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Head Banana

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Personal/False Identities - Basic How To:
    #363046 - 07/29/01 02:59 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Hi Everyone,
I saw this post on another site and thought some of you might find it interesting.




I just spent the last 3 hours this typing reply for this thread... just when I was done I closed my browser by err!! ahhhh ... Oh, well, here goes again. At least now I can streamline it and make changes. Lets see how good is my memory?

Les, Thank you very much for responding.

hey DeepSouthDank, ya thats a good book...
but it is mostly for Photoshop users, that is a $700.00 program. It does have lots of usefull info though. (one can d-load this program from a warez site... I will not tell you how though... "pirated" softwarz is to "hot" and insecure for me)

This info is many for US citizens (sorry its what I know)...but there is much useful info here for all nations.

BTW, Amazon IMHO should *not* be used.
a. they track customers
b. they began selling almost all customer info a few months ago. including credit card info (I think) ... I think they were forced to stop but I am not sure.
c. they are a mega-corporation, by their nature they use questionable bussines practices...

Try this site for good books. The owner is a legend in the new id, freedom fields. Has anyone heard of Paper Trips v.I, II or III? If not, they wrote the book on false id's, and personas. He has been helping people with false id since the Vietnam war, mostly fleeing to Canada to avoid the draft. Ever wonder how sooo many americans came to live in B.C. around that time .

also check out http://www.paladin-press.com
they have great books and unique articles.

books for the serious student: (some are outdate but usefull)

a. "identity, privacy, and presonal freedom" by: Sheldon Charrett

b. "who are you?" by: scott french (IMHO a must get)

d. "The modern identity changer" by: Sheldon Charrett

e. "acquiring new id" by: Ragnar Benson

f. "paper trip v.III" @ edenpress

Off topic but IMHO needed:

a. "methods of disguise" by: John Sample

b. "how to use mail drops for profit, privacy, and self-protection" Revised edition by:Jack Luger

c. "bulletproof privacy" by:Boston T. Party (IMHO a must get) i.e. house/real-world security info

d. "you & the police!" by: Boston T. Party (IMHO a must get) i.e. car security information

e. "Surveillance countermesures, a serious guide to detecting, evading, and eluding threats to personal privacy" by: ACM IV Security Services
This book is very advanced (read others 1st). it is dry reading... It is for professionals.

f. "the big book of secret hiding places"
by: Jack Luger (IMHO a must get)

g. Any child section of a book store: any baby name book

h. "1999 ID Checking Guide"
Drivers License Guide Co.
P.O. Box 5305
Dept. 99
Redwood City
CA, 94063
tel: 1-800-227-8827 (use only a pay phone not near your house or banks/stores, these may have cameras that *could* get your photo. Only a must when using *any* tool free call i.e. 888,800 etc.)

This company is a little uptight about who may get their book.You need a business lisc. or a copy and a contact tel.#.
They think if a person gets their book they could... scan an easily changable id template of a state far from where this person is into their computer. Then they could save it in a encrypted file. Then they think a person could use a graphics progam to easily alter the picture and info while leaving securtiy measures on template. They then fear that the person will print this template (using watermarkings that look like holograms) and cut it to size. Then possibly glueing front and back together. The company then believes that this person could laminate it and cut it down, then rubbing it with #0000 steelwool make it look "used". At least that what they say, what would I know?

Easier way: Do you know a bartender or waitress?
almost every bar has one similar to the above one.
(please do not steal the bar's copy)
some are good... some have many "void" markings.
i.e. the 2000 and new versions tend to have these more often.
The company is in fear again... they think people will find out that it is very easy to undo these "void" stamps... but how would anyone find this out?

i. "2000 National Five-Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory" (also tons of streets, addy's galor)
get at main branch of PO, cost $30.00
(IMHO this book is a must for new addy's)

Hardware (unless otherwise noted, harware is available @ most any office max, office depot, etc..)

a. hot lamination machine (small) $50.00

b. clipboard

c. exacto knife(the new kind with good grip) $15.00

d. architechs (sp?) cuttingboard $10.00

e. 3 big clamps (for cuttingboard to hold paper)

f. 3 medium clamps

g. IMHO for thin id use: "Epson Photo Quality Glossy Paper"

h. IMHO for thick id use: "Espson Photo Paper"

reasons: a. 2 false id's is *way* better than 1.
b. 2 different thicknesses and feel help
convince person to believe in id's.

i. "corner rounder" for pictures and lamination from a Photo store. cost $40.00 (unless you have very steady hands)

j. computer scanner: at least: 300x600 DPI and
30-bit color. Try for:1600x3200 DPI resultion and True 42-bit color scans. IMHO probibly the best scanner out is"Epson Perfection 1640SU Photo"
it has the above res and color and comes with good text softwear (for Baptizmal records?). It also has a transparency scanner, it scans photo negatives. cost $400.00 ouch!

