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InvisibleAgent Cooper

Registered: 08/04/00
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medieval wafare planned for G8 summit
    #348653 - 06/25/01 03:31 PM (17 years, 1 month ago)


Anarchists plot medieval warfare at G8 summit


ANARCHISTS preparing to disrupt next month's G8 summit in Genoa are
threatening a seaborne assault of up to 4,000 protesters and a
medieval-style attack using catapults and battering rams to smash through
a ring of steel in the city centre.
The Italian hardline movement known as the Tute Bianche (the White
Overalls) is using training camps in Milan and Genoa to teach its members
how to fight police and to march in tight columns using homemade shields
as protection from baton charges.
It said yesterday that British anarchists from the Wombles organisation
were expected to be among up to 10,000 people who will try to force their
way into the meeting.
The Tute Bianche intensified its plans after police in Gothenburg helped to
keep rioters in check this month by placing metal freight containers
around the Swedish city, stopping them from reaching the summit of EU
The anarchists are preparing to use battering rams to force their way past
similar obstacles in Genoa and are building giant catapults to hurl
objects such as dead fish and paint at police, according to the
city's newspaper.
They will carry ammunition in wooden "siege carts" and will try to catch
teargas canisters in large nets. They have been told to offset the effects
of teargas with lemon juice on their faces and by washing their eyes with
Protesters have been trained in marching in turtle formation, a method used
by the Romans, in which the front row of an advancing column raises its
shields vertically while those behind hold them over their heads. Other
training includes advice on how to remain calm and defence against baton
charges, according to witnesses who have attended the camps.
Luca Mondo, one of the camp teachers, said: "We will do whatever we have to
to get into the summit and to stop it from happening. When the police
start hitting us, we will go on pushing them and we will be enough to pass
through. I believe the real violence will be by the police." Last weekend,
at a lake near Milan, the group simulated an attack on Genoa's port using
canoes, rafts and tyres. "There will be 3,000-4,000 of us in the water,"
Signor Mondo said.
The Tute Bianche is part of a coalition of more than 700 anti-G8 protest
groups called the Genoa Social Forum, which is hoping that nearly 100,000
demonstrators will be in the city for the summit during July 20-22,
compared with 20,000 who travelled to Gothenburg this month. Most
protesters are expected to be peaceful. Demonstrations will begin with a
protest by immigrants and will include sit-ins.
Up to 20,000 police and troops will be deployed, as opposed to 2,000 in
Gothenburg. They will be backed by 15 helicopters, four aircraft and seven
naval boats. The city will be closed to the outside world and separated
into an inner red zone, off limits to demonstrators, and an outer yellow
area, where they can hold protests.
There has been speculation that President Bush may be based on an aircraft
carrier, but the White House said that it was looking at the possibility
of staying in cruise ships provided by the Italian Government or in an
hotel in the red zone. One reason for concern about security is the
apparent lack of communication between the Centre Left city council, which
welcomes the demonstrators, and the local prefetto, the Chief of Police
appointed by the Interior Ministry. The council has virtually no role in
the security preparations and the only public officials under its control
who will be on the streets are the city's traffic wardens, who are
permitted to carry guns but rarely use them. By contrast, the prefetto is
responsible for the civil police as well as the carabinieri, a military
division of the police that ultimately is accountable to the Defence
Minister. Both will be on the streets in force during the summit. Italian
troops are likely to play a support role.

Anti-Capitalist Convergence: http://www.abolishthebank.org
Ya Basta! : http://www.freespeech.org/yabasta
More information on G8 protests: http://www.protest.net/view.cgi?view=2130#ita

"I've killed more people than the Unabomber because I've paid more taxes than he has." ~ Oprah Winfrey

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Registered: 06/09/00
Posts: 399
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Re: medieval wafare planned for G8 summit [Re: Agent Cooper]
    #348721 - 06/25/01 05:34 PM (17 years, 1 month ago)

thats so awesome. with all of the growing unrest and protesting ive been hearing of, it makes me wonder if the movement is not beginning to grow into a formidable opposistion to facism...

kill white noise

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Registered: 02/08/99
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Re: medieval wafare planned for G8 summit [Re: Agent Cooper]
    #349330 - 06/26/01 02:18 PM (17 years, 1 month ago)


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old hand
Registered: 01/18/00
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Loc: United Kingdom
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Re: medieval wafare planned for G8 summit [Re: Agent Cooper]
    #349770 - 06/27/01 04:33 AM (17 years, 1 month ago)

I can't wait to see the pictures on the news. I'm a little worred how the police will react to this though, as I can see they could get pretty violent if they an't stop the protestors.

