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Stony Danza
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Registered: 12/18/14
Posts: 3,393
Loc: Fairfield, Connecticut
01/25/18 05:30 PM

Surprised I haven’t done this already. :solidnod:
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Registered: 03/23/17
Posts: 1,526
Last seen: 1 year, 3 months
dudes putting out some dope music
09/20/17 11:58 AM

listen to his sound cloud, he says he makes the music all him self...his sounds are great!! I listen to your platlist all the time now. keep it up man!

Lobi responded on 09/22/17 11:33 AM:

Fuck yeah thanks brother

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Registered: 06/22/11
Posts: 14,347
5 for you
09/16/17 01:57 PM

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Registered: 12/30/16
Posts: 6,809
Loc: PNW
09/09/17 06:43 PM

You seem like a really cool guy.  I enjoy seeing your posts around the boards

Lobi responded on 09/12/17 07:36 AM:

You seem like a cool cat.  Thanks homie One Love


Registered: 07/09/16
Posts: 10,698
Last seen: 1 year, 9 days
09/08/17 06:14 PM


Eat's You Alive :)
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Registered: 08/17/01
Posts: 19,026
Loc: In Your Head
well said in otd
09/06/17 06:18 PM

About social hierarchy and playing that bullshit game. Been there, done that, hate the game but have to play It.

Lobi responded on 09/07/17 07:45 PM:

Unfortunately most of us do, but through brotherhood and community like this we can move forward without those games..  thanks for the love homie.  Feels nicely closed looped to read your teks as a nonmember to having discussions years later while filling my basement up.  :rockon:

apply daily

Registered: 03/28/05
Posts: 18,365
Loc: Amsterdam
Last seen: 1 day, 19 hours
09/06/17 04:37 PM

for answering my questions in AMU dude.

Lobi responded on 09/08/17 10:54 PM:

Of course. please stick around to continue to learn and to teach others as well!

Space Force
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Registered: 06/26/11
Posts: 4,607
Loc: Texas
07/09/17 06:46 PM

A super knowledgeable and talented member that I have much respect for. His grows speak for themselves. Always quick to lighten the mood or add some interesting facts to the discussion
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Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 33,868
Loc: where?
the really late kind
07/09/17 04:11 AM

of rating but lobi has some true wisdom. says stuff i think, but can not verbalize. rock on.:rockon:
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Registered: 04/14/12
Posts: 466
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 1 month, 12 days
06/12/17 03:01 AM

I like ur beats

Lobi responded on 06/13/17 12:34 PM:

Thanks brother, they must like you too. I appreciate the listen and the love. :cheers:

Just call me "D"

Registered: 09/15/10
Posts: 5,237
Enjoy your posts
06/06/17 01:32 AM

You've got some great ideas and seem to enjoy tweaking and innovating a bit which is what it's all about.
serial dilutor
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Registered: 01/21/15
Posts: 3,200
Loc: the abyss
06/03/17 09:28 PM

awesome member, way overdue. mush love my friend!!
Invisiblevan hattonFacebookDiscord
Still a noob
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Registered: 11/23/14
Posts: 5,619
Loc: Michigan
06/02/17 12:23 PM

Re: Re: help me achieve clean spawn!

Great knowledgeable member :rockon: keep doing what your doing man
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/26/15
Posts: 2,036
Loc: Who nose.
Last seen: 25 days, 3 hours
Good dude, much love
05/22/17 10:41 PM

You're Not Yelping
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Registered: 11/25/16
Posts: 715
Loc: SodoSopa
05/22/17 07:11 PM

Great member and very knowledgeable. Always gives solid advise. Keep on keepin on my friend
proletarians rise up
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Registered: 01/24/13
Posts: 19,243
Loc: Babylon
Last seen: 6 years, 10 months
always on point
05/22/17 03:10 PM

no bullshit allowed to go uncorrected! neatly done my friend :hatsoff:
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/07/15
Posts: 13,740
Loc: the parking lot
05/18/17 11:08 AM

Real nice beats in your sig! Have 5!

Last Edited 05/18/17 11:09 AM
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/17/14
Posts: 8,182
Loc: up north
Last seen: 3 days, 11 hours
The good good
05/17/17 07:15 PM

5 shrooms to the Lobi for being a great Shroomery member who cares.
Thank you for being you and all you do be a fine citizen of this universe we share

Update —- listening to your fine music Sir! Very nice, thank you!

Last Edited 08/25/18 01:08 AM
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Registered: 01/07/16
Posts: 148
Loc: Flag
Good tunes!
05/05/17 04:08 PM

Love the stuff on your soundcloud :thumbup:

Lobi responded on 05/06/17 08:58 AM:

Heavens yes brother, thank you for taking the time, it really means a lot to me. :blazed:
I am glad you could enjoy; definitely some deep parts of my heart in a lot of those tracks.

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Registered: 04/02/16
Posts: 432
Loc: Copeland
Last seen: 1 year, 1 month
a true stand up guy on every level.
05/03/17 11:03 AM

when i first ran into this dude in the Shroomery Facebook group i figured he must be around my age(42). his comments were so knowledgeable and his tone so mature it just had to be the case. so i was surprised when i noticed that he's actually in his early 20's. not a lot of people that age writing well-regarded teks that challenge the conventional thinking. keep watching this space, you're going to see big things!!
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