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And we would talk about you getting up out this game /
    #2126124 - 11/20/03 08:56 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

("At least it's a nice neighbourhood." "My stereo
got stolen a week ago. Window got smashed."
"It's better to just leave it unlocked." "Yeah."
"'Cause it costs so much to replace the windows.
Everyone just leaves it unlocked. I'm getting a place
right up from here. Five hundred. Five hundred a month.
It got broken into right after I gave the cheque for the
damage deposit. They were smoking oil or something
in there. So he tried to say it was me. I said, 'I didn't
move in.' I moved in two couches." "Wow, it got broken
into." "They left the- They left a box on the stove. I
was watching the news and they said, 'Yeah, fire at
dutt-dutt-dutt-dutt-dutt College Avenue.' I was watching
like, oh my god. They left a dog-" "A dog?" "-in there and
clothes." "Was there much damage?" "Just the cupboards.
Then he wanted my damage deposit. I said, I didn't move
in yet. The couches were fine. Smoke and water damage.
The couches were fine. Where are you from?" "Moose Jaw."
"Oh, is that nice?" "I like the city better." "Yep! Is it really
quiet there?" "Well, it's thirty five thousand people, so- it's
quiet but not that quiet." "Oh, I didn't know it was that big.
Thirty five thousand. How many is Regina?" "A hundred
thousand?" "Yikes. So, you like it better? Do you play pool?"
"No. Not really." "No? Why not?" "I've just never played it
before.") Usually five forty five is when the streets start to
get normal again. Starting at five thirty sometimes but
sometimes not even at five forty five. You might see them
looking wrong at five forty five and wrong at six. (It is still
dark.) (Streetlights are on.) (Every single person who is
awake is tired. Even if they slept all day, they're starting
to get tired and if they just woke up, they're tired because
they just woke up.) People are rushing to get to work. They
work at six and it's five forty five. They live downtown so
it's not that far to drive. (Rich people live far away from
downtown and don't have to go to work when it's dark. They
sleep in until eight or eight thirty.) Everyone is driving fast
and serious. (They're watching the lights on the other side
of the intersection, easing forward when they turn yellow,
going when they turn red. Because the people in the front
of the lines have the responsibility of getting the line moving
as fast as possible, because everyone's in a hurry. Everyone
wants to be fast and serious. They all have jobs. None of
them are tired now because they get up at this time every
morning and they're only tired for a few minutes and then
they're not tired any more and they all make sure they go
to bed early, even on weekends. They're all adults. [Tonight
when they go to visit their friends, one of the friends- Her
brother, actually. They're visiting Her brother and his wife-
will be yawning and his wife will say, 'Hehe are we keeping
you up?' And he'll say, 'You are actually, heh.' He will do a
fake yawn that will turn into a real one, even though he
didn't mean it to. He's tired. And Her and Her husband will
be like,- to themselves, not out loud or even silently to each
other with a look or something- 'I woke up at five fifteen this
morning, drank some coffee, got my stuff together for work,
drove there fast and serious and I was on time.' And the
brother of the guy's wife just has to get up at seven thirty
because he has to work at eight o'clock and he works quite
close to where he lives. (He manages a restaurant, actually.
It's a restaurant in a large department store but the restaurant
isn't owned or administrated by the same company. He drives
a Jeep Liberty and he also has a yellow Japanese motorcycle
that He has never seen because it's always under a big beige
cover thing. He has lots of grey hair but he's young and he
does stuff to it. His care is always cut and whatever else. He
has a little beard thing, too. He has a young wife, who is very
nice but he could have gotten a more beautiful wife. She's nice
but she looks kind of- He thinks about one word to sum up all
her flaws and there isn't really one. She just has glasses and
kind of a froggy face and her clothes aren't made out of expensive
material. But she is young and she is nice and she isn't really bad
at all. She is desirable. [When He watches them sitting together
on the couch across from the one that He and His wife are sitting
on, He imagines how they look when they are naked and how they
look when they are having sex. He decides that he wouldn't be very
fatty and he would have a pretty flat stomach and a rough, hairy,
good body. And when they have sex. In their bedroom, on a big
bed, with not a lot of clutter in the room, no stuff ripped off the
bed either, just on top of the main blanket thing. (It's one of many
fantasy match-ups. His brother-in-law + the ten o'clock Global
news girl, totally blanking on her name. His brother-in-law + His
wife. His father-as-He-remembers-him-from-when-He-was-young
+ His wife. And so on. Imagining another man sort of in place of
Himself and Himself sort of in place of the woman.) He imagines
him lying on the bed with no clothes on, with his beige penis hard
but flat against his lower stomach. His wife wearing a big t-shirt
that comes just over the tops of her thighs and she pulls it over
her head and- the nest of pubic hair at the cross of fat, white
thighs. And so on. It's all very harmless.] Harmless.) Harmless.]
