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turn off yourmind

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Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness*
    #4609083 - 09/01/05 05:48 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

The thing that really gets me about this NO disaster is all of the people asking for basic supplies.  I'm not mad at them for doing so and I'm doing all I can to get them into their hands, but I'm just stupified that you could have FIVE DAYS notice of a massive disaster and then, two days after it's done, be starving and dehydrated!  It's not the tsunami, we had warning!  So here is my advice on how to prepare for just about anything.

Buy the large 55 gallon barrels that are BLUE.  Clean them out and store distilled water in them.  After I prepared mine (with h2o2 added to keep them 'clean'), I found a company that sells distilled water in 55 gallon bottles, but the shipping was insane (water is 8lbs per gallon and the company was across the country).  I have three of these in my basement, sealed tightly and covered with a black tarp to prevent any algae growth.  I have a battery operated pump for this (that came with my kerosene heater, actually) that works great.  These barrels won't open from anything short of being dropped off of a 4 story roof onto hard concrete.  I figure 165 gallons of water will last me, my father and my dog quite a while.  If you only have a day or so to prepare, just get the empty barrels and fill with your garden hose.  That'll be good enough for a few days.

I have one 55 gallon barrel filled with 89 octane gasoline and preservative.  I never really use this for anything, it's more of a backup for the backup (my bicycle!).  Every four or five years I pop the top, use it all up and buy another one.  With gas prices the way they are now, I'm glad I bought it three years ago.  Gas is also great for bartering in situations like that.

A coleman stove is a great thing to have for any camping trip or any power outage.  It can use gasoline, but white fuel is much better for it (burns hotter/cleaner) and isn't that pricey.  I have two five gallon containers of white fuel stored and I go through it enough with camping, hiking and generally burning things that I don't worry about adding preservatives to it.

A kerosene heater I got at Lowes for 150$ is enough to keep one community room in my house nice and warm even during the nastiest of blizzards.  I have a 20 gallon container filled with kerosene.  It's cheap, it burns good and it runs non-stop for about 26 hours on the 1.8 or so gallons of fuel that it holds.  Ventiliation is something to think about, but it's really not that big of a deal.

Food is such a gimme that I'm finding it hard to believe that people don't have any.  It's one thing if you live in a small villa in Italy and buy fresh meat, bread, wine, cheese and seafood daily.  It's another when you live in America and go to the store 2-3 times a month.  How can you not have 2 days of food on hand? I never understood that.  The best solution is to go buy three cases of MRE's.  The kind with the built in heater is pretty much standard now and I love those heaters.

I've been a shooter most of my life, although I don't really have a massive collection.  I'd say as long as you have a shotgun, you should be OK to protect yourself from looters.  A few boxes of shells are all that you'd need for something like this.  I don't really worry about it, as I'm in a no-crime area. (except the non-violent drug crimes I Commit daily :wink: )

I've always had a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher on hand, but thats because I'm into being ready.  If you don't have one, get some. 

Another thing that can help a lot for cleanup and disinfection is BLEACH.  Kills damn near everything.

That should really do it for basic needs.  Power tools that are battery operated are great. A gas powered chainsaw is great to have.  The house I'm in now has a fireplace and I have three cords of seasoned wood outside in the shed should I ever need it.

I also have frames built for my window out of 2x4's and plywood.  The 2x4's run across the plywood as well as on the borders so it's very durable.  All of these have been pre-built, measured and fitted.  I've never had to use them, but if I do, they are right there. Cost me about 80$ and a weekend of sawing and measuring.

Their is just no excuse not to be prepared.  I carry my backpack in my car all the time with a medical kit (much more than a first aid kit would have), a tent, a sleeping bag, a shovel, some gravel, food ,water, water purifier, 80 rounds of ammunition for my .45ACP and various other sundry things.  Also, toilet paper.  I carry a pocket knife with me every day and a powerful Streamlight flashlight.  Extra batteries in the backpack.  GPS is mounted on my dash but works on batteries, extra batteries in the back pack.

Seriously people, their is no reason to not be prepared for something. Budget 50$ a week towards it and in no time you'll be living great.


"Men trained in arms from their infancy, and animated by the love of liberty, will afford neither a cheap or easy conquest."
From the Declaration of the Continental Congress

"We can have peace and security only as long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood."
Charles A. Lindbergh,"Aviation, Geography, and Race", Reader's Digest, Nov. 1939

"We must secure the existance of our people and a future for White children."
David Lane

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Registered: 05/04/05
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Re: Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness* [Re: MagicalMystery]
    #4609370 - 09/01/05 06:58 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

good stuff to have, not that it would have done you any good as the flood water slowly rose to your ceiling. Keeping it in the basement wouldn't work to well in NOLA

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Cynically Insane

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Re: Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness* [Re: MagicalMystery]
    #4609386 - 09/01/05 07:01 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

Great post i was going to go out and buy all of this but i blew all my money on a streetbike less than a month ago.now after seeing all of this im really regreting it somewhat.oh well just have to hope nothing happens soon.

another scary thought is if another hurricane like this comes right now i couldnt even get out of florida since there is no fuel around here :eek:

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Space Travellin
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Re: Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness* [Re: MagicalMystery]
    #4609398 - 09/01/05 07:05 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

It's also important to have a survival kit *in addition* to your medical kit.
Your medical/first aid kit should be fully stocked.

