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searching forsomething
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Registered: 07/19/04
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Drinking stories
    #3848827 - 02/28/05 09:39 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

I just wanted to get some drinking stories good or bad. Funny or not.
I am gonna open up with one of mine.

This was the first time I got so drunk I did not remember the night. I was a freshman or sophomore in high school and I decided to get waster at a school dance that was not school affiliated. (my school was unofficially sponsoring the dance I guess you could say.) Any ways I had a coke bottle filled with Crown Royal and chugged it all. I remember some parts and others I have gotten from what friends have told me. Well I was dancing and was pretty damn drunk quickly but I kept thinking I wasn't drunk at all. So I turn my friend and we are dancing in our Lil group and i lean over and start trying to make out with her. She pushes me off her. But through the whole night I keep licking her her ear and side of face. I think I made out with some other people but not totally sure. But then I remember that my brother is selling X. And I was off my quest to find him, I was really drunk even though I thought i wasn't. I eventually find him and he wont sell any to me cause I'm wasted. I decide hes gay and go looking for more booze, I find myself in some dudes car i have no idea. A bottle of Captain Morgan's or Malibu is going around. So I am completely smashed so I want to go back into dance but they wont let me, so I go through the neighbor hood and arrive at back fence of the club house(small normal chain link fence) so I climb over and fall off onto other side. I get up look around and run into club House. So I start dancing again and somewhere my coat came off, next came my shoes, after that my shirt, then my under shirt, and last my pants. So I'm dancing in my boxers when a fight erupts in the group of people next to us. Fight gets broken up and erupts again and party is shut down. My brother was going to another party so I decide to catch a ride home with my friend Ryan. I was in the car and was gonna give him some money to buy me a cigar when I found a bag of weed in there. I must have purchased it that night. So I buy a can of coke and am gonna make a ghetto pipe and smoke out of it. So I drink the coke and begin to feel sick. For the next hour we drove around doing nothing. I would say something and he would stop the car and I would get out and puke. My friend tells me to ring the door bell and get out other friend. I threw up all over that persons door and porch. I broke some pot of flowers stumbling around and ended up in the car at some point. We went to other friends house and I stared at a fish tank for about hour and half. I finally ended up home the same time my brother got home and was about to head to third party. I think it was like 3 now. I said I was going let me just take a shit. I woke up at 1 the next half on and half off my bed. I don't remember touching alcohol in large quantities for a long time after wards. The day after at school, my friend Ryan had told my teacher what I had done.(this was the 30 year old teacher that was involved in every ones business.) It just so happens that it was her house that I threw up on. She never let me forget the whole year.

that's my story so just post some if you feel like it. I don't remember the whole night. Allot is pieced together of what people say.

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Registered: 12/19/04
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Re: Drinking stories [Re: mxdrk]
    #3849008 - 02/28/05 10:31 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

this one time I drank alcohol and did some stuff. yeah.

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Re: Drinking stories [Re: mxdrk]
    #3849131 - 02/28/05 10:57 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

Learned the hard way not to pick up chicks when shitfaced.  Woke up with an ugly chick in my bed.  I'm talking bad.  If I had been at her house, and she was laying on my arm, I'd have happily chewed my arm off just to get away without waking her up!  Unfortunatey, I had to wake her up and drive her home! :sad:  Definately a low point in my life!

I never made a mistake like that again!

You invented the wheel....You push the motherfucker!!

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Registered: 09/24/04
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Re: Drinking stories [Re: mxdrk]
    #3849184 - 02/28/05 11:09 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

Eh, I had the brilliant idea of washing down two vicodins with half a bottle of champagne after already drinking a few cups from a keg and another 2 litre full of keg beer. Probably the best new years I've had, though.

