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Registered: 12/30/16
Posts: 6,809
Loc: PNW
5 shroomies
05/15/19 08:01 PM

Amazing stuff!
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Registered: 09/08/18
Posts: 166
Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
Helped me ID some bacterial jars before I spawned to bulk.
11/20/18 05:08 PM

Good job myc217, thanks for the help!
What's the craic
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Registered: 07/23/18
Posts: 4,269
Loc: Shroomsville
11/20/18 01:16 AM

Wow mane, you know your stuff.

Last Edited 11/20/18 01:16 AM
InvisibleGuy on a buffalo
Apprentice Cultivator

Registered: 10/30/18
Posts: 351
Loc: Ridin around through the ...
Great information
11/18/18 08:50 PM

Learning a lot from your articulate posts.  Thanks :cheers:
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Registered: 07/23/16
Posts: 8,567
Loc: Interdimensional Bootcamp
Nice Dicks!
11/18/18 02:40 PM

Badass grows!  :amanita2:  :amanita2:  :amanita2:  :amanita2:  :amanita2:
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/04/03
Posts: 39,201
Loc: Flag
Lmao had me rollin
06/16/17 04:29 AM

Cultivation post of the year haha.

"Well I named it after myself...took a year of work to isolate that beauty...and even if the name is dorky...it's one of the most prolific documented PE strains on this forum...so get at me"

Mycologist217 responded on 06/22/17 12:45 PM:

Don't know if you're poking fun or not but I am proud of my isolate! THanks for the rating, Adden.

OfflineWicked Burn

Registered: 05/15/16
Posts: 254
Last seen: 15 days, 1 hour
Great progress!
04/16/17 09:33 PM

Love watching your progress in your retail thread man!  Keep it up!

Mycologist217 responded on 04/18/17 06:53 PM:

thank you very much! Making the switch from drugs to food is actually way tougher than I thought it would be! I really appreciate the support the readers following that thread have given me! Thank you, friend!

Like Tigers in Coitus

Registered: 06/24/13
Posts: 8,438
Nice dehydrator
03/19/17 10:49 PM

Should have rated you a while ago.

Nice dehydrator build. It looks effin' great

Mycologist217 responded on 03/20/17 09:22 AM:

Thanks a lot Elasticaltiger! I was just explaining the tiger drop to an apprentice yesterday! Glad you're here!

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Registered: 07/16/12
Posts: 18,919
Good guy
03/08/17 11:39 PM

I can't believe I never rated you take 5 and keep on keepin' on :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:

Mycologist217 responded on 03/09/17 10:50 AM:

Thanks alot  my friend. You've ad my back since my first grow...glad to be on your team

Amateur Cultivator

Registered: 08/10/16
Posts: 246
Last seen: 3 years, 10 months
Grade A Contributor!
02/26/17 06:23 PM

Adding a lot to the site every day, keep it up, man! :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
InvisibleNobler Hino
a dojo and a forge?!
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Registered: 08/29/15
Posts: 1,780
Loc: Deep Ellum
A possitive member
01/13/17 03:12 AM

And a great grower, what up myco!
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/13/10
Posts: 8,118
Loc: HTTP 404 Not Found
Calling it like it is...
12/31/16 02:17 AM

Re: Re: Proper sealing of EZ Felt or Tyvek GE Filters onto jar lids?

Well put.

Mycologist217 said:
I don't want to call anyone out persay but you are giving people credit for being experienced growers that don't really have the credentials here to back the claim....there is a rating system on this forum where people can give ratings based on quality of contribution to the forums and the experience they share...just because someone wants to say they have 25 years cultivation experience after getting called put about a bogus 1000PC cycle lid....but that's coming from a user who registered this week and has no ratings or grow log history here...qualify people for the experience they claim to have...dont just take it for granted they are being honest....and if I had been using a product for 25 years....there would be no "I believe" about it...but rather...its definitely this...

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Registered: 02/06/16
Posts: 1,231
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 9 months, 9 days
The peen
12/15/16 08:21 PM

Cock inspirer  :fonda:
Cloud 9 Dweller

Registered: 03/04/16
Posts: 609
Loc: out there
Last seen: 6 years, 5 months
Tub o dicks
12/15/16 11:38 AM

Nice lookin tub of dicks! :mushroom2:
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Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 33,384
Loc: where?
12/15/16 11:29 AM

I clicked on your first grow log link and the flame lamp is genius.

Mycologist217 responded on 12/15/16 11:32 AM:

I used that lamp to this day...I have since started using denatured alcohol to fuel it...burns way cleaner than 91% iso, but i still use the garlic jar and cotton ball!

Let's boogie
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Registered: 03/05/16
Posts: 9,712
Loc: Under your bed Flag
nice grow
08/21/16 10:11 PM

Very nice on all those tubs and you're a cool and helpful dude thanks man

Mycologist217 responded on 08/22/16 11:38 PM:

Thanks for all your support, noob47! I'm really glad you're here.

Multispore Enthusiast
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Registered: 05/27/16
Posts: 3,951
Loc: ked in the trunk of a car
08/05/16 06:10 PM

Finally found some coir in my area thanks to all the advice
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Registered: 12/08/15
Posts: 8,511
Last seen: 4 years, 3 days
What a
07/14/16 06:25 PM

Good guy, and a great cultivator :super:
ɢᄋᄋd ԲᄋЯ ᄁᄋȚᅢΙᄁɢ ᄂᄋ₩ᄂΙԲᄐ
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Registered: 04/17/15
Posts: 7,076
Loc: to the brain
Good shit
07/04/16 10:58 PM

my own worst enemy
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Registered: 03/28/06
Posts: 2,664
cinco por jyou!
06/22/16 10:33 AM

Thoughtful, Inteligent, Interesting
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