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Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders
    #1992674 - 10/09/03 10:14 AM (18 years, 7 months ago)

Turkey to deploy troops in defiance of new Iraqi leaders, turmoil deepens
Wed Oct 8, 6:35 AM ET
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BAGHDAD (AFP) - Ankara moved on to a collision course with the interim leadership in Baghdad after deciding to send troops to its war-torn neighbour as the turmoil deepens in Iraq (news - web sites).

The US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council strongly condemned Turkey's plan to send thousands of troops across the border into Iraq, whose ethnic Kurdish population is particularly alarmed at the prospect.

Meanwhile in western Baghdad thousands of angry Shiite Muslims gathered outside a mosque demanding the release of two clerics detained by US forces after publicly denouncing the Americans.

Some 3,000 members of the Mehdi Army militia run by firebrand cleric Moqtada Sadr, sporting black headbands and waving Iraqi flags, marched in military formation around the Ali al-Bayaa mosque as uneasy US troops looked on.

US Brigadier General Martin Dempsey told a cleric at the mosque, Sheikh Hassan Zardani: "You have to control your people and I control my people."

He said he had no authority to release Moayad Kazrajy and Jaleel al-Shumari, adding that "the charges for both is conducting criminal and anti-coalition acts."

Zardani curtly told the general: "The dialogue is leading nowhere.

On Tuesday 4,000 people demonstrated at the mosque where US troops and Iraqis had already skirmished last week, chanting:"Today we hold banners, tomorrow we pick up our guns."

Meanwhile governing council member Nasseer Chaderchi gave voice to Iraqi anger over the Turkish decision.

"Sending these troops would delay our regaining sovereignty," he told AFP, warning the deployment could affect relations between the two neighbors.

Chaderchi said Turkish authorities recently told council members they would not send troops to Iraq without their approval.

But Turkey's parliament authorized on Tuesday the dispatch of troops for a maximum term of one year, leaving the decision on the size, location and timing of the deployment to the government to work out with the United States.

The Turkish troops -- Ankara has talked of sending up to 10,000 -- would join a US-led stabilisation force already numbering more than 155,000 from 34 countries.

Council members said they were unanimous in opposing the planned deployment and that a statement reflecting this would be issued later Wednesday.

"It is the wrong thing to do. It does not add to security," said council member Mahmud Othman.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd like Othman, voiced strong objections and stressed in London on Tuesday that the Governing Council did not want any of Iraq's immediate neighbors to take part in peacekeeping missions.

But Washington welcomed the decision, which US officials hope will ease the strain on their forces, which face almost daily casualties amid rising skepticism among Americans about the war.

Downtown Baghdad

"We welcome that decision and we will be working with Turkish officials on the details of their decision," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said "we will have to work with the Iraqis and the Central Command to begin the task of seeing how and what way that might happen."

Inside Turkey, public opinion is largely against the deployment and Wednesday's press offered a mixed reaction, with the popular Vatan daily calling it a "gamble" that might cost Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan his political future.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported Wednesday that the US government may abandon attempts to get a UN vote on its plan for the future government in Iraq because of opposition from other Security Council members.

The government of President George W. Bush (news - web sites) "has pulled back from seeking a quick vote endorsing the proposal and may shelve it altogether," the paper reported, quoting administration officials.

On Tuesday, the US ambassador to the United Nations (news - web sites) John Negroponte said Washington stands behind its draft UN resolution on Iraq, despite vocal opposition from other countries, and will not make major changes to it.

The US measure would authorize a multinational force in post-war Iraq, which Washington hopes will be enough to convince skeptical nations to contribute cash and troops.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (news - web sites) said the United Nations could not accept the limited political role offered under the deal.

France, Germany and Russia have already said they wanted changes in how the transfer of power in Iraq would be handled.

West of Baghdad, three US soldiers and a translator were killed on Monday, while on Tuesday troops faced several mortar attacks in the northern city of Kirkuk, one of which destroyed an armoured military vehicle.

The deaths brought to 92 the number of US soldiers killed in combat since the official end of hostilities.

The coalition forces, which seized control of Baghdad six months ago, were still searching for toppled president Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) and some of his leading supporters.

On Tuesday night, they sealed off Baghdad's Karrada neighborhood for four hours, as they combed through the area to search for "regime loyalists".

More than 100 heavily armed troops backed by several dozen armoured vehicles set up roadblocks as they searched buildings, but did not report any arrests.


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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: Zahid]
    #1993192 - 10/09/03 02:07 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

Big mistake, imho.

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Registered: 09/25/00
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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: Zahid]
    #1993258 - 10/09/03 02:31 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

Bush's Betrayal

http://www.nypost.com/cgi-bin/printfriendly.pl ^ | 10/9/03 | Ralph Peters

New York Post

By Ralph Peters

October 9, 2003 -- JUDAS drove a hard bargain compared to President Bush. At least the great betrayer got 30 pieces of silver. All Bush is going to get for delivering the Kurds unto their enemies will be 10,000 Turkish troops - who will act solely in Ankara's interests, not in the interests of Washington or the people of Iraq. Bush's desire for Turkish forces is craven. Hoping to reduce U.S. troop commitments as an election looms, he verges on throwing away the practical and moral achievements won with our soldiers' blood.

