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Registered: 08/17/22
Posts: 1,258
03/30/24 06:19 PM

the real deal.. Solid and level headed farmer
Respect the Nich

Registered: 12/20/23
Posts: 197
Loc: terrapin station, in the shado...
Last seen: 1 hour, 18 minutes
thank you
02/22/24 09:26 PM

Re: Re: Recognizing and dealing with contamination


Registered: 05/09/23
Posts: 206
Always ready with solid advice
02/11/24 01:47 AM

Thanks, firstly, for responding to my questions. Secondly, always detailed, clear advice. Easy to learn with such feedback. Much appreciated.
Cake Mastah!

Registered: 12/14/17
Posts: 850
Loc: North
Last seen: 1 day, 1 hour
02/10/24 10:10 PM

On point! :seriousthumbsup::seriousthumbsup::seriousthumbsup:
Bacon frying, sparrows chirping
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Registered: 09/01/22
Posts: 1,077
Loc: Hyperspace
Last seen: 1 month, 15 days
12/19/23 12:50 PM

A knowledgeable and helpful presence in mush cult
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/17/14
Posts: 8,182
Loc: up north
Last seen: 1 month, 26 days
A font of
12/17/23 11:20 PM

Good cultivation knowledge
Generosity with genetics
Good Shroomy Citizen Positive Vibes
Of endless kindness

5 for you my good man!
๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿ„

Registered: 05/29/21
Posts: 313
Loc: Europe
Last seen: 1 hour, 4 minutes
Cyan print
12/15/23 01:02 AM

Thank you  for the Cyan print, and thank you for spreading spores all over the world :grin:
Stranger than most
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Registered: 02/27/23
Posts: 139
Last seen: 21 days, 17 hours
Data based
12/12/23 08:23 AM

The information you have provided has advanced my and other's studies in many ways thank you.
above and beyond

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 438
Loc: Europe
Last seen: 1 minute, 51 seconds
Nice guy :)
12/08/23 04:55 PM

Such a nice guy,  he's helping people to grow shrooms and has a good sense of humour! :grin: Thanks a lot!

Last Edited 12/08/23 04:59 PM
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Registered: 03/28/15
Posts: 322
Loc: Pokin out of woodchips
Last seen: 2 months, 11 days
12/07/23 12:06 AM

Awesome Shroomery member
Thank you so very much for the print and heads up that you had one
I am so grateful
Keep up the great work
a quick learner
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Registered: 10/01/08
Posts: 508
Loc: Eire Flag
Last seen: 3 days, 7 hours
12/06/23 07:35 AM

An absolute gentleman thank you very much for the print

The Thread Killerโ„ข

Registered: 11/13/10
Posts: 1,687
An Invaluable Member of the Community
12/03/23 01:05 PM

Whether it's cultivating The Sacred or killing a thread, Nichrome exemplifies the Spirit of the Shroomery.

You're a true comrade in the peacefield of Life, and you are also appreciated :mushroom2:
It is what it is
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Registered: 12/02/13
Posts: 1,457
Last seen: 10 hours, 38 minutes
GT giveaway
12/01/23 04:28 PM

Thanks again ๐Ÿ™
Trust in LITFA
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Registered: 04/07/16
Posts: 1,936
Loc: Amsterdam Flag
Last seen: 13 days, 3 hours
Figurehead of the community
12/01/23 05:11 AM

Let's face it, mushcult can be a very harsh, unloving place on the Internet. Whereas others prefer to flame those who haven't seen the light yet, Nichrome stays patient, listens, doesn't judge and actually helps. Something that others here can learn from. Nichrome is a figurehead of the community and his attitude is what we should strive to all possess.
Crotchety chode man

Registered: 02/12/18
Posts: 1,760
Loc: State of Confusion
Last seen: 16 hours, 43 minutes
incompatible attitudes amongst individuals
11/29/23 03:51 AM

Not only a helpful and generous shroomerite, but also always looking at things from a different perspective. Iโ€™m constantly having to rethink things I think I know because of your observations and insights. Thank you for keeping me humble and giving me a new way of looking at things.

Genetics Hoarder
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 09/02/13
Posts: 2,091
Loc: USA
Last seen: 5 hours, 58 minutes
Thanks for the rating
11/26/23 06:21 PM

Canโ€™t believe I havenโ€™t rated you yet. Iโ€™ve learned a lot from you and thank you for you contributions!
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/16/19
Posts: 1,836
Loc: Mississippi River
Last seen: 1 day, 8 minutes
A thoughtful and helpful member
11/25/23 05:12 PM

I always appreciate your insight :heart:
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Registered: 11/16/22
Posts: 634
a keeper
06/21/23 11:58 AM

Your new sig is the wisdom of the ages.

Nichrome responded on 08/01/23 06:40 PM:

Thank you.

My sig for historical reference:

Emotions are not any kind of fault. Healthy people should experience a wide range of emotions regularly as well as express them to other people. Abuse is often shrouded in gas light and social manipulation. An intelligent abuser who is tactful will be very hard to detect by people who are not the victim, and the gas light web was likely laid well before abusive moves are made. If you are feeling targeted by an abuser you are likely not imagining it. They are very common and very skilled and many of them are very intelligent.

"no need to get emotional about it" "I'm sorry you feel that way" Commonly used phrases by sociopaths.


Registered: 04/03/23
Posts: 290
Loc: Nowhere/everywhere
Last seen: 6 hours, 58 minutes
Good person
06/20/23 05:01 PM

You are a kind person with a lot of encouraging words.
Mycologist Wannabe
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 02/10/23
Posts: 355
Last seen: 3 months, 9 days
Just a helpful dude!
06/20/23 03:51 PM

Thanks for being you!
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