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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience

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Re: silent tripping
    #92786 - 04/02/00 04:01 AM (19 years, 24 days ago)

DooD, i'm the same way, left to my own devices i wont make a sound or change facial expression for hours, it suks cause it's kinda anti-social, and it can get to your head having people always askin if your alright, but your not alone man!! :smile:

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InvisibleSell Your Soul
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Re: silent tripping
    #92788 - 04/03/00 07:29 PM (19 years, 22 days ago)

I hate it when a person with you while you are tripping won't stop talking.

It can totally kill the trip.

People need to realize that each person has a totally different trip and talking about what you are feeling at that point is not a good idea, unless you are really connected to the person at the point, and you are on the same mind level.

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Re: silent tripping
    #92789 - 04/03/00 08:15 PM (19 years, 22 days ago)

yeah my friends weren't tripping once and they get asking me if it was "working", god damn trip killer, yeah does everyone get that grin on thier face when they tip, atleast my friends and i do.

"Shapes and colors shift with mood,
pupils widen and change thier hue."
-- Alice In Chains (Frogs)
"Is your hair as dull and lifeless
as your brain? Didn't work start at 9?
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to wear it? I know you. I used to be you.
Until I discovered Chambraigne."

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Re: silent tripping
    #92790 - 04/03/00 10:17 PM (19 years, 22 days ago)


A Rose, In Boredom Grows, And Breaks Me of My Minds Conviction, 1000 breaths, smoke as life, speak soft of souls vindiction.

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Re: silent tripping
    #92791 - 04/08/00 09:46 PM (19 years, 17 days ago)

The last time I tripped (3 weeks ago)I was overly silent throughout the experience. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I had taken 12 grams. My friends, not being familiar with high dose trips, thought I was in trouble and called an ambulance. I ended up staying at the hospital overnight.

Since I'm a minor, my parents had to come and get me. The staff fed them all this misinformation claiming that I had "ODed" on mushrooms and the "damage" that they could cause to my body. Well, the next time I trip (which won't be antime soon :-() I plan to be very vocal and to make sure that the people I trip with know what to expect.

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OfflineThe Oswego Eclipse
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Re: silent tripping
    #92792 - 04/13/00 07:55 PM (19 years, 12 days ago)

It's always fun to talk when tripping, or so I think. I guess none of my friends mind, because the stuff I say is so incredibly silly, it cracks them up. Occasionally some of the stuff I say, actually makes sense. At this time, it's good to have a tape recorder. A very necessary item.

Sometimes though, I do agree that talking isn't necessary. Like when BEing with a tree, and it's little shadow disciples.

Would you like to find out how Reginold seduced Lolita with a tub of Mayonaise?

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Re: silent tripping
    #92793 - 04/13/00 08:19 PM (19 years, 12 days ago)

Im not anti socail at all. Silenc gets scary when tripping fo rme. I just look and talk to people, and always say goofy things.

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Registered: 04/15/00
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Re: silent tripping
    #92794 - 04/16/00 06:46 AM (19 years, 10 days ago)

I feel your pain. I had a close buddy that I have tripped with many time tell me he didn?t like to trip?n with me (while we were trip?n with some newbies) because ? I look like I?m not trip?n? When in a reality I?m trip?n balls but have nothing to say.

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Invisiblesir tripsalot
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Re: silent tripping
    #92795 - 04/16/00 05:45 PM (19 years, 10 days ago)

Same thing here,unless its a lower dose then its almost like being super stoned but nothings hazy.I was tripping bigtime with my best friend at his house for the first time and we both assumed the other guy was just fine.Asking someone if they're tripping is so stupid cause everyone knows that if you take drugs and nothing happens everyone always"fuck I don't feel nothing,this shit doesn't work"I mean come on people(who ask if your tripping)I'm just staring into space with a grin on my face politely waiting for the trip to start.


"Little racoons and old possums 'n' stuff all live up in here. They've got to have a little place to sit." Bob Ross.

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Re: silent tripping
    #92796 - 04/18/00 12:28 AM (19 years, 8 days ago)

"That which cannot be spoken must be
passed over in silence" - Wittgenstein

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Registered: 10/29/99
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Re: silent tripping
    #92797 - 04/18/00 05:55 PM (19 years, 8 days ago)

I recently had a 'revelation' about this whilst low level tripping my brothers...and here it is...Those who tend to be spritually inclined or introverted (typically they go hand-in-hand) will understand what I'm about to say easier...those who joy-trip or are extroverted will probably find it hard to grasp. (Additionally, reading Leary's Book of the Dead is also a helpful primer).

