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Wild Woman
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There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale * 3
    #4337405 - 06/25/05 10:59 PM (12 years, 5 months ago)

This is an account of my time at the gathering. I?ve tried to recall events and faces as best as I could, but chances are there are errors and forgotten people somewhere. I wrote this mostly for me, but maybe someone else will enjoy reading it.

Okay, well, I?m not a social person by nature, but no way was I going to miss the Gathering. Of course if you had told me two years ago when I first timidly stumbled upon the Shroomery that I would one day be traveling over thirteen-hundred miles across the United States of America simply to hang out with these online friends, I would have smiled politely and privately suspected you had fallen head-first out of your tree house.

However, there was one thing I had never accounted for: Shroomery addiction.

The alluring and addictive qualities of the Shroomery are legendary throughout the online mushroom community. Myself, like so many others whose minds have perked in interest at the words psychedelic mushroom, quickly became hopelessly enthralled while touring the intricate labyrinth of information known as www.shroomery.org. The more I engaged the vaults of knowledge, the more aware I became of the colorful characters that inhabited and maintained these powerful troves of drug arcana.

Well, it needs to be said; I became a post-whore. I ventured forth from my sheltered corner of mushie cult, sampling every personality I came across like a newborn foal lipping for it?s mother?s teat. I dallied here and there in S&P, trying to put a finger on a spirituality I could call my own before realizing that I only needed to look within. PA&L was a snarling beast that I enjoyed reading to get a rise out of myself, to feel that hyper-flush of indignance that always paints me red whenever I read another sorry instance of the government attempting to dehumanize us. I took devilish delight in the belligerent and often gruesome antics of Off-Topic-Discussion?s heavyweight posters, and enjoyed the lazy, laid-back and friendly attitudes of warm natured Pub Dead-heads. I was in the Pub most often before I found that I really, REALLY liked to talk about tripping, so I found my way to Trip Tips and General Questions. Throughout my Shroomery evolution I spoke with countless other posters and it was like gazing into an immense multi-faceted mirror of humanity; I recognized my own reflection in the words and faces of everyone else.

I think it was hearing about the NE Gathering 2004 that I first acknowledged I could meet these people, and that they would become very real to me, more then just lines of language striving to convey a common meaning on an internet site. Upon seeing the pictures of the community and hearing about the adventures that occurred at last year?s gathering, I made a decision: I *had* to go to the next one.

There was never any doubt in my mind that I would go. The last few days before lift-off I felt a little uneasy, as though if I wanted to, I could try to convince myself not to go. That would be a futile effort however, since I had imprinted myself so throughly with the expectation that I WOULD go; no matter what.

Only a few weeks ago (it feels like a decade), I came to understand that I was at a pivotal point in my life. The messages and signs were everywhere, as though existence itself were laboring to tell me, ?This is it...choose your destiny. It?s now or never.? I felt the pressure crackling in the space between my ears, sensed a surge of something remarkable or something tragic drifting upon the distant horizon. Essentially, I felt as though I was running out of time to decide my own future. I had spent a crippling amount of time loitering in the pathways of procrastination, waiting for things to change for me instead of taking initiative and making the change. I was in a transitory phase of my life, and what with my husband Kevin (OneWhoHasSeen) going back to college and us moving to a new home within a matter of months, I was stressing out. Old habits I had discarded were starting to become more appealing and I started to bristle with a crotchety, barbed-wire sense of anger.

Yeah. I really needed a vacation. A chance to blow off steam, to forge relationships, to mend torn bits of spirit. A chance to be free, with no obligation to anyone, not even myself. I needed to get out of Austin and live as throughly as I could, as hard as I could, for as long as I could. Which according to my husband?s schedule, was approximately fourteen days.

We made plans with another Shroomerite in Austin (Dreamer) to take a road trip from Austin to Sandusky, Ohio for the Gathering. My best friend since high school (KristiMidOcean) was also thrilled to be included in our little entourage. For six months we schemed and dreamed about the gathering, tossing one another nervous smiles of anticipation every time it was mentioned. We probably spent more time posting on the Shroomery then planning for the actual trip up there (like I said, totally addictive!), and so three days before we were supposed to depart for Ohio we were all scrambling like twitchy ocean crabs on a sun-drenched beach trying to prepare.

That?s when I got the news; Kristi wouldn?t be able to come. That really was a blow, since we had daydreamed about the gathering over the phone so much together. I love this girl so much on a fundamental, unconditional level. We both suspect our souls may have hooked up in the afterlife (if there is one). I was pretty sad when I got this news, but after thinking about it, came to realize that maybe it just wasn?t her time. There will be other gatherings. I decided to try and keep her informed as the gathering progressed however, since she seemed very distressed she could not attend. I was continuously impressed with the range and power of my cell phone while thrust into the green wilds of Ohio.

Departure day arrived. Dreamer, Kevin and I were all exhausted, after spending much of the night preparing batches of cookies and tea. Fortunately, excitement sizzled in our veins like an intoxicating sonic vibration and we hit the road only two hours behind schedule, blaring Garden State as we went. We chattered amongst one another until mid-Arkansas, when the rock-muscled toil of travel took its toll. Call us naive, but we optimistically thought we could randomly hit up fabulous and exotic places of reference along the way, creating a memorable road trip experience as we went. In reality, we drove almost the entire way seeing nothing but FARMS. The creepy thing was that they all looked the same, even the farms in different states. And our group was so tightly packed into our little white car that cruising for twenty-four straight up endless, farm-frilled interstates became an exercise in total, agonizing tolerance.

I don?t know how Ares and Adamis do it. I couldn?t lean my seat back, so I was forced to sleep in a pole-straight upright position. Every time I would lose consciousness, I would slump forward and give my head a sharp whack against either the console or the window, whichever way the bumps on the road dictated first. My back started to ache and grow miserably sore as though I had just run a marathon through outer space, and my knees were frozen into the stick-like appendages of dolls. Naturally when you are in an uncomfortable position, your state of mind starts to suffer. I look back at it with a comical hysteria now, but my memory of the road trip gives my minds-eye a brief movie that stars a trio of weary travelers with drawn, frazzled faces, their vehicle slowly filling up with dark, ominous rain clouds, like something out of Winnie-The-Poo.

By the time we rolled into Sandusky, I think all of us were at our wits end. Not necessarily with one another, just from the sheer, relentless strain that long periods of travel can evoke in some people. We had arrived a day early, so we would be forced to endure another long, wretched night sleeping in our car because money had become a pressing issue. Not having anything better to do, we decided to check out Sandusky?s pier, which extends out into Lake Erie.

