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Master Baiter
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/13/11
Posts: 11,642
Loc: Gnarnia
ive seen plenty of good posts from you
08/05/15 05:57 PM

but this one really takes the cake :thumbup:

Artnotwar responded on 08/14/15 10:02 AM:

Eyyyyy, thanks man!

Trippage! / Loving
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/25/12
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+5 for B-day
04/19/15 10:03 AM

Get me back!:super:
InvisibleInfinitys Minute
a universe inside each moment
I'm a teapot

Registered: 11/02/11
Posts: 1,757
Loc: Zion
Much love
07/25/12 05:13 AM

and beyond

Registered: 01/19/07
Posts: 482
Last seen: 3 months, 3 days
01/24/12 05:46 PM

havin the faith that everything will always be ok

Registered: 10/04/05
Posts: 3,926
01/23/12 12:44 PM

It can get frustrating at times (referring to overall in society, not the Shroomery), but nothing will change if committed people don't put in the work necessary to bring about positive transformation of the world. Plus, there a lot of ppl who want change but feel powerless & lack the resources/avenues to do much on their own, which is why I stay motivated to use my skills, knowledge, & resources the best I can to help enable more & more people to make greater contributions & consumer/lifestyle decisions to make what is at present a vision, one day into a reality.

:peace: :heart: :mushroom2:
candy colored clown
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Registered: 10/03/08
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Loc: right near da beach Flag
12/14/11 09:17 PM


Dont Spill Me!
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Registered: 11/27/10
Posts: 9,348
Loc: Over here, yes, here
Aussie Aussie Aussie!
12/14/11 07:44 PM

Oi oi oi.

Thanks for the rate! Your a good member, i enjoy having you around!

(im not from Melbourne, but i go there every winter hehe :mushroom2:)

Registered: 10/19/11
Posts: 483
Loc: belgium
Last seen: 9 years, 4 months
12/08/11 01:38 PM

Cool guy, have fun researching chemicals:realawe:
Thread Derailer

Registered: 10/15/10
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Ignorance is ugly
11/28/11 08:06 PM


Artnotwar said:
I don't have pics and if I did you would be the last person I'd show. there is a pick of speckle and I in the pics of pubbers '11 thread. She's hot, and I get to fuck her on a regular basis. Not only that, but she's bisexual. So when we find the right candidate, I'm gonna get an awesome threesome while you're sitting at home asking random girls to post their tits before you try and figure out how to use your fleshlight that was payed for with your mums credit card.


Your assumptions paint the ugliest pictures.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 09/06/06
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Loc: Rocky Mountains
Last seen: 11 days, 22 hours
I like your posts
11/21/11 07:34 PM


This one in particular. It made me laugh.

Registered: 03/30/10
Posts: 750
I like you
11/18/11 02:11 AM

I get a nice vibe from this guy!
seems pleasant and friendly and genuine!

sorry i can't help u out bro! if i had my own space i would!
hope no bad feelings!

Last Edited 11/18/11 07:46 AM
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/03/10
Posts: 10,783
Loc: above the smog layer Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 6 months
11/10/11 03:34 PM

i liek you

good poster, hope you're here to stay! :thumbup:

Artnotwar responded on 11/17/11 06:01 PM:

Yeah I think i'll be back for a while. :smile2:


Registered: 12/21/10
Posts: 1,898
Loc: Abroad.
I agree with you.
10/27/11 05:45 AM

Fuck that thief. You don't deserve a negative rating from that cacti stealing choad.

Registered: 01/09/08
Posts: 2,989
Loc: Flag
10/26/11 12:09 PM

'cause you don't deserve the 0 from the sheisty cunt below me
No stranger to danger

Registered: 04/28/11
Posts: 168
Loc: Australia Flag
Last seen: 5 years, 1 month
english faggot
10/26/11 08:15 AM

you take your cactus shit to seriously.
ever tried taking it out of your ass?

Artnotwar responded on 10/26/11 08:17 AM:

This says it all.


I take my cacti shit too seriously because I don't steal cacti? Grow up asshole.
BTW I'm Australian.

Last Edited 10/27/11 05:57 AM

Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/19/10
Posts: 2,191
Loc: 55 degrees north England
Last seen: 2 months, 6 days
From one lurking stoner to another
10/03/11 10:00 PM

5 Shrooms as good as the cyanescens we could buy in Amsterdam before they banned the dried ones in holland
OfflineAlmond Flour
...get off my lawn!

Registered: 12/26/08
Posts: 11,342
Last seen: 1 month, 10 days
Love you too bro
10/03/11 11:16 AM

.........My religion forces me to give you 5 mushrooms :bored:

Artnotwar responded on 10/04/11 04:45 AM:

Don't let religion force you to do things, do those things out of pure love. If not, the religion you belong to has lost all meaning. :peace:

D-O-L-E Dole

Registered: 04/22/08
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Loc: Near the Ground
Last seen: 12 years, 10 months
happy birthday
04/19/10 07:13 PM

Manifesting Minds
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/27/08
Posts: 4,144
Last seen: 9 months, 29 days
03/15/10 10:30 AM

garden :inlove3:
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/03/08
Posts: 1,911
Last seen: 10 years, 10 months
03/13/10 09:45 PM

love your plants.:sanpedro:

Last Edited 03/19/10 06:00 AM
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