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Registered: 05/26/01
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Getting pulled over??
    #693180 - 06/21/02 07:06 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

I was wondering... If your driving in a vehicle and your all of a sudden pulled over possibly after smoking a bowl or while stoned, whatever... What is the best possible way of avoiding searches or getting around being busted for something that shouldnt be illegal in the first fucking place? I've already thought of just lighting up a ciggerette or something to divert the smell a little bit...My alter ago seems to be curious... peace

"I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me." -Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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OfflineEllis Dee
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Registered: 06/29/01
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Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Cheshire]
    #693238 - 06/21/02 07:30 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

If you drive around smoking you will eventually get caught and go to jail. Ask anyone in prison if they smoked on the road or kept a stash in the passenger area and 99% will say yes. DO NOT EVER GET HIGH ON THE ROAD OR KEEP A STASH IN THE PASSENGER AREA ESPECIALLY WHEN SMUGGLING DOPE. If you break this rule you deserve to go to jail. If you want to risk it for possession or dui then go for it, but don't ever do it when you have more than an oz.

"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do."-King Solomon

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

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Registered: 06/17/02
Posts: 10,681
Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Cheshire]
    #693494 - 06/22/02 12:35 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

I've been arrested twice... neither time was I actually smoking. If they want to search your car, they will make an excuse and there is nothing you can do really. Just don't do it, or if you do, just roll a joint to take with you and smoke the evidence away. But don't forget to throw your roach out, cuz they can get you for that too.

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Registered: 06/13/01
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Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Cheshire]
    #694829 - 06/22/02 05:16 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

That was a pretty dumb post. Simple answer: Don't be dumb and smoke in your car. Thats the easiest way to get caught.

... Is my definition of common sense different then that of everyone elses? I wonder sometimes...

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people arestrange whenyour a stranger
Registered: 12/05/01
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Loc: central Texas
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Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Ellis Dee]
    #695091 - 06/22/02 09:13 PM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Yup, thats how i got busted.

"If there weren't no humps, there wouldn't be no gettin over" George Clinton

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Folding@home Statistics
Registered: 03/06/02
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Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Cheshire]
    #699514 - 06/25/02 01:05 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)


No bowl, roll a joint. Don't carry more than you can eat in one mouthfull. You see lights come on, stuff your pre rolled joints in your mouth and eat them. Keep a drink with you, it will make it alot easier. No fast movement don't panic, don't be obvious. They can see you.

Smoking weed while driving SHOULD be illegal.

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Endo Smoke

Registered: 05/31/02
Posts: 609
Loc: State of confusion
Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Baby_Hitler]
    #714609 - 06/30/02 10:16 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

You shouldnt do it. Why? Because I do it. lol i need to stop.
I am at work, we need to smoke...to the car. I bring smoke for every day to smoke. I need to go somewhere, ill smoke. I almost always cary weed with me in the car...my peice too. That actualyl all came to an end though...after a cop pulle dme over for speeding and wanted to seaarch my car...I said no, he told me he was going to, then got a call and left me with a warning(no ticket!)

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Endo Smoke

Registered: 05/31/02
Posts: 609
Loc: State of confusion
Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Baby_Hitler]
    #714612 - 06/30/02 10:18 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

And unlike all other drugs, you can tell when someones high on pot. Maybe its just me, but everyone knows im high, and i know everyone else is high. You have a look like you lifted the reclide/foot rest lever on life..just relaxed. And if you need to stand up..its a struggle and you make more of a mess than really needed cause you are paranoid :P

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<--- SOMA

Registered: 05/25/02
Posts: 529
Loc: California
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Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: tak_old]
    #728345 - 07/07/02 04:24 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

I blaze it all the time on the road. You just have to be a smart man and do it when the time is right. I live towards the country part of town so I just blaze it while i'm on the road there. There are never cops around.

If you don't want to get pulled over then just drive correct and nothing will be wrong!

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Registered: 09/03/01
Posts: 526
Loc: WA near seattle
Last seen: 9 years, 20 hours
Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Cheshire]
    #731813 - 07/08/02 03:21 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

there are specific rules about a doctrine of constitutional law regarding search and seisure, called probable cause. it varies a little from state to state. in a nutshell, the pigs have to have reason to believe that you have something illegal in your possesion in order to search for it.

with more than one person in the car, there is an whole other issue about control. generally anything within reach of the driver of the car is considered to be under his control, so the glove box, the console, ash-tray, etc are considered to be property of the driver. generally this also will include such areas as the spare tire compartment if the driver is also on the registration.

in most places, if you are driving like a drunk, and get pulled over, the cop can search you and all areas under your control, but not your passengers, or their belongings unless they have probable cause to search them as well. they typicly make up the excuse that they can smell it, even if they can't.

if your passengers are minors, in most states, they must have parent, gaurdian, or lawyer present to conduct a search of or question a passenger. at the very least, they need their superior present. insist.

when the cop asks your permission to search without a warrent, usually something like "since you say there are no illegal substances in the car, you won't mind if i conduct a search?"

if you answer that you do mind, you will need to be prepared with a reason, like that the car has been blessed by your priest and you wish to preserve it's purity. if you were driving like a drunk, the cop will call your bluff and haul you in and get a warrent. if you were sober, he'll bluff himself and tell you that he'll haul you in and get a warrent, which he won't do if you insist on taking a field sobriety test and breathalizer test, and that he do it in the presence of his superior. insist on taking the sobriety test if you are sober. insist. insist. if you aren't , then you deserve what comes.