When you use shrooms for self-exploration in innately leads INWARD...away from the outside world. Letting go of one's need to interact...to speak, to jump around, to generally have a 'good' time...actually impedes instrospection.

The easiest way to imagine what I'm talking about is imagine the 5 levels of tripping as like planes upon which your mind walks. Levels 1-3 are easily attained by chemical means...they take no concentration to maintain...and these are typically the levels that joy-trippers stay within; they have no want or desire to go beyond level 3 (because levels 4 & 5 are real 'wierd'). At the same dosages that would typically bring our joy-tripping friends to level 3 or possibly even 4 sometimes...the introvert realizes that by concentrating inwards...he can actually deepen the trip. By Letting Go...you go deeper. On the same dosages that bring my friends blissfully ignorant to level 3...I can concentrate and reach level 4! The shrooms provide me with the doorway, but I must walk through...I must actually work my way further and beyond. And nothing kills the journey as quickly and easily as someone OUT THERE demanding you interact with them in some pointless manner ("He he, did you just see/hear/feel that, dude?"). From my experience, it is extremely difficult to travel upwards and deeper, while simultaneously playing interaction games with others around you. And there-by it becomes a choice...do you enjoy playing games with your friends by interacting with them...or do you risk removing yourself from their presence (physically and otherwise) and concentrating fully inwards. My advice...if you want to explore beyond level 3...don't do it with someone whom is going to demand interaction with you. Likewise...if all you want is a fun social trip...don't do it with someone whom is intent upon inward exploration.


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OfflineThe Apothecary
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Re: silent tripping
    #92798 - 04/18/00 10:41 PM (19 years, 7 days ago)

I agree, Ish (also, anyone who can find any Leary books, get them! Esp "High Priest").
Almost whenever I trip, I feel a need for complete quiet when I first start. Internal, as well as external noise bothers me and upsets my stomach to no end (but I've got an EXTREMELY weak stomach, anyway).
Perhaps the need for quiet is a way for my mind to (Unconsciously) see if anything is "happening" yet, or perhaps it is a way to have a "pure experience" on the shrooms (e.g. no outside or internal interference, only the mushrooms guiding my mind).

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Offlineyounger now
old hand
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Re: silent tripping
    #92799 - 04/22/00 12:50 AM (19 years, 4 days ago)

Ish, I'm right there with you. When I first experienced shrooms, I thought they would be like acid, since they are both hallucinagenic, but as I allowed the shrooms to take me on a trip INSIDE, I learned that they are not really a social drug.I have been in many situations where my thoughts are a million miles away from the party my friends are having.I find a deep sense of peace, & have even attained a level of total bliss with shrooms. My husband was there with me, but we never spoke. Only in the silence can you hear what your mind is trying to tell you. Shrooms are a very solitary journey. They can be taken as a "party drug", but their true worth can only be found through introspection.Personally, I have a very spiritual respect for shrooms. They help me to find my soul.

"MY BRAIN HURTS !!!!!!!!!

"My Brain Hurts!!!!".....Monty Python :crazy:

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Male User Gallery

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Re: silent tripping
    #92800 - 04/22/00 05:27 PM (19 years, 4 days ago)

WOW! Thank you Ishmael, Apothecary and Youngernow -
I believe the psychospiritual integrity of the Shroomery just peaked! MesoAmericans never used mushrooms as a social inebriant
except, perhaps with the Aztecs, to heighten the nightmare of ritual blood sacrifices. Once the plane of the Middle Zone (Heart Center) has been rent, and the plane of the Upper Zone (Throat and Head Centers) has been entered, speech is best left to the transpersonal use. Terrence McKenna experimented with sound. Mantric sound pierces the upper Centers in a 'vertical'intropsychic movement. One has left 'horizontal' interpsychic/interpersonal
speech way down there. Of course, one can force it, but it brings one down. Much more telepathy can occur when one is 'mouna,' silent. Hence, monastic orders and yogic discipline for keeping silent. Only my posts are long-winded - at home I keep rather quiet. 'Good words are as silver, but silence is pure gold.' Peace.

