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Spore Whore

Registered: 04/30/11
Posts: 142
Loc: KY
Spore Giveaway
01/09/24 03:21 PM

Thanks for all the mush love sent to me and this community!!

Registered: 05/09/23
Posts: 207
Practical advice with testing LC's on agar
01/09/24 01:58 AM

Helped me with reading my plates and suggesting how I can eliminate a step in my process (using a tot glass and loop) that could potentially introduce contamination.
Shakin' on Shakedown Street
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 12/17/18
Posts: 6,926
Loc: Zone 5
Last seen: 1 hour, 9 minutes
Roscoe is the real deal.
12/21/23 01:23 AM

You are a great cultivator and a damn fine human being to boot. I really can't say enough good things my friend. Plus infinity for you.
 User Gallery

Registered: 08/28/23
Posts: 179
Loc: United Kingdom Flag
Last seen: 1 month, 2 days
Appreciation and apologies
12/17/23 01:55 PM

Really sorry for how my appreciation thread post turnt out. I was just showing much much appreciation from the time you took out of your life to do that gift; it meant a lot. I was just too excited, i'm sure you can understand. Sorry for my silly mistake. It will never happen again.
This guy is a diamond in the di rt!
mad $cientist, ganjacologist
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/18/09
Posts: 1,306
Loc: A fictional tale, in fictional...
Last seen: 46 minutes, 47 seconds
Roscoe Returns
12/09/23 04:49 PM

The favor !!

Has been a asset to the community spreading spores like herpes!

9 months and 24 days since this EPIC THREAD was created.... talk about spreading their love all over the world.!
All that without ever asking (or accepting) stamps in return, well packaged with a greetings card every time! :hatsoff:

kind of feel like younshould have over 94 trade ratings by now - granted we can only rate once I'd give ya 50 at least

Last Edited 12/27/23 07:18 PM
Genetics Hoarder
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 09/02/13
Posts: 2,161
Loc: USA
Last seen: 4 hours, 22 minutes
Thought I already rated you 🤔
12/02/23 02:14 PM

Either way, love your posts! Keep it up!
 User Gallery

Registered: 08/24/23
Posts: 74
Last seen: 12 days, 8 hours
Semp prints
11/25/23 05:51 AM

Roscoe was kind enough to send semp prints twice! The first time they were delayed in the mail. Extra print of machine elf was included. Since I didn’t receive it right away, he sent a second one! They are on agar now and I can’t wait to take these to grain.
InvisibleBaba Yaga
Psychedelic Minion

Registered: 09/13/20
Posts: 4,241
Loc: On Break Vacation
Friggin A
09/26/23 11:02 PM

Generous, knowledgeable and level headed.

Thanks Brother for being awesome.
 User Gallery

Registered: 11/26/10
Posts: 137
cool human
09/26/23 09:48 PM

Thank you for sharing spores and knowledge! 

Registered: 08/01/11
Posts: 5,080
Loc: Right Here
Last seen: 20 minutes, 12 seconds
09/15/23 11:50 AM

Solid Shroomery citizen and very generous. But this is for beating my pan cyan record with that sweet 12g'er. I mean...holy shit.
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/04/23
Posts: 53
an absolute legend
09/15/23 10:09 AM

thankx for your giveaways. absolute legend !:heart:
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/23/16
Posts: 8,567
Loc: Interdimensional Bootcamp
09/10/23 06:01 PM

Dope culter great member.
Nooby Nooby Noob
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/17/22
Posts: 1,497
Loc: Tn
Last seen: 4 hours, 54 minutes
Very generous
09/02/23 12:58 PM

I have never seen a giveaway as wide ranging and extensive in scope. Gives great advice. They are also a positive influence on the boards. Keep it up.
The Kidd ⭐

Registered: 09/29/20
Posts: 877
Unmatched generosity
08/29/23 11:26 AM

This man has a problem. He just keeps giving and giving and giving. Is he insane? Possibly. Is he amazing? Most definitely.


Registered: 06/23/16
Posts: 66
08/27/23 05:58 PM

BV arrived safely. Thank you kindly!

Registered: 02/23/18
Posts: 1,238
Loc: Colorado
08/20/23 06:45 PM

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 02/25/17
Posts: 484
machine elf
08/17/23 04:51 PM

Are these the same ones you see on dmt? Cool!!!

Last Edited 08/17/23 04:52 PM
Mycologist Wannabe
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 02/10/23
Posts: 355
Last seen: 4 months, 13 days
Two more freebies, thanks man!
08/14/23 07:34 PM

Okay, you need to stop offering up such awesome spores. As I write this you're offering up Country Cock, the first I've heard of them, and they look amazing...but I shall resist, can't get greedy! I sure hope others enjoy them. All the thanks in the world but man.
Bred in Captivity
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/07/04
Posts: 3,154
Loc: Around the bend.
08/01/23 06:54 PM

:awesanta: :awesanta: :awesanta: :awesanta: :awesanta:

Registered: 08/19/10
Posts: 347
07/27/23 01:23 PM

Super cool to receive this letter from Roscoe
Thank you very much!!
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