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Offlineyounger now
old hand
Registered: 07/16/99
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Dark Visions
    #335202 - 06/05/01 01:23 PM (23 years, 13 days ago)

As an experienced psychonaut, this may sound like an odd posting. I have sampled many different experiences in my 36 years, & have never really had a "bad trip" , since I can always tell myself that it will pass , BUT.... I have now had, on two seperate occassions, some rather odd & terrifing visions. I'd like to know if I'm alone in this, or if others have had this strange sight. I'll try to explain. It is as if I lose a dimension. A dark shadow appears over everything, everything appears flat & WRONG & ugly. The first time scared the life out of me. I could not make my mind's eye see things correctly. In other words, everything looked wrong & I couldn't remember how anything was suppossed to really look. Every object looked dark & oddly shaped. I'm sure some of you out there are thinking "cool!", but it was not. I've seen the walls melt-that was cool. This was an ugliness that made everything unbearable to look at. The second time it happened, I knew what was happening, & it would snap in & out. To say the least, I had a headache by the time I was done. This vision started 2-3 hours into the trip, & lasted for a good hour. I refer to it now as a "cloak of shadows" , for want of a better term. Anyone else ?

"My Brain Hurts!!!!".....Monty Python :crazy:

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rogue DMT elf
Female User Gallery

Registered: 08/08/99
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Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #335518 - 06/05/01 07:52 PM (23 years, 13 days ago)

thats new to me.... What was the setting? who were you with? whats been on your mind lately? ask yourself this stuff and youll get better answers most likely.

ive never experienced that one though...


"give me shoes so i can tapsy" --Ween~

Edited by Todcasil on 06/05/01 09:59 PM.

Men look at themselves and they see flawed humans, we look at women and we see perfect
Women look at themselves and they seem utterly human, when looking at men they see proud



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Causal Observer
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Registered: 02/26/01
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Re: Dark Visions [Re: Todcasil]
    #335585 - 06/05/01 08:56 PM (23 years, 13 days ago)

I've had white cover everything so I could only see the edges of things when I was really high, but I don't think that has anything to do with yours. it was sorta cool to be blind though. I hope someone has had something like your cloak of shadow, it sounds scary, but interesting.

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Registered: 05/20/01
Posts: 376
Loc: Australia
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Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #335833 - 06/06/01 01:29 AM (23 years, 12 days ago)

hmmm very interesting indeed...
perhaps you have stumled upon something here
i know each journey is unique, but they are not THAT unique that descriptions of effects can not be understood by others.
chances are that if you have experienced someone else has (in the right dose/set/setting)

i wish i could help you but i am yet to experience what you describe. perhaps you summon the powers of english and give me a crystal description of what you mean?

I am a compulsive liar:wink:

I am a compulsive liar :wink:

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Registered: 02/08/00
Posts: 383
Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #335909 - 06/06/01 05:11 AM (23 years, 12 days ago)

Sometimes I had something similar...(the vibes getting dark..fear, cold, metallic noise etc..)
a few years back on acid..but that "entitie" had four eyes....
I decided to smoke a spilff, drink a warm tea and take some more to show the fucker that I'm not scared (but I was)...

on shrooms I was sitting at the beach..as I happened the vibes got dark..the shiny feeling was away..and something evil started to paly around with my fears, hidden thoughts and emotions..I changed places and told the fucker to get out off my brain...

sometimes you gotta fight...It is like out in the mountains, a cool day in the snow you have fun, but from one moment to the other, the situaton gets real and threatens your life..
at this points you gotta fight for your life

maybe it helps to see that trip as an outside entitie as a bad stranger..call for help..fight him..for me loud music and dancing helps..drumming may to....or just some movements or random noises you make to blast the fucker off (i know that sounds childish, but for me it works..)

so next time that situation comes...you say: "hello, I have been waiting for you" and blast the fucker out of your brain...you know immaginations can hurt immaginations.
(just immagine a white light bold coming out of you hands and burning it..or something like that..you can move you hands and make some noises to make it look more impressive..(and if it doesn't work..you'll feel so stupid that you have tried to throw bolds at a evil spirit, that you hopefully will lough about yourselv forgetting the bad situation :))

hope I helped

Das deutschsprachige Z?chterforum
you haven't understood this? you don't have an ???? on your keyboard, huh ?