Nothing can describe the feeling I got when I first saw the lake, the sun just beginning to set. Dark gusts of wind whipped savagely across this seething body of water, the waves blasting up against the boulders of the pier like the elemental fists of god. A tang of sea-energy wafted sharp in the air, hurdling spray to shower our faces. From the instant we saw this wild lake at sunset, we became revitalized. I couldn?t stop moving or smiling, I felt so fierce and at peace inside. I felt like all the personal power drained from me during the trip had been restored in one definitive soaking blast of strength from the water.

It was then that Dreamer offered Kevin and I some of his cookies. He called us his ?guinea pigs,? and said to be careful because we didn?t know how potent they would be. Not to be deterred, we each eagerly gobbled down one large-ass cookie and then ran to go play on the cool playground that stood in the park at the edge of the pier.

I love playgrounds and haven?t really had a chance to get all bat-shit crazy on one in awhile. Probably not since I was in my teens. I had a great time scaling the slides like they were glacial mountains and making myself nauseous on one of those neat spiny-thingies. There was also this awesome teeter-totter ride that would bounce you up really high into the air. Dreamer, Kevin and I all had a go at that thing, until we were laughing our fucking asses off, unable to catch a breath. After we exhausted ourselves on the playground, we went to a family restaurant to get something inside our stomachs. I think it was while poking around the greens of my salad that I realized, ?Oooohhh fuck...I?m stttoonnnnneeeddd!?

I?m sure many people at the gathering sampled some of Dreamer?s cookies. They developed something of a legendary reputation as the event progressed. I witnessed many people warned to take only a half a cookie and eating a whole instead, only to come up to Dreamer an hour later with a huge dopy grin on their face and the words, ?Holy shit man, that was some cookie!? Needless to say, the restaurant became uninteresting in a matter of moments as Kevin and I reached pinnacle stonedness. Eventually after a goofy mishap or two, we ended up at this huge Walmart-like store that I?ve never heard of before. It was in this parking lot it was decided we?d be sleeping in, so Dreamer and I went to go talk to the manager to make sure it would be okay to claim the lot as a temporary home. The manager was a skinny, handle-bar mustached dude, who seemed to be happy to have a break from the tedium of his job as we explained our situation. He said he had no problem with us using the lot as our home-away-from-home for a night, so while Kevin went back to the car to relax off his cookie, Dreamer and I went to explore this gigantic, Walmart-esque store. Because of being stoned, we decided to ride on the little motorized cart things made for people who either can?t walk or detest walking. It was pretty fun, especially because it was about 3AM and we were the only customers in the store.

That night as we were sleeping, something happened that got my heart pumping. I heard a rap on the window, and bleary-eyed, still stoned, I looked up and saw a badge glinting down on me through the window. I didn?t have time to think, which was fortunate. I rolled down the window, and the cop shined his flashlight in my face and started to ask me some questions, like, ?What are you doing in this parking lot,? ?Have you been drinking,? and ?Can I see your driver?s licenses?? Without hesitation I explained to him that we?re from Texas and that we got to Ohio early, ahead of our friends who we were to meet for the hotel. I also explained that since we had no money, we got the manager?s permission to sleep in the parking lot. He took the licenses to run them, and all the while my heart was pounding a terrifying cadence in my ears. I kept thinking stuff like, ?oh shit, did I take care of that warrant from a long time ago??

The cop came back and told us to watch out for thieves and that was that.


The next day our group was on a quest to find a free shower and bath in town, so that we might look somewhat presentable for the Canadian Shroomerites at the hotel. Unfortunately, there is no love for bums, so we got turned away by both the YMCA and a fitness club. There were also no homeless shelters in the town, so we had to live with our grime. However, on our journey we found a gentleman?s club (which was fun to talk about, but not enter) and the most beautiful graveyard I?ve ever seen. I enjoy exploring graveyards because they feel so peaceful and you interact with the memory of those who have passed on by reading the tombstones. We found several crypts which housed the loved ones of entire families. I figure the more I think about death the more willing I am to accept that it will happen to me.

It was then I got a message from CherryBom and butterflies unleashed a fluttery halo in my stomach: They were at the hotel!! So with nervous jitters, we drove to the hotel to meet the Canadian Shroomerites.

I had nothing to worry about. As soon as I saw Cherrybom?s friendly, smiling face and golden hair, I knew I was in good hands. She reminded me of an angel with an edge, and radiated a genuine, good-natured feel that set me right at ease. We met in the hallway, and before long I found myself in the hotel room with Gillete and Blinkidiot. I was received warmly by the others, and it was so odd because I felt like I was already familiar with everyone although we had never really ?met? before that point. I?ve never met anyone more ecstatic to be in a hotel room with new Shroomerites then Gillete, who got right to the business of cracking open some booze. She reminds me of a pixie, as though she stepped right out of Fern Gully to gleefully skip out her life among the mortals. Blink was a perfect gentleman with a vivid sarcastic flair, he watched vigilantly over the affairs of the hotel room and made sure that nothing spiraled too fantastically out of control as Shroomerites rolled in.

And things continued to get lively as the room filled, backpacks and people scattered across the floor, animated conversation touching the ear at every decibel. I met Suffer and Ifallapart next I believe, whose lives seem to have become a intimately woven tapestry of teamwork and respect. Ifallapart strikes boldly and fearlessly in conversation which makes me admire her tenacity, sort of like a sentient tigress goddess of Siberia, and Suffer had the roguish and slightly impish look of a young Indiana Jones. They seem like a very adventurous match. Soon after they arrived, I met Grateful_Jim (who looks a lot like Brad Pitt) and his girlfriend Grateful_Jane (I think?). Jim always seemed to have this amused expression on his face, wearing a boyish grin wherever he went. Jane was easy to talk to, and I?m sure she listened to her share of drunken rambling from me on Wednesday night.

Then of course there was Odin and Annie, who breath total vitality into the very archetypal idea of true love. Annie was like every girlfriend I have ever known compounded into one person; you could talk to her about anything. Her soul seemed to glide golden bright right out of her skin, drenching anyone nearby in its radiance. I think she might be psychically empathic in some way, because you couldn?t help but respond in kind to whatever feeling she expressed. Odin reminded me of one of those cowboys in a western, or like Roland in the Dark Tower series, only more happy. The man wore a content, peaceful smile on his face throughout the entire gathering. He rolled amazing joints too.