Veritas, Lux et Pax

γνῶθι σαὐτόν - Gnothi Seauton - Know Thyself

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Re: silent tripping
    #92801 - 04/22/00 11:16 PM (19 years, 3 days ago)

those long multimediachats with the mushroom itself is my favourite aspect of shrooming
this "logos phenomenon" is what sets shrooms apart from other entheogens i have known and loved

but the other people things can be great too
my last trip (4/20) i spent the first half with a positively wizard friend & the second wandering the streets & through nature
every location seemed to have special significance, its own story

life: some kind of VR game, or what?

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Re: silent tripping
    #92802 - 04/23/00 04:49 PM (19 years, 3 days ago)

sometimes when im tripping i get so paranoid that i dont like to talk for fear that i might say something retarded or the people im tripping with might think im crazy. Also one time i was scared of my own voice ....that was strange.

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Registered: 04/23/00
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Re: silent tripping
    #92803 - 04/27/00 10:17 PM (18 years, 11 months ago)

When you zone out while tripping hard....and everyone in the room stops too look at the crazy trippin kid. Just remember not to get self concious...that will end the exploration inside your own head. My most common mistake is I get drawn into my own thoughts, but forget to close my eyes. That freaks sober people out to no end, and if they don't trip: they will FUCK with you. Becuase they don't understand where you are, and it scares them to see another person in that state. Just don't get caught up in the group's attitude...if you are zooming like crazy, people will look, and it might snap you back. I just remind myself that the only reason they get uncomfortable is because they only WISH they could trip like that :smile: It drives em nuts to jump to a higher plane...I've seen other people do it, and all I want is to be there too. That is why people fuck with silent trippers. My inner group is really good about not doing that, although my friend is fond of saying " I think I just killed
< insert my name here > " when I lose touch.

A crowd will contradict it's own audibility -Mr. Bungle

Yeah, she's gonna kill me.

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Re: silent tripping
    #92804 - 04/28/00 01:37 PM (18 years, 11 months ago)

well, speaking from personal experience, I can say that there are 2 different types of people who use drugs, 1. the kind that wants to have an imaginary party 2. the kind that seeks to learn in a realm which is beyond our experience, this same individual 'uses' the drug and does not get used by the drug, Because the drug is the ignition to a far greater vehicle. as opposed to others where the drug is the vehicle.

I too retreat into my own world, refusing to talk or making no effort. A sense of tranquility comes over me and i feel connected to everything, so connected in fact that there is no need to talk. Have any of you ever tried talking while in the midst of a trip, have you heard yourself? I feel primitive as if words have no meaning and we are uttering sounds. try to explain what you are experiencing while on a trip, the words are only a fraction of what really is going on, a event so supernatural and mystical that it simply cannot be contained by any number of words, sure you can describe things, but some things are way too immense and immeasurable....at least to the common mind. we will never accurately say what the effect of the reality we are experiencing.

The solitude is a sense of comfort to me, many people believe we all have somebody, the sad truth is that we have nobody, even though we look and act alike, we all are individuals, we are all alone. True happiness comes from within, self love...the all natural opiate. I firmly believe that when you can love yourself, that then and only then can you begin to love other people, accept other people and their flaws as well as your own, and by the way i don't mean self love as standing in front of the mirror caressing yourself, I mean something alot deeper than that ...the true self......look and you will find, sorry if i bored you all, but this is something which is important to me....I'm glad that their are others that are also intorverted and seek knowledge within themselves, Like giant receptors, not homing beacons (screaming here i am, here i am, look at me I'm high as a kite) bye all....

also i'd like to say that in the past when i tripped i would stay in the same spot for what seemed to be eternity, and i was perfectly content that way, nobody to bother , just left alone to revel in my own thoughts.....bye again

[This message has been edited by baffa (edited April 28, 2000).]

death is just something else to do when you're finished doing everything

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Re: silent tripping
    #92805 - 05/01/00 10:15 PM (18 years, 11 months ago)

baffa that was a very insightful post thankyou

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old hand
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Re: silent tripping
    #92806 - 05/02/00 12:27 PM (18 years, 11 months ago)

Well said, Baffa.
I'm going to do a lot of thinking on this subject tonight, thanks for giving me something to do :smile:

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