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Registered: 01/14/03
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Loc: outta here
Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3)
    #1269901 - 02/02/03 03:19 AM (15 years, 4 months ago)

I had my first shroom trip last night and I thought I should write a little report on it :smile:

I decided to take 1.6 grams of  dried shrooms  that I grew myself.  I chose 1.6 grams because I had a kind of large double mushroom that caught my eye, and it came to 1.6 grams which seemed like a good starting weight.

I had decided to trip alone, after my parents had gone to bed.  I tried unsuccessfully to grind up the mushroom with a pestle & mortar, so moved onto a small blender.  I mixed it with a strawberry and banana smoothie, which probably wasn't the best idea, as it ended up tasting awful (I gagged a few times trying to drink it).

This was at about 1.45am, and it probably took less than 15 minues to start kicking in.  I've done other drugs, but only pot and E (and Ketamine once).  I did feel slightly nauseous, but I didn't feel like I was going to be sick at any point.

Soon enough I started to feel a bit light-headed, and was having difficulty following what was on TV.  My living room furniture has a lot of floral patterns, a wooden floor and a lot of Chinese stuff like rugs and wooden tables.  The curtains had started to 'breathe', and the flowers on them were growing and receding.  I looked at the carpet, and it was swirling everywhere.  I looked at the floor, and the grain of the wood was cycling through a kalaidescope, like the surface of a soap bubble.  The floral patterns on the sofa I was sitting on were also growing and breathing.  I looked back at the carpet, and as everything really started to kick in, I started to see hints of luminous colour.  It was like I was seeing everything in 'hippy-vision' :smile:  The room felt warm and alive with colour, I could sense colours just outside my field of vision, but every time I blinked it stopped and took another few seconds to kick back in again.
When I would close my eyes, it would actually get brighter, and I would lose myself in neon geometric shapes.  I kept getting brought back to reality though by the idea that I might be pissing myself.  I hadn't, but I think it was the fact that I had read a lot of reports where people mentioned they had to go to the toilet all the time.  I think that must have been playing on my mind a bit.
I looked at my jeans and could see all kinds of geometric patterns moving in them, they had a kind of 'aztec' feel to them.

I'd never really understood why people who did LSD and shrooms like bright neon posters and images, but I was seeing it all right in front of me and it all made sense :smile:

I decided to go up to my room for a while, so I turned on an internet radio station (and Milkdrop), and thought about writing this report as it was happening, but couldn't be bothered.
The computer screen was holographic, and I couldn't stop laughing at how 'square' it all was.  Milkdrop was fantastic, but I kept thinking "why am I looking at this, when I could look at my curtains and see the same thing?"

I rolled around on my bed for a while but couldn't stay still, there was too much to look at.  I decided to take a pee, hoping that this would stop me thinking about pissing myself.  By this time everything was looking really cool, my vision was slightly blurred and everything had a kind of crystalline feel to it.  I kept trying to pee, but every time I was just about to, I kept wondering if I was really at the toilet.  I kept thinking "how do I know I'm here?  How do I know I'm not still lying on my bed and about to piss myself?"
After looping through this thought two or three times, I just decided to do it anyways :smile:

Washing my hands was wonderful, the water looked so crystal clear and sparkling.  I got caught up in my reflection in the mirror for a good while, my face had all kind of patterns on it.  I kept morphing into what I thought was some kind of woodland spirit, and my features became very elf-like.

I decided to go back downstairs for a while, and by this time I had stopped refererring to myself in the first person.  I kept thinking of myself as an organism and had lost the sense that 'I' was me (I wouldn't quite go as far as to call it ego-loss).  I kept thinking "this earth-based organism may need food" or "this unit is..."
I kept getting stuck in a loop with my thoughts, and found it hilarious over and over as I realised what was going on, and then realised again, and so on.

I tried to make some food, but couldn't eat it, it was too distracting with everything else going on.  I was also feeling extremely tired at this point physically, but knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep yet.  I kept dozing in and out of hallucinations for a while, and trying to figure out the meaning of life etc...and still getting caught in the same loops, not getting anywhere :smile:

By about 4am things were starting to come down.  The furniture was still breathing, but I had to stare for a long time before I saw the patterns grow again, the sheer vibrant neon intensity was gone.  I went up to bed at about 5am, things were still breathing, just about, but everything was starting to feel 'real' again.  My curtains were just curtains, not moving stereoscopic slideshows.  I fell asleep pretty quickly, and woke up this morning at about 11am, feeling totally fine and wide awake :smile:

I wouldn't say that I had any startling revelations during the trip, I was mostly just awed at the strength of the visuals.  I think I might go for 2 grams next time and maybe smoke a bit of pot, to ease the nausea a little.
Hopefully next time I'll be able to do it with a friend, and I hope that in the summer I can do it in a field somewhere on a bright sunny afternoon :smile: 

The above is an extract from my fictional novel, "The random postings of Edame".

In the beginning was the word. And man could not handle the word, and the hearing of the word, and he asked God to take away his ears so that he might live in peace without having to hear words which might upset his equinamity or corrupt the unblemished purity of his conscience.

And God, hearing this desperate plea from His creation, wrinkled His mighty brow for a moment and then leaned down toward man, beckoning that he should come close so as to hear all that was about to be revealed to him.

"Fuck you," He whispered, and frowned upon the pathetic supplicant before retreating to His heavens.

