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irregular verb
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Registered: 04/08/04
Posts: 28,977
makes sense
07/03/20 11:36 AM

about god being what you don't understand
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/25/16
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Loc: North of The Wall
Good man
08/25/16 11:48 AM

Multispore Enthusiast
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Registered: 05/27/16
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You are god
08/05/16 12:09 AM

A-fucking-men to that brother! Spread the word!

Registered: 02/25/13
Posts: 2,164
Last seen: 3 years, 9 months
05/14/16 10:39 AM

You have a wonderful perspective fella! :sunny: I see that vortex, and jump on into reading it!:cool: Keep up the great help, its inspiring. Cheers and have a spectacular 2016!

no coincidence
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Registered: 03/08/13
Posts: 6,008
02/21/16 06:38 PM

FSM acolyte
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Registered: 07/29/12
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Microdose magic.
01/23/16 03:45 AM

Good stuff :thumbup:
InvisibleJohnny Dont
500 Don'ts of Knife Safety

Registered: 04/24/14
Posts: 1,830
Father figure
05/24/15 08:02 AM

I'm amazed that you have two awesome sons


I'm a dad to a 19 year old and a 15 year old. Neither of my boys are interested in drugs...at all. I'm both happy and sad at the same time.

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Registered: 06/08/11
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Great description... Hit the nail on the head
04/06/14 08:51 AM

To me, Ego death is when my entire personality fades and my mind is like a blank slate. All of the programmed responses that I've built up in my life go away. My facial expressions, my jokes, my stern warnings about things, my questions, all of little mental devices I count on in order to be "me" in any situation - they're all stripped away. As they fade and my raw, naked mind takes over, I see the absurdity of the whole thing. The games we play, I see the facade that I put on just to process any kind of thought or interaction.
That's how I see it -
Ego death is the process of observing all of things that make you who your are and realizing that you are no one in particular, deep down we are all the same person.

^^ my one sentence
InvisibleJack yo Self foo
The Artful Dodger
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Registered: 06/28/08
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kids & tripping
03/03/14 09:07 PM

You blew my mind with your story about calming your kid after his bath.

Registered: 03/18/01
Posts: 14,410
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Nice guy
02/28/14 08:31 AM

very understanding in terms of the staff and makes good posts on the forums! Wish we had more cool members like this :mushroom2:
altered ego

Registered: 08/05/12
Posts: 835
Loc: CA
Last seen: 1 month, 24 days
Very thoughtful...
01/31/14 09:42 PM

You always contribute very thoughtful and well-reasoned responses. Thanks for the food for thought

Registered: 10/30/11
Posts: 3,055
Loc: Oregon
Last seen: 9 months, 6 days
Good Poster
01/27/14 11:50 AM

Been seeing a lot of you around lately, making good posts.  Stick around.  :grin:
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/08/13
Posts: 384
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Your input is appreciated
11/11/13 01:49 PM

I've quit pot many times for various reasons - dry spell, drug test, respiratory problems, etc... and every time I start back up I go through a period of thinking "why did I just do that?". That whole paranoid panic feeling. Regret, guilt, wanting it to end.. been there many times and I know how much it sucks.

That's the dark side of marijuana - strong marijuana especially. When you start getting high every day, or multiple times each day that feeling goes away completely. That's when you get the true pleasure that cannabis has to offer. When you haven't done it in a while, and then you do it, your mind gets disoriented and it's not pleasurable. But when you're in that zone where you're one with the plant, that's when it all comes together. If it always felt crappy with paranoia, etc.. then nobody would like pot... but that's clearly not the case. "

Thank you for posting that, because it's the truth.
Devil's Advocate
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Registered: 09/24/03
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Loc: Mod not God Flag
Last seen: 3 days, 11 hours
Good Post.
10/07/13 01:43 AM

Deserves a solid rating.
Thank you for your post.
I have not handed out a +5 in a long while.
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Registered: 11/16/10
Posts: 8,070
Loc: Washington State
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Good Shroomery member
07/30/13 12:59 PM

Welcome back
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/17/12
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Loc: Ireland Flag
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5 shrooms
07/02/13 12:09 PM

... just for that sig alone.
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