Ah yes, and then there was Adrug and Hatta, whom I wish I had the chance to get to know better. Adrug is a steel maiden. She is deadly sexy and has an intellectual ruthlessness to her (you can tell she sees it all) but she is also incredibly chill and compassionate to hang with.

I?m telling you it was very interesting to watch the relationship dynamics between all the couples. Every couple there had one thing in common: It was obvious that each partner cared for their mates very, very much. There were other couples that I remember too, but I?ll get to that later. I also can?t wait to meet Cherrybom?s special fella one day soon.

As the night progressed, the room got louder, the pipes were passed, and the booze was poured. Shroomerites from all over the nation filtered in, including Shroomism, who has become almost a historical feature of the Shroomery. When he looked straight into your eyes, you wondered if he was peeling you apart straight to the soul, it was such an intrinsic human connection. I?ve never known another person who could communicate so effectively with their eyeballs alone. Check it out:

Woodscall came in with Shroomism I think (or he came in with her, don?t remember) and after she munched on a weed cookie all I saw on her face was a wide smile that proclaimed, ?I am so high.? She has one of those million-watt smiles that instinctively make you want to smile back. I think I also met Phluck and Sheik that first night too, both of whom I felt very comfortable around. Phluck was a total sweetheart, and Sheik is really just as mischievous as his posting might imply. He had a humorous twinkle in his eye the entire time, I do believe.

Then there was Neuro, the Shroomery?s resident mad scientist, looking sly from the get go. I met KOTT too, who seemed to possess an open sincerity towards everyone he encountered. He was another one whose mere glance told the tale a thousand words never could. I apologize if I forgot anyone who came on the first night, and chances are I will forget a few more as I write this. I tried my best to remember everyone but unfortunately I?m a bit daft at times.

The first night at the hotel was enjoyable, as everyone socialized and got to know the faces between the screen. I thought I might feel uncomfortable because this was my first gathering, but I felt like I fit right in with all those people. It was lots of giggly fun all night. Oh, and I finally got a shower too.

Effed and Elise arrived early next morning, too early for a bunch of travel (and party) weary Shroomerites! Nah, just kidding; as soon as everyone realized today was the day we were going to Cedar Point, not even the allure of slumber could keep us grounded. Everyone trumped out to the front of the hotel to wait for the shuttle bus, looking like one big psychedelic parade. When the shuttle came, we all saw it was already bursting with tourists. Nonetheless, we whooped our way on board, grins abounding. I was quivering with hopeful anxiety, since I had never, EVER been on a roller coaster before. My fear of massive manmade objects has always kept me far away from them, much like trains, airplanes, bridges and to a lesser extent, cars. But on that glorious morning in the company of probably more then twenty Shroomerites braving the same peril I was, I decided to face that fear.

But before I did that, I had new faces to meet. I?ll never forget the way that Paradigm came loping up to Suffer, Ifallapart and I with a big goofy grin on his face, thrilled to the bone to be there. I regarded him with interest, since his posts have made him somewhat of a fabled character on the Shroomery, and found him enigmatic and genuine. Somewhere in this point in time I met Link, a smiley kid whom I regret I could not spend more time with. Elise is a total doll, and has a great sense of humor. When I was with her, any social awkwardness simply floated away, she was so welcoming and open-hearted. Effed reminded me a little of a drill sergeant, or perhaps a knight of the round table; there is just something about him that exudes a methodical discipline and acute sense of order. I felt protected and safe the entire gathering, in part due to his presence. I don?t know what the Shroomery would do without this guy.

After more introductions, everyone lined up for the first roller coaster of the day, my first roller coaster ever; the standing up, loop-de-loop kind. I guess I was tired of being scared of the things, considering that they?ve been haunting my dreams for about six months now. I felt spiritually guided towards the roller coaster, but I was still incredibly scared. If not for Annie, I don?t know if I would have found the courage to go on that thing. She seemed nervous two, and for a bit we commiserated, which felt good since it made me feel less alone. I endured an incredible range of emotions while waiting for my turn, from complete and unadulterated Vulcan calm, to frantic, heart-racing panic, eyes welling with tears of dread. By the time I stepped onto the platform and pulled the harness over my shoulders, I was sobbing shamelessly. I kept asking the attendants, ?please make sure it?s latched right, make sure it won?t come off please!? I remember the operating guy at the counter, a young boy of about my age, purposely catching my salty gaze, as though he were willing sonic waves of bravery to steady my quaking soul. He never took his eyes off of me, from the moment I was latched in, to the next instant when the contraption began to move up the hill.

I?m not ashamed to say that I kept my eyes closed the entire time. Well, there were a few vital seconds when I was upside down that I took a peek, but for the most part I was content to be largely unaware of what was happening to me. That entire first experience was kind of miserable, just because in my phobia-rattled brain I was convinced I was going to die.

Fortunately, I was proved wrong, and came away from the coaster with a neutral perspective. I didn?t believe the coaster was all that fun or enjoyable, and yet neither was it as bad as expected. I was willing to give other rides a try, including a giant wooden coaster and the Terror Tower thing, where they take you up to an insane height before dropping you down. I liked those two the best, particularly the tower. I felt like I was a soda can being shaken up and down by the hand of god. My stomach felt like god?s soda can might feel, bubbly and fizzy with artless, unchecked glee. I really like that feeling. It?s the same feeling I get when having a heavy shroom trip, making me feel horribly uncomfortable and yet excitedly blissful at the same time.

I went on a lot of rides at Cedar Point, but I drew the line at the Drag Racer, supposedly the most intense ride in the park. I did not feel prepared to go on it at that time, and having already tackled my fear of coasters had no compulsion to get on the thing. I hung out with Elise as we watched the other Shroomerites give it a go. I had nothing but admiration for Ifallapart, who appeared close to tears while she waited for the ride to begin. She seemed paralyzed with fear, but she did not let it overwhelm her. That is a valuable lesson I?ve been trying to learn myself. I suspect I must go on the Drag Racer next year.

At some point, I decided that I wanted to check out the beach. The prospect of playing in the sand on the beach became very appealing to me, since one of my earliest memories is frolicking on the shores off Virginia Beach as a little kid. I went with Kevin and Dreamer (we had no money between the three of us at the time) and while Dreamer dozed in the cool shadow-sands, Kevin and I played in the sand by the waters edge. It was so much fun. Hubby and I molded the planet to the whim of our imaginations, slipping into a companionable silence like two best friends recapturing the paradisal innocence of youth. I felt like an 8 year old again.