I keep this kit with me when backpacking for general survival, repair and first aid, in addition to my standard first aid kit which is separate from this. All this stuff, when packed together.. fits into a pouch not much bigger than a 100's pack of cigarettes.

- splinter remover
- led light
- leatherman micra
- micropur tablets
- compressed sponge
- babymilk bags (for water)
- whistle
- stormproof matches
- mini lighter
- small candle
- safety pins
- compass
- 2 sterile scalpel blades (a million and a half uses)
- 2 straight razors
- 6 bandaids
- 6 butterfly sutures
- 6 triple antibiotic packs
- alcohol prep pads
- duct tape 5' (rolled on itself)
- sewing needles (straight and curved)
- nylon thread or floss
- tinder quik
- magnifying lens
- 20' fishing line
- hooks with leaders, fly
- 4 sheets aluminum foil 12" square folded(cooking, cups etc)
- pen cartridge and small pad

All the tiny and sharp objects go into a small altoids tin
The tin and everything else go into a small waterproof nylon pouch.

I based my kit on this one

The contents of which are slightly different

1. rite in the rain paper 2. ink pen refill cartridge (waterproof ink)
3. splinter remover 4. sunglasses
5. Compressed sponge 6. Leatherman Micra
7. Gerber Ridge Knife 8. Gerber Babymilk bags
9. Katadyn Micropur Tablets 10. Aquatabs
11. Signal Mirror 12. Whistle
13. bandaids 14. butterfly sutures
15. scalpel blade 16. alcohol prep pads
17. triple antibiotic 18. P38
19. NATO Compass 20. Safety Pins
21. LED light 22. Straight razors
23. relight candle 24. sewing needles
25. duct tape 26. sewing needles (curved)
27. Thread 28. Tinder Quik
29. Spark Lite 30. Micro Lenser LED
31. Mini Bic
32. Mix of hurricane and NATO wind/waterproof matches, as well as some relight candle wicks
33. hooks with leaders, fishing fly
34. mini altoids tin (holds a great deal of the small loose items, used to hold 2 wire saws)
35. fresnel magnifying lens 36. ranger band
37. cardboard spacer 38. pocket chainsaw


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Space Travellin
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Re: Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness* [Re: Shroomism]
    #4611109 - 09/02/05 02:21 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

Also, a comprehensive first aid kit for several people for a week or more should have a minimum of the following:

12 - Gauze Pads - Various sizes - 4x4" 3x3", 2x2"
4 - Non-Adherent Sterile Dressing
10 - yards of adhesive tape (duct tape works)
2 - 8x10" Trauma
2 - Conforming Gauze Bandages
2 - Triangular Bandages
1 - Elastic Bandage
6 - Cotton tipped applicators
2 - Eye pads

Wound Management Items
12 - Double Antibiotic Ointment
8 - Antiseptic Towelettes
6 - Tincture of Benzoin
1 - 20cc Irrigation Syringe (for cleansing/irrigating wounds with water)
2 - Povidone Iodine Solution (1oz)
10 - Would Closure Strips (butterfly sutures)

1 - SAM? Splint
1 - EMT Shears
1 - Thermometer
1 - Duct Tape (remove from roll and roll on a small pencil or itself to save space)
1 - Sharp Tweezers (must be sharp)
1 - Scalpel #11 Blade Sterile
1 - Sawyer Extractor (venemous snake/spider bites)

Infectious Control Items
4 - Nitrile Examination Gloves
4 - Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
1 - Infectious Control Bag

12 - Extra Strength Tylenol?
12 - Motrin?
6 - Antihistamine
6 - Immodium
4 - Electrolyte Tablets
1 - Aloe Vera Gel 100%

Blister Items
2 - Moleskin
2 - Spenco 2nd? Skin
1 - Non-woven Adhesive Knit

Other Items
3 - Safety Pins
4 - Pill Vials
1 - Waterproof Matches


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Re: Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness* [Re: MagicalMystery]
    #4611171 - 09/02/05 02:45 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

5 bottles of E&J Brandy (VSOP)
1 Ounce pot (I dont need that much)
1 Sheet acid (just in case)
My clothes, shoes, a jacket, and a blanket.
Water purifier

Ill go up into the mountains, and start my own little farm. Ide walk around in a loin cloth if I had to. Ide survive just fine....


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Registered: 04/18/05
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Re: Be Prepared *My Suggestions for Disaster Readiness* [Re: I_was_the_walrus]
    #4617999 - 09/04/05 12:49 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

These kits are only as good as the knowledge and wisdom of those using them...

A better, albeit more expensive kit is in order for me. But in the same token the average citizen would not know how to utilize the most common and useful survival tools... And in the same token that is why so many are dying in New Orleans... People have become SO Dependant on electricity, modern plumbing, and fresh water; that they do not know how to survive without them... I find it SO hard to believe that people are killing each other less than a week after this has happened for BASIC human needs... But who knows maybe I am hearing "Urban myths..."

Those who would sacrifice their freedoms for securities deserve neither, and will soon lose both.

-Benjamin Franklin

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