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mad $cientist, ganjacologist
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Registered: 09/18/09
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Seems like good ppl
02/26/24 12:30 AM


Also :cheers: to your

Similar to 9/18/9

redgreenvines responded on 02/27/24 10:47 AM:

thanks you are a perceptive one!

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Registered: 05/05/19
Posts: 1,386
Good influence
02/06/24 07:14 PM

Around here :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:

Registered: 02/26/19
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One of me brethrens
01/24/24 02:12 PM

Luv ya! :heart:

Registered: 05/05/20
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Supportive of other members
01/11/24 03:30 PM

Re: Re: Denying insights from trip

RGV was very supportive of another member.
star eat clouds?
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Registered: 09/29/14
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Great poster with interesting takes
12/30/23 08:11 PM

I don't always agree with you (like when you told me I couldn't bench press a car), but I appreciate you as a poster. Glad you're on here contributing. Have a great New Year, rgv.

redgreenvines responded on 01/01/24 07:05 AM:

you can bench press a car when ever you like :smile:

Offlinetree frog
eats bugs
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Registered: 09/14/23
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Thanks for opening up
12/03/23 08:47 AM

Thanks for opening up about your brother.  My first girlfriend died in a similar way about a year after we broke up.

I still struggle with it.

redgreenvines responded on 12/03/23 04:33 PM:

yeah, forever, and today is/was his birthday :tears:

Do U know who yur fuckin with?

Registered: 10/18/17
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You get 5 shrooms
11/22/23 09:48 PM

Re: Re: RedGreenVines explanation

I know you get it

redgreenvines responded on 11/24/23 04:47 AM:

merci beaucoup, :gangsta:

Taoist, Writer, Student, Artist
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Registered: 08/01/23
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Close minded
10/23/23 07:08 PM


redgreenvines said:
there are no nREM dreams

I say there are. I bring proof.

Proven wrong he will disregard what you’ve said and then insult you. He doesn’t understand different positions, and he derides them at every opportunity.

He would rather throw out insults and made up names, then address what is being discussed.
Such close minded thinking shouldn’t exist on a forum like this where you can take drugs to expand your mind. Truly disappointing.



I really tried to like you. But the way you throw around insults like some petty bully in a high school. Makes you completely unlikable to me. You’ve earned this.

Last Edited 03/24/24 09:35 PM

redgreenvines responded on 11/09/23 11:47 PM:

Ignoring me restricts your feed to artificially sweetened dreams, nREM is not a form of conscious experiencing dream or otherwise - it is a kind of recouperative flat line for the mind.

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 10/14/12
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Thanks for your input
10/16/23 03:18 PM

Re: Re: [longread] A concept of psychedelic experience and a model for trip analysis

Thanks for a very valuable feedback to my attempt to understand how trips work.
∙∙∙∙☼ º¿° ☼∙∙∙∙
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Registered: 05/08/01
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Overdue Gratitude
06/14/23 10:18 AM

For decades now, I have appreciated coming across posts by redgreenvines.  Thanks for being here and shining your so often thoughtful and informative light within our community! :sun:

redgreenvines responded on 06/14/23 12:58 PM:

it's a lot of work but somebody's gotta do it

Din of Doom
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Registered: 12/21/08
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Loc: ADK
04/27/23 09:46 AM

Good Poster :thumbup:
Worldwide Stepper
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Registered: 10/30/09
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04/24/23 07:25 AM

Keeping my eyes on you

redgreenvines responded on 04/26/23 11:15 AM:

haha :brainfart:


Registered: 03/17/22
Posts: 363
04/12/23 05:32 PM

The kind of person I would hope to meet on this kind of forum. Obviously a veteran here worthy of respect. :thumbup:

redgreenvines responded on 04/13/23 03:44 PM:

very kind of you to say as the clocks melt away in the distance

Last Edited 04/13/23 03:45 PM

OfflineDave Bowman
Albert Hoffmans Apprentice
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Registered: 08/30/07
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Overdue +5
04/11/23 09:16 AM

Always really enjoy getting your perspective on the stuff that comes up on here.  +5 :mushroom2:

redgreenvines responded on 04/12/23 06:09 AM:

same, thanks

InvisibleThe Blind Ass
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 08/16/16
Posts: 27,773
Loc: The Primordial Mind
Best Living Shroomery Poster Hands Down.
12/29/22 12:34 PM

Shroomery! Take Notes
RedGreenVines is like a rare precious gem
Let's hope he stays with us for another 40 years! :cool:
Anywho, From one psychonaut to another...I love you brother. 
Thank you for you and for everything over many years here that you've been part of; so many discussions and contributions of excellent quality.  You are the only other human being whom I'm aware of that I've ever interacted with who's creative way of expression speaks to me in an honest way that reflects mind as is. 
True tripper, knowledge seeker, and lover of wisdom
Kindred soul.

You're a beautifully uniquely creative intelligent and compassionate  wonder-loving, no-nonsense kind of a guy. It means more to me than I can ever express with mere words that Earth has people like you living on it.  Much, much, Gratitude.

Not posing as greater than others, or lesser than, not beneath, nor above, not equal, but neither unequal to anyone else ~ but similar yet different enough all the same. Side by Side.  Just you.  Only true.

How I wish we could've tripped together at least once. 
I'll be taking a hiatus from interneting for a while, going backk to basics, and if all goes relatively well- afterwards I hope to rejoin the shroomery family. When I can finally see my own head's cleared up well enough.... but until then, for now, in case I don't get to say a more formal adios, maybe this will just have to do.  Never forget that which is most truly important.
Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha! ; OM

Peace & Love from an unwitting  yet loving student

The Blind Ass :mushroom2:

redgreenvines responded on 12/30/22 09:42 AM:

Holy Doodle! - (>thanks<)
journey well, and find your way home too.
see you on the other side.

Offlineask the dust
palm tree, palm tree, palm tree

Registered: 09/28/22
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To enjoying the stars
11/16/22 10:11 PM

Thanks for my first rating!

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Registered: 10/17/18
Posts: 900
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10/28/22 04:56 PM

A cool dude

redgreenvines responded on 11/08/22 09:10 PM:

you are certainly welcome - I don't know how I helped but I'm sure I meant to. hahaha.

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Registered: 07/24/15
Posts: 579
Interesting posts and great advice
10/13/22 07:48 PM

Always enjoy reading your posts and the advice you offer others 🍻

redgreenvines responded on 10/14/22 05:25 AM:

it is a creative journey!

Neti Neti
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Registered: 02/07/15
Posts: 7,568
Loc: The Pathless Path
5 for RGV
09/23/22 05:24 PM

This user is a good thinker and very knowledgeable  , even though we may share different perspectives and philosophies :wink: I am willing to bet we share a lot incommon too

redgreenvines responded on 09/24/22 02:43 PM:

more in common than not :cool:

Number Nine?
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Registered: 05/08/12
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Yes, it does translate
07/03/22 03:50 AM

Re: Re: You have risen from the dead!

Such a respectful sonofoagun

redgreenvines responded on 07/11/22 04:56 AM:

a single reality is being experienced and perceived from different points of view all the time; I try to allow for that if I can remember.

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