Soon enough, it was time to leave the park. We reloaded the shuttle bus back to the hotel. Sheik kept pestering some teenagers on the bus for a piece of their pie, who solidly ignored him until their mother took pity on poor hungry Sheik and tossed him some crust, much like an exasperated owner might offer scraps to an unruly pup just to shut it up. I think Sheik?s internal tail must have wagged a little at the gesture.

That night at the hotel was a bit more subdued then the night previous, since everyone was tired from the day?s adventures. More alcohol was poured, and this time I partook, reaching a comfortable and chatty level of tipsiness. I think I harassed Paradigm, Grateful_Jim (and Grateful_Jane) Dreamer, Shroomism, Blink, Link, Phluck, Cherrybom and Odin the most, although my memory is a little hazy because I might have been more drunk then tipsy afterall. It was a total blast just sitting in that room talking to these people, marveling at the crazy idea that I was interacting with the faces behind the screen. I got a big kick out of that the entire weekend. I sometimes felt like I was actually living the Shroomery while talking to some of those guys, they represented themselves so well online. There is really nothing more fascinating then a human being, and since the hotel room was full of them I tried to talk with everyone at least once, finding out what their story was.

Me harrassing Paradigm:


Shroomism's back:

The next morning an exuberant emotional surge mounted delicately in the air as everyone packed up our belongings, tried to restore order to our wrecked hotel room, and prepared to leave for the Ledges. I couldn?t believe that the gathering was officially about to start when I had experienced so much adventure already. I think everyone could sense that this weekend was going to be unforgettable. After a brief visit to the grocery store, Shroomerites piled in their cars and pulled single file onto the freeway, a caravan of giddy-faced people delighted to finally be on their way.

Okay, the next few days went past in a blur of constant activity. It would be impossible to mention everything that happened, but I?ll strive to recall the highlights. From the moment we rolled into camp to the instant we left, I was meeting Shroomerites.

I recognized OneMoreRobot immediately, his eyes feeling warm and receptive as they met mine, his hair even larger in person.

What a great guy, full of authentic personal grace and humanitarian diligence. I think I met BigNerd around that same time. For some reason, I really found him entertaining to listen to, a loveable smartass. Very soon after I met them, a giant dragonfly was discovered. I took it as an omen heralding one of the most important weekends of my life.

More cars were rolling in. I met Ripple, who busted out of his car with a frisky laugh and a smile that could have warmed a bowl of soup as he shook hands and clapped shoulders with old friends and simultaneously made new ones. It was an honor to meet him. His fun-loving attitude and joyful zest for life became infectious, and still the tide of people would not cease as Cervantes crossed my path. Oh my. My funny bone didn?t stop tickling the entire weekend. Cervantes is possibly the most naturally charismatic person I?ve ever known, including characters I?ve read about in books and seen in movies. He very simply is a character beyond all known character, which is why I was struck with amusement when I found out that he is an actor. Then there was JacquesCousteau, a guy so filled to the brim with lyrical beauty that I was rendered breathless every time he blessed us with his soul-bending music. His girlfriend is such an amazing girl:

You can tell her heart is swollen with a deep-seated compassion and love for every human being that crosses her path. I felt like I had known her forever, conversing with her came so easily. I also met JP and his girlfriend Michelle, two of the most generous and benevolent spirits I?ve ever met in this world. They are super chill people who I had a blast talking and hanging out with throughout the gathering, especially on Sunday when we were just all grooving by the fire.

The security guards stuck rigidly to the camps rule of a maximum of three tents to a single site, and so some reshuffling was necessary. In the end it worked out perfectly; there was more room for an adventure to occur with the campsites more spread out.

As the party kicked off on Friday night...

...we all formed a Shroomerite circle around our blazing fire, much like humans have done for centuries. Suffer?s humongous pipe was passed around as Shpongle began to play and Shroomerites started to get to know one another. I ate a weed cookie and waited as Paradigm?s guitar performance led me into a safe, comfortable and happy la-la-land with my new friends. Soon Shroomism took my drum and began to beat out a steady rhythm that knit the group together, a sort of icaros if you will. Then I heard a noise of fate, a sharp psssssssiiiihhhhhhhhh sound that kicked off the massive whippet fest that followed. It could be the opening line to some mythological novel: ?For three days and three nights the travelers suckled a gaseous paradise out of silver bullets, fascinated by its candy-presence and driven always to return to its venting pap.?

There were some FUNNY moments on Friday night, especially as mid-evening crept into high-evening and the Nelson Ledges park became a heart-thumping beast with a mind of its own. It was a crazy night. I went on a nature walk with Shroomism, Cervantes, Dreamer, Ripple and lots of other people whose names I can?t recall at the moment. We walked all the way around the ledges, and I reveled in the beauty of the park. You see, in central Texas where I live, everything in the area is flat, brown and sweltering right now. To exist even for a short period of time in a land bursting with such lush green growth rejuvenated me in ways I never thought possible. I must have gone for three nature walks on Friday alone, including to the beach and to the playground twice.

I think this was the night that Cherrybom, Annie and I walked to the hippie shop on the beach to browse its wares. I floated through the psychedelic artifacts in a dreamy-eyed state, feeling the harsh, cold layers of my heart begin to peel away to reveal the pulpy life-spirit beneath, tender and healing and welcomed into the divine light of my new companions, who I now saw as radiant goddesses. At the shop, I met a cheerful cat that sprawled at the end of its owners leash and mewed up at me, making me think of my own furry darlings back at home. Then I noticed that the cat had no ears, just two fuzzed stumps at the top of his head, and I giggled hysterically inside since I had never seen a cat like that before and I thought it was cool I had the pleasure of meeting one at the gathering.

Later that night I met GratefulJ, who reminded me of a hippie pirate because of his flaming red beard and hair. Myself, Cervantes, Paradigm and GratefulJ, among others, all hung out and discussed all sorts of nonsense. Paradigm, invigorated by LSD, got into such a state of earth-shattering exuberance that after exploding with a continuous strand of racing speech finally just admitted, ?I DO DRUGS!? at the top of his lungs, which summed up the situation pretty succinctly.

Kolizon, a likeable dude who strikes me as an elfish prankster, brought out his hookah and a circle quickly formed around it. I excitedly inhaled my first hit out of a hookah, and promptly decided that I *must* own one of those things in the near future. It was excellent.