k. ink-jet printer: at least: 600x600 DPI. Try for: 1400x1400 DPI w/ 6-color photo ink.
IMHO a very good (most likly all anyone but professionals will ever need) printer is "Epson Stylus Photo870" It has:1440x720 DPI w/ 6-color photo ink. this is one amazing printer...it can print watermarks as good as holograms when seen by someone not use to seeing the id... better then real photos IMHO. cost $325.00
*Just rember to run 1 completly black paper for every 4 regular prints to help protect printer security.
A good printer is more important than a great scanner.

l. computer cam:IMHO use: Intel Web Cam Pro
cost: $50.00, great for new picture for id. pictures need a little cleaning up in graphics program though (use a white backgroud, you can instert correct color background later). I heard it was very easy to do so.
*make sure you use a firewall to disable any internet connection with camera. make sure to keep lens closed. Possible risk (very small). a hacker/agent could capture images from your cam and d-load back to hacker/agent... *only if they knew when you are online and your IP#. Also needed is poor security on your part and they knew your cam model and you are heavly wanted.

m. paper *cross-cut* shredder. cost $40.00
Good news: posesion of false state
id=misterminer(sp?). But...you should shread all paper evidence and then burn it, then flush ashes (for best security)


a. encryption: IMHO use Scramdisk v.3.01A
This is concidered to be one of the most secure encryption tools around and its *free*. You get to choose from many strong algorythms such as: CAST, IDEA, TwoFish, Blowfish, 3DES(not strong algorythm). Also, soon, the very secure AES algorythm.
this program can create an entire hidden, ecrypted drive in your HD. It is one big drive where all contents are automaticly encrypted. Very userfriendly, and "opensource" so very secure.
It also uses a form of "steganography". A process where encryped file, picture or e-mail gets inbedded in a picture of say a...rainbow(or whatever). A encryped file or e-mail is very suspicious to some groups... If it is hidden in a harmless picture they may never find it.
Make sure you use "red" password mode, this help prevent "Tempest" monitoring.
Tempest monitoring is a method of capturing all pictures, typed letters etc... any that is currenty being viewed on you computer. It works by capturing electromagnetic emissions from your monitor, cables and wires. "red" mode helps defete this and keeps your password safe. Tempest monitoring is very rare for the average person. Probibly more people grow wings and fly then are average people targeted.
*note: The recent Supream Court Ruling against advanced technology warrtenless seaches is good news, it affects Tempest. But...what if L.E.O./Agent gets a warrent? Not to worry, there are ways (easy>very hard) to defete Tempest.
That is for another Thread though, after we all get up to speed...
for scramdisk: http://www.scramdisk.com and check out
http://www.deja.com go to alt.scramdisk and alt.steganography and alt.pgp.

Another crypt' program is Steganos Security Suite v.3.6 it uses 128-bit highly secure AES algorythm and Blowfish also. This is very userfriendly, the steganography encryption in great. It does all the same as Scramdisk and more
(not lots of algorythms). It has a file shredder and it instintly shreads all temp files when steganos is closed. It also has other goodies (I suggest not using password-protect system lock, it messes with BIOS and can wreak havok on some systems).
cost $ 60.00 http://www.centurionsoft.com

b. File shredder: IMHO use Eraser v.5.01, this is concidered the most secure shedder around and its *free*. It uses "Gutmann" method of secure deletion. for more in-depth look at Eraser and "CleanDiskSecurity" see recent thread in security: "help with Private Messages" (or something close to that). See my post there.
Eraser @ http://www.tolvanen.com

To check out any of these shredders go to http://www.deja.com and then alt.privacy, do a keyword search on Eraser and Shredders and File Shredders.

c. A little off target (sorry I couldn't resist)
Soft Tempest: "Zero-emission Pad" is a great tool made by a University prof. it will soon be patented and cost money. now it is *free*. It is a text editor like MS word but it uses a certain font type (I will look up an re-post type) which Tempest monitoring can't read (I think same as "Red" password above).
You can type out a secure letter then save it directly into your encrypted drive... or you can turn it into a single "stego" file (more secure) and hide that in your system.

d. *finally* the good part: Graphics program:
IMHO use Paint Shop Pro v.7.0, it is very userfriendly and comes with a *large* instruction manual, 500 pages! This program is all anyone with this type of intrest will ever need cost $100.00

Other info:

http://www.deja.com goto alt.2600 then click on "fake ids" or "false ids", this is a newsgroup with some good info and lots of scams. *Warning* if you go there and see a site selling "real" false ids do not trust them... most have printed across front "void" or shuch... also IMHO there is a good chance that you will be ripped off or worse.

Do not trust your idenitity to anyone but yourself.