Cattapulting dead fish.. That rules...

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Registered: 04/06/00
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Re: medieval wafare planned for G8 summit [Re: Agent Cooper]
    #350250 - 06/27/01 07:36 PM (17 years, 1 month ago)

How are they anarchists exactly? Last time I checked they wanted to ban genetic engineering, among other things; and they're going to need more government power, not less, if they hope to do anything about the corporations.
To be an anarchist you have to tolerate things you don't like; this lot just seem to be another group of people with an agenda they want to force on everyone. Replace the whales with fetuses and the yin-yangs with crosses and you've got the christian coalition.


"Flying Dick"

I can't drive
And now my index finger
Shows up in my nose.


"Flying Dick"

I can't drive
And now my index finger
Shows up in my nose.

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InvisibleAgent Cooper

Registered: 08/04/00
Posts: 210
Loc: right behind you
Re: medieval wafare planned for G8 summit [Re: Mud]
    #350479 - 06/28/01 02:06 AM (17 years, 1 month ago)

The anarchists arent forcing anything down anyone's throats - that is being done by Monsanto (or any other powerful entity whether it be a corporation or a government that determines what is best for everyone else). They are anti-authoritarian. Yes, anarchists have agendas but so does everyone else who enters into the public realm with an opinion and a voice. I personally believe an anti-capitalist, anti-state agenda is not anywhere near the Christian Coalition or the Rainbow Coalition, etc. on the agenda-spectrum because they are not forcing some solid re-structuring program onto anyone else, rather they propose people/communities control their themselves which doesnt necessarily need some program. I guess this could be consider an anti-agenda.

Anarchists do support reforms (such as say a federal-mandatory labeling of genetically molested foods) where people will directly benefit, but they are against institutionalized reformism - the flaw of the liberal left. They support these reforms not as an end but as a means to revitalize democracy and to check certain powers. In the eyes of a libertarian socialists, governmental power is essentially illegitimate, but we can be flexible and realistic. If you are curious about anarchism, check out the faq here.

Here's a little essay regarding these Italian anarchists (which could help you understand their vision and their actions):

Snapshot Italy: Something Beautiful Emerging
by Naomi Klein

A woman with long brown hair and a cigarette scratched voice has a question. ?What does this
place look like to you,? she asks, with the help of an interpreter. ?An ugly ghetto, or something
maybe beautiful??

It was a trick question. We were sitting in a ramshackle squat in one of the least picturesque
suburbs of Rome. The walls of the stumpy building were covered in graffiti, the ground was muddy,
and all around us were bulky, menacing housing projects. If any of the 20-million tourists who
flocked to Rome last year had taken a wrong turn and ended up here, they would have
immediately dived for their Fodor?s and fled for somewhere with vaulted ceilings, fountains and

But while the remains of one of the most powerful and centralised empires in history are
impeccably preserved in downtown Rome, it is here, in the city?s poor outskirts, where I caught a
glimpse of a new, living politics. And it is as far away from Roman emperors and Caesar?s armies
as you can possibly get.

The squat in question is called Corto Ciccuito, one of Italy?s many ?centri sociali.? Social centres
are abandoned buildings ? warehouses, factories, military forts, schools -- that have been
occupied by squatters and transformed into cultural and political hubs, explicitly free from both the
market, and from state control. By some estimates there are 150 social centres in Italy.
The largest and oldest ? Leoncavallo in Milan ? has been shut down by the police and reopened
many times. Today, it is practically a self-contained city, with several restaurants, gardens, a
bookstore, a cinema, an indoor skateboard ramp, and a club so large it was able to host Public
Enemy when they came to town. These are scarce bohemian spaces in a rapidly gentrifying world,
a fact that prompted the French newspaper Le Monde to describe the intricate network of squats
as ?the Italian cultural jewel.?