Eventually, even though the Shroomerites were irresistible, I decided to head to bed since I wanted to be well rested for the following day. I went to sleep with the sound of drumbeats in my ears.

The next day I could tell that something powerful had been forged the night before between everyone in camp. I realized this when I was crouching by the fire, watching Suffer with his mussed hair and his dirty socks take huge gulps of air and blow at the fire in an attempt to get it started. ?Iron-lungs,? someone called him. He looked so comical it struck me in one of those sudden and moving ways that Suffer reminded me of a brother, my brother, everyone?s brother. And it was then I understand and re-remembered on a basic, intuitive level that everyone in the world was my brother and my sister, and that the word ?family? is not manacled by blood alone. It extends to every human being in the world. I felt more at home with these Shroomerites then I ever have with my own family.

At the point of this realization, my heart felt like a bloody piece of meat that had been smacked and pounded by the ultimate tender reality of human fellowship. It was going to be a great day!

I don?t remember who actually organized the scavenger hunt (Effed? Elise? Cherrybom? ), but it was lots of fun. I haven?t participated in a scavenger hunt in forever, or at least not since 8th grade. Dreamer and I decided to go stalk through nature first for our items, and we found two different species of fungus and some funky bugs. To be honest, I wasn?t really looking that hard for items on the list, I was just enjoying the exploration of the woodland. One gross thing is that we found a shirt someone had defecated in. It wasn?t a Shroomery t-shirt though, which was a relief.

After the scavenger hunt came the mushroom pinata. I figured it would be shame to pass up an opportunity to take a whack at something, so when the blindfold was passed to me I gave it my best shot. I did get one good smack in with the bat, and so did Kevin, Cherrybom, Elise, JacquesCousteau and Kake among others, but I can?t remember who dealt the killing blow, sending a shower of glitter, toys and candy to litter the earth for our amusement. If someone remembers who cracked open the pinata, let me know, because I?ve sat here for about ten minutes thinking and still can?t bring up a face for this event.

Throughout the day people had cuddle puddles in their tents, and chill circles around camp fires. I most drifted from one place to the next, and spent more time checking out the forest. During all this time, the whippet hisses never ceased.

I needed some cash, so in the afternoon Cherrybom, Dreamer and Phluck and I piled into the car and drove in search of an ATM. The little town just outside of the Ledges is minuscule and desolate, and for a few tense moments it seemed like the simple act of withdrawing money would be beyond our reach. We then went to a gas station where a tight-eyed, suspicious old lady hunched behind the counter. It was obvious she hated us for our youth because she was pretty rude, and didn?t even want to sell me beer after I give her my ID. Finally victory was ours, we were out of there, and heading back to the park with our newly bought purchases.

Oh YEAH, and I talked to yet more Shroomerites, including Mr. And Mrs. Automan (is it KAT?), a couple with loads of expressive personality. KAT seemed to be full of sass and sensuality, fun to converse with and very bubbly, like she saw the world through rose-tinted glasses. I remember talking to Automan here and there, but regret not having spent more time with him since he seems like a great guy, very genial. Psyphon was a quieter dude with a gentle smile who I really opened up to on Sunday afternoon. Sometime during Saturday I ran into Vamp. Wow, what a dude. I remember we just sat next to the fire and talked for awhile, and even though I can?t recall precisely what we discussed, it must have been good because I have a excellent first impression of Vamp in my head.

At some point I decided to prepare for my upcoming trip by reading Be Here Now, which several other people checked out over the coarse of the weekend. I waited until about 6 o clock before dosing an eighth, and then wandered with a group of other trippers through the park, over to the jumping cliffs to watch people like Suffer and Odin fling themselves off into the water blow. I could sense the mushrooms taking effect fairly soon after I ate them, and had a blast roaming the cliffs with Cervantes, Shroomism, OneMoreRobot, Dreamer and others. I remember looking out over the cliff and noting how the tree line nestled vibrantly near the water, the most shocking sight because it?s so unlike the lakes in Texas. I briefly contemplated throwing myself off the cliff into the water, but decided against it because I can?t swim if I laugh, and I was feeling like breaking into a peal of laughter every second. It felt fantastic to sit on the lake cliffs with my new friends, just savoring life.

Because I was rapidly coming up, I headed back to camp with Dreamer to catch a bit of privacy during lift off. I crept down to a secluded outcrop of rock just below Ripple?s camp with a few other trippers and flopped to the pebbly surface of the stone, which flushed colors from purple to sunset-red. I closed my eyes and allowed my body to relax, drifting freely without form in the space between my ears. When I opened my eyes again, my vision fixated upon the most lovely item I had ever encountered in my life; a perfectly grown leaf, savage green, covered in an intense dappling of crimson spots. It was then my trip truly began. My hand caressed the leaf of its own accord, as though it were bewitched by some alien power. I removed the pretty leaf from the plant and carried it with me back up the hill to find Cervantes.

I found him and Dreamer up by the campsites, and together we sort of dallied around in the woodland. It may be egotistical, but I like to fancy myself an explorer while tripping, and it really squeezed me in the right way to investigate the forest. I had so much fun, and the entire time I had that feeling that I was being guided by a omnipresent, alien force. We wandered into a clearing that took my breath away, it sparkled so truly with beauty. I saw every possible variety of green, brown and black in a dazzling nimbus of color, wildflowers punctuating the picturesque scene like splashes from a lustrous rainbow. Vines spiraled down from the lofty heights of the star-leafed trees in dangling streamers, making me believe I was Alice. I plucked off a piece of vine, a cleverly curled artifact of nature and held it in my hand with the leaf, and a dagger-like stick I had found. I was fascinated by the brute and feral vibes I got from the knife-stick, and marveled at how different it felt in appearance from the dainty and delicate vine I had discovered.

One of the best moments was when I turned to say to Cervantes and Dreamer, ?I used to turn over logs in Pennsylvania all the time and find salamanders,? and as if on cue, I moved over a moldering log and found a newt. I held it cautiously in my hand and watched it squirm, and then passed the little guy around before returning him to his home. Just as we were leaving this part of the forest, something that seemed to beckon me in the middle of the pretty clearing; a thick stump about waist-high, black with rot, the center part of it caved in long ago. I tiptoed slowly up to the stump, sensing dread and anticipation at the same time. When I stretched over it to peer inside, what I saw took my breath away.