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i'm back

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Olive grower

Registered: 09/29/00
Posts: 551
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Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #335967 - 06/06/01 07:45 AM (23 years, 12 days ago)

I think i can totally visualise what you described. Whether or not i have had this feeling induced by a psyechelic i'm not sure, but i beleive i've felt it before.

This thread has just inspired me to write another thread......

Its in your heart, its in your art, your beauty.
Even in this world of lies, theres purity.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal lobotomy

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Offlineyounger now
old hand
Registered: 07/16/99
Posts: 243
Last seen: 22 years, 3 months
Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #336153 - 06/06/01 12:23 PM (23 years, 12 days ago)

Well , as for setting, both times werein my own home, a place I feel very secure, & which is the envy of my friends. The environment was bright,colorful, & interesting, & both times were with my husband by my side. Everything leading up to the vision was happy, & that is what makes it so strange. I could understand that what I was seeing was not real, & I knew it would pass, but that was little help. Imagine looking at an object, let's say a plain white cofffe mug. Anyone reading this can picture one in his or her mind's eye. You KNOW what it looks like. Now, imagine that cup looking 2 dimensional. Still, not that weird. Now, on the left hand sideimagine a grayness squashing the cup, making the shape & color distort.Now , as you look at the cup, you try to superimpose the "corrected image", that you recall from memory when you weren't fucked up. Only, you can't.The image of what it SHOULD look like is gone.When you get too drunk, & things go blurry, you will stop & try to focus & clear your vision with the same trick. Well, I couldn't clear it. Or remember how ANYTHING was suppossed to look.(Needless to say, looking at friends & loved ones was the worst!)

"My Brain Hurts!!!!".....Monty Python :crazy:

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Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/06/01
Posts: 42,528
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Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #336474 - 06/06/01 07:18 PM (23 years, 12 days ago)

something somewhat similar happened to me at the beginning of my shroom trip last friday where just everything turned absolutely frightening and ugly and plastic-y, minus the blackness. the thing that quickly pulled me out of it was when my friend put on Dazed and Confused and i picked up my guitar and then my vibes became great :) the guitar totally calmed me down more than anything...odd thing is i dont freak out on acid at all but on shrooms i majorly freak, for some reason. and my acid trips were way stronger for the most part, too.

We're all mad here...

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Registered: 01/19/01
Posts: 38
Last seen: 22 years, 8 months
Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #336619 - 06/06/01 10:27 PM (23 years, 11 days ago)

Wow, Younger Now. It sounds like a King story.
I am a wrighter and this very mush inspiers me. It has been a wile since I'v done any acid, but I used to
some what regularly. When you menchand looking at friends and family It trigerd a vage memory. I think
I may Know what your talking a bout. You may want to lay of the sid for a little wile.
Good luck to you.

A monster reincarnation of Heratio Aljer...

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Registered: 01/30/01
Posts: 270
Loc: United States
Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #338641 - 06/11/01 09:07 PM (23 years, 7 days ago)

Apple Jack I think the only thing you've been doing with paper is rolling dobbies! I on the other hand, am a Doctor of Journalism!
The description our friend has profiled seems to be very similar to what scientists describe as a "black hole". I wonder if it is possible you have been exposed to some of the pop astronomy that has been on TV and other accessible media describing such phenomenom. Perhaps you've traveled to Las Vegas recently? Tripping for me always brought to light stuff that had somehow gotten written onto my "hard drive" without me knowing (or knowing, that was cool most of the time). The things that led me to a "bad trip" were things: 1) had no control over and; 2) were being suppressed by my conscience mind (and not very well, I might add). This is the danger with tripping, we can control many things outside our minds to help induce a good trip but what we have on the inside is what can be trouble for us. I have also found that sometimes a bad trip revolved around a physical ailment of some kind that I didn't know I had. Get a check up, maybe the eyes first but do the whole round. Get some rest, smoke some weed, do whatever you have to do till it makes sense. This could be serious. (I won't bother to mention the bats, he'll see them soon enough)

"New shit has come to light..."