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Registered: 11/04/04
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Re: Drinking stories [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #3849186 - 02/28/05 11:09 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

One time I went to a party, and probably would have been okay if I'd been allowed to just pass out...I'm dry heaving at this point, but I hear everything around so perfectly clear. This one guy insists on calling an ambulance, I must have felt like a mute, because I had not the energy to give at the least a "nah, I'm okay" So bam, they try to carry me outside, bad idea, because jossling a drunk person is never a good idea...So I end up in the hallway for however long, ambulance comes...they talk to me...everything is so blurry, they move me, in that moment I'm thinking fine, I feel like Rescue 911, when they do a POV shot that is blurry and canted...To the hospital, I get one of those nurses who most likely internally feels like, "Oh another drunk college kid..." I get potassium patches all over my body, and an IV...which I later pull out because I have to pee incredibly badly...bad idea, because when you do that, you bleed profusely, yes from that very miniscule needle hole...Nurse comes, I feel bad and tell her I'll clean it, she's like no, no...I go pee. I am weak but fine now...

My mother just so happened to be coming the next morning...sigh* I lie to her...and I will leave it at that!

Couple weeks, calls from the Academic office or whatever, they trick me into coming in, as if I had a choice, threaten me with police escorts and expulsion...make me see a counselor...I go and out of spite I act like an ass to the psychiatrist, who threatens me with long-term alcohol classes that I will have to pay for...Yea right...

My end punishment, a fine: never paid, and a 5 hour class taught by other students, in which they show us a video of a guy getting progessively drunker...It is very hillarious, and students inquire many times on how to go about getting a copy...is the effect they envisioned...

I'm leaving a lot out, but who will read this anyway...

Oh but one more thing..I expereienced much joy receiving those hefty ambulance and overnight hospital-stay fees...much joy indeed..

Edited by NuperSova (02/28/05 11:16 PM)

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Re: Drinking stories [Re: NuperSova]
    #3849224 - 02/28/05 11:18 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

bear with me, im drunk and stoned right now...

one time a friend and i killed a bottle of jack daniels in about 45 minutes, and then proceeded to smoke weed. my girlfriend was there and she had two hits of acid on her and gave my drinking buddy a hit for free because he was talking about how he wanted acid really bad. he drops it on the spot and another firend shoewd up and we all decided on a whim to go to a diner.

we get to the diner and its completely packed. my drinking pal and myself were the first to open the doors. as soon as we got to the entrance we looked at each other and were like "we cant go in there this fucked up". i was completely blasted, and he was definately starting to feel the acid. as we walked back to the car he started writing things on the main window (it was fogged) to many people in the main dining hall. things like "im on acid" and "im fucked up". he also made funny faces at people in booths right by the window while saying the things he was writing to them.

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fattie whale
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Re: Drinking stories [Re: Edge]
    #3849371 - 02/28/05 11:56 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

this past New years eve was my first to be 21 ... well i have drank before but I never threw up... So I just thought that I wasn't one of those types that do that.... sooo I went to this party had 6 jello shots and 6 Mikes hard lemonade... well I was feeling pretty good but was kinda spinning and I didn't know why( never drank that much) so me and my boyfriend left the party to go to his house... well he helps me stumble in the house and I go lay on his bed... I'm in there for about 20 min face down with my eyes closed and one hand on the wall... see I thought by holding the wall It would stop the spinning but the wall just spun with me....well after a while my boyfriend comes in the room flips me over really fast and starts to try to make out with me ( he was really drunk too but not like I was) after a few seconds of that he gets up and was like your no fun because I wasn't really moving( oh and Midnight hadn't even hit yet) then he walked into the other room .... All I remember next was the TV on and counting down to the next year and I felt like it was counting down to me launching my ass off the bed to get to the toilet... Well I finally did but I didn't make it all the way to the bathroom and my boyfriend had to take off all my clothes and put me in a shower to clean up and gave me his clothes to sleep in and laid me in bed..... I have not been that sick since! I brought in the new year over the porcelain God.... Right then I knew what kinda year this was going to be for me! lol


:smile: I live for LNC :smile:

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Registered: 03/01/03
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Re: Drinking stories [Re: mxdrk]
    #3849376 - 02/28/05 11:56 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

lets just say i have too many BAD ones.