But the social centres are more than the best place to be on a Saturday night, they are also
ground zero of a growing political militancy in Italy ? one that is poised to explode onto the world
stage when the G8 meets in Genoa next month. In the centres, culture and politics mix easily
together: a debate about direct-action turns into a huge outdoor party, a rave takes place next
door to a meeting about unionizing fast-food workers.

In Italy, this culture developed out of necessity. With politicians on both the left and the right mired
in corruption scandals, large numbers of Italian youths have understandably concluded that it is
power itself that corrupts. The social centre network is a parallel political sphere that, rather than
trying to gain state power, provides alternative state services ? such a day-care and advocacy for
refugees ? at the same time as it confronts the state through direct action.
For instance, on the night I spent at Rome?s Corto Ciccuito, the communal dinner of lasagne and
caprese salad received a particularly enthusiastic reception because it was prepared by a chef
who had just been released from jail after his arrest at an anti-fascist rally. And two days before, at
Milan?s Leoncavallo centre, I stumbled across several members of Le Tute Bianche (the white
overalls) who were pouring over digital maps of Genoa, in preparation for the G8.
The direct-action group, named after the uniform its members wear to protests, has just issued a
?declaration of war? on the meeting in Genoa. It has pledged to cross police lines and, last
weekend held a public demonstration of the defensive armaments it plans to use (including suits
padded with foam and rubber tires).

But war declarations aren?t the most shocking things going on at the social centres these days.
Far more surprising is the fact that, in the past few years, these anti-authoritarian militants, defined
by their rejection of party politics, have begun running for office ? and winning. In Venice, Rome
and Milan, prominent social centre activists, including leaders of Tute Bianche, are now city

Some say the trend is simply a defensive measure: with Silvio Berlusconi?s right-wing Forza Italia
in power, they need to protect themselves from those that would shut down the centres. But others,
including Beppe Caccia, a member of the Tute Bianche and a Venetian city councillor, say that
the move into municipal politics is a natural evolution of social centre theory.
The nation state is in crisis, he argues, both weakened in the face of global powers and corrupt in
the face of corporate ones. Meanwhile, in Italy, strong regional sentiments for greater
decentralization have been seized by the right, often with fascist under-tones. In this climate, Mr.
Caccia proposes a two-pronged strategy of confronting unaccountable, unrepresentative powers
at the global level (for example, at the G8) while simultaneously rebuilding a new, more
accountable and participatory politic locally (where the social centre meets the city council).
Which brings me back to the question posed in the suburbs of Rome?s mummified empire.
Though it may be hard to tell at first, the social centres aren?t ghettos, they are windows -- not only
into another way to live, disengaged from the state, but also into a new politics of engagement.
And yes, it?s something maybe beautiful.

"I've killed more people than the Unabomber because I've paid more taxes than he has." ~ Oprah Winfrey

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Registered: 04/06/00
Posts: 45
Last seen: 17 years, 10 days
Re: medieval wafare planned for G8 summit [Re: Agent Cooper]
    #350956 - 06/28/01 08:30 PM (17 years, 1 month ago)

Thanks for the link; I've seen it before but there's a lot of interesting stuff in there I'd forgotten about. I didn't notice anything about which plants are ok to grow though... I've got no love for Monsanto, most of the stuff they do (patenting genotypes, Terminator genes etc.) is way out of line, but it just seems to me that a lot of the opposition to GMOs isn't based on the conduct of the biotech corps, but instead out of subjective religous ideas about 'playing god' , or tabloid-fuelled fear of the unknown... It just reminds me of the WOD in a way.


"Flying Dick"

I can't drive
And now my index finger
Shows up in my nose.


"Flying Dick"

I can't drive
And now my index finger
Shows up in my nose.

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