I was looking into a bottomless pit choked with shadows, hammocks of white web, and shelves of decay. I felt like I was looking straight at death. In fact, I knew I was, since any unlucky creature who dared to venture inside this stump would probably not find their way out again. The proof was right in front of me, in shriveled, wrinkled little bug corpses. It was then I realized that human nature is only a personalized echo of the planetary mind. I decided not to stare inside the stump for long, since I wanted to stay positive. Now was not the time to purposely invade the devil?s corner.

Soon I found myself back in camp, where I chilled and grooved with everyone else, many of them tripping on various substances. The party kicked up when Kolizon got to work in the music tent, techno blasting through the trees like no tomorrow. I went down to the water and saw OneMoreRobot listening to music, staring off past the distance into the void. I laid down and started to draw again in my trip journal. Robot and I shared a special moment there on the shoreline, neither of us needing to say anything to know that it was so. He left, and soon after I decided to go chill at Ripple?s camp, and was so glad I did.

It was a totally relaxed atmosphere, which at the time (not yet sunset) I needed. I took my trip journal and sank gratefully into a chair with some crayons that Annie had given me. Those crayons were AWESOME. I am never tripping without a box nearby again. So I listened to Ripple, Robot, Cervantes, KOTT, Psyphon and Shroomism share stories across the campfire, feeling drowsy and just a bit unsettled from the shrooms at that time. I felt like I wasn?t quite to that certain ?place? yet (and I wanted to be) but I just relaxed and enjoyed the good company of my new friends.

I had forgotten that earlier in the night my husband Kevin had just ingested his very first pill ever of E, so when he came dashing up to me, chest heaving, eyes damp and looking humongous in his head, gasping the words, ?Michelle!! I need to talk to you!? I was a bit rattled, but reminded myself to stay calm since he was just rolling. On my first E, I went hysterical (in a healthy way), so I could well understand where he was coming from.

Those who interacted with my husband that night know how far out there he was. I have seen him on some pretty sizeable mushroom doses before, but I have *never* seen him so riveted by an experience like this, cords were jumping out in his neck and he couldn?t keep his hands off of anything. Just listening to my loved one talk was exhausting, but I was overjoyed for him. You could tell he was having a powerful, possibly life-changing experience, and a few of those in a lifetime are good for anyone. It definitely made for a memorable night.

There was someone walking around sprinkling glitter on people, and I think I got sprinkled twice, which I liked because it took my age down another peg towards infancy in my state of mind. I also saw a guy prancing around in an elf costume, heard some weird rumor about a watermelon filled with chemicals, heard about a guy swinging a burning log over his head while screaming, ?the acid?s fake!? and had a traveling drum circle elevate me to nirvana. I journeyed from campsite to campsite on what seemed like a celestial trek, stopping to groove and talk with people at each one. I must have wandered for a mega-long time, because time became utterly meaningless to me. At one point I walked with Cherrybom, Shroomism, Ripple, Blink and others down to the beach, where we gazed up at the moon and watched people play with glow sticks and the like.

I also talked with Grateful_Jim and _Jane, GratefulJ, Neuro, JP, and so many others.

Cervantes disappeared into his tent, and Dreamer, Paradigm and I wanted to drag him out into the party, so we trooped along the campsites looking for him and got yelled at. VERY SORRY to whoever we disturbed! Didn?t mean to be a nuisance.

Eventually, after all this excitement, I started to come down, so I decided to redose. I met Nook John at the Cousteau site while I downed another eighth and ate some E. Nook John is fetching and magnanimous, a perfect gentleman. Talking to him felt good, like I was soaking in a warm verbal bubble bath as I waited to come up again. All the reports on tolerance are rather ominous, so I had no idea if I would feel anything at all after my trip earlier in the day. Well, the next trip seemed even stronger! Everyone?s face was etched with green and blue vines, whirling into shapes of hearts and flowers. Cherrybom (I think?) and I played with sparklers, whirling around the campfire, wreathing ourselves in flame while Jacques sang his purple-honey harmonies and strummed on his guitar.

Blinkidiot was there, snapping pictures of us as we giggled like little kids on the Fourth of July. After a bit I ran into Kevin again, and we had a wonderful talk next to the outhouse about his experience.

Upon one of my treks between the campsites, I nearly fell off of a cliff, so I thought it was best if I stayed near the main circle of people while tripping in the dark. This is when I really started to feel the E, and since I had never hippie-flipped before, it felt marvelous, certainly spectacular. I hung out with everyone by the fire, watched Adrug and Hatta and others play scrabble, and got a giggle out of it. I ran into an AWESOME dude named Diver, whom I had a fascinating discussion with about mushrooms. We resolved to redose together shortly before sunrise, along (I think) with GratefulJ and a guy named ?Bob,? who was taking his first mushie trip ever. Dreamer wandered around the site with a huge smile on his face, one of the best grins of the weekend, and you could tell he was really enjoying himself.

One of the craziest things about Saturday night was the other campers in the area, who would stop by the Shroomery camp and try to party. There were lots of concerns about narcs, but every time I got a weird vibe from a stranger who asked me for drugs, I would just give him a Shroomery business card so he wouldn?t go away empty-handed, which was Cherrybom?s idea. She?s brilliant like that.
Damn, so much activity went on Saturday night, it?s impossible to list it all. Someone had put candles in the outhouse, and those same people would harass you if you took a flashlight inside. I think I was standing outside the bathrooms with JP when this dark haired woman glided up to me and told me to use the light within to find my way. Now I have no problem with doing this, but those bathrooms were getting pretty nasty and a stronger light would have been nice so I didn?t accidently set my ass on something unpleasant. Eventually, since it was dark, I just started going off in the woods to pee. It was a lot simpler that way.

Okay, so much stuff happened, and soon I found it was time to dose again. I took four grams and walked to Ripple?s camp where I saw Diver, Bob and GratefulJ (Psyphon, weren?t you there too?) I lay down beside the flickering ember fruit of the fire and looked up to the trees swaying to an invisible tune above my head.

As I started to trip again, I came to the conclusion that redosing myths are exaggerated, since that last trip was one of the most intense I?ve ever had. Either that or shrooms grown on horse shit kick major ASS!

