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Smurf real estate agent
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Registered: 04/30/13
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here are
04/17/16 10:35 AM

5 more shrooms
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/04/03
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Keeps it shroomy
03/02/16 11:28 AM

Love it. :mushroom2:
Strange R
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Registered: 04/24/03
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Loc: subtropics
08/02/12 11:51 AM

Thanks for the rating! here is one right back at you! CHEERS MATE!:mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
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Registered: 08/17/05
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07/21/12 12:49 PM

good vibes all round :thumbup:

best of luck
InvisibleInfinitys Minute
a universe inside each moment
I'm a teapot

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Thanks man ={D
07/13/12 08:46 PM

This is mostly for linking to the Highly Sensitive Person wikipedia article.
That article describes me perfectly and it was great to read as it helped me to better understand myself (which I feel is something invaluable).

Thank you very much, good sir! :hatsoff:
Wisdom Seeker
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Kind words
07/09/12 09:29 PM

Thanks for your post, its encouraging to know that there are peeps like u out there...

InvisibleDaft Punk
People Are Strange

Registered: 03/12/11
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your trip report,
07/01/12 03:04 AM

the one in amsterdam on sclerotia. it was fantastic, entertaining, and probably one of the best written trip reports ive read :thumbup:

Ego Questio responded on 07/04/12 09:37 AM:

Thank you very much, my good sir.! :hatsoff:
It's an absolute pleasure to be able to share my experiences with people who understand, and are willing to take the time to empathise with me through them.
I genuinely appreciate the valuable seconds you lived trawling through that monster ramble.! :wink:

mm... my favourite food
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Registered: 03/31/09
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Thanks for the UK supplies thread!
11/02/10 04:02 PM

Without which I would be seriously short of supplies and paid a lot more for those I have! Thank you kind sir!:thumbup:
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Registered: 10/02/08
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Where to get supplies in the UK
10/29/10 03:43 PM

Re: Presenting-A guide to grow supplies sources in the UK-**UPDATED 22nd October 2010**

This post is incredibly good, and is worthy of a +5 rating. Thanks for putting in the work!

Registered: 02/11/06
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why aint i rated you before?
10/26/10 02:09 PM

UK supplies thread, need i say MOAR!¬:bigjoint::aum::irishtoast:
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Registered: 02/02/10
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UK grow supplies thread.
10/23/10 08:46 AM

Wish there was a 10 shroom rating, you deserve it! Thanks for the mention in the edit, happy to help. Wish I had found that thread as a NOOB! :thumbup:
InvisibleBase Icks
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Registered: 03/19/10
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Right back at ya man.
10/11/10 04:55 PM


Registered: 09/30/03
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To you sir
07/13/10 11:10 AM

5 shrooms!!!
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Registered: 05/11/09
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06/25/10 08:56 PM

smot poking

Registered: 09/08/08
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amsterdam trip report
05/31/10 04:22 PM

Just read your trip report, great read mate:mushroom2:

Ego Questio responded on 06/03/10 03:56 PM:

Cheers buddy! :hatsoff:

Glad you enjoyed-was a great time to have and fun to write out too. :smile:

Kudos on the browsing dedication as well, my man-you must've trawled through many a page to find that trip rep! :tongue2:

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Registered: 08/15/09
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hey thanks!
05/04/10 05:15 PM

It was written by Douglas Adams, probably the best writer of all time, so I can't really take credit for it  :smirk: - mostly because he is the greatest writer of all time.

Ego Questio responded on 05/05/10 03:02 PM:

No way!!
I didn't recognise a Douglas Adams quote?! :facepalm:

I'm not deserving of these 5 shroomies!Take them away!  :cryariver:

Raptor Hendrix
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Registered: 01/02/10
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a nice dude
05/04/10 12:36 PM

and very helpful, too.:mushroom2:
im not a doctor

Registered: 07/07/06
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04/14/10 02:16 PM

you know it.
InvisibleAction Jackson

Registered: 02/10/10
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you made me cry
04/12/10 11:41 PM


Ego Questio said:

Give us time, and don't throw in the towel yet. You're one of the industrious few who actively perceives the flaws of the individual character society shapes people into, and who can see a better way. You spend your life trying to portray that image, and who knows he myriad of knock-on effects you could have on an oh, so subtle causality?Give up now, and the skeins of fate drop to one possibility-this system becomes just that ever bit more firmly entrenched.

Pork Block ®©™√
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Registered: 12/23/09
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+ 5
04/10/10 09:49 AM

more for you :wink: :voila:
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