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Making Spore Syringes
    #445584 - 11/03/01 12:50 PM (16 years, 6 months ago)

O.K we have seen various way to make prints,on to the next step. Any ideas on the proper tek to make syringes from prints?

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: ]
    #445638 - 11/03/01 01:53 PM (16 years, 6 months ago)

Psilocyber's Syringe Tek, v1.0

heres a great tek, just as all the other teks found in the database.

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: 40oz]
    #445667 - 11/03/01 02:18 PM (16 years, 6 months ago)

I like that tek, but the shot glass is kind of restricting. Good for a couple syringes but thats all. If you need a step up use a baby food jar (clean it out really good) or move onto 1/2pint jars.

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: phrozendata]
    #445834 - 11/03/01 05:49 PM (16 years, 6 months ago)

Thanks guys, any more teks?

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: phrozendata]
    #446163 - 11/04/01 12:31 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

I always like auto59009's syringe tek
He pressure cooks a baby jar


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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: Zen Peddler]
    #446271 - 11/04/01 02:33 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

And could you possibley tell us where we can find that tek? Please.

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: ]
    #446374 - 11/04/01 06:19 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

Here's the method that works best for me.
Ok to start out I just pressure cook a half pint jar with a small shard of glass in it (dry), just as if I were doing a regular jar of substrate. (a hole in the lid with masking tape and cover it with foil before p/c'ing)
Now you have a sterile jar with a small shard of glass on it.
Place a sporulating cap in the jar. Be careful to work fast and use a pin (flame sterilised) to pick up the cap, and a flame sterilised exacto-knife to remove the stem. Put the lid back on and wait 12-24 hrs until you have a print in the jar.
Now sterilise a needle and remove the cap(quickly to lessen the chance of contams) replace the lid.
OK now for the acual syringe making.
Personally I rinse out my syringes with bleach-water first(and rinse real good). Boil some water for 10 min. take your syringe and (slowly) draw up some boiling water, let that sit for 5 min. and then squirt that out into something other than your boiling pot of water. re-suck up some boiling water (from your pot) and repeat letting it set and expelling it. On the third time of sucking up boiling water, flame sterilise the needle, wipe with alcohol, andreplace your needle guard and let it cool off inside a clean zip-lock bag.
After it is done cooling just inject about 1/2 your syringe into the jar, give it a little shake (the glass shard you put in there when you started should do it's job of scraping up enough spores). Suck up the spore solution, flame sterilise your needle and wipe it with alcohol, replace the needle guard and put the spore syringe into it's clean zip-lock baggie.
Abracadabra a spore syringe!
N.B. (note well)- This method produces a real dark syringe if you make just one, I reccommend that you make at least 3 or 4 to make it worth-while. You can probably make more than 10 syringes with one print using this method. I've had about a 90% success rate doing it like this.
hope I helped.

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Re: Making Spore Syringes *DELETED* [Re: anima]
    #446446 - 11/04/01 10:22 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

Post deleted by boxtop703

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: ]
    #446467 - 11/04/01 11:08 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

i was reading on pf site they say like 50 syringes from 1 spore print im like wtf I make like 5 syringes following the spore work's way anybody that can enlighten me :)

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: MuShi_KiNg]
    #447082 - 11/04/01 10:22 PM (16 years, 6 months ago)

yeh 50 syringes from one cap is possible, if u want very sparsely sporulated syringes... still perfectly good tho...

and for those of u after the auto 59009 syringe tek, here it is... i hurriedly typed this up so let me know if i need to edit it at all... the emphasis with syringes is CLEANLINESS... try to keep everything as "sterile" as possible...


I have used the following tek to produce countless syringes with a success rate of very nearly 100%. Quite simply, it allows anyone to turn a spore print into a syringe filled with a clean, viable spore solution. It is almost impossible for the home cultivator to achieve a completely sterile working area, so the cultivator must suffice with a RELATIVELY sterile working area. An abundance of spores perpetually permeate the air around us, yet these must be excluded from the syringe if contamination is to be avoided at germination of the mushroom spores.


