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above and beyond

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 435
Loc: Europe
Last seen: 6 hours, 54 minutes
Nice !
11/17/23 02:55 AM

Beautiful grows and awesome giveaways. Generous and kind member. :heart:
Thanks a lot!
InvisibleBaba Yaga
♥ coir grower

Registered: 09/13/20
Posts: 4,200
Loc: Try 'n' Error Boot Camp
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
09/16/22 11:32 AM

I'm still thinking of your cinctulus grow every now and then.

It's a real beaut.

alaskappalachian responded on 10/22/22 08:06 PM:

Thanks brother.  That means a ton coming from you :vibin:

Saint PP

Registered: 06/17/04
Posts: 5,384
My man coming in hot with a big dash of reality
10/14/21 08:46 PM


alaskappalachian responded on 10/17/21 03:52 PM:

:toast::grin:  Thanks bud.

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 08/17/20
Posts: 692
Loc: Fungistan
All around awesome dude
08/01/21 12:13 AM

Incredibly good vibes at all times from this user here. Generous, kind and knowledgeable--a real boon to any discussion and the community at large!  :sunny:

alaskappalachian responded on 08/05/21 01:27 PM:

Very much appreciated,  Lenz.  Feeling is mutual bud.  :highfive1:

Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/11/20
Posts: 841
Loc: Over here
Last seen: 5 months, 3 days
Very kind and generous guy
07/13/21 11:50 PM

It be the truth...:cool:

alaskappalachian responded on 07/20/21 12:17 PM:

:saulgoodman: Awww you so and so.  Thanks very much for the kind words.  Back atcha brother.


Registered: 10/01/20
Posts: 1,053
What can I say?...
06/12/21 06:27 PM

Interacting with this guy is just too much fun. :cheers:

alaskappalachian responded on 06/12/21 10:58 PM:

Right back atcha. :toast:

OfflineLand TroutM
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/08/18
Posts: 3,155
Last seen: 3 hours, 14 minutes
05/16/21 01:43 PM

Thank you for sharing on here!

alaskappalachian responded on 05/19/21 02:19 AM:

Appreciate the appreciation bruddaman!  Ditto. :stoned:


Registered: 01/16/20
Posts: 541
02/20/21 10:07 AM

Grows cool shit and always seems to contribute in a positive manner :rockon::mushroom2:

alaskappalachian responded on 02/23/21 12:53 AM:

Hey thanks bud!  Right back atcha! :saulgoodman:

Lonely Dreamer
Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/22/16
Posts: 5,294
Loc: Central EU
Last seen: 10 hours, 1 minute
01/13/21 01:20 PM

For being an active and necessary part of the community.

alaskappalachian responded on 01/13/21 02:51 PM:

:vaped:  Hey thanks man!  Means a lot coming from you.

Doesn't play well with others

Registered: 11/12/06
Posts: 5,959
Loc: 7b
Last seen: 8 hours, 44 minutes
01/11/21 07:21 AM

+5 for digging around and finding that pic.

alaskappalachian responded on 01/11/21 11:51 AM:

:radman: *guitar solo *

Bacteria's Bitch

Registered: 06/05/20
Posts: 2,860
Loc: Fungal Void
The Alaskan Appalachian Knows his
11/15/20 03:42 PM


Always like reading your posts

alaskappalachian responded on 11/17/20 01:32 AM:

Thanks man!  Ditto.  :toast:

Unrepentant Heathen
I'm a teapot

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 401
Last seen: 2 years, 2 months
11/13/20 11:46 AM

Just a real mensch, I'll tell ya!

alaskappalachian responded on 11/13/20 06:28 PM:

:saulgoodman: this guy.  Right back atcha heathen! :rockon:

Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/01/09
Posts: 314
Last seen: 1 year, 10 months
Thank you
10/29/20 08:51 PM

Awesome guy

alaskappalachian responded on 10/30/20 12:50 AM:

Thanks bruddaman.  :saulgoodman:  All the best.

 User Gallery

Registered: 05/19/10
Posts: 52
Last seen: 3 years, 4 months
Friendly and helpful
10/22/20 08:26 PM

Thanks for welcoming me to the community! 🍄🖖

alaskappalachian responded on 10/23/20 03:27 AM:

Absolutely duder!  Much appreciated! :stoned::rockon: All the best in your future endeavors. 

We got dicks like Jesus
I'm a teapot

Registered: 08/15/18
Posts: 3,324
Last seen: 12 hours, 24 minutes
back attcha
10/09/20 01:46 PM


alaskappalachian responded on 10/09/20 07:15 PM:

:vaped:  You da man Camera.  :rockon:

Stranger....than most
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/12/10
Posts: 233
Loc: Madison, WI
Last seen: 3 years, 3 months
09/23/20 08:00 AM

got prints in a giveaway, thanks man

alaskappalachian responded on 09/24/20 03:29 PM:

Right on duder!  :rockon::toast:

Female User Gallery

Registered: 07/04/20
Posts: 3,268
Loc: Cube Satellite
Last seen: 28 minutes, 1 second
good info, good vibe
09/13/20 09:43 AM


alaskappalachian responded on 09/13/20 05:48 PM:

Much appreciated bruddaman.  :rockon:

I'm a teapot

Registered: 02/08/15
Posts: 12,654
Loc: Exact Center
Last seen: 23 hours, 5 minutes
Mighty solid individual
09/01/20 11:28 PM

Mighty knowledgable.

alaskappalachian responded on 09/02/20 09:48 PM:

Coming from someone I consider a solidly knowledgeable member,  that is very much appreciated.  :hatsoff:

 User Gallery

Registered: 12/21/19
Posts: 412
Loc: PacNW
Last seen: 7 months, 12 days
Good advice with follow up.
08/20/20 11:52 AM

Thanks for the input. Its a process that requires patience and the ability to understand what is happening.

alaskappalachian responded on 08/20/20 03:04 PM:

Absolutely.  Thanks for taking my sometimes salty advice for what it is.  With an attitude like yours, you are going places.  Keep plugging away and feel free to DM me any time for questions, bud. :camping:

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 12/31/19
Posts: 467
Last seen: 5 months, 19 days
Great people!
08/03/20 10:04 AM

You Sir are extremely kind! Deeply appreciated your review!  And now I'm off to find a copy of Darby O'gill!  🤘😂🤘

alaskappalachian responded on 08/04/20 05:35 PM:

Two days after we talked I found a copy at Value Village omfg lol.  Spooky coincidence...:toast:. Thanks bro.

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