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Registered: 07/03/08
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Getting on top
11/28/11 06:25 AM


It's usually this part in life what separates the men from the boys

Your getting to a point i've been at a couple of times, where you just dont give a fuck about yourself or where you are going.
You can keep smokin an drinkin an hittin drugs up, but where is that going to take you? Whats that going to do for you.

I was in a similar situation to yourself, though not as bad, but i was still fucked over. I was getting drunk and stoned all the time, but i didn't care because i was happy and i couldnt give a fuck. However i could notice a dependency building, and i wasn't doing anything with my life.

I stopped smoking and drinking for a month. I dont know why, mainly because i was less social then usual and didn't go out, but i was also out of money & wanted a tolerence break. Although this month was hard, alot of fucked thoughts going through my head and i couldn't sleep much at night. Although i struggled, i managed to catch up on my schoolwork and was even excelling most kids in my classes, even though i was the biggest druggie/drinker in the school. I also started getting back into shape, going for daily runs and working out. I lost a decent amount of weight and looked ripped.

What did this do for me? I felt way more confident. I nearly felt like i was at the top of the world, and i didnt need substances to help me get there. My physical performance was at bar to when i was young and i started enjoying exercise again. Anytime someone at school tried to call me a druggie/stoner, i would laugh at them, knowing i can live without them. I still drink on weekends and smoke weed as well, but i managed to push 2 negatives together and create a positive.

Awesome stuff, man. I'm in the same position and it feels great. :thumbup:

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Bonza yarn mate
10/27/11 07:50 AM

Mescaline story, gold.
Fuck the haters.

BigfellaTM responded on 10/28/11 10:43 PM:

cheers mate, some people just cant have fun anymore

Offlinei like cow poo
Nature Lover
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Horrible person
10/26/11 11:56 AM

"isten to this shit cos im only gonna say it once.

Me and my mate were smokin an drinkin at his and we remember this cunt who lives 2-3 blocks away from him with san pedro growin in his front yard. Guy was a dick and probably didn't even know the magical powers behind it. So we plan it out and then one night late i jump out of his car, ski mask on welding a meat cleaver, cut the 3 san pedro branches down, chuck em in my mates boot and dive in the car. My mates been freezing, thawing, spining, chopping, blending and cooking for 3 days and i finally got my cut of the deal. I had a few bottles, but i decided to only drink one.

I washed it down with a half litre of juice and more with milk+nesquick. Shit tastes fucked, took me at least an hour to drink. After that i was sittin there with a gram of weed and no cigs (yeah im australian, we need cig's in our mixes cos we're junkie cunts). My mate was gettin home in an hour and i could drive to his to pick it up. So I sat down and listend to music as my gut was killing me. My mate texted me about 45 minutes after ingestion and i jumped in my car off to his and grabbed a smoke. On the drive there, i felt like i was invincible and was going 120km in a 60km zone for some reason, luckly there was no traffic at the time. I also passed the house which we ripped the cactus from and honked my horn at the cunt haha.

So i get home and shit starts gettin weird. I chop up and had a few cones. Shit starts gettin real weird and i post write this:

By the time the nausea disappeared, shit started Swirling, and I knew I was in for one hell of a ride. After turning Off the lights and putting on the Soundblasters, I was buckled in.

and here i am."
Chemical Researcher
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10/26/11 08:10 AM


If you ever came and stole my cacti, I'd fucking stomp your head.

Last Edited 10/26/11 10:25 AM
Relearning the basics

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Good Guy
09/19/11 04:28 AM

This guy is awesome I have to say!!! Good one to be part of the community look forward to seeing you around :thumbup:

Mad Man
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popped your rate cherry
08/05/11 10:33 PM


BigfellaTM responded on 08/05/11 11:11 PM:


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