I felt totally in sync with my tripping companions. Everyone in the group would just look at one another and then share a knowing smile. I experienced total love, adoration and peace not only for everyone in our little circle, not only for my Shroomerite family, but for the entire planet, and the aliens beyond this place, space and time too. My third eye opened up, and I no longer needed the other ones, couldn?t tell if they were open or closed. I saw the exact same image either way, as visuals unfurled in that endless golden tapestry that leads to the heart cave. I could *not* have been in better company, I can?t stress that enough. I couldn?t tear my eyes away from Diver?s hat, striped with hypnotizing lines, or from GratefulJ?s beard, which became a flowing scarlet carpet hanging from his chin. Tripping with Bob was fantastic, since every time I trip with someone new it?s like the entire experience is new for me again too. You could just tell we were all in the same place, where memories are dreams, and dreams are reality. In fact, I specifically remember thinking to myself, ?I knew it. Someone has been dreaming me all along.? I even wondered which of my trip partners might be the dreamer.

Total harmony is the only way I can describe how I felt then. We spoke together in intervals, even though language and communication had become meaningless. We could only laugh and smile at one another as we gave in to the power of the mushrooms. Diver and I discussed what exactly ?coming up? actually meant, and couldn?t develop a unified consensus on such a senseless topic. I felt like I had always been sitting in that one camp, with those same people, forever, surrounded by ten-thousand pulsating faces. Everyone in the group marveled in astonishment at the number of visuals we were witnessing. At a certain point, Bob and I left the group to venture down the Inverted Everest to the little outcrop of rock by the water?s edge to watch the sun come up.

Now I?ve heard watching the sun rise on shrooms is fantastic, but that word is useless in this context. It is glorious beyond anything I had ever witnessed before. I saw sky-people; trillions of them looking realer then real, gods, goddesses, alien-spirits, wandering souls, whatever you want to call them, they were everywhere, watching over me with adoration and guidance. I saw every single Shroomerite?s face up there in the clouds, shaded in delicate hues of cerulean blue, soft violet and rose pink. And then I heard music, all the music of the world combining to form a heavenly orchestra of love and understanding. I kept hearing it over and over, well into the next three days. I would gaze into the glassy pearl surface of the lake and see the faces in the clouds reflected back at me, watching me, and they were happy to do so. It was just so wonderful, as though I were them staring back at myself staring up at them. Bob?s face looked how I was feeling, so finally I tore myself away from those ethereal visitors to give him some privacy and climbed back up Inverted Everest to explore.

I wandered all throughout the park, conversing with the various souls that crossed my path. I met Adamis and Ares, a pair of true adventurers. I know they?d make Captain Picard proud. They were so incredibly down-to-earth and friendly, and I had a hard time pulling myself away from Ms. Ares, who is crazily magnetic.

I also found myself in the camp of a big dude with a huge sack of mushrooms. I said hello since he was obviously tripping too, and he called me a bitch and told me he didn?t like women to stand around him. I said no thanks, that I was comfortable standing, and then started talking to the guys?s friend who looked kinda fearful of his companion. I soon found out why, since the big black dude started threatening his friend with bodily harm, saying, ?I?ll kill you motherfucker if you fuck with me, and I?m on enough mushrooms that I?ll do it too.? Then he proceeded to gobble more mushrooms, all the while mumbling about how much money he?s made this weekend by selling them.

Beyond a gripping pang upon hearing this, I felt compassion for the man?s hellish state of mind. I decided that I wouldn?t have wandered to this particular site if there wasn?t something I could learn from it, or a task that I could do. So for about fifteen minutes I sat with this hostile guy, talking to him, having him call me a shady bitch one moment only to smile at me and say, ?This feel?s great,? the next. The dude was seriously out of his head on mushrooms, making it extremely difficult to negotiate with the kids that came up to him looking for drugs. It was a very odd situation, since here I was surrounded with beautiful faces on trees, earth and sky, feeling my calm center hold steady, and yet have this dude existing right across from me in such a destructive, chaotic and angry state. I definitely valued the experience, that was for sure, and after I left I went right back to Ripple?s camp to tell of my adventure, which had been dubbed ?Camp Apathy? by Cervantes, newly awakened.

There I found Diver, Psyphon, Bob, GratefulJ and Cervantes standing up there by the fire, along with some other people including (but not limited to): Dreamer, and possibly JP. I sat and conversed with everyone, laughing my dirty ass off at this and that. At this point, I was tripping so hard that I didn?t know where I was, so I just existed for awhile, finding the sensations, sounds and people all around me extremely pleasurable to behold. Cervantes is a gargantuan joker, and it was great having him around on the nature walk that followed my brief return to camp. We (I think just about everyone I mentioned above, minus Diver, Bob and GratefulJ after awhile) started wandering around the camp, visiting the sites of other campers and just socializing. I was feeling VERY social and with my ego gone, didn?t have very many reservations about rolling around in the dirt at people?s campsites whenever the trip got unexpectedly heavy. What I found incredibly hilarious was when I went to this guy?s campsite I had never been to before and saw the big black guy?s friend passed out. I just got a huge kick out of the fact that I had come across him again, so many centuries after I spoke to him the first time.

It was nice having Psyphon, Dreamer and Cervantes around during the emotional parts, because I did not feel ashamed to cry in front of them. I often laugh and cry at the same time while tripping, and the love and support I felt from them as I had a refreshing sob was remarkable, and very moving. It was about this time that I met Brielle, a beautiful girl who joined our little party to the beach. She and I sat by the waters edge, playing in the sand, and discovering that we had so many things in common it was uncanny. We must have talked for what seemed like forever, and I thought she was me for the longest time. Fortunately I got her number and email, and plan to contact her to hopefully make a lasting friend in Ohio.

One of the best parts of the entire experience was when I interacted with the dogs in the park. Dog = God at that time. I think I made out with one of them without realizing it, I was basking so throughly in the psychic illumination of their love. It made me really look forward to when I can get my Great Dane puppy.

After spending so much time tripping, I felt very quiet and thoughtful during the come-down, reflecting over the entire weekend. It was then I realized I was no longer afraid of spiders, since over the night I think I might have experienced existence as one. They?re just spiders, after all. I even let one crawl on my finger before I left Ohio, and this is coming from the girl who would squeal in tormented horror and gag violently at the mere mention of them. They simply don?t frighten me anymore. I was worried the phobia would come back as the days after this trip continued, but it hasn?t. They are simply spiders to me now, not monsters. So to think that I overcame two crippling phobias in one week made me very pleased with myself.

As I came down, I just silently observed everyone in camp, taking in the image of this family, since I knew some of them would be leaving very soon. With my ego settling back in, I came to understand that I was FILTHY. And I mean...filthy beyond recognition. I lived with it for a few hours as I wrote in my journal, talking to others about our experiences. Then, when I couldn?t stand it anymore, I went down to the waters edge and set up a little camp for myself, to bathe and change into clean clothes. Funny enough, I had no urge to conceal my scarring, which is what I usually do since it?s more convenient. But I guess I had felt such acceptance and love by the Shroomerites over the course of the week that I knew instinctively that they would not mind, and tripping had washed away all nit-picky inhibitions like that.