Random Thoughts:

a. *Do Not* use these ids on anyone who can check them out...L.E.O., Boarders, etc. anyone with the means to find out truth of id. Other uses are fine.

b. Second & Third ids: college ids, membership cards, lib. card (no photo), organ donor card...
anything that can be scanned and easily reproduced. Humm, thats just about *anything*, keep your eyes open for ideas.
True security is *Originality*, do what they don't expect.
School ids: there a thousands of colleges/universites in any given country. No one knows what an id from "the college of governmental/social reform and personal awerness" looks like... becuase it located in some far flung part of the world... Possibly on a Rural Rout (R.R.).

c. There is *alot* of more advanced info out there.
i.e. a way to erase the info on the bar code strip on the back of a lisc... then using another tool, entering any info you want...you could even create a school id and use a certain tape (like the bar code), glue it to the back of the school id and then enter any info you like.

d. There are many lisc. card readers out in the public, even mobile ones. These can read the info off of a card or tell if its false or out of date, etc... these used to be $700.00usd-$1000.00usd, now they are $250.00. They are 1/2 the size and more powerfull. They are avaible lots of places. Next time you are out getting dinner and drinks ask the
waiter/waitress/bartender if they have one. These are fairily new... most employees will talk about them...maybe even let you play with one... if you tip well
The reason I am rambeling is that in the near future I believe these machines will become more populer. i.e. harder and harder to use false ids.

For imediate use of secure p.o. addy (for ordering school books) and further info on mail security see recent thread "P.O. Boxes" (or something real close) in the security forum, see a post by me.

Rember the Golden Rule when it comes to id's:
"Tell No One, Trust No One"

I hope I did not miss any info...this time around
That seemed quick and was a enlightening experience, it only took 6 hours!!!

Well, I hope this helps. good luck studing.

Let me know if more help is needed. Thread or PM me.

Please do not ask any advanced questions unless you have a through understanding of this topic...The answers would serve to confuse more than help in the begining stages of learning.
But... any other questions are very welcome...
the more of us becomeing aware and secure the better.

Also please let me know if any info is in err.

Thanks to all for this good thread,

hope this helps,
peace and luv, kaya ash

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Myco Supply - Distributors of Mycological Products

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Re: Personal/False Identities - Basic How To: [Re: Lana]
    #363183 - 07/29/01 08:00 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Lana, Thats some good information. OG, has some fairly intellectual people over there.
I hate how the mentioned company keeps records. I can understand em keeping records for business, but when a customer requests/demands them to destroy the information they should! This is a list of some great books for someone learning about this for educational purposes. I think the US, would be one of the hardest countrys to duplicate. Although it doesn't seem to hard to totaly manufacture a new identity. Find a certificate of death, and request a birth certificate, from there get a new SS#, and make the DL, and send for a new passport.

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Head Banana

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Re: Personal/False Identities - Basic How To: [Re: soco]
    #363396 - 07/30/01 04:41 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Hi SoCo,
I'm very interested in personal privacy. I think more people should understand what corporate America does. I was at a large national electronics store the other day buying some 3.5 diskettes and the clerk asked me for my zip code. Now I know that its for "marketing purposes" but I still don't like it. I always give them the zip code - 90210 :)

Here are a few books that I highly recommend. Most of them are newer and VERY good.
Identity, Privacy, and Personal Freedom : Big Brother Vs. the New Resistance
by Sheldon Charrett

Paperback - 240 pages (September 1999)
Paladin Pr; ISBN: 1581600429

Price: $32.00
How to Be Invisible : A Step-By-Step Guide to Protecting Your Assets, Your Identity, and Your Life
by J. J. Luna

Hardcover - 272 pages (July 2000)
St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0312252501

Price: $19.16
by Scott French

Paperback - 352 pages (September 1, 2000)
ISBN: 1880231182

Price: $44.95

If any of you are interested in them AFOAF who has read them says that they are very good for covering the subject and on explaining the "how to" of new identites.

Hope that helps

Distributors of Mycological Products


Edited by Lana on 07/30/01 05:42 AM.

Myco Supply - Distributors of Mycological Products

The Premiere Source for Mushroom Growing Supplies.
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Re: Personal/False Identities - Basic How To: [Re: Lana]
    #368632 - 08/08/01 08:13 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

Be carefull with these book companys, order to a drop. ive been hearing alot about how they got harrassed by the cops and wouldnt give out customer info. But some dickhead went and used one of their books to kill someone (as a guide not a weapon =), and now they are skating on very thing ice. Wonder why all the explosive info and some of the more "hitman" type books arnt in their catalog anymore? Hence their records are open to anyone with a badge. They dont need a court order to get the info, because the company just hands it over. They have decided not to piss law enforcement off.

Support the FSR

I toss, there for i am.

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