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ɢᄋᄋd ԲᄋЯ ᄁᄋȚᅢΙᄁɢ ᄂᄋ₩ᄂΙԲᄐ
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Registered: 04/17/15
Posts: 7,076
Loc: to the brain
07/26/16 06:20 PM

Elegant Universe
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Registered: 09/02/04
Posts: 3,310
Last seen: 9 years, 6 months
02/09/10 10:30 PM

Gym + marijuana = bliss.
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Registered: 05/05/06
Posts: 1,346
Loc: Right in the Middle
12/21/09 12:40 AM

you know what it feels like...:thumbup:

lets rideeeee
Not spiritual at all.

Registered: 09/16/06
Posts: 20,010
gave good advice
09/17/07 01:31 AM

about the pinched nerve. pinched nerves SUCK.
OfflineCrystal G
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/05/07
Posts: 19,584
Loc: outer space
Last seen: 10 months, 25 days
<3 bodybuilders
06/29/07 09:52 PM

well, i gotta say, you won my respect with that last bodybuilding post. you know your shit, you are fit, healthy, BF in a good range... u oughtta post some pics sometime of your progress!
Lost Soul
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Registered: 05/26/06
Posts: 1,363
Loc: Earth
Last seen: 14 years, 5 months
06/29/07 07:12 PM

Keep the flames coming in the injection thread.

P.S. I said nothing bad about steroids, I said Chris Benoit is a fucking MORON, which isn't flaming any member of the board.

And now you have, CHRIS BENOIT IS A FOOL
in your ratings.
Edit:Thanks for coming close to an apology

I agree, it is insensitive, but, that doesn't matter, now does it?
I'm not going around calling you names.
If you have problems posting so late in your day, and keeping your cool at such times, why do you?

Last Edited 06/30/07 05:34 AM
travel kid vs.amerika
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Registered: 12/03/02
Posts: 10,675
Loc: beautiful BC
Last seen: 8 years, 7 months
Really good advice..
02/14/07 12:31 AM

in a very involved response about weight gaining/vitamins and general health.

5 shrooms to you.
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Registered: 02/15/04
Posts: 4,414
Loc: Radioactive state
Last seen: 21 days, 9 hours
very smart guy
10/18/06 11:00 PM

Thanks alot for yur help on gaining weight ! :smile:
Invisiblepoke smot!
floccinocci floofinator

Registered: 01/08/03
Posts: 5,248
Thank ye
09/23/06 07:41 PM

for ye supportin' me.
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Registered: 04/29/06
Posts: 124
09/07/06 01:54 PM

"Try "lifting from your elbows" as opposed to your hands. You should be able to safely lift more weight and get a far greater contraction"

never heard of that.. but gota try that..!  :smile:

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 7,021
Loc: California
Havent I rated you yet??
08/13/06 05:18 PM

I love you man :cool:

Youre such an inspirator and motivator, if I ever see you remind me to hug you in the hopes that some of it will rub off onto me.
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Registered: 04/23/06
Posts: 1,949
Last seen: 14 years, 7 months
06/30/06 06:03 PM

period, go choke on a cancer stick :p
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Registered: 06/16/05
Posts: 1,714
Loc: Flag
nice guy
06/09/06 09:39 AM

thanks  :cool:
People of the sun.
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Registered: 10/29/00
Posts: 8,157
Loc: Cologne, Germany
05/02/06 06:46 AM

rocks!!! it is so goshdarn addicting...  :cool:
Not Available
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Registered: 12/21/05
Posts: 1,217
Loc: In the woods
Last seen: 13 years, 11 months
04/05/06 09:07 PM

Just thought id go with the flow with the 5 shroomies... ill take everyone elses word that your a cool guy... plus people under the stairs are phat as hell  :cool:
i am the sacredone

Registered: 06/24/04
Posts: 1,616
Last seen: 15 years, 7 months
thanks a ton
03/23/06 04:32 PM

thanks again man. i owe you one. shine on. :wink:
Never Pass onGrass
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Registered: 11/16/05
Posts: 347
Last seen: 17 years, 5 months
How about
03/02/06 09:02 PM

that joint?  Sour Diesel... on me :smile:  Thanks for the great vibes.

Registered: 10/25/05
Posts: 8,047
youre welcome
02/14/06 12:41 AM

InvisibleChristoph teh goat luvr
Drugstore Cowboy
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Registered: 02/27/05
Posts: 1,261
Loc: Louisiana Flag
12/09/05 06:20 PM

I can't believe have haven't rated you yet. I thought I did, but i guess not.

So heres 5!

Long due! :smile:
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Registered: 05/09/05
Posts: 4,899
Loc: San Antonio, TX
12/03/05 02:33 PM

Thanks for your concern.  :grin:
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