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Registered: 09/23/02
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inocybe calamistrata.
    #1008577 - 10/31/02 02:00 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

found some a few weeks ago, had the species verified the other day.

has anyone ever bio-assayed these?

several references to their psilocybin content have made me interested...

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InvisibleCow Shit Collector
Patty Poacher

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Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: viscid]
    #1008978 - 10/31/02 04:21 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

referenced it high or low?


Life's a garden, Dig it!
~Joe Dirt

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Registered: 12/18/01
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Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: Cow Shit Collector]
    #1009025 - 10/31/02 04:48 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Its referenced that it contained psilocybin, thats it

I havent heard any reports on this mushroom, but I have a hunch that MJ would know something about it. You should try PM'ing him.

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Registered: 07/22/99
Posts: 13,774
Loc: gone with my shrooms
Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: viscid]
    #1009885 - 10/31/02 12:56 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Sorry but I. calamistrara is the one which is not active.

only the following Inocybes are psychoactive.
1. Inocybe aeruginasc ens babos.
2. I. coelestium Kupper,
3. I. corydalina Qu?l. var. corydalina
4. I. ciorydalina var. erinaceomorpha (Stangl & J. Vwswlsk) Kuyper, and
I. tricolor.K?hner.

I have pictures of two of these species at my site which is currently down but should be up in a week or so here a the Shroomery.


Oh yes, it is Amanita muscaria which the urine carries the active ingredients of ibotenic aid and muscimol, not the psilocine and/or psilocybine wbich is active in those six Inocybes. The other hundred or more Inocybe species have muscrine which is slightly toxic causing nausea and vomiting and other discomforts to the stomach liniing.


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Registered: 09/04/02
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Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: viscid]
    #1010282 - 10/31/02 03:20 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

both from :

It looks like there is some bluing at the stem base?

I am a reasonable person.

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OfflineLizard King
King Lizard

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Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: JovialLeprechaun]
    #1010445 - 10/31/02 04:17 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Far as I ever knew calaminstrata(Sp?) is psilocybin active. I remember workman finding some a few years back, I sent pictures to Paul stamets and he guessed at the ID being calaminstrata, the mushrooms stained very blue where damaged.

I look into it more later tonight, but I'm fairly sure it is indeed active.



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OfflineLizard King
King Lizard

Registered: 10/04/99
Posts: 1,998
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Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: Cow Shit Collector]
    #1010461 - 10/31/02 04:24 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

In PMOTW, Paul says that I. calaminstrata has given incosistent positive tests for psilocybin. He goes on to state that he once found a single specimen of this species in a forest and that he had it tested for psilocybin, the test came back negative despite the bluing reaction. He strongly advises againt ingestion because of these incosistencies and because of the nature of this genus to contain toxins.



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Registered: 09/23/02
Posts: 731
Loc: the mycological center of...
Last seen: 10 years, 11 months
Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: Lizard King]
    #1010814 - 10/31/02 06:22 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

thanks for quoting the references i was too lazy to quote.  :wink:
in addition to the references in MD and psilo mush of the world by paul stamets, i have had a mycologist tell me it was found to contain psilocybin...
my interest was had this species  ever been  ingested by anyone?
the specimens are long gone (donated to a festival/show), but the bluing was so strong, and having never seen a gilled mushroom bruise  blue that wasn't active, i had trouble accepting it.  i fully intend to seek out at least one more specimen for a print....mine were lighter than the ones in the photos posted here, but precisely that species. 

i have read that to date, no inocybe has been shown to contain both muscarine and psilocybin, but most contain at least minimal (if not biologically active) traces of either.
any more comments?
aren't there more active inocybes than listed there, mj?
just discussion...nothing more.
newbies should note that inocybes are known to make folks pretty fucking ill, and on the spot identification via macroscopic clues is often simply impossible, requiring the use of microscopes and reagents and others things that go "ping!" and also "pop!"

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Registered: 07/22/99
Posts: 13,774
Loc: gone with my shrooms
Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: viscid]
    #1011204 - 10/31/02 09:23 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

There are several papers by both Gartz and by Stijve on the inactivity of Inocybe calamastrata.

