and i start doing real wiers stuff, like just picking up handfuls of grass and examinging leaves, gates, the ground.. I sat next to a tree. the tree was nice to me, it was safe, it was my friend. i stared at the grass, it was as if something was going to jump out at any second.. suddenly i looked at my ankle. it sunk into the grass.. i started screaming! my foot fell off my foot! my friends told me its ok, my foot didnt disappear its just an illusion.. they talked me down.. If my friends werent there.. i would have went insane.

Now, to understand this next part, you need to understand what happens when your on shrooms. You see. everyone has a image of themselves in their head, how they think they look, your EGO basically, how good or bad you think your are.. when you are really messed up on shrooms, and people know you are there is no need for an ego, there is no need to act cool. So you go through something called EGO LOSS. Well, i went through this.. a few hours later, D and T asked if i wanted to go to 7, 11 to get a pack of ciggs, i said id come along for the ride.

In the car, We listened to Incubus, The music was so beautiful that when it hit my ears I went into euphoric and constant laughter, my body felt so happy moving to the music. i didnt even like incubus until then.

Well, we arrieved at 711 and I saw some of my good friends there, they didnt know I was tripping so hard. T pointed out that I was tripped and they all laughed.. I was in a diffrent world, i was so sensitive, so compassionate, i loved every one of them. I wanted to tell them how badly i was tripping and how the world looked through my eyes, ego less. It was killing me, i was almost crying because they looked at me like i was just on another drug. asking to buy some off me. It was killing me. They didnt understand what these things did to you..

So I left 711, and they dropped me off at my house... This is when all hell broke loose.. The muinte they drove away, i went through the scariest walk up to my door every in my life. Horrible thoughts kept running through my head. at one point i brushed up into a bush and started running to the door in a state of pure fear... My sister answered the door and I said hi and went to the bathroom. I started looking at myself in the mirror, and brushing my teeth., i saw myself comptely diffrent.

It was amazing, my face starting sucking in, changing shapes, warping, it scared me, i couldnt handle it. I looked strage, i looked like another person would see me. My emotions were still running wild. I decided to go online. I couldnt even manage to think right, I was trying to open up to people, to explain to them how i felt, i couldnt. All i got was "what are u talking about" and every clueless response i got was a blow to my chest. I felt my mind sinking deeper and deeper into pure sadness, it felt like I was alone in the world.. I was egoless, which made me naked, no defense against anything anyone would say... I went to sleep and woke up kind of depressed, it only lasted a few hours, i was back to normal by the next day, It kind of changed my life. the way i act towards people... im a new person.. sort of...:-) =-O

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Fungus Fan

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 720
Loc: In a spore
Last seen: 12 years, 6 months
    #1855552 - 08/27/03 06:24 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

Nice trip report man! Sounds like you had a great time. Did all three of you guys each eat around 30 grams fresh, or collectively? Because i was about to say, 30 grams fresh wont do too much to 3 people hehe. Thanks for the report man, shroom on.

"With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know."

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Male User Gallery Arcade Champion: El Emigrante

Registered: 07/15/02
Posts: 12,988
Loc: Chicago, USA Flag
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Re: READ THIS CRAZY TRIP.. [Re: RespectTheFungus]
    #1855688 - 08/27/03 06:52 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

thanks for the explanation of ego loss :smirk: good trip report though :thumbup: :mushroom2:

When chemistry is outlawed.. Only outlaws have chemistry:rainbowdrink:

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Mental Member

Registered: 08/10/03
Posts: 3,404
Loc: In a Van Down By the Rive...
Re: READ THIS CRAZY TRIP.. [Re: Infrared]
    #1856214 - 08/27/03 09:44 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

lol... good write up... i need to give some shrooms to my friend billy who has a bad habit of showing people his muscles when he first meets them... then if he remembers that he has something cool to show people, but cant rememember what it was, i can just give him one more gram... hehe...

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fucken pimp
Registered: 01/01/03
Posts: 323
Last seen: 14 years, 6 months
Re: READ THIS CRAZY TRIP.. [Re: Tremor1127]
    #1856560 - 08/27/03 10:59 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

yea man, that serisouly changed me... i explained ego loss, so my friends could understand what i went through, and we ate about 25-30 g's fresh each

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the main event

Registered: 05/21/03
Posts: 178
Loc: Canada
Last seen: 14 years, 8 months
    #1858658 - 08/28/03 01:01 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

Nice report. And I laughed when you said you ran to your front door when you hit the bush because it reminded me of a time my buddy walked into a tree and started running as fast as he could as if someone was trying to jump him.
Anyways, I haven't seen my face fall, melt, or warp off my head, and I've tripped quite a few times. Must be pretty freaky, but I just look at the mirror, smile, then see myself smile'n back, and I start to laugh :smile: Anyways, if my face fell off I'd probably think about robbing a bank since, well, with no face they don't know who I am :smile:

Bro'z b4 Hoe'z

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Registered: 08/07/03
Posts: 741
Loc: Antwerpen.
Last seen: 9 years, 4 months
Re: READ THIS CRAZY TRIP.. [Re: r00tg04t]
    #1859804 - 08/28/03 06:34 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

"suddenly i looked at my ankle. it sunk into the grass.. i started screaming! my foot fell off my foot"

I laughed hard at that!
I got my eye trapped in a door before, that freaked the balls clean off me.
Someone walked past, there was no one there but there was, if you get what i mean, at such a speed that my eye came out of its socket and then i heard a door slam. Next thing i know my eye ball was stuck in the door and i screamed, and screamed and screamed. I would'nt class that as a bad trip as such just very, very interestin'.

"Must'nt Grumble!".

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LethargicSnorting Duck

Registered: 07/15/03
Posts: 686
Last seen: 14 years, 8 months
    #1861318 - 08/29/03 02:02 AM (14 years, 8 months ago)

You know what's really funny?

The 2 things that are common in most poeple's trips is complete loss of time, and how money is such a joke.

And guess what!! Those were 2 of the biggest mistakes of human history!!  We created time just so we could organize all our appointments and lives.  We made money because we needed(or so we think) a universal object of trade...

Shrooms man, they're just trying to bring us back to nature :grin:

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King of the Jews

Registered: 08/28/03
Posts: 181
Re: READ THIS CRAZY TRIP.. [Re: Ravinoff]
    #1861887 - 08/29/03 08:16 AM (14 years, 8 months ago)

Great report! It was a good read.


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