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Registered: 06/15/02
Posts: 15,608
i haven't rated you yet?
08/02/06 12:57 AM

well spank my monkey and call me a zoo keeper. 5 shrooms for being a great human being. :cool:
the cool fool
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Registered: 11/17/02
Posts: 27,397
Loc: USA
yea yea
07/28/06 11:46 PM

rep em out brother, other wise I'll have to stalk your ass and drag you to the gym
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Registered: 04/23/06
Posts: 1,949
Last seen: 11 years, 11 months
weak sauce man
06/29/06 06:51 PM


Registered: 01/06/00
Posts: 2,323
Loc: eH
the island's nice
06/29/06 06:46 PM

i live in nanaimo, comox ain't bad. should be lots of good bud but make sure to score an oz or two before things dry up
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Registered: 06/16/05
Posts: 1,714
Loc: Flag
06/06/06 09:31 PM

5 shrooms man. should have given these to you a long time ago

Registered: 01/23/05
Posts: 714
Loc: Nevada
Last seen: 11 months, 20 days
pot cookies,,,,
05/11/06 11:20 PM

don't trip out too badly dude!!!! hope you enjoy the ganj again
People of the sun.
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Registered: 10/30/00
Posts: 8,157
Loc: Cologne, Germany
04/19/06 05:52 PM

Ikaruga rocks!!! I think I might pull out my Dreamcast for 4/20 and try rockin some of that!!
Dr. Teasy Thighs
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Registered: 12/02/05
Posts: 14,794
Loc: red panda village
Last seen: 4 months, 30 days
you deserve
04/08/06 09:39 PM

5 happy shrooms :shocked:
Not Available
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Registered: 12/21/05
Posts: 1,217
Loc: In the woods
Last seen: 11 years, 3 months
04/08/06 11:45 AM

ah you're not a bad guy yourself. an honest shroomerite with balls, and I wouldn't mind blazing with ya in real life. thanks for the shrooms man! hope some good ganj makes it your way
i am the sacredone

Registered: 06/24/04
Posts: 1,616
Last seen: 12 years, 11 months
Get pumped
03/19/06 05:23 PM

Get pumped, feel good about yourself and do it all for you! From one skinny brother to another. Pm me or post in the PH&M forum if need be :wink:
InvisibleChampion des Champignons
long standing member;)

Registered: 07/27/00
Posts: 2,679
Loc: Alba
yea yea
03/14/06 05:40 PM

Nice back double bi's! Thanks for posting in the workout thread, man. I'm hyped on that thread.

Registered: 10/25/05
Posts: 8,047
thank you!
02/12/06 12:30 AM

you are a kind soul. thanks for the link!  :grin:
Never Pass onGrass
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Registered: 11/16/05
Posts: 347
Last seen: 14 years, 9 months
01/12/06 09:27 PM

Appreciation for someone who recognizes marijuana as more than just some drug ass shit to smoke.

I'd love to smoke a joint with you. You'd be good company, man. Welcome to the Shroomery.

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 8
Last seen: 14 years, 6 months
Five to lure you...
01/02/06 08:28 PM

... out of your lurking shell.

I too was a lurker... now I'm an addict. Not as bad as some of these punks though! :sun:
InvisibleChristoph teh goat luvr
Drugstore Cowboy
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Registered: 02/27/05
Posts: 1,261
Loc: Louisiana Flag
12/11/05 01:27 PM

I thought I had rated you too. Is that a chicken avatar as well? Too gnarly!!

5 shrooms!!
Prince of Bugs

Registered: 10/08/02
Posts: 44,174
Last seen: 4 years, 11 months
12/09/05 05:06 PM

Take care buddy :sun:
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Registered: 05/09/05
Posts: 4,899
Loc: San Antonio, TX
drunk drivers
12/03/05 04:20 PM

Seriously suck ass and the world could use less of them (Not a deathwish, please reconsider what you're doing and stay safe.) :crazy:
¡(Bound to·(O))be free!
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Registered: 09/11/04
Posts: 10,886
Loc: I re·side [primarily] in...
Last seen: 17 days, 22 hours
you're a good guy
11/27/05 10:08 PM

People like you are why I have the shroomery forums at the very top of my bookmarks :smirk:

Registered: 06/25/05
Posts: 2,649
Loc: Pennsylvania
Last seen: 15 years, 3 months
awesome name
08/24/05 06:50 PM

Awesome screenname, bro
High till I die

Registered: 06/18/03
Posts: 137
Loc: Texas
07/26/05 09:55 PM

take care man. rip. :crazy:
Pu Pu Platter

Registered: 06/16/05
Posts: 703
Loc: Behind what appears
Last seen: 14 years, 5 months
smart cookie
06/29/05 02:16 AM

It's great to see a new member present a lot of useful and accurate information. We need more posters like you, dude. Hope you're here to stay.

Registered: 06/27/05
Posts: 150
Loc: Victoria, BC, Canada
Last seen: 15 years, 8 months
06/29/05 12:04 AM

I'm from the Island as well. BC bud's the best. Nothing could make me leave this god forsaken paradise we call VI. :smirk:

Welcome to the forums, man. Hope you enjoy.
Not an EggshellWalker
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Registered: 07/18/03
Posts: 7,991
Loc: Cave of the Patriarchs
06/20/05 11:15 PM

Don't think I've rated you yet! Hm, thought I must have. Well, your posts always stick out, but in a good way. Peace man
Active Ingredient

Registered: 10/29/04
Posts: 5,390
Loc: California
Last seen: 10 years, 9 months
Cool dude
06/05/05 10:01 PM

Hey man I wasn't sure if I've given your shrooms yet. I swore I did...

Ah well, I know they're kinda stupid but if anyone desearves a stupid rating, it's a stupid guy.. jokes!! A cool member for sure, it's refreshing to read posts from someone who's not an idiot. Peace man. :cool:
mustash invation

Registered: 04/07/05
Posts: 85
Loc: budtown B.C
Last seen: 11 years, 8 months
yea yea
05/14/05 11:04 PM

You're from bc homie, that must mean you're rad.

Enjoy the forums :p
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