Also Inocybe aeruginascens which Garrtz ananlyzed many specimens found and named a new active indole called aeruginascine which is psychoactive and similar to psilocine and psilocybine in effects.

Stijve also discovered a new indole in specimes of P. subcubensis which I collectd in Thailand. He published a paper which I earlier posted somewhere on someones mushroom site on the internet.

These papers can be found in the medico insexes and archives reference guides art most university libraries. I havent the time to reseaarch the papers but I will post a list of Gatz publications on the Inocybe and those of Stijve for the Shroomery.

Hold on while I go into my files.



Gartz, Jochen:

Gartz, Jochen. 1985a. Vergleichende d?nnschichtchroma-tografische Untersuchungen zweier Psilocybe-und einer halluzinogener Inocybeart. Pharmazie vol. 40(2):134.
Comparative Thin-Layer Chromatographic studies of two Psilocybe and one Inocybe species is presented. In German.

------. 1985i. Zur radikalische Hydroxylierung von Indol. Pharmazie vol. 40(5):356.
A method for the synthetic hydroxylation to hydroxyindoles as precursors of the mushrooms contents were carried out. In German

------. 1986b. Nachweis von Tryptaminderivaten in Pilzen der Gattungen Gerronema, Hygrocybe, Psathyrella, und Inocybe. Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen vol. 181:275-278.
Detection of tryptamine derivatives in fungi of the genera Gerronema (Rickenella), Hygrocybe, Psathyrella, and Inocybe. In German.

------. 1986c. Psilocybin in Mycelkulturen von Inocybe aeruginascens. Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen vol. 181:511-517.
Psilocybin is detected in mycelial cultures of Inocybe aeruginascens. In German.

------. 1986d. Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen des Muscarines in Inocybe aeruginascens Babos. Zeitschrift F?r Mykologie vol. 52(2):359-361.
A collection of 92 fruit bodies of Inocybe aeruginascens from different years and locations were examined and found to be void of muscarine, a toxin which is common in the genus Inocybe. In German.

------. 1987a. Variation der indolalkaloidmengen in Fruchtk?rpern von Inocybe aeruginascens. Planta Medica vol. 53(6):539-541.
Determination of variations in the amount of alkaloids from fruit bodies of Inocybe aeruginascens, including the detection of a new indole alkaloid, aeruginascin. In German.

------. 1987c. Vorkommen von Psilocybin und Baeocystin in Fruchtk?rpern von Pluteus salicinus. Planta Medica vol. 53:290-291.
The HPLC and TLC detection of psilocybin and psilocin in Pluteus salicinus. In German.

------. 1989a. Analysis of Aeruginascin in fruit bodies of the mushroom Inocybe aeruginascens. International Journal of Crude Drug Research vol. 27(3):141-144.
Analysis of 10 single fruit bodies of Inocybe aeruginascens revealed the presence of the new indole aeruginascin as well as that of psilocybin and baeocystin. In English.

------. 1992a. Inocybe aeruginascens,-ein "neuer" Pilz Europas mit halluzinogener wirkung. Yearbook for Ethnomedicine and the Study of Consciousness vol. 1(1):89-98.
A study on the chemical properties of a new psilocybian species of Inocybe and the detection and identification of aeruginascin, a new tryptamine indole. Also in: Rippchen, R. (Ed.). 1994. "Zauberpilze." See pp. 51-56." In German.

------. 1992c [1993]. New aspects of the occurrence, chemistry and cultivation of European hallucinogenic mushrooms. Annali dei Musei Civici--Rovereto vol. 8:107-124. Ann. Mus. Civ. Rovereto.
A review of the various aspects of European species of entheogenic mushrooms. In English.