His actions will backfire at home as surely as they will in Iraq. A Turkish presence will make things worse, not better.

Turkey has one enduring aim: the suppression of Kurdish freedom anywhere in the region. That will be Ankara's immutable goal in Iraq.

The administration tells us, coyly, that the Turkish contingent will be stationed in the Sunni Arab area of central Iraq, far from the Kurds. But the Turks intend to play a waiting game, confident that American patience will fail and that we will look for any excuse to bail out - leaving the Turks in place to broker power.

Introducing Turkish troops into the Sunni Arab region, the sole area of Iraq even partly hospitable to dead-enders from Saddam's regime and to international terrorists, is as short-sighted as it now appears expedient.

The Turks will quietly rebuild ties with the Ba'athists and rejectionists, shielding them from justice. Ankara was comfortable with Saddam (who shared the neighborhood taste for killing Kurds), and Turkey's preferred government for a future Iraq would return the Sunni Arab minority to power.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with rebuilding a working relationship between the United States and Turkey. But Iraq is the wrong place to do it.

No troops from neighboring states should be allowed to meddle in Iraq, but we would be better off with Iranian troops than with Turkish forces.

The Turks can't see past their "Kurdish problem" (now that the Armenians are out of the way). And, tragically, it appears that Bush and his electioneers can't see past November 2004.

The administration is even dishonest about Kurdish "terrorists." The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has, indeed, engaged in terrorist actions against Turkish targets in the past. But if there ever was a case of freedom fighters using terror as a tool, it's the PKK. And, in recent years, the PKK has changed its practices. Its members are not innocents, but neither are they the bloody-handed murderers Ankara declares them.

By far the worst acts of terror in the struggle of Turkey's Kurds for elementary rights were committed by the Turkish military, not by the PKK. Anatolian Kurds remain a brutally oppressed people whose plight cries out for justice.

It appeared that Iraqi Kurds, at least, had found their long-awaited champion in America. Our defense of the Kurds and our support for their self-liberation were wise and moral actions. And the Kurds continue to yearn for constructive friendship with America. They know that no one else has the power - or the potential selflessness - to protect them.

But this is a terribly discouraging week for all Kurds. They know too well what disasters could follow a Turkish occupation of any part of Iraq.

Even Iraq's American-backed Governing Council has protested the deployment of Turkish troops. Washington's response has been to tell them to shut up.

Doubtless, Bush's enforcers will bully most of the members of the council into accepting Washington's will. But our actions make a mockery of the values we have professed to the Iraqi people.

One hopes that the leaders of Iraq's Kurds will take a public stand against the Turkish menace to Iraq's future. Americans of conscience will stand with them.

And President Bush? If he betrays the Kurds, as he appears blithely ready to do, there is at least one vote he will not get in the next election.

Because international issues trump all others in this dangerous age, many of us have given Bush a pass on his greedy, polarizing domestic agenda as long as his foreign policy appeared effective, courageous and wise.

But selling out the Kurds would cancel every one of Bush's promises and successes. If the Democrats want traction against Bush's achievements abroad - which the president appears all too ready to sacrifice - the administration's abrupt, opportunistic disregard of Kurdish interests would be a good place to start.

And then the Dems can take on the Bush regime's love for Saudi Arabia.

Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer and the author of the new book "Beyond Baghdad: Postmodern War and Peace."

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Registered: 02/26/01
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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: wingnutx]
    #1993264 - 10/09/03 02:33 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

Good post  :thumbup:

Don't worry, B. Caapi

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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: Xlea321]
    #1993353 - 10/09/03 02:59 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

once again Bush Jr. tries to one-up daddy. Bush Sr. betrayed the Shiites after Gulf War I, now little Bush is busy doing the same to the Kurds

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Fred's son

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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: wingnutx]
    #1993394 - 10/09/03 03:08 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

Big mistake indeed.

The longstanding enmity between Turks and Kurds is (in my opinion) impossible to overcome at this point in time. There's just too much history involved. Even if the Turkish troops were to behave impeccably -- and how likely is that? -- I can't see Iraqi Kurds being overjoyed at the prospect.

Bad move. Very bad move. Bush got some terrible advice on this one. In my opinion the only thing to do is say, "Thanks for the offer, but no thanks -- we've changed our minds," and just accept the inevitable embarassment such a flip-flop will produce.

Things are starting to go well in Iraq, momentum is gathering, and this move can undo all that and more. I see plenty of downside and essentially no upside.



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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: Phred]
    #1993813 - 10/09/03 04:45 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)


Things are starting to go well in Iraq, 

yeah,....they got power... :lol:

"Know your Body - Know your Mind - Know your Substance - Know your Source.

Lest we forget. "

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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: wingnutx]
    #1994032 - 10/09/03 05:41 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

I wonder why bush doesn't just gas them
and get it over with?

All I know is The Growery is a place where losers who get banned here go.

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Registered: 01/21/02
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Re: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders [Re: afoaf]
    #1994614 - 10/09/03 08:26 PM (18 years, 7 months ago)

Because Bush understands the mistakes Hitler made.


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