Because their jobs are important to them.) (The A&Ws and Tim
Hortons and Robin's Donuts are lit up and full by now. People who
don't have jobs anymore. People who used to have jobs that made
them get up at five in the morning and they go to A&W and talk
about whatever and wear hats from their unions. [It seems weird
to me that they would meet at A&W. The newer ones are so soft
and retro and all nice yellow and not referring to a time that these
people should be happy with. (If they're sixty right now, they have
been- 2003 minuts 1965 is 38, so 60 minus 38, that's 22- twenty
two in 1965. Or, they're probably older than sixty. 22 minus 5
equals- wait, I meant plus five, 27. They would have been twenty
seven in 1965. I don't know if 1965 is even a good date to work
with. Maybe it should be earlier or later or maybe you can't even
pick a date because it's a bunch of dates mixed together. I don't
care. It just seems weird. I don't know anything about them.)]) (It
gets light really fast around six thirty or so. During the day it's like
it slowly gets dark over the afternoon. After two it just gets slowly
darker over the afternoon and then all of a sudden it's dark. But in
the morning it's dark for a long time and then it's bright and papery
white.) (The city is very nice in the morning. The middle of the city,
downtown. Everything is coming together. Everyone is starting to get
to work. [In the summer we used to cut grass at Wal-Mart on Thursday.
(We had to get up at five and we were done by seven and there was
a McDonald's in the Wal-Mart and we'd always go and eat breakfast
there, even though we weren't supposed to. We weren't supposed to
but there was lots of time. I always had a hash brown and a medium
Sprite. Graham and Vince always had Egg McMuffins and orange juices.)
It was the same kind of early morning watching-things-starting-up
feeling. When we drove around in the big white truck with a trailer
with a big tractor on it and leaning our arms out the windows and
the temperature was a regular summer morning temperature. Maybe
it inspired the same sort of happy, early morning feelings ('Oh,
those people are working to make the world a better place. The
world is where I live and I've realized that every little bit helps.
Thank you for using your tractor to cut our grass. I also try to do
my best to make the world a better place. But it is very difficult
to make a difference.') in people who saw us. (It's a bit different
in a big city, though. I'm not sure how. I think in a big city the
feeling is more like fascination than whatever the opposite of
fascination is. There is less kinship or whatever. [It's the same
feeling as when you're downtown around lunch and you see
one of the platform things that window washers use and
you see the window washers getting all of their stuff
ready to clean windows. Or when you see a city crew
doing something and you aren't sure what they're
doing, something with a manhole and a special
truck.])] I think it kind of feels like the city has
been shut down for maintenance.) (Last night I
was walking up Fifth Avenue. Between Retallack
and whatever street above it and there was a
schoolbus all lit up and smoking and parked by
the side of the street and a few people standing
beside it. Old white men with green car salesman
jackets on. [Zippered up to the crest of the stomach.
White shirts underneath.] Up close: nice white teeth
and nice grey hair. When I walked up one of them asked
me, "How about a coffee?" "Oh. I'm fine." "Orange juice?
Hot soup?" "I'm fine." "Chilly night!" "Yep." "What are you
up to tonight, just walking around?" "Oh. I'm going home,
walking home." "What are you guys up to?" He said something
about ministering and he said "going where the Lord takes us.
I'm [I forget his name]" and he put his hand out for us to shake
hands. I shook his hand and said, "I'm Dylan." "What?" "Dylan."
And I shook another guy's hand, who was standing near the first
guy and he said "God bless you." "Have a nice night!" [The bus
said LOVE LIVES HERE on the side and it was full of indians.]
[While we were talking I saw two men go running down an
alley toward two prostitutes. To stop them, I guess.] [While
I was walking away a woman (a rich white woman with short
hair) came up to the two men and there was a man beside her
who was another Christian and she was crying and the man she
walked up with was holding her by the arm and then she hugged
the second man whose hand I shook and she was crying really
hard and hugging him because she was so sad about the
prostitutes and the poor people. (It is amazingly weird and
sad to see prostitutes walking around in the same place
where people live. Not just downtown on some street with
just a bunch of overpasses and boarded up stuff and closed
pawn shops with bars on the window and garages [ones where
people go to get their cars fixed] and all of the prostitutes
would be in a line-up and be wearing their prostitution clothes,
like they were on TV. But wearing regular clothes and walking
around the neighbourhoods that they live in and standing alone
on corners and men who are alone in cars drive up and down a
couple of streets and the girls give little waves to let the men
know that they are prostitutes but they're the only people out
that late so everyone really already knows. That's really sad,
right? Standing in the place where you live and doing such a
horrible thing and everyone knowing. I think it would be really
bad. But it might be kind of normal. It seems sad, though. I
know why rich white women would cry about it.)])