------. 1993a. Narrenschw?mme: Psychotrope Pilze in Europa. Herausforderung an Forschung und Wertsystem. Editions Heuwinkel. In German.
A worldwide history of entheogenic fungi (traditional and recreational use) from a European viewpoint. Many color plates. Introduction by Christian R?tsch "Wer war der erste Narr?" Narremschw?mme implies "foolish mushroom." Also published in an English edition, "Magic Mushrooms Around The World" (1996) is available from Lis Publications. Los Angeles, California (see Gartz, 1996).

------. 1994a. Reflections on foolish mushrooms here and a divine dish there. Narrenschw?mme: Psychotrope Pilze In Europa.
An English translation of chapter two from Narremschw?mme. In John W. Allen's private library.

------. 1995c. Inocybe aeruginascens Babos. Eleusis n. 3:31-34. December.
An ethnomycological report on the distribution, ecology, description and biochemical data on Inocybe aeruginascens. In Italian and English.

------. 1995d. Entheogens around the world. Entheogenic Law Reporter No. 9:84. Winter.
Information on the legality of mushrooms in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England and Holland.

------. 1996. Magic Mushrooms Around the World: A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and Time. The Case for Challenging Research and Value Systems. Lis Publications. Los Angeles, California. Translated by Claudia Taake. 120p.
The author describes dozens of species and covers a broad range of mushroom-related topics, from distribution maps to comparisons of cultural attitudes to laboratory analysis of active ingredients. Also included are numerous case histories of accidental and deliberate intoxications of psiloybian containing mushrooms. 30 color plates, 36 black and white photographs and illustrations, 10 tables. Originally published in German as Narrenschw?mme (see Gartz, 1993a). A newer German addition appeared in publication in 1999 by Nachtshatten in Switzerland with beeautiful photos by Allen and Gartz in perfect color and in @003 a new English Edition from England will foll with updated information by Allen and Gartz.

------. 1998b. Psychoacktive Pilze-Bestimmungskarten. Nachtschattenverlag. Solothurn. Switzerland.
21 photographs with descriptions as a postcard set for the identification of 13 psilocybian species. Photographs by Jochen Gartz and John W. Allen. In German. Contains images of both Inocybe haemacta and I. corydalina.

Gartz, J. and John W. Allen. 1998. Psychoaktive Pilze, Bestimmungskarten.
Nachtschatten Verlag. Solothurn.
A packet of 20 postccards of the visionary mushrooms. 8 pictures by Allen and 12 by Gartz.
Text in German.

Gartz, Jochen and G. Drewitz. 1985. Der erste Nachweis des Vorkommens von Psilocybin in Risspilzen. Zeitschrift f?r Mykologie vol. 51(2):199-203.
The first evidence of the occurrence of psilocybin in the genus Inocybe by TLC. In German.

------ and ------. 1986. Der Gr?nlichverf?rbende Risspilz-ein Inocybeart mit Halluzinogener Wirkung. Zeitschrift F?r ?rztliche Fortbildung Vol. 80:551-553.
A good description of this important European entheogenic mushroom as well as a medical report describing its effects on humans. In German.


Stijve, Tjakko:

Stijve, Tjakko and Beowulf Glutzenbaum. 1999. Experiences with a rare psychoactive mushrooms, Inocybe haemacta Berk. Et Br. Eleusis, n.s., vol. 2:59-68.
An account is given of the psychoactive properties of the rare mushroom Inocybe haemacta Berk. Et Br. (Cortinariaceae), which was found to contain an average 0.1% psilocybine and 0.02% baeocystine as dry matter. Four people also participated in a self-experiment with this species and the visionary experience of each person is narated in some detail. In Italian and English.

Stijve, Tjakko and Th. W. Kuyper. 1985. Psilocybin in various higher fungi from several European countries. Planta Medica vol. 51(5):385-387.
Using HPL and TLC methods, the authors analyzed 18 suspected species for the presence of tryptamine compounds. Psilocybin and psilocin are reported from several species.

------ and ------. 1988. Absence of psilocybin in species of fungi previously reported to contain psilocybin and related tryptamine derivatives. Persoonia vol. 13(4):463-465.
Seven taxa of agarics previously reported in the scientific literature by Gartz (1986b) as psychoactive are analyzed for psilocybin and other related tryptamine compounds. All seven were found to be negative.