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Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 29
Loc: dirty south
Last seen: 14 years, 1 month
Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: tchyted]
    #752198 - 07/16/02 09:20 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

be better drivers use joints and hold it like a ciggarette i never give it a second thought when i do it but i also have never been pulled over except in my work truck but then i am always speeding cuz i know the worst i could get is a ticket if pulled over cuz i'm not riding dirty

but i love the cruize mission and if i have been smoking inside alot will get in the car just to ride and smoke but don't bump your music and a car load of people even three laughing and joking always looks suspicious even if your white but two people is always ok

i have at least 80k drunk and high miles not including road tripps cuz in highschool thats all i did all day. i would get a hhalf case and go out for the night with my only plan to ride with my friends and get drunk and drop off sacs.

remember even if you think you are a good driver that doesn't mean you are just cuz you don't have wrecks i have never gotten pulled over for doing the speed limit so don't think you need to go 2-3 mi;les over the limit not to look suspicious
also stick to the neighborhoods with houses that arn't close to the street have big lots so your car isn't what they look at out the window
don't go up and down the same street over and over again this attracts attention
and don't do the same route every day eventually people will remember you
the interstate is good cuz you can shoot down it and turn around when your done and smok a cig on the way back
after 12am like one out of ten drivers on the road are intoxicated so late at night every driver is supicious to a pig
also if a cop does get behind you the worst thing is to panic don't pretend like they are not their even my mom gets paranoid when a cop is behind her don't tap the brakes if in a manual down shift to slow down and don't over do it like signalling to soon or taking super slow turns this is the biggest talll tale sign to a cop drive as if you just got your license and your parents are in the car nothing too good of driving just tone it down the best medium is to is to drive like normal but tone her down any time you feel your self having to hold yourself in place good driving requires minimal effort on your part to stay in place like leaning into a turn or some thing
everyone brakes hard when coming to a stop so don't be afraid and brake a mile ahead of time
just recognize the pig is their and act like you don't care you are just trying to be a good driver trying to avoid a ticket
also if they get behind you don't try to to take a lot of turns hopeing they are going somewhere if the are watching you they are going to follow you no matter what just pretend like you are coming from somewhere adn going somewhere. this is to say if you are pulling out of a neighborhood and one gets behind you just drive like you are making a trip to the walmart or grocery and get out and go in they usually pass as soon as you enter the parking lot. but avoid gas stations as they might pull in especially late at night to check on the store or see their late night buddy just cuz they are already their and then you have to pump gas and go in and pass them or at least in a gas station they can pull through and get a good look at you cuz of all the windows or if you are at a gas pump
worse case senario pull into a friends (not your dealer') driveway adn head up to the door even if they harrass you your not driving anymore and on private property even if it was a stranger's house you could go to the door and if they just wait on you ask the stranger for so and so and appoligize for having the wrong house just remember the directions so you can pretend like it was an honest mistake if the cop is waiting on you they will usually leave when the door opens and if your lucky the people may be cool and let you in to hid out just tell them that if the pigs come knocking you had wrong directions and you are using the phone they have to leave then or the will be harrassing you but they can always wait down the street so don't get to this point but if the people are cool they will let you leave your car their till morning and you can slip ou the back door on foot
but make sure your windows are rolled up and everything is out of sight in case theytake a peak in your windows and if you are really danked out leave a cig burning in the ash tray with windows up this will kill anything that might be leak out and lock your doors
ramble wramble ramble wramble.....................................

keep the cruize mission alive i think i'll go have a session right now but my windows don't roll down (good).
ps.take all your bumper stickers off they make you noticable so do your clothes i like to wear a collared shirt to look respectable but died hair won't help

i have even tossed a lawn mower in the back to look like i have a purpose other than partying

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The Art of Casterbation
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Registered: 07/18/02
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Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: tchyted]
    #760722 - 07/20/02 12:46 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

tchyted is right. Never consent to search of car or person. Tell them that you do not wish to give up your fourth amendment rights. Never have anything in view. Keep your car clean so you don't look like a waste. Don't act suspicious...like not passing a cop that is going under the speedlimit. If you act afraid you must be doing something wrong. Light up a smoke or get some gum. I also have wipes in my car to clean my hands and face (and to ocationaly clean the interior at a stoplight). That removes smell. I always have visine and I don't wait till I need it to use it. If they search anyway, ask what their probable cause is. They have to tell you. If they find something, don't panic. If your not driving like an asshole and didn't act fucked up (because of course your responsible enough not to get totaly wasted when your not somewhere safe), didn't have anything in view, they have to prove probable cause in a court of law and any decent lawyer should be able to shown that the search way illegal and get any seized evidence thrown out.

Above all never give up you fourth amendment.

Be all and you'll be to end all

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The Governator Sayz Go Chagaz

Registered: 07/18/02
Posts: 1,924
Loc: USA
Re: Getting pulled over?? [Re: Cheshire]
    #763517 - 07/20/02 09:52 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

A friend and I had just left a bar...cops pulled us over said we ran a stop sign,asked to search the car...my friend just said no i dont want u messing up all my shit in here.They then said we say a baggie in the glove compartment when u got your insurance out he said u can search the glopve compt...they asked whats this?it wuz a baggie full of tylenol...then they pointed to the floor whats that?It wuz a bag of chips in a clear bag.I had one more bag under my leg whew!!!So I guess we got lucky...I live in oklahoma cops do what they want when they want in these small towns cuz usually no body fights anything and they can get away with it...I agree dont cary what u cant eat or bring just a J or two throw out roaches...this is oklahoma weed isnt decriminalized so u can go down for 20 year old seeds in the floor board of a car u bought from someone else...

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