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The Art of Casterbation
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Re: And we would talk about you getting up out this game / [Re: bivalve]
    #2126185 - 11/20/03 09:29 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

I wouldn't read through that mess for $15.

Be all and you'll be to end all

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Moonrock eater

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Re: And we would talk about you getting up out this game / [Re: bivalve]
    #2126192 - 11/20/03 09:31 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

I read the whole thing, I thought there would be a point or something at the end, but it was just weird.

cant say it wasent good tho, nice style.

"America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable." - Hunter S Thompson

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Re: And we would talk about you getting up out this game / [Re: bivalve]
    #2126383 - 11/20/03 10:35 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

Is that just random quotes from like GTA?

We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience.

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Re: And we would talk about you getting up out this game / [Re: bivalve]
    #2126416 - 11/20/03 10:49 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

Do you ever have that thing where you remember a girl, like cuz she was cute.

But you only saw her once, doing one small thing. SO when you think back about her, you only think about what she was doing while you were checking her out.

"You've never had a Boca Burger?"

"Shmokin' weed, Shmokin' wizz, doin' coke, drinkin' beers.  Drinkin' beers beers beers, rollin' fatties, smokin' blunts.  Who smokes tha blunts?  We smoke the blunts" - Jay and Silent Bob strike Back

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Re: And we would talk about you getting up out this game / [Re: LiquidSmoke]
    #2126449 - 11/20/03 11:08 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

"He imagines him lying on the bed with no clothes on, with his beige penis hard but flat against his lower stomach. His wife wearing a big t-shirt that comes just over the tops of her thighs and she pulls it over
her head and- the nest of pubic hair at the cross of fat, white
thighs. And so on. It's all very harmless.] Harmless.) Harmless.] "

interesting post bv, this particlar part i found very intesting....not in a prono sort of way....but it just runs though my head..through my head..

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Re: And we would talk about you getting up out this game / [Re: bivalve]
    #2126451 - 11/20/03 11:09 PM (19 years, 6 months ago)

Remind me to read that tomorrow.

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