A dust mask
Latex gloves
Aerosol isospropyl alcohol (Glen20; or Isocol in a spray bottle)
An empty, sterile, syringe
Distilled H20
A coffee mug
Wax paper (or cling wrap)
A microwave
Alcohol swabs (or tissues sprayed with alcohol)
A resealable plastic sandwich bag
A babyfood jar
A pressure cooker (or stovetop and pot)
A spore print


1. Don the dust mask and a pair of latex gloves. Find a small (preferably at least partially enclosed) surface to work on. Thoroughly wipe down the with alcohol, then spray the entire area liberally. Also spray gloved hands to sterilise.

2. Place syringe(s) on surface. Fill the mug with distilled water and cover with wax paper (cling wrap also works well but tends to explode in the microwave). Place the mug in the microwave and sterilise it. Sterilisation is usually achieved when the water has been bubbling for several minutes.

3. Remove sterilised water from the microwave and bring it to the surface near the syringes. Remove the cap from the syringes and, stabbing the needle through the paper, draw up the boiling water. Wipe down the needle with an alcohol swab and recap quickly. Repeat for each syringe. Seal all syringes in the sandwich bag and place somewhere relatively clean to cool down. The freezer has always worked well for me in the past.

4. Whilst waiting for the syringes to return to room temperature you should empty the babyfood jar and rinse it well. Then place the jar and lid separately in a pressure cooker. It must stay in the boiling water for 30 minutes or so to guarantee sterilisation. With a regular pot full of water, it should boil covered for about 60 minutes.

5. Release the steam from the pressure cooker and remove the lid, or with a pot, just remove the lid. With several layers of latex gloves (3, maybe 4, should suffice) raise the babyfood jar (upside down) just above the water line to empty it. Then quickly screw the lid on it. Leave it somewhere to cool to room temperaure.

6. Once both syringes and jar have cooled bring them to the working surface and repeat Step 1. Place the sterile spore print on the surface. Now, working as quickly as possible (without creating severe) air currents remove the cap of the first syringe, then remove the lid of the babyfood jar, and use the forceful stream of water ejected from the syringe to direct spores from the spore print into the jar.

This method does not always work well with all printing mediums, however, it works excellently with all my foil prints. If it will not work with your print medium there are alternative methods. Fold the print in half and rub the sides together over the jar. Or use a retractable blade type Xacto knife that has been wiped down with an alcohol swab to scrape the spores into the jar. Do not use the whole print if you intend to make more than one syringe.

Squirt the remaining water into the jar. Draw the spore filled water back into the syringe. Wipe down the needle with the alcohol swab and recap. Repeat this process with each new syringe.

Store labelled syringes in a sealed plastic bag in a cool, dry environment, out of direct light.


To sterilise previously used syringes disassemble them and boil/pressure cook the pieces, reassemble just above the water line whilst the water is still boiling/hot (use multiple layers of latex gloves to avoid burns).

A babyfood jar is used because it has a small mouth, minimising the risk of airborne contaminants.

Spraying the area with aerosol alcohol throughout the process should minimise airborne contaminants.

Be sure to keep aerosol alcohol, alcohol wipes, flames, heat, etc.. away from spores, this will not only kill bacterial spores but also mushrooms spores!

If you have any suggestions/comments please don't hesitate to email me at auto59009@angelfire.com

I am a compulsive liar :wink:

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Re: Making Spore Syringes [Re: auto59009]
    #447090 - 11/04/01 10:27 PM (16 years, 6 months ago)

Hey, thanks for that. Im printing it out now.

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syringes [Re: ]
    #447204 - 11/05/01 12:05 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

any clues on where to get syringes?

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Re: syringes [Re: EMM]
    #447217 - 11/05/01 12:26 AM (16 years, 6 months ago)

www.micronmagick.com Realy good prices!

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Re: syringes [Re: EMM]
    #864416 - 09/04/02 10:14 PM (15 years, 8 months ago)

a supply site advertized on this site had 10 syringes for 10$. Not sure exactly what site it was. but it was a banner.



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