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Registered: 10/25/00
Posts: 1,005
Last seen: 21 years, 6 months
Re: Dark Visions [Re: younger now]
    #338668 - 06/11/01 09:47 PM (23 years, 7 days ago)

I had a trip very similar to this. My distortions were only partially visually "darkend", most were mental though. Nothing was what it seems, and the darkness was lingering on a plane to where the trip hinted to me that I was on the edge of a very strong and evil side that could have easily been crossed. This is the interesting part.....When things began to get wierd, not bad trip wierd but strangely dark, I told the trip I was bigger than "IT" and strangely without warning or sudden change "IT" began to mess with my head. I felt people in the room, I heard what I knew was my friend pulling up in the driveway and walking to the door, when no doorbell rang I got up and went to the door to see what was taking him so long......there was no one there, then things began to "Feel" eerie and I just layed down on the couch to try to get a grasp on what happened and what this strange ora was....I slowly began to come down and it was deffinitely a time when if I would have took a mega-dose it could have been horribly wrong, I can say this...I wouldn't take more and laugh it off like Prellgot and I will never think I am bigger than a trip itself, try to talk it straight maybe, but never test the ego against a trip.........

Going crazy will drive you mad, but once you get there the rest is easy.....

Going crazy will drive you mad, but once you get there the rest is easy....All spores are not created equal!!!!!!!!!!! Sporeworks, Hawkseye, PF, they are completely viable with very strong genetics.

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Registered: 04/08/01
Posts: 42
Re: Dark Visions [Re: egolesss]
    #338912 - 06/12/01 04:48 AM (23 years, 6 days ago)

Here's one perspective: Most people think visions in the mind's eye (and the real eye for that matter) are whole images in the brains but they are really just bits and pieces residing in different parts of the brain and "Put" together to make them appear as whole.
Memories are like this as are thoughts.

Well, drugs have this great ability to allow some of the pieces to be put together but not others or in different combinations.
This is why drugs give users unique perspectives.
Sometimes putting the pieces together is good, sometimes bad depending somewhat on the design and purity of the drug.

Try taking a different drug or the same drug but from a different source.
The description you give is an excellent insight into how the brain works.

Some people with migraines get odd mosaic like visions and not because of external drugs but because of their internal brain chemistry becomming temporarily imbalanced.

In my dreams I've had good trips and "scary" trips so examine at what point you are at in life.

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Female User Gallery

Registered: 08/11/08
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Re: Dark Visions [Re: FerryParrell]
    #11738658 - 12/29/09 05:31 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

Well i have to say i have never seen dark visions while tripping. But while i am sober i tend to see dark vision/shadows. I saw a shodow of a dog the other night and im still trying to figure out what it meant. I sometimes see shadows down my hallway. So i dont know.

But usually when i trip i always pick a day when im feeling really good about everything. Like i cant be tired or sick.

I have only had one bad trip. I had my fiances phone in my hand and i was getting ready to hand it to him. When all of a sudden my mind went blank. I didnt know what the phone was called and i didnt know what i was doing.

It was almost like i woke up and was a baby again. I had to talk myself out of that state.On top of it my fiance kept askin me if i would give him a bj and i got to the point where i thought i was drugged and being taken advantage.

But like 10 min later i was just fine. I hope i never have to go thru that feelin again.


All you really need in life is Peace,Pot,and Micro-dot

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