Stijve, Tjakko., Klan, J., and Th. W. Kuyper. 1985. Occurrence of psilocybin and baeocystin in the genus Inocybe (Fr.) Fries. Persoonia vol. 12(4):469-473.
Psilocybin and its monomethyl analogue baeocystin are detected in five species of Inocybe.



these are but a few of the more than 2400 references to articles written on these mushrooms which can re reviewed on my CD rom with Dr. Gartz. Includes more than 700 large photos (Screen size of shrooms speices , authors and covers of rare and out of print and hard to find publications.
with other artilce included.

I also left in a few other related articles by Gartz. He has ove 100 apaers published and this info is inmy cd-rom which includes all of Gartz' cultivation of these species.

here is Inocybe haemacta

and here is I. aeruginascens

Sorry but my image of I. calamistrata is too large here to post so maybe later I will post one of them.

mj. Hope this gives someone the inclination to go to a university library and look up these interessting papers. Of course some of them are in German but others are in English. I do not advvise anyone attemting to eat any of the Inocybe genera except the P. aeeruginascens which I have eaten on numerous orccasions. AS Gartz and other s have written it is a very euphoric species, common 9n Europe.

but there are also many toxic Inocybe species and it is foolish to play with fire if you do not know what you have picked.

Of course there aree severasl stropharia mushrooms which are blue or similar blue staining with gills which Paul Stamets attempted to call Psilocybe inhis bookon Psilocybine mushrooms of the world. Including the cerulea. or even the edible lacteriosus seliscious species whic is edible, looks similar to some Gymnoplus species and gets blue green stains in them.

You delete the toxic species and the white spored species and the cinnamon to orange spored species and stick tot he Black (Copelandia mushrooms and panaeolus) and the chocolate to purple-brown Psilocybe species and those are easy to identify , regocnize and stain blue and will not harm one. Looking for what one referrs to as exotic have nothing to do witht he meaning of the word. Rare would be a more common word for those Inocybe, Agrocye, Concybe, pluteus, Gymnopilus, Galerina, Gerrona, etc. and the Psilocybe and panaolus/Copelandia are very common and abundant and those are the shrooms ones shold be hunting for. Eliminate the dangerous species and just look for the common nes.

Remember, shroomsers have died eaing wrong look-alike species before.


Hope these references are helpful.


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Registered: 09/23/02
Posts: 731
Loc: the mycological center of...
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Re: inocybe calamistrata. [Re: mjshroomer]
    #1016584 - 11/02/02 09:28 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

i am certainly indebted to you for the tremendous amount of time you put into this reply.
good god, what a verbose reply!!!!!!!!
thank you for clarifyinf certain issues.  i am certainly glad to have those references to look up, without having to search for the references in the first place.

while you were out of the country i came to the hunting forum and got busy.
i am primarily an edibles man, and boast often enough that i have personally ingested over 70 different species of mushrooms, with no ill effects on any occasion.  needless to say, i am  excruciatingly thorough in my id process when dealing with comestibles for the table.
the prospect of poisoning myself is never an issue.
the references i could find on calamistrata were merely conflicting and inconmsistent, and my research skills are not so great when confronted with the volumes of library journals that pertain very little to actually ingesting mushrooms.

this particular post was part celebration, part confirmation, part investigation.
i was extraordinarily excited to find a gilled mushroom other than a psilocybe or panaeolus that bruised blue.  i was hunting in the boreal forests, grabbing some king boletes and chantereles when i came upon three specimens of this unusual mushroom.

the blanket statements i had read about the unusual nature of inocybes peaked my interest. 
i appreciate all your comments.

and at this point i reckon noone has eaten i. calamistrata.  which was what i was getting at in the first place - not because i needed to have an entheogenic experience (in my life, these are easy to come by  :wink: ) but simply because i was happy to have found the specimens.
thank you so much for all the info.

peace, and happy shrooming to all. :laugh: 

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