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Test Pilot
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Registered: 08/02/02
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Re: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: Edame]
    #1269971 - 02/02/03 05:05 AM (15 years, 4 months ago)

awsome! sounds like you had a great time! for just dosing on 1.6g's it sounds like the trip was still a really good one!

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It's so easy toslip
Registered: 09/25/01
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Re: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: Edame]
    #1269973 - 02/02/03 05:06 AM (15 years, 4 months ago)

Nice trip report..sounds definitly like an intence first trip.

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Killa KanProductions

Registered: 11/03/02
Posts: 173
Loc: Canada
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Re: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: forevadazin]
    #1269983 - 02/02/03 05:23 AM (15 years, 4 months ago)

you summed up that trip pretty good, sounds like you had a good time.


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Invisibleralph snart111

Registered: 01/29/03
Posts: 61
Re: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: Kanibus]
    #1270001 - 02/02/03 05:40 AM (15 years, 4 months ago)

Hell yeah! Level 3,first time,alone,with parents asleep!!!damn.I'm glad you had a great experiance.

"Behold the mythical esquilax-a horse with the body of a rabbit...and the head of...a rabbit ! "
-Timothy Leary

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Registered: 12/30/02
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Post deleted by MOE THE MAD SCIENTIST [Re: Edame]
    #1274802 - 02/03/03 04:03 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)


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Registered: 06/20/02
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Re: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: Voodoo]
    #1275026 - 02/03/03 05:08 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)

it sounds like you had a great new experience.

now thats what I wish my first time was, didnt seem to hardcore but wasnt exactly soft either.

Take it easy, and if you can take it easy , take it twice.

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Reality Hacker

Registered: 07/28/02
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Re: Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: Edame]
    #1277381 - 02/04/03 10:12 AM (15 years, 4 months ago)

1.6 grams isn't all that much. I 'm glad you had such an intense experience with them thow. I've noticed the elf-like features too on shrooms.

My first trip was totally spiritual and not visual at all. My second was totally visual and not spiritual at all. I found that strange- the only difference was that I ate them fresh for the second trip.


What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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The greatEnitsuj

Registered: 12/11/02
Posts: 765
Loc: Ontario
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Re: Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: Murex]
    #1278068 - 02/04/03 01:51 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)

wow, sounds like you had an awsome trip :smile:
hah and i'm very happy that you didn't end up peeing yourslef.

What fun is it in Nirvana while other beings are suffering?

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Registered: 02/02/03
Posts: 6
Last seen: 15 years, 3 months
Re: Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: soylent_green]
    #1279280 - 02/04/03 06:53 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)

my first trip was awesome.  I was in mass. and i was the only one tripping, although i was with my brother and about 5 other people plus my dog.  I ate 3 grams, first 2, and then another about an hour later.  Drank a glass of OJ and nothing happened for awhile.  We went to a friends house and then watched the simpsons, while i was there i noticed a little bit of cool stuff in the pictures hanging up and my one friend had an awesome aura around him. Noone else did tho.  He didn't know i was tripping, i bet he was wondering why i kept staring at him since i don't know him all too well.  when we left, my real trip set in... the ride home was amazing listening to deep banana blackout.  I went inside and sat by the fire, watching it melt.  :shocked: I sectioned myself off and didn't like anyone else near me besides one person and my dog. everyone else was the enemy. soon the fire started to melt and the fireplace moved up to the top of the wall by the ceiling.  my pittbull was on my lap and i accidently pulled her leg off!  I started to freak and just told my self 'chill out, just stick it back on and noooonnnneee will know!' so that's what i did.  there was a picture on the wall of the ocean and beach and i could see the waves rolling in and could see kids playing on the beach and i could hear them laughing and giggling.  there was another picture of something, not sure what it really is but in my trip it was a tug boat that kept tooting, and then there were 2 card-dudes from alice and wonderland that popped out and started jousting with them long pole things.  it was quite interesting. my only real thought was that i should move to massachussets.  The people are so much better there, more open minded and considerate.  The whole area is full of good vibes.  i don't get any good vibes from jersey except from a select few people. 

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Invisibleralph snart111

Registered: 01/29/03
Posts: 61
Re: Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: BurnToShine]
    #1279331 - 02/04/03 07:08 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)

Sounds like you had one hell of a trip.If I thought I pulled off my dogs leg,that might have started me on a negative slide.It's cool you stayed in control though.
I also have seen paintings come to life,theres nothing quite like a picture you have done come to life.

"Behold the mythical esquilax-a horse with the body of a rabbit...and the head of...a rabbit ! "
-Timothy Leary

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Invisiblepoke smot!
floccinocci floofinator

Registered: 01/08/03
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Re: Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3) *DELETED* [Re: Edame]
    #1279600 - 02/04/03 08:28 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)

Post deleted by poke smot!

Reason for deletion: x

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Hitch Hiker ofthe Galaxy

Registered: 12/29/02
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Re: Trip Report: First Trip (Level 3) [Re: poke smot!]
    #1283280 - 02/05/03 11:47 PM (15 years, 4 months ago)

Thats a really cool trip report Edame, I'm glad you had such a great time, oh and I like your avatar.  :smile:


It tasted exactly like my cakes smell.

I said this same sort of sentence once infront of a few friends last week
(it tasted like the smell of 'insert thing here') and they couldn't get their heads around it. They were like 'how can something taste like the SMELL of something else?'

Finally someone else knows what this means. :laugh:

I rose up towards the ceiling, rolled over, and looked down on my body, lying there in peaceful repose. I thought to myself, "Damn, too much".

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