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Registered: 03/01/21
Posts: 143
Loc: Front range
Last seen: 8 hours, 28 minutes
Took me to panland!
07/23/21 09:04 AM

Received a gorgeously maintained print with beautiful graphics/instructions.
Thanks for the print was super clean and aggressive.
Shroomery addict

Registered: 01/25/18
Posts: 1,762
Last seen: 2 days, 5 hours
Send me some spores
12/29/20 04:40 AM

Supper awesome dude
Thanks for the spores
Ad astra per stercoris...
Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/01/19
Posts: 245
Loc: Russia
Last seen: 1 hour, 26 minutes
New species of Panaeolus
12/26/20 05:13 AM

May millions of mushroom karmas come with you!
Clear Spot

Registered: 04/21/19
Posts: 193
Loc: Canada
12/16/20 06:32 PM

Thank you for the giveaway, nice looking prints!
Full Retard

Registered: 08/04/12
Posts: 4,019
Loc: Canada Flag
Pan Cyans
12/09/20 01:12 PM

Sent two prints my way, Pan Cyan Hawaiian and red down under. Much appreciated :thumbup:
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Registered: 02/09/10
Posts: 6,628
Generous Member
12/07/20 03:53 PM

Spreading the love I’m the community!
Thank you!
Lonely Dreamer
Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/22/16
Posts: 2,725
Loc: Central EU
Last seen: 9 hours, 30 minutes
Great trade
12/06/20 01:20 PM

Been some time, but I loved trading with ya. Keep spreading the love. :smile:
under construction
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Registered: 06/17/10
Posts: 1,917
Loc: SA
Spore explosion
11/23/20 08:07 PM

Sent me more prints than any person with or absent their sanity could ever dream of acquiring. Prints are fresh, well packaged and of exceptional quality. They had to travel around the world to arrive here and what's more he did all this for free. A better trader than Psilo there is none. Thank You

Registered: 03/26/19
Posts: 524
11/11/20 12:16 PM

Bacteria's Bitch

Registered: 06/05/20
Posts: 2,161
Loc: Fungal Void
11/02/20 06:57 PM

Glitch In Space

Registered: 11/24/13
Posts: 406
Loc: Texas
11/01/20 02:21 PM

thank you so much for the print.. even threw in an extra!
Weeb Trash
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/06/18
Posts: 3,868
Loc: Year Zero
Swappy swap
10/26/20 12:46 PM

Did some trading, excellent communication and graciously reached out with an offer when I expressed an interest in trying my hand at new things.
I look forward to their arrival and the subsequent obsessive research that follows.

Thanks again!
Bread of life
Other User Gallery

Registered: 07/14/16
Posts: 6,881
Loc: Worldly realms
I found more spores in the envelope than I had expected :) wauw really thanks!
10/24/20 08:14 AM


PsiloPsychIn responded on 10/25/20 11:47 AM:

Great! Glad you got them! I hope you have great success with them. I look forward to hearing your Pan cake story! Thank you for the rating Sir! 😊

Say hello to my little friend
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 36,954
Loc: Canada Flag
Solid dude right here
10/23/20 02:23 PM

Appreciate the spores man :rockon:

PsiloPsychIn responded on 10/25/20 02:09 AM:

Of Course, Sir Pastyalot!


Registered: 03/25/20
Posts: 1,796
Loc: Floating in a tin can
Last seen: 1 month, 1 day
Got prints
06/16/20 09:08 PM

Got prints very well packaged even threw in an extra mystery specimen. Very good guy always has something good and helpful to say as well.

Registered: 11/19/19
Posts: 264
06/16/20 09:56 AM

:thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :mushroom2:  :mushroom2:  :mushroom2:
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/26/19
Posts: 6,592
Last seen: 5 hours, 57 minutes
awsum member
05/24/20 12:48 PM

psilo is a great member and a wonderful person to trade with. you never have to worry about trading with him. great packaging alsoπŸ‘πŸ‘ keep up all the good work brotherπŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

PsiloPsychIn responded on 10/17/20 03:03 AM:

Thank you Sir!

Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/12/19
Posts: 63
Loc: United States Flag
Last seen: 2 days, 1 hour
Wild coast print
05/23/20 10:50 PM

Wild coast print, I like the packaging also. Thank you
don't fear the sweeper
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Registered: 01/29/18
Posts: 4,527
Loc: broom closet
Last seen: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Wild coast pan
05/23/20 03:51 PM

Neat packaging my man!

Registered: 04/10/13
Posts: 1,205
Loc: Space is the Place
Last seen: 12 days, 23 hours
Love the packaging!
05/22/20 09:17 PM

Wild things! Great packaging, looks great under a scope!

Registered: 10/22/19
Posts: 1,276
Loc: The 49th Dimension
Last seen: 37 minutes, 56 seconds
For the prints.
05/08/20 05:05 PM

You.  Are.  The man.  :vibin:
Other User Gallery

Registered: 06/15/11
Posts: 3,799
04/15/20 12:29 AM

Received just as promised along with extras. Solid dude. Don't hesitate to trade with PsiloPsychin.
Stranger in a strange land
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 04/01/19
Posts: 4,285
Loc: Over by your Mama's house Flag
Last seen: 16 hours, 1 minute
5 ain't enough
03/05/20 07:13 PM

Great member and one of the people that make this place so amazing. :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:

PsiloPsychIn responded on 03/08/20 06:38 PM:

Thank you sir! Likewise! :smile:

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Registered: 10/27/19
Posts: 12,420
Loc: Gaming the system
Last seen: 7 minutes, 4 seconds
02/13/20 10:10 AM

Offered up prints just because, then sent a bunch of kinds instead of just the rw discussed.
Awesome member/human.

Continues to offer up some amazing packages. One of the best. :super:

Last Edited 06/13/20 09:08 AM
Male User Gallery

Registered: 01/03/10
Posts: 7,021
Last seen: 12 hours, 16 minutes
Awesome, just freaking Awesome!
02/11/20 08:39 PM

Thanks again for your help, hooking up an OG with an aged spore collection!

Definitely awesome! I don't know what else to say.:aweohyou:
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