-Wash uffitze drive me to firenze

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Registered: 03/01/03
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Re: Drinking stories [Re: YouEnjoyMyself]
    #3849387 - 02/28/05 11:59 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

but i'm not big on drinking anymore. I seldomly drink, I don't care to get wasted anymore. I've had so many bad things happen to me wasted where I just don't care to get like that anymore. Emergency Rooms suck. Wheelies in wheel chairs in the hospital while wasted though are fun though...except everytime I tried I fell back, so I guess it's not that fun. hah.

-Wash uffitze drive me to firenze

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Re: Drinking stories [Re: mxdrk]
    #3849473 - 03/01/05 12:09 AM (13 years, 11 months ago)

The one time I've blacked out for an extended period of time. I've had hazy moments before, but this was the one time I was plastered beyond rememberance, and I have a high tolerance for most everything. I was called out to a party in the woods at Milltown, a place across a creek in a big clearing. It'd been quite a while since I'd seen these friends, and one of them had a half gallon of Captn Morgan's he was more than happy to share with I. Every now and then he'd yell "Who wants a shot!!!" and I'd always shout back CLINT! Clint wants a shot! (me). While still mostly sober, we go on a drive down the road (country driving, no other cars) and pick up about seven pallettes to fuel the fire. We come back with some squished fingers and plenty of firewood to a much larger gathering than we had left. A couple cars full of rowdier (and dumber) jocks had showed up and everyone was getting a little chilly, what with having burned all the firewood already. So Junior, a particularly cro-magnon dude proceeds to toss every pallet we had brought onto the fire. The pallets are now stacked higher than our heads and the flame is getting increasingly brighter, and another half gallon had arrived so we were getting increasingly drunker. The pallets we had hauled out there and they had wasted were dying out so a few of us go out to the cars to grab more pallets, there were a couple left.
At the bridge we see a couple flashlights coming across the train tracks and I holler "who dat?" to the unknown persons. "SHERRIF'S OFFICE!!, Come here!" ... ohshitohshit. This is where my memory starts to get patchy. Before going to get the palletes I'd taken a couple shots of coconut rum (evil shit) and I guess they were impeding memory function. I spin around on my heels and high-tail it back to the fire, leaving whoever i was with, at a peculiar waddlingly fast pace to keep my center of gravity down with maximum speed, muttering 'sherrifsofficesheriffsofficesherrifshoffissherrifshoffishsherfhsofhssrheshfsofhs.' until I get to the fire, out of breath and starting to feel queasy, "SHERRIF'SH OFFISH!!!" This was after all, senior summer of high school so 90% of the folks there were underage so half of us scatter. I don't recall much after this, but a buddy of mine snatched me and dragged me off, he was stashing drunks to keep our belligerant bodies from being hauled off to the clink. He said the sherrifs came out to the fire and talked to the few people that were still standing there and told them to disperse, breathalyzing any who were driving. I remember a couple moments, particularly those in which I was emptying my stomach into the river, and being pullled up the bank after the cops left where I apparently promptly lost consciousness. Another friend of mine carried me to the cars and my intoxicated friend swerved down the country roads to his place after slyly scouting the place for cops.
I woke up with grit in my mouth and soaked shoes on my feet in a room I didn't immediately recognize. It was my friend's place, where five of us had taken refuge that night. I'd tried to jump over a fence on the way back I guess and landed on my face, ending up with a gnarly cut on my upper lip and nose. Only a single MIP/DUI was issued that night to a drunken fool who tried to drive off while the cops were sitting there; he backed into another guy's car and spent the night in jail.
And that's the drunkest I've been. In retrospect it was foolish, but hey, It was the summer of my Senior year in high school and I don't regret it. I really do miss those parties in the woods back home. This summer we'll have to have some more (responsible) outdoor parties like those. good times.

yeeeahh, it's gonna be well wicked

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Re: Drinking stories [Re: mxdrk]
    #3849536 - 03/01/05 12:20 AM (13 years, 11 months ago)

Thank you all for making me smile.

I look for answers and present ideas, but in no way shape or form endorse, or partake in, growing, or manufacture of substances, or plants, or any specie that is illegal in your neck of the woods. I do however, tear the tags off of my mattresses. Be warned.

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