Before long, the family all crowded together for one last group photo. I think everyone felt a bit sad that the gathering was ending; I imagined I could see it in their faces. But there was a sense of bone-deep contentment too, and as we posed for pictures I knew that I would never forget these people, who had become my brothers and sisters.

By Sunday night, there were only a handful of us left. The evening was spent very relaxed and personable, a far cry from the mad-hatter fun of the previous two. It was a winding down period for everyone, and probably one of the best nights I?ve ever had.

Monday morning, my group left. We left changed in some way. During my trip, I had gotten a very firm message that I needed to visit my grandfather in PA as soon as possible, and so they were gracious enough to come along for the ride as we drove four hours through NY and then into PA. After visiting my grandparents, we had a lengthy thirty-two hour drive back to Austin, which was hellish.
And now I?m home. It feels good to be here, but I miss you guys from the gathering.

Hope everyone is doing okay. If you made it all the way through this Journey Report, then thank you, I admire your endurance.

And I didn't get nearly enough pictures of everyone, which means I'll have to remedy that next year.



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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
    #4337430 - 06/25/05 11:07 PM (12 years, 5 months ago)

Nice "trip" report :grin:

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: TYL3R]
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damm, that's like a novel

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
    #4337550 - 06/25/05 11:42 PM (12 years, 5 months ago)

Wow. That probably took me about 20 minutes to read in it's entirety. You're a really amazing writer! You're so discriptive and creative!

That was a really fun read...I totally enjoyed that. Thanks Elle!


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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
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EllemyshShade said:
I also found myself in the camp of a big dude with a huge sack of mushrooms. I said hello since he was obviously tripping too, and he called me a bitch and told me he didn?t like women to stand around him. I said no thanks, that I was comfortable standing, and then started talking to the guys?s friend who looked kinda fearful of his companion. I soon found out why, since the big black dude started threatening his friend with bodily harm, saying, ?I?ll kill you motherfucker if you fuck with me, and I?m on enough mushrooms that I?ll do it too.? Then he proceeded to gobble more mushrooms, all the while mumbling about how much money he?s made this weekend by selling them.

So Moe WAS there!!!!

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
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Your descriptions gave me the chills, well done A++  :thumbup: 

To find a place to live between the negatives and positives.

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
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Totally epic story !



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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
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I had so much fun, and the entire time I had that feeling that I was being guided by a omnipresent, alien force. We wandered into a clearing that took my breath away, it sparkled so truly with beauty. I saw every possible variety of green, brown and black in a dazzling nimbus of color, wildflowers punctuating the picturesque scene like splashes from a lustrous rainbow. Vines spiraled down from the lofty heights of the star-leafed trees in dangling streamers, making me believe I was Alice. I plucked off a piece of vine, a cleverly curled artifact of nature and held it in my hand with the leaf, and a dagger-like stick I had found. I was fascinated by the brute and feral vibes I got from the knife-stick, and marveled at how different it felt in appearance from the dainty and delicate vine I had discovered.

Sweet, damn I loved a bunch of other stuff too. But I decided to only quote the first one :smile:
I LOVE your descriptions, most excellent.

these long agonizing months without you...have been long and agonizing..
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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: joe666]
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joe666 said:

EllemyshShade said:
I also found myself in the camp of a big dude with a huge sack of mushrooms. I said hello since he was obviously tripping too, and he called me a bitch and told me he didn?t like women to stand around him. I said no thanks, that I was comfortable standing, and then started talking to the guys?s friend who looked kinda fearful of his companion. I soon found out why, since the big black dude started threatening his friend with bodily harm, saying, ?I?ll kill you motherfucker if you fuck with me, and I?m on enough mushrooms that I?ll do it too.? Then he proceeded to gobble more mushrooms, all the while mumbling about how much money he?s made this weekend by selling them.

So Moe WAS there!!!!

Hahahahahahahahaha!! That is so classic.

these long agonizing months without you...have been long and agonizing..
"War Doesn't Decide Who's Right... It Only Decides Who's Left."

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: CherryBom]
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Great report. I was the sprinkler of glitter!

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: nookjohn]
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I was wondering who that was.


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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: Shroomism]
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You have a gift... At least one I can see.  You need to pursue writing. It seems like I have met you in real life after reading that.  I really cant wait for a gathering that I can make it too.  Seems like you had a great time meeting new people. 

I really do hope to meet you someday.  Thanks alot for your recount of events. :thumbup:

P.S.  PM me when your first book is published! :sun: :laugh:

Shroomery Composition Contest

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: CherryBom]
    #4337824 - 06/26/05 01:22 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)

Wow, it was almost like re-living the gathering just by reading about it!

The only time I felt disappointed during the gathering is when it had to end.  Getting back to real life will be hard.

Great job hun!  :heart: :thumbup:

A Temporal Anomaly

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
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that comment was meant for you..didn't reply right. heh..i guess ill read your book to shroomism.

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
    #4337987 - 06/26/05 01:53 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)

:heart: There's always next time.

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: Toddo]
    #4337990 - 06/26/05 01:53 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)

oh ho ho ho
i cannot read it yet i shall on the morrow.
tonight i got naked and jumped into a creek.
ill leave it at that


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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: CherryBom]
    #4338176 - 06/26/05 02:44 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)


CherryBom said:
I was wondering who that was. 

excellent report ellemy;

I'm glad I finally had my chance to meet you :heart:
I'll forever remember those moments; the first time I had a "contact high" was when you guys were playing with the wooden sparklers and tracing shapes in the night.

great report :wink: :mushroom2:


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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: blink]
    #4338217 - 06/26/05 03:02 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)

Well written. You guys have me feeling like crap for being so anti-social and neurotic :frown: . Looks like everyone had a great time. :smile:

We can have some more
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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: Dig_a_Pony]
    #4338373 - 06/26/05 04:22 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)

beautiful I almost cried! :frown:

"Life is created out of the seeking of knowledge."

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Re: There and Back Again: A Shroomerites Tale [Re: MOTH]
    #4338429 - 06/26/05 04:58 AM (12 years, 5 months ago)

That was a great report, incredible writing :smile: Made me feel like I was with you guys. I'm